Is Michael Owen right to doubt Arsenal? Will Manchester United muscle them...

Is Michael Owen right to doubt Arsenal? Will Manchester United muscle them out of the Top 4?


There are no two ways about it; next season promises to be an ever bigger season in the Premier League than 2013/14 proved to be. Many of the top teams have already been very busy in the transfer market and rumors abound of plenty more talent on the way to British shores.

The last campaign saw Arsenal finish in 4th place for the sixth time in 9 seasons, this run coming after their glorious years of ’97 through ’05, where they were crowned champions thrice and runners up five times.

The Gunners saw a big resurgence in form and fortunes last season, leading the table for over half of the season but faltering towards the latter stages. This contrasted with the season before where they did considerably better in the second half of the campaign.

Last season’s barren spell began in February when they ended a 23 game spell where they were unbeaten outside of Manchester, by getting thumped 5-1 at Anfield. This hammer-blow sparked a nine game streak where they only won twice and picked up just nine points.

Fast forward to the transfer window


Arsenal have recently secured the big money signing of Barcelona and Chile winger, Alexis Sanchez, and are rumored to be in talks with Sami Khedira of Real Madrid and world champions, Germany. Arsene Wenger is also on the brink of bringing in French right-back Mathieu Debuchy to replace the outgoing Bacary Sagna.

All of these players are huge statements of intent for the direction the club intends to go in and, if they can close the latter two deals, they will have even more strength and depth to their squad.

Michael Owen’s comments


Despite capturing the hot property of the Chilean forward, a sensation at the World Cup finals in Brazil, ex-Liverpool and England striker, Michael Owen, believes they still lack the kind of talent they possessed in the Thierry Henry days.

Owen states that the Gunners will be nudged to their lowest league finish since 1995 by the resurgence of Manchester United.

The Red Devils finished last season in 7th position, failing to even qualify for the Europe League, but have recently begun a new era with Louis van Gaal at the helm and are universally believed to be in for a more successful season.

According to Owen, they will bump Arsenal out of the Top Four, whilst his former team maintain their position amongst the elite.

“The signing of Sanchez has made everyone sit up and take note. I really do rate him, he’s a top player and it’s a big step in the right direction.

“But, in no particular order, my top four for next season would be Chelsea, Man City, Man United and Liverpool.”

Do you agree? Will Arsenal fail to keep up with the improvements and reinforcements made around them? Or do you feel that Owen has it all wrong and Arsenal are on the brink of a new era of success?

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  1. Michael Owen is the biggest idiot in football, the worst commentator ive ever had the displeasure of listening too, he is a little wiesle! I find it astonishing at the amount of Liverpool fans, x players and pundits have reacted at the Sanchez deal, ha ha it’s really shook them up, move on and talk about something else!

  2. he fails to address how Brendan Rogers will get a Suarez-less Liverpool into the top 4. Last year they wouldn’t have been above Utd without him. Liverpool have gone down the route of spreading the £75m gained from his sale on a number of £20m players. Lallana apart they are mostly new to the league. As Spurs learnt last season, spending that money is the easy part. Having 3 or 4 players in the first 11 in their first Premiership season is a steep learning curve. None of them will hit their stride until at least January. Keeping a team competitive through that first period is a massive burden of the other 6 or 7 players.

    That combined with Arsene’s acquisitions mean I firmly believe the title is out of Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal. 4th place will be between Liverpool, Man Utd and Spurs who will be better than last year.

    • – Liverpool has spent wisely. They have a great 11, they just needs numbers, with players to grow. Talent, nearly polished players. And a clever signing in lambert, who is a safe bet to get some goals, liverpoolsupporter, and plays in the national team. All they need is a CB if skertl or agger goes. Got sakho, ilori and coates, so they are really good there too. And toure as backupp, it’s solid.

      – Main team out, is manchester U. Half the defence is replaced, wingers missing, and a team that needs to chenge biig-time now. Giggs, rio and vidic gone.

  3. Mr. Owen is entitled to his opnion. I respect him for whom he is, but that does not give him the right to rate arsenal what so ever. Arsenal have proved critics like him wrong for years, therefore if I were him, I could sit and enjoy myself after quiting football and watch these teams play than giving opions that adds no value to the team. Gunner for life

  4. I am very sure that Micheal Owen will eat his words soon. Liverpool will not make it to the Championsleague this coming season because they have lost Suarez.

  5. Michael Owen had said almost the same thing before the start of the last season. He had said that Manchester United would be champions. See, where they were at the of the last season?
    i think, this season, Manchester United will do a lot better than last season, just like Liverpool did, without having to play in the European League. and, at best, Liverpool will be edging out Tottenham.

  6. this is not d first time of michel owen saying that..liverpool nd united will struggle for 4th spot.
    Arsenal 4 d quadriple

  7. You can not doubt the credentials of the two ‘Sugar-Daddy ‘ clubs, Chelski and Djellibabi City.
    So 3 or 4 clubs will fight it out for the remaining 2 spots and this is where Owen’s logic goes out the back door.

    Why does he think that the Scoucers, after selling their best player, by a country mile, and having to, this season, fight on the European stage, after not having to last season, think that Liverpool is going to improve on last seasons effort, because they’re going to have to to even stay in the top4.

    He also reckons that ManU are just going to waltz back into the T4 because they’ve got LvG in charge. Well mr Owen suggested last season that bringing in David Moyes was a master stroke, bringing in such an experienced PL manager.

    And all this against a club with the longest serving PL manager, who have never been out of theT4 in the past 16 years?
    Get a grip Michael !

  8. Owen has probably lost money on the horses again and wrote this rubbish to earn some money

  9. Michael Owen reminds me of sadam husein’s propaganda chief ‘commical ali’ he seems to actually believe his delusional predictions as actual facts.

  10. Sometimes its necessary nt to just open 1s mouth nd talk. Michael might nt b sayin d fact really,bt a logical mind will see some sense in it. With the acquisition of a proven coach at United,dey wl b better next season. Liverpool will b gud if only dey can cope wt life witout Suarex,dats left to dem anyway. Chelsea is a sure bet,as well as Man City. Arsenal,to b candid, av nt bn consistent 4 a long tym nw,dey always struggle 4 dt 4th position. So if we get to c somtym teams,den they r d 1st to tip to give way. No hard feelings.

  11. owen might b right!!! D tru is hard bt must b told. Arsenal re known fr 1 big signing per season (unless de ve changed) so u cn even bet on khedera nt joining. Wit man U afforded more rest in addtn to a great coach nd big name players, i fear fr arsenal nd lpool, who ve to incorporate many new players coupled wit euro commitments…

  12. I think king pin is talking emotionally rather than factually. LFC fell out of Champions not because of one player but because they failed to have a clear vision. They failed to invest in the team wisely. BR came on board and laid out a clear vision and policy and one can see it in the players being acquired and the direction the team and club are going. To think that Suarez’s departure will lead to LFC falling out of Champions league is surely missing the point. Surely Suarez played an important part but someone here forgets that he did not play 6 games last season. It is also simplistic to forget that Coutinho, Sterling and Sturridge contributed heavily last season. Stats will show that SG was one of the best midfielders in Europe in his new deep role. If I may ask King pin did Arsenal fall out of Champions league when Thierry Henry left?

  13. I love Arsen Wenger. he even give an open table for pundits and sofa experts. being pessimist is a culture in the england sofa experts….why owen technical explain his reason……even real madrid join the EPL …arsenal never lost thier customery places…..why…proof for many years….

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