Negotiations ongoing – Liverpool chase £7m midfielder

Negotiations ongoing – Liverpool chase £7m midfielder


Liverpool are leading the chase to land £7m rated defensive midfielder from Udinese, Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu, and according to several reports, negotiation between both the clubs are ongoing.

Badu celebrate goal~11

The Mirror reported that the Reds are in pole position to snap the 23-year-old, who has made more than 40 appearances for Ghana. Italian club Chievo are also apparently interested in his signature, but a move to Premier League and Anfield would be too tempting to turn down.

Badu has a contract till 2016 and Udinese is under no pressure to sell him at the moment, but they could listen to offers, if the price is right. The player himself said in an interview to

“I have not heard anything from my agent – at the moment it is all speculation. We will have to see what happens in the next two weeks because it has always been my dream to play in England.

“We played against Liverpool in the Europa League last year so I know all about them. They are a really good team who have been performing well this season and I would be very happy to join them.”

Chievo first approached Udinese over the availability of the player and they were told that Liverpool are also interested in the midfielder. And according to Sky Italia, negotiations between both the clubs are ongoing at the moment.

Liverpool are in need of a solid defensive midfielder. Lucas Leiva’s performance has been pretty average that has forced Brendan Rodgers to tinker with his midfield shape and used Steven Gerrard in the holding defensive midfield role against Stoke City in the last match for the first time this season.

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  1. Lucas has been performing really well this year – as per usual in fact. However it’s natural the Rodgers needs cover for him. Don’t let ignorance get in the way of facts.

    • I have seen all the games of Liverpool this season (except against Oldham for obvious reasons) and it seemed to me, he has been pretty average. Full of mistakes leading to crucial goals, not enough protection to defensive back-four (one of the reasons why Liverpool failing to keep clean sheets), struggling against teams that play pressing football (against Southampton??) – a reason, why Rodgers felt the need to mould Steven Gerrard as a defensive midfielder against Stoke City! He is a very good player, though…

      • Can you supply a couple examples of those “crucial goals” that Lucas has caused? I’m interested because I’ve seen all the games-including Oldham-and Lucas has been outstanding. I know many novice minds don’t understand the DM position so I don’t fault them. Liverpool are looking for players to add to the team-not because Lucas is poor. Why Gerrard played deep against Stoke is another discussion but it’s not because Lucas is a bad player.

        • I know of some goals that were his fault they happened I n the Southampton and Swansea matches early in the season. Lucas has been awful more than he’s been good in a few years time he’ll be looked at as a poster child for Liverpools period of mediocrity. The problem I have with him is he stands around and doesn’t chase after loose balls even if he’s the closest one to it at the time. I’ve seen him do this several times this season and have seen several of these loose balls end up in the back of Liverpools net. He was primary reason why Liverpool dropped points to Swansea and Southampton his laziness cost us two goals against Southampton alone. I honestly don’t understand how some people view Lucas as a good player even when his own teammates are visibly frustrated with him.

        • @cou I never said Lucas is a bad player. He is indeed a very good player, but I think Rodgers is looking for a solid defensive midfielder who will replace Lucas in the first team.

          There are plenty of examples – I personally wrote this after his mistake against Arsenal that led to Ramsey’s goal – (Look, at the video, or also in this picture how much space Ramsey gets here)

          Just because, you raised the point of the role of a DM – the role of a DM varies depending on the type of players.

          For instance, a player like De Rossi or Mascherano can be seen as a destroyer type defensive midfielder, while Xabi Alonso or Pirlo is a regista. The point is, Lucas’ main job at Liverpool is to shield the defensive back four. Lucas, a typical Brazilian volante, is a brilliant passer of the ball, fulcrum and a good initiator of any movement from behind BUT he leaves his position too often making life hell for the defenders.

          There can be many theories like his injuries have played a part, slowed him down, energy not the same any more blah blah, but I think, it is due to his style – he is a volante, who likes to tackle rather than making an interception (that shows your defensive understanding of the game) – for example, Lucas made 74 tackles compared to 48 interceptions, where as player like Mikel has 22 tackles & 19 interceptions.

          That’s why Rodgers is targeting players like Fernando Reges – a Mikel/Makalele type defensive midfielder – who will sit deep and maintain a defensive safety-belt for the team. Or someone like M’Villa.

          To play alongside Steven Gerrard, you need someone who is tactically very disciplined. I’m sorry, can’t say that about Lucas every time. Then again, it’s about perception. I respect other’s opinion as well, so you might be correct with your observations, mate.

    • Lucas is average at best and badu appears little better..if Liverpool are seriously trying to challenge for the title in the coming seasons then they have to improve the quality of their signings

  2. Liverpool are delaying in signing their desired players in this January transfer window. The chances are that other high profile clubs who offer UCL football will come and hijack the targets before Liverpool know it.
    What LFC need is a good defensive midfielder, a right back to replace Glen Johnson (now a deadwood), and a proven winger such as Yevhen Konoplyanka. Please lets make hay while the sun shines!!

  3. Lucas is having a good season the stats speak for itself…his overlooked coz of our electric attack…against stoke it seems rodgers wanted gerrard to control from deep and in turn allow Lucas to ‘press’ high up the field to win the ball back quicker (gerrard is now slow)…so dont get it twisted and turn a blind eye to a man piviotal to our success…

  4. Lucas is the player you didn’t realise you would miss until he is out of the side! I agree if we get into the ucl we will need more cover also against the bigger sides I would prefer a slightly stronger physical presence maybe someone slightly taller in fact Gerard fits the mould but at his age he doesn’t have the legs although sometimes reading the games is more important look at hypia or pirlio. I would say an attacking midfielder should be the order of the day. Johnson does seem to be off the boil since returning from injury but then that happens to quite a few players no surprise we are linked to a rb. Improvements can be made all over the squad but too many faces can cause problems in the squad. Improvements to the 1st 11 not the squad.

  5. Still prefer gerard to CM,lfc need midfield enforcer like fernando or yan m villa to pair gerard at d midfield.lucas is good but he lacks mobility in the middle of the park.

  6. Liverpool need to sign song and badu to strengthen the midfield and give it a competition,I think rakitic will also help in the offensive role for us

  7. y on earth will a human being call lucas a bad player with all wat he has done 4 us dis season?well its jst bcus he is nt a british player,if nt 4 im against stoke we knw were we wud b by now n wat we`ll be sayin.

  8. Lucas is realy a good good player bt we need a cover bt those who are saying leiva is not a good player they are wrong ‘ynwa’

  9. Lucas is average at best and badu appears little better.lfc should be looking to sign a much higher level of quality.

  10. Lucas may have been doing a good job but to be quite blunt he is not a good enough player..would he make the arsenal,Chelsea or man city first eleven.

  11. Lucas is a good player no doubt but we can’t denial the need for a strong defensive midfield. Meanwhile we also need a very good midfielder to support and replace the likes of Gerrard and others. Allen should be asked to go.

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