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  1. Review

    Footbo, a new social community network for football fans from all around the world has launched, providing users with access to team and player profiles, blogs of other users as well as football personalities, predictions and much more… Created for …

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  2. The Poor Man’s Dilemma

    Am I poor or rich? As an Englishman, I can throw my support behind whichever team I want, without betraying allegiance to my home country — which, embarrassingly didn’t manage to qualify for the Euro 2008 tournament. But at the …

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  3. Germany v Poland – Group B – Euro 2008

    Germany v Poland, Group B Worthersee, Klagenfurt 8 June 2008 Kick-off: 20:45 CET The Euro 2008 Group B clash between Germany and Poland promises to be a heated event, based on the atmosphere in the media these past few days.