New Aston Villa Crest

New Aston Villa Crest


Aston Villa recently (well, a couple of weeks ago) revealed a new crest, going retro and against the grain as far as the current trend in the Premiership is regarding club crests.

It’s been bashed and liked on different forums – my view is that on its own the new Aston Villa crest looks just OK but when compared directly to the old Aston Villa crest, it’s definitely an improvement.

The new crest you can see above, here’s the old one:

Aston Villa Old Crest

Now obviously Aston Villa have invested time and money into this and have thought this through carefully, so I’m sure they have good reasons for going retro. I’d probably have done things a bit differently and kept the crest modern while removing the background and adding the star the way the new Aston Villa crest has, but to each his own.

It’s a decent crest, no doubt about it.

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  1. i dont like this crest because it is the worst crest out it doesnt even say when the club was established!!

  2. the old badge didnt have the establishment year on it u gimp but im not keen on the badge it looks like a 1970 or 80s badge preffered the old 1 personnally

  3. I write from Italy and I was surprised that in a few years Avfc changed 3 times its crest (first I remember was round on the shirt with Mita Copiers sponsor).
    Maybe it seems an uniform emblem but take a little of time to have the new look of it.
    C’mon Villans!!!!!

  4. Putting a date your badge is for all the other clubs not part of the original 12. I think badge is ok’ish but I do like the star. What I will say is if we win anything then the badge could have a lion in a tutu and the Villa boys will be loving it.

    Up the Villa


  5. i quite like it it will probably go well on the new kit plus i think that the inspiration has come from the cup winning day and hopefully we can look forward 2 an excellent season this season COME ON VILLA!!!!!!!!

  6. i think this crest is well nice. the old one was an eyesore, and living in aston with loads of villains i can safely say it is liked by most of them. i like the idea that the baby blue is being used more, as claret and blue stripes is ugly. it does not look like a school emblem, but a classy retro crest which i think will compliment the new nike kit superbly.

  7. What’s with the lion in the new “retro” crest? It looks like it’s doing a ninja pose (perhaps it’s had one too many and is feeling anxious about the upcoming matches with Birmingham FC?)

    At least it’s leg and tail are attached now!

  8. They’ve ‘gone retro’ so as to call upon the grand old days in that famous year, 1982. We won the European Cup and with the new management backing the team, it appears their long term goals are expectant of more European glory.

  9. I wish them Good Luck!!! (regarding European glory)

    I for one would like to see new teams at the top of the table.

  10. I don’t care what they say about the star. I still think it’s just RL putting his stamp on the club, using the American Military Star. Nothing to do with the Euro-cup. Okay we won it and proudly so. But we shouldn’t live in the past. Nor should we change for the sake of it. There was nothing wrong with the old badge. Just like there was nothing wrong with the name ‘Trinity Road Stand’….!

  11. I reading all the negative comments about the crest. Totally respect your views, but I honestly think the new badge is a lot cleaner/more professional. In the end, i dont really care as long as Villa destroys!

  12. dont no what ppl are moaning about its just a badge.And our fav football team so we should support what ever the badge looks like.Would be nice to have fergasons head coverd in blood on it though lol.

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