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  1. Manchester United Fans vs Liverpool Fans

    Reports suggest that Manchester United fans have taken to bury their sorrows in alcohol during Premiership games in a bid to spare themselves the agony of watching their team struggle against C-grade football fodder.

  2. Manchester United’s Next Signing – Vieira or Senna?

    Now that Michael Carrick is safely tucked away into the same locker of hope as Rossi, Richardson, Rooney, and Ronaldo, Alex Ferguson can now turn his attention towards finding the 6th member of his new-look ‘future’ Manchester United squad.

  3. Liverpool fans: Time for some answers

    The football world is going through it’s yearly throes of making pointless predictions for this summer so it would be quite pointless to ask you something simple like ‘who will win the Premiership next season’ (United, of course :)).