Moyes could be an Old Trafford legend by the end of September

Moyes could be an Old Trafford legend by the end of September


David Moyes

David Moyes has a chance to quickly turn himself into an Old Trafford favourite as Manchester United face Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City in the club’s first six games of the season.

In a sense, it’s the perfect start for the new United manager because he gets to experience a broad range of intense duels and battles before the season has even really started for the club.

If United make it through those matches with points in the bag and after impressive performances then Moyes will quickly have his name sung around Old Trafford and it will set the club up well to dominate heading towards Christmas.

It’s also not the end of the world if the club don’t do so well during that run of games because they’re confined to that first part of the season, with plenty of matches and time to recover.

Manchester United v Chelsea

The first test out of those three games comes at home against Chelsea and it will be interesting to see how Moyes does against the mind games of Jose Mourinho.

Chelsea will be very strong next season and Moyes’ skills both on and off the field will be tested.

United have much bigger rivalries with Liverpool and Manchester City so this is going to come down to who has the better mind, both in terms of getting beneath the skin of the opposition and tactically.

Significantly United have home advantage on a slick new pitch, which will make life slightly easier for Moyes and it’s a great chance for him to strike an early victory in terms of the psychological battles he will go through next season.

Liverpool v Manchester United

There’s no waiting around because the following week Moyes will go to Anfield with United, a ground where he’s already not very well liked.

Sir Alex Ferguson called the match between United and Liverpool, the biggest rivalry in English football and possibly the European game.

United won at Liverpool last season but they were completely battered for large parts of the game in a very intimidating atmosphere that seemed to get to a lot of the younger players.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Liverpool 0-1 Manchester United Rio Ferdinand

The trip to Anfield will be a test of Moyes’ man management skills but also his tactics all over again because United will more than likely have to take a lot of pressure as they try to counter attack and win the game.

Any win over Liverpool for a Manchester United boss will make them popular and the setup of possible back-to-back wins against Chelsea and Liverpool near the end of August is very significant.

Manchester City v Manchester United

United then have a gap before they take on local rivals Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.

It’s a fixture which will still be fierce considering the scenes we saw last season in this game, where Rio Ferdinand was but by coins being thrown at him, with Joe Hart stopping a fan from confronting the defender.

Make no mistake about it, these teams hate each other and it’s a great chance for Moyes, someone who knows English football very well, to go up against Manuel Pellegrini, someone who knows football in general very well.

If United haven’t done so well against Chelsea and Liverpool, they’ll go into this fixture under a lot more pressure as Moyes’ tactical skills will be tested to the extreme yet again.

The fact this comes after the match at Anfield, a more closed in and intimidating game, should ironically work in United’s favour and allow them to be a little more expansive.

It’s a chance for Moyes to put nine points on the board against the club’s main rivals, which will ease the doubt of anyone who thinks he shouldn’t be in charge at the club.

Which match do you think will be most difficult for Moyes?

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  1. Big emphasis on the “Could” he could also be the captain of the Titanic, leading the way to a disastrous season. He has to quickly find his feet in a new, massive club, with all the added pressure that brings, he’s no longer the big fish in a small pond, and has to quickly assert his personality to the players and fill the power vacuum left by Fergie, with big ego’s to massage and placate, the end of September could also potentially see the end of UTD’s season.
    Over the CITY, Pellegrini has the advantage of managing at the very top in Europe,as well as several other clubs around the world, and City have almost completed their transfer business, so will have a settled squad by the time the season starts, my money is on City to set the early pace, and if nothing is done to real them in, it could be a long, long season for UTD

  2. Manure play Swansea first game of season,get your facts straight.What happens is Moyes losses against Swansea Chelsea Liverpool Crystal palace Man city ? The WOLVES will be at the door circling,and you know the rest of the premier league will be stirring it up.Dont forget now gill & bacon face have gone,the FA & referees are no longer in your back pocket 😉

    • Gill and bacon face may have gone but did you know the top three exec’s at the FA are all MANure Fans?? most people do not know that, they still have the advantage until all the teams protest you cannot see anything other then MANure bias!

  3. I think you are naive to not look at the negatives, for example if he was to lose all 3 of those games, the media will jump streight onto moyes back and despite having a lot of games to rectify it, the team and himself will be under massive pressure! The comparisons to fergies record will be under scrutiny and people will be questioning if he is the right man, so early on his utd carear! So I actually think the 3 games are make or break!!

  4. Gollum has thrived at Everton largely by playing unattractive football. And winning nothing in the process (unlike Martinez, Laudrup etc). Nor has he managed ‘big egos’ and the step up will prove challenging for a manager with a track record of doing very little with a moderately sized club. Football genius he isn’t and a bad start would serve to unnerve all of those around him, especially Sour Alex, who will find it difficult not to interfere and bully, as he has for decades. Mourinho was right: this is the poisoned chalice with a high probability of ending in tears.

  5. Stupid question really as Moyes is taking over a good set up with Fergie only upstairs if the hair dryer needs to come out & Moyes will have at least 3 players joining in the summer plus Zaha, Pellegrini however will be coming in as the fall guy should city not win a trophy again this summer & he may yet struggle with life in the Premier league & a mercenary squad who are only there for the money & Amy of you ABU’s who think United will crumble under Moyes could be in for a big shock as personally Fergie was feeling the pressure of the job at his age & made quite a few bad decisions last season that cost is more points & should have won that league by more than what we did, personally Moues will give is that fighting spirit of Fergie in his hay days

  6. EXCLUSIVE: Ian Holloway could be knighted if Palace make it into Europe in their first season back in the Prem. If Palace were to qualify for the Champion’s League, beating Man Utd, City and Chelsea and drawing with Arsenal and Liverpool, along with many battling displays against other established Premiership outfits not only might Ian Holloway get a knighthood but there might also be a spate of newborn boys called Yannick. In what might be an impressive but ultimately doomed first season in Europe Barcelona might return the favour of Palace playing in their colours and actually change their badge to closer resemble the Eagle-themed Palace crest. In further news If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.

  7. Some people dreaming of man utd’s demise. It’s become a premiere league pre season tradition now. Kind of pathetic really

  8. Tuffest game will be at Anfield for sure… i dont expect Man utd to win the league next season. I do expect the team and Moyes to show they still got balls and fighting spirit, win their seat for champions league and maybe bring a cup home.

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