Messi wins Ballon d’Or for a fourth year running

Messi wins Ballon d’Or for a fourth year running

Messi Ballon d'Or
Messi's four Ballon d'Or exploits

Lionel Messi has been voted the best football player on the planet and awarded the Ballon d’Or for the fourth year in a row. He managed to hold off strong challenges from his teammate Andres Iniesta and Real Madrid front man Cristiano Ronaldo.

Messi Ballon d'Or
Messi’s four Ballon d’Or exploits

It caps a wonderful 2012 for the Argentinean Barcelona striker who set the new official record for the most goals scored in a calendar year for 2012.

Ronaldo in particular will feel hard done by as he also missed out on the award to Messi in 2011. Ronaldo would undoubtedly be considered the best player in the world if Messi did not exist.

Iniesta was also nominated for the 2010 Ballon d’Or meaning he joins Ronaldo in having missed out on the title to Messi two times in the last three years. Xavi was the third player to make the final shortlist in 2011.

Messi received over 40 per cent of the votes to become the clear winner of the 2012 award and his exploits over the past year have led many to describe him as the best player to have ever graced football.

He was also nominated for the award in 2007 and 2008 where he made the final shortlists missing out to Kaka in 2007 and Ronaldo in 2008.

Messi’s exploits mean that Xavi and Iniesta are almost certain to be confined to the category of the greatest ever football players never to win a Ballon d’Or award.

Such is Messi’s significance in modern football, it has led to his teammate Dani Alves saying that for as long as the award exists and for as long as Messi is playing, it doesn’t make any sense to give it to anyone else.

Xavi, Iniesta, Theirry Henry and many more who could have rightfully carried this title have been eclipsed by the Argentina superstar.

Following his record breaking fourth Ballon d’Or last night, adidas have compiled a video celebrating his achievement:

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  1. Messi deserves da awad coz of his achievement of da yr 2012 of wich he has scored 91 golz in acalendar yr unlyk his collegues CR7 who has out of fom dis season

  2. Messi has always bn outstanding even whn he was playin alongside wt former team mate Ronaldinho..messi made goal scoring loo easier he’s d best.

  3. Messi will win this prize for as long as he plays football, even though I don’t believe him to be the absolute best.

    The votings are straight bulls*** in my opinion. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a ton of goals last season and didn’t win the award because there were no titles won by his team. Last year’s Barça was pale in comparison with the previous 2 seasons and guess what, Messi wins the award on the base of breaking a goal scoring record.

    I’m portuguese but I’m not writting this out of butthurt. I love watching Lionel Messi and Barcelona play, it’s just that people are so blind about them they fail to see how good other teams and players are performing. It’s like an autopilot thingy where everyone always points to the ‘good boys’, those who seem to practice flawless and beautiful football even if they sometimes get carried by powers outside the pitch.

    To back-up my post I’ll leave this:
    Sneijder, 2009/2010. Serie A champion, Champions League winner and World Cup finalist.

    Messi, 2009/2010. La Liga champion, knocked-out in quarter-finals at the WC.


    • Cristiano Ronaldo scored a ton of goals two seasons ago* and didn’t win the award because there were no titles won by his team.

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