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  1. There’s Only One Roman Abramovich

    “I fucking hate that fucking club,” Simon says, handing me my usual bag of bonbons. The 35-year-old owns a sweetshop in Heidelberg, Germany, and everyone who walks by can see his very own visualization of the downfall of “King Football” …

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  2. Sir Alex Ferguson on Nike’s Most Wanted

    In this clip (from Nike’s Most Wanted show, aired last weekend), Sir Alex Ferguson shares his thoughts on youth development in general and his view on signing players later on in their careers (Manucho being a good example).

  3. Another 42 Years of Hurt?

    European Cup after World Cup have seen a snowballing of disappointment for the English football masses. Spain winning Euro 2008 has pushed our reputation as underachievers further down the lav. And like such great philosophical musings as; Why are we …

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  4. 10 Belarus claims to fame

    Ahead of tonight’s clash with England, we give you the lowdown on all things Belarus. 1. Alexander Hleb The former Arsenal man was a Gunners favourite (at least until he started shooting his mouth off about the club and making …

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  5. Ruud Gullit uncovers MLS conspiracy

    Ex-LA Galaxy coach Ruud Gullit has revealed that the evil geniuses behind Major League Soccer are deliberately keeping a lid on soccerball to avoid damaging true American sports. Comments made to Reuters about a Major League Soccer conspiracy have had …

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