‘Moyes should still be sacked!’ – Twitter reacts to Man Utd’s Champions...

‘Moyes should still be sacked!’ – Twitter reacts to Man Utd’s Champions League heroics


Manchester United progressed to the Champions League quarter finals on Wednesday with the Red Devils overcoming a two goal deficit with a stunning 3-0 win over Olympiakos.


But despite United’s heroics, calls for manager David Moyes to get the sack have refused to abate, with Twitter still awash with ‘Moyes Out’ posts.

Robin van Persie’s superb hat-trick gave his side the perfect response to the humiliating 3-0 home defeat to arch rivals Liverpool, but it is still not enough for some of the United fans, who still want Moyes sacked despite guiding them to the Champions League’s last eight, against all the odds.

Check out some of the best tweets concerning Moyes and last night’s win:






What do you think? Should Moyes be sacked for the terrible domestic season, or should he be given time? Let me know in the comments below…

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    • United’s win last night owes nothing to David Moyes, they played how they used to play before he ever showed up, I think they ignored his input and played for personal pride and the fans. Unfortunately for United it also saved Moyes’ job as I think he would have been sacked before the Man City game, and Ryan Giggs made player / manager. Giggs is an inspiration, Moyes is just getting in the way.

  1. David Moyes should stillbe sacked. Manchester United can attract big name players with louis van gaal as the head coach. Besides moyes is not so tactical according to ross barkely. what is the united heirarchy waiting for?

  2. Moyes still remains a tabularaza tchnicin in all apects. He jut have to go. The game the guys played first half and 10 into second half was not his tacticall approach The guys had to die a little. He falledto see the missing link ofWelback role then ad we playe under inense ressure. We looked distracted and he had no crue either. He must go!!!!

  3. Moyes’ sacking is more overdue. he should have been sacked long ago.
    Whether given time or no time, he is not a coach of Man united ranks. he can not just deliver what man united fans expect out of him. look here, he has already broken all the records set by other manager over year in a very short period. to hell with Moyes.

    • He should be sacked cause he doesn’t know how 2 select a perfect complete squad, what happened 2 Nani he just put him on the bench, united need Nani in every game cause he is a winger that has the talent and ability 2 break any defense of any team in the world.

  4. Moyes should be sacked but come the end of the season,let him perform any wonders he can between now and may11

  5. Sack him now, including Rooneys new contract he’s already spent nearly 100m and United are half the team they were, add to that, no one watching United can figure out what his approach/tactics are…. When you consider his comments that despite being awful the time isn’t right to implement his plan and you have to wonder what plan(et) he’s on.. Ziggy Stardust eat your heart out. Get rid, no other club in world football would have kept him this long. FACT.

  6. sack him immediately. no going back on moyes. his wrong tactics still ensured that we held our teeth under fear of exit yesterday as olympiakos piled up pressure after RVP,s 3rd goal. david moyes has no capacity and capability of leading this noble team.

  7. Please let moyes go sack him why is he the only coach for man u,Glazer family do u know how we the fans are be hurt by moyes.we love the team with all our heart why do u want only one person to break our heart why pls let him go pls sack him.I WAS BORN RED AND I WILL DIE RED

  8. Moyes must be sacked!!!! I put all faith in him but I lost all in February. he is tactically confused and can’t even maximize his stars.. anoda coach would Make us see the best of kagawa,rvp,Rooney, Mata,,januzaj and Phil Jones .. we should get Diego simeone or kloop… van gal doesn’t impress me

    David Moyes has taken over an unsettled average Man Utd squad from SAF. Thus, he cannot be blamed for the failures in entirety. Below average performance of the players and injuries have added to his woes.
    Man Utd. should stick with David Moyes until next season and should set achievable and realistic targets for him. Fans should also not expect anything extraordinary from this Man Utd squad for at least one more season.

    • So what is so great about him. What has he achieved? Name me a positive since he has taken over. People say he cannot be blamed entirely. Need I remind you this squad was on the verge of knocking out Real Madrid from the champions league last season had it not been for nani being sent off! A good manager works with what he has. This guy is a joke. But I’m confident he will be sacked at the end if the season.

  10. Honestly, David Moyes should resign from his post instead of being sacked.. It hurts me so much to see my beloved Theatre of Dreams to be torn apart by ‘Moyes the NIGHTMARE’ (Moyes Kruger).. At 1st, i thought that he should be given time to turn things around but from what i’m seeing is that he has a mid table club management mentality and that is harmful to us RED DEVILS.. I would rather have Jurgen Kloop as a replacement, somehow or rather he looks represent Sir Ferguson to me.. Wonder what the Board of Man United is taking so long to react, frankly without the DIE-HARD fans around the World- there’s no club, so why are WE fans being tortured by David ‘Kruger’ Moyes..

  11. He spent 10 years at Everton trying to perch Everton above Man Utd, and now, in only 7 months he’s achieved it.

    Sack him

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