Nasri’s days at City could be over soon – Where next for...

Nasri’s days at City could be over soon – Where next for him?

Samir Nasri's future at Manchester City in under dark clouds

Samir Nasri was left out of Manchester City’s 4-0 win over Leeds United at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday and his future is seriously under huge threat.

Samir Nasri’s future at Manchester City in under dark clouds

Manager Roberto Mancini was furious with his side’s performance for the 3-1 defeat at the hands of Southampton and said he would drop some of the players in coming matches. He was taken aback for abject passion and lack of hunger shown by some of his players.

Nasri was one of those players he indirectly criticized. To be fair to the France international, he deserves such treatment. The 25-year-old has scored just one goal this season in 12 Premier League appearances and it seems like his days at the oil-rich club are numbered.

Nasri was signed for a reported fee of around £24 million from Arsenal and therefore City would at least try to sell him in the region of £15-16 million, if not more. The player himself would give priority to a Champions League club while choosing his future.

So, taking into consideration these two factors, let us find out which clubs could go for him four months from now.

Nasri’s possible future destinations:


While, it is highly unlikely that Arsene Wenger will go for him again, a return to London with Chelsea is rated highly on the cards. The Blues will be reshaping the squad in the summer and Samir Nasri would fill up the void left by departing Frank Lampard who is yet to sign a new contract.

Manchester United

Let’s not kid here – the bloke is a top quality and deserves to play in any top clubs in Europe. He was linked with Manchester United a couple of seasons ago, as Alex Ferguson wanted him mainly for the central midfield role. The door is not closed for him yet as United are still looking for the perfect replacement of Paul Scholes.


If Tottenham can finish in top four, they might go for him too. Andre Villas-Boas wanted Joao Moutinho badly but could get a ready-made class player as good as him, if not better, that too at a reasonable price.


Nasri would possibly want to stay in the Premier League but he could be used as a part of swap deal with Edinson Cavani. The Serie A club won’t be too unhappy for getting such a quality player. Also, City probably won’t sell a player to any of their rival clubs and therefore could sanction his move away from England.

Nasri came to City with lots of expectations but probably the jump was too soon for him. Further, he was never given his preferred position to shine and was not backed enough by Mancini. It will be good for him in a way to move elsewhere and play in a less pressurized environment.

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  1. Samir Nasiri really deserves any kind of ill treatment design against him at the Etihad stadium. No man grows taller than his mentality. Nasiri had a low thinking faculty while it comes making choices of a club. He choose Man City because of money instead of Man U where he would have been giving more chances of play, more love by de great United fans. He can see how high we ‘d rate Van Persie. Let him suffer his ignorance and be benches time without number.

  2. Weird list of target clubs. Nasri is an attacking midfielder, not an central midfielder. He’s not creative/defensive enough to justify a Chelsea move, he’s too expensive for Tottenham’s frugality and he’s no replacement for what Moutinho would bring. United need a versatile central midfielder (Fernandinho, who was linked with them a while back, would be fantastic).

  3. I blame Wenger for selling top players to rivals. He should have sold nasri to a club maybe in Turkey and same for RVP. Maybe keeping RVP on his last year of contract can be better than the 24m gotten on him

  4. I forgot to add, Nasri deserved a long bench to sit on. He wasnt a finished product and city buys only finished products. Fortuately, they bought him. One or two more years in Arsenal would have done him some good.

  5. For each club mentioned you gave reasons they may sign Nasri, let’s explore reasons they definitely won’t sign him. A. His high wages(City are paying him way too much and his contract is still current) B. His bad attitude (remember the French National Coach that wouldn’t pick him due to his personality and his spat with Gallas and there have been many more kept quiet) C. His inconsistency. (Only a handful of top performances at Arsenal and really nothing more than a bit part player at City) Now lets look at the clubs you mentioned. Chelsea. Does he really add anything much when you look at what they already have at the club? Not really. Not for the money. Man Utd. I may be proved wrong, but I don’t see Fergie going for a City player, full stop, let alone one of their rejects. It’s a non starter. Spurs. Daniel Levy may spend more than he needs to far to often, but I can’t see him sanctioning this one, not given that they have an ex-Arsenal player in Adebayor and that isn’t working out as they had hoped. Another player at White Heart Lane that is despised by Arsenal fans and is not wanted by his new club is a little to much like deja-vu I suspect for many of the Spurs fans. I can see him at a club like PSG or AC Milan or maybe the next QPR that comes down the river. But, lets all be realistic for a second here. He’s going nowhere. Nasri went to City for the money. Nasri and City both have a price to pay!

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