MLS Power Rankings: Week 14

MLS Power Rankings: Week 14


7 games and much to think about. Week 14 highlighted the equality of MLS quite clearly. Each team receives 2.2 million dollars in cap space so naturally, teams will be relatively even.

This was evident in Week 14. Six out of 7 games were ties or one goal wins. Because there are no teams that will dominate every game, MLS Power Rankings tend to fluctuate more than a Power Ranking of any European League. Nonetheless, here are this week’s Power Rankings:

To be clear, the second number was last week’s Power Rankings.

1. (1) New England Revolution (9-4-3)

New England stumbled last week but took care of business this week. Toronto FC is a good team, but New England seem to be in a class of their own. New England now has a firm hold on the top spot in MLS Power Rankings.

2. (4) DC United (7-7-1)

I’m out of words about this DC team. Six weeks ago, their record was 2-7-0, now their 7-7-1. I’m no math genius but they’ve won five of their last six games and are officially the hottest team in MLS. Their emphatic win on Sunday over the Galaxy catapulted DC over Columbus and LA all the way to the second spot.

3. (3) Columbus (8-4-2)

It took a little grit to get by Colorado but Columbus appears to be on the right track. After starting out as the best team in MLS, Columbus stumbled but now seem stable and back to their winning ways. They would have been in the second spot if not for DC’s blowout victory over LA.

4. (2) LA Galaxy (6-5-3)

There were many questions that popped up about LA on Sunday. First and foremost among those questions is “Where did the defense go?” DC’s goals were not spectacular. I know LA is known for their porous defense but they need some help if they are going to push for the MLS title. I’ll have a tidbit about their quest for defenders later.

5. (6) Chicago Fire (6-5-2)

Chicago has been reeling and this week’s tie against San Jose won’t do much to help their confidence. It is the second straight game they’ve been shut out in and Brian Mcbride looks more and more desirable. Chicago moved up a spot not because of a good performance, but rather because the teams in front of them and behind them suffered losses.

6. (5) Toronto FC (6-4-4)

Toronto lost another road game and a team that used to be one of the best of the east is slowly slipping down the rankings and standings. If Toronto are to make a run at the title, they will need to resolve their poor road form.

7. (8) Houston Dynamo (4-4-7)

Houston looked good in their 1-1 tie against FC Dallas controlling most of the play. The defense still needs a little work on marking but beyond that, look for Houston to make a run up the standings and the Power Rankings.

8. (10) New York Red Bulls (5-4-5)

New York played to a 1-1 draw at Chivas, a result that they thoroughly deserved. New York will need to get healthy if they plan on making a run at the title. Juan Pablo Angel and Claudio Reyna must get healthy soon or New York might not make the playoffs. Some help via the transfer market is also needed.

9. (7) Real Salt Lake (5-6-4)

Real should have been able to hold on for a tie but an own goal by Tony Beltran doomed them to a loss at Kansas City. This loss is a big blow to Real’s good run of form.

10. (10) Chivas USA (5-6-3)

Chivas USA tied New York on Saturday and failed to build on an impressive win over Chicago last week. The Goats have the talent to be a Western Conference challenger. Preki showed his managerial prowess last year but Chivas just hasn’t been the same team.

11. (11) FC Dallas (4-6-5)

Dallas looked better against Houston in Schellas Hyndman’s second game of his tenure. Dallas, a team with a lot of talent should be up competing for a top spot in the West and hopefully, Hyndman has Dallas on the right track.

12. (13) Kansas City Wizards (4-5-4)

Kansas City had ten points after five matches and had thirteen points after twelve matches. They picked up a crucial win against Real Salt Lake. It was fortuitous, an 89′ minute own goal, and Kansas City still has some issues that need to be resolved. If Kansas City are interested in a playoff spot, they will need to improve when the transfer window begins.

13. (12) Colorado Rapids (5-8-1)

Colorado continues its poor run of form with no end in sight. A tie at Columbus would have been a positive step forward but they let the game slip away. Christian Gomez needs to get back to the starting lineup if Colorado are to challenge for a playoff spot.

14. (14) San Jose Earthquakes (3-8-3)

San Jose just aren’t good enough. It is obviously difficult to be a expansion team but twelve points out of fourteen matches is awful. Maybe their tie against a reeling Chicago can be the spark San Jose need but somehow, I just don’t see that happening. There is no real talent in the squad, or at least not enough to challenge for a playoff spot.

What do you guys think of the power rankings? Is it what you thought or are there some surprises? Let’s hear what you think below.

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  1. Chicago plays a scoreless draw with the bottom team and Toronto loses 2-1 to the team at the top and somehow you’ve seen reason to move Chicago ahead of Toronto. Not sure I follow the logic on that.

  2. Max, great article. Are these rankings based in data beyond the win-loss-tie or are they your opinions?

  3. It is based on opinion mostly and which teams have done well recently ( past few weeks)
    DJKing2: I moved chicago up because they honestly were the better team against San Jose. Toronto however was basically manhandled by New England. Which Highlighted their inability to win on the road, something that they need to solve if they want a shot at the title. I watch all of these games and I’m not just factoring in the score line (score lines are deceiving sometimes), I’m factoring in who had more chances and who controlled possesion and if a goalie is on form and denying some great shots. Soccer is more than a scoreline.

  4. Max, I understand how you do these power rankings, however, if you are facing the worst team in MLS you should be able to nick a goal at some point. Toronto may not have played well against New England, but that’s the best team in the MLS at this point in the season. So which would you rather be? A team who struggled and managed only a 1 goal defeat to the best team in the league? Or a team that couldn’t finish off the worse team in the league? Give me the first one, I’d rather be in it against the best with a chance to still win it in the end.

  5. your claims are valid but MLS is a league that when a team gets hot, they go on a streak. Toronto is in a little bit of a funk and chicago is definitely in one. I’ll take points over no points when in a funk. Chicago should have had a win but tfc deserved no points at all. that’s why chicago went ahead. I understand that tfc was playing the best team in the league but if they want a title, they need to be able to beat these teams or at least compete with them. They lost there ranking suffered. Chicago deserved a win and tied, better than a loss. that’s why chicago moved up.

  6. hey dumbass the mls not the msl is only 11 years old and is still growing im pretty sure the EPL wasnt the best its first decade but are the rumors true that chelsea wants to bring an expansion team out of NC? man i love chelsea

  7. julian i agree, MLS is in good shape for the future and with more money and expansion coming, it is an exciting time for MLS and within 10-15 years, it will be as big as european leagues. that’s why you should care

  8. thanx max im just a football fan period i mean people say the MLS doesnt have good players but what do u expect? ROnaldinho the MLS tries to hard to sign hasbins I.E Becks, Blanco. They should try to sign young talent like altedore and not let them go. Although letting adu go was the best thing possible im personally support DC United and have seen some great games that didnt need high quality players, Emilio, fred, and others are good IN THE MLS. But the point is u just have to love Football to enjoy The MLS,

  9. A sensible comment! People dont understand that Soccer is the same as football and futbol. MLS has plans to make itself the place where young latin american talent ends up as well. MLS will eventually be on the same level as England spain italy germany because we have the money to compete salary wise. The league had a low cost model to begin with and now that it is stable, we’ll be able to expand wage budgets and retain some of the best players. My bet is in ten years to 15 years, MLS will be competing with european leagues for the best players.
    by the way, DC united will win MLS Cup this year, lock it in.
    DC is also my favorite team as well
    Thanks Julian

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