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  1. A letter to West Ham fans

    Updated: June 12, 2007 At the end of the represents my vision for what football should be about. It’s not about having people around you who share your views – it’s about being able to share opposing views and …

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  2. Referees need our help, not our hate

    Referees are easy targets in the world of football – their decisions decide matches, title races and the financial health of clubs (to the tune of 30m, according to Neil Warnock). Their jobs are unbelievably difficult – whereas Steven Gerrard …

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  3. The Manchester City Problem

    It was fun while it lasted. The brief and tantalising prospect that Claudio Ranieri would be the new Manchester City manager. It was all but confirmed last week. But the Italian tinkerman has, perhaps wisely, decided to jump back to …

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  4. How far can Ranieri take Juventus?

    So, Tinkerman is now given license by the Italians to tinker some more, this time with the Old Lady. He’s an interesting choice, having saved Parma from relegation although considering that Deschamps had left and that Juventus aren’t playing in …

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  5. Too High To Play Football?

    Don’t worry – unlike an earlier exclusive, this article does not involve drugs. It does, however, involve high altitudes (high enough to make it hard for you to breath), football, politics and a healthy dose of good writing.