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  1. Real Madrid Transfer News Update

    Plenty of Real Madrid transfer news to go around today featuring Drenthe, Robben, Cicinho, Cassano, Quaresma, Emerson, Sneijder and serial-whore van der Vaart.

  2. Barclays Premier League kicks off

    Good morning (to those of you who are up at this ungodly hour (6:20 AM here)) – here’s a quick preview of the weekend’s games, predictions and the inevitable question – will the football be as good as we remembered? …

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  3. Soccerlens Fantasy Football – Update

    I’ll make this quick: 1) If you haven’t already, sign up for the Soccerlens SquadGod group. There’s no ‘deadline’ (thanks Patrick for clearing it up) but there IS a deadline each week to ‘finalise’ your squad (Saturday 1135 GMT, or …

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