Ozil Wallpaper Real Madrid by Owo

Ozil Wallpaper Real Madrid by Owo


A nice looking Mesut Ozil wallpaper wearing the Real Madrid shirt. It seems like the background would be more fitting to Ozil in the Bremen shirt, because of the green background.

However, there is nice work with the render, even though the text is not the best. Not a good reflection on it, it doesn’t have much purpose.

Not one of Owo’s best wallpapers, but the footiearts designer has managed to deliver a nice wallpaper for the Ozil fans out there.

The resolution is 1280×720. If you want to download it, click the image below:

Ozil Wallpaper Real Madrid
Ozil Wallpaper Real Madrid

What do you think of this football wallpaper?

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  1. Thank you for recommendation of my wall.

    and my name is otwo lol

    Anyway, I’m really sad cuz soccer-art.co.uk is collapse.
    I aimed to become SA tbh.

    Btw, if you don’t mind, make some arts with me?

    • Ah must have misread on the wallpaper then! And yes, tragic, massive error on my part honestly looking back. However, have a nice project in mind via Soccerlens, so in due time, it should come to fruition. For now, I’m just blogging the wallpapers I think are inspiring and high quality, yours being one of those. I actually have more from you to post, as I get to them.

      As for making something, I don’t have too much time, but I’ll be releasing all of my old PSD’s in the coming weeks, so maybe you can remix some of my old work and call it a collab. Either way, keep your eyes on this blog for more of that, and you can always contact me with a PSD or anything.

      Keep it up, hope the comments helped/ made you happy. The whole community is starting to collapse from what I’ve seen, judging by the lack of activity. So I’m trying to bring it back :).