Mourinho says Wenger is a ‘specialist’ in failure

Mourinho says Wenger is a ‘specialist’ in failure


When he returned for the second time in England, Jose Mourinho claimed that he is a changed and a happy one, but it seems, his nature of engaging in war-of-words hasn’t completely left him.


We all know, he loves to play mind-games and he has started to play it again. Mourinho has taken this to a new height by describing his Arsenal counterpart as a “specialist in failure”, albeit earlier in the season he claimed to “show my respect always.”

Earlier in the day, Wenger claimed that it is an open title race, where the Gunners are very much in it. But, at the same time, insisted that it is Chelsea’ to lose, as they are leading the race at the moment.

Wenger reacted to Mourinho’s claim that Arsenal will not have any excuse, if they fail to win the title this season, by saying the Portuguese has a “fear of failure.”

Mourinho now said as quoted by ESPN: “He’s a specialist in failure. I am not.

“The reality is he’s a specialist because eight years without a piece of silverware, that is failure.

“If Mr Abramovich gives me eight years… In eight years you have to build so much, so much, so much. I don’t want eight years.

“I just want my four years of contract and, after that, to deserve or not deserve the next contract.”

Mourinho has tried to play mind games with every other contender and was involved with an exchange of mind-games with Pellegrini earlier this season.

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  1. Mourinho’s been SACKED twice in 6 years, won all his trophies in England by spending more than any other manager in the history of the English game, was labelled the ‘Enemy of Football’ in spain, plays the most boring football in Europe, and has won less Premierships titles and FA Cups than Wenger has.

    The man is a repellent megalomaniac, and the absolute epitome of a classless little man

    • It’s the “in Arsene wenger we trust army” who should get their head checked.All big team are in transition and AFC should take the opportunoty and sack Wenger but no , This people “the in Arsene we trust ” come every game without shame claping their hand for faillure

  2. Is Mourinho’s evaluation about AW correct?

    Has he lost the will / diesire / appetite to win titles?

    With comments such as “finishing 4th is just as good as winning” last season.

  3. JJ your comments are fraught with prejudice. Why was Mourinho sacked twice in 6ways? obviously because of huge expectation from him to deliver which can’t be said if Arsene. 8years without a Trophy to show for is a monumental failure by a Club of Arsenal’s statutes. Remember he spent peanut with Inter and won everything, what about Porto, what did he spend?? Madrid was given a massive lift in the UCL 3semis in 3years and Barca’s hegemony broken in the LA liga. Those who labelled him Anti-football are good-for-nothing critics especially from the Barca camp who weren’t comfortable with his presence in LA liga. He’s a Class Apart from Wenger take it or leave it

  4. Truly, wenger a failure, he is not even ashamed of failing anymore. I can even conclude my word by saying he love failure than success, why? He been doing the same thing for the past 8 years and he is not succeeding yet he couldn’t stop doing that thing. Why does think he team is good enough to challenge clubs like man city, Chelsea, liverpool, tot, real madrid, atlentico madrid, baca, bayan munich, psg, monaco, dotmond etc. As solid as cheasea is the still signed some players during Jan. Window. The only thing I could mr failure signed is an injured player that will not even play a match till he goes back to where he’s from. Can someone tell me he did that, why does he not has believe in good players, how many of current arsenal squad can get in Chelsea or city first eleven. Does he watch other team playing at all. Let me rest my case here

  5. Wenger is not a specialist in failure, but arsenal management are the cause of the failure of our team. This is so because wenger is only doing their bidding if not they would have sacked him long ago.

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