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Nereida Gallardo’s All-Time Top Three Quotes


We all know who Nereida Gallardo is and what she is capable of. Here are the top three quotes of the Spanish beauty:

Number THREE
She admitted that she paid €4900 to enhance her breasts when she was 21.

Number TWO
When she was asked about the strangest offers ever made to her, she said:

“I signed a contract to be the image of Armani Sunglasses NY. I was surprised that they chose me; later I discovered that everything was a lie and it was a prank from a guy who used to be in jail.”

The number one quote of Nereida after the jump…

nereida gallardo Nereida Gallardos All Time Top Three Quotes

Number ONE
Ms. Gallardo was asked about the little incident that happened between her and Cristiano Ronaldo. This is what she said:

My exit was in all the world news. I am like Obama with tits… but I am ashamed of what I did to Cristiano. It was pathetic.”

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