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Meet Arsenal\'s Newest Shooting Star (Video)


Since I’ve been a serious football fan, I’ve never really cared much for Arsenal. Quite the opposite, in fact.

However, I can’t help but be impressed by Arsene Wenger’s latest steal, who, like many before him, hasn’t taken long to make good on Arsenal’s investment.

Who am I referring to? Hint: He shares my first name.

With Thierry Henry leaving London behind for Barcelona, Arsene Wenger needed to find another goal-hungry forward, and that meant a move for Brazilian-born Croatian international Eduardo Da Silva in the summer, after the striker had produced a Croatian top flight record of 34 league goals in 32 matches in the 2006-07 season for runaway champions Dinamo Zagreb.

The decision has proved to be a good one, though he did have his struggles along the way.

Eduardo showed his prolific tendencies in both Europe and the Carling Cup, with his first seven tallies for the Gunners all coming in cup competitions, but couldn’t produce the same efforts in league play.

But, he finally broke through in the league against Everton on 29 December, when his two goals brought Arsenal back from a 1-0 deficit into a 2-1 lead, on the way to an eventual 4-1 victory.

That match-changing performance has been part of a recent tear for Eduardo, as he’s scored six goals in the last five matches, with a brace against Blackburn in the Carling Cup quarters – in which he produced the extra-time winner – preceding his domination of the Toffees’ back line.

His goal against Burnley in Arsenal’s 2-0 FA Cup triumph on Sunday brought his tally to 11, and you can expect more soon, not only because Arsenal has two Carling Cup semifinal ties against Tottenham coming up, but also because his recent form should earn him a more regular place in Arsenal’s starting XI.

There’s always that one player on teams that you don’t care much for, that one that you just can’t help but have a little man love for, and thusly, I present to you, the Croatian sensation that is Eduardo da Silva.

Eduardo opening the scoring against Burnley in Arsenal’s 2-0 FA Cup third-round win.

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Comments (11)

  1. He has a lot of work to do with respect to playing physically and passing from outside the box, but inside the penalty box, he’s brilliant. Thankfully he clicked at the right time(At Goodison Park with us being a goal down).

  2. Although I admire Arsene Wenger very much, I wouldn’t call Eduardo ‘a steal’. Scoring that many goals for Dinamo Zagreb was amazing, and scoring so many goals for Croatia probably even better, so the only thing I admire about Arsene in this case is the willingness to take a chance. Although this now poses a real problem for who will play up front for Arsenal these days, all 3 strikers looing more than good enough for the premiership. The reason I think it took him so long, as it did for so many others(Bergkamp, Henry etc.) is because of Arsenals advanced style of play, beuatiful, but difficult to get used to I’m sure. It now looks like Manchester United realy do have a fight on their hands to keep the premiership.

  3. I figured he’d take at least this much time to click if not more. People forget that even Henry wasn’t makin the opposition tremble in their boots in his first season. Well, i’m glad he’s finally making his mark but he’s still got a long way to cement his reputation. Consistency is the key. But seeing his attitude on the pitch & the fact that he’s under Wenger’s care makes me safe & secure in the knowledge that we finally have another good long-term investment. Whoever said he was a flop can go suck eggs now.

    Let me just say that i think his 2 goals against Everton were world class & if that’s what he does to warm up then the opposition should really be worried.

  4. Straight up fox in the box, cool as a cucumber, ruthless goalscorer. We had been seeing the form in the cups and now he has proven to himself that he can do it in the Prem. His two goals at Everton were not only timely but were so expertly taken the goalie didn’t have a chance on either. I actually like how he combines with Bendtner almost more than having Ade up front but Bendtner still needs to mature more.
    Anyway as good as he looks in this moment he still needs to prove his metal over the rest of the season and I am hoping he does.

  5. Its good to see Wenger finally get his ‘fox in the box’, several long years after the Francis Jeffers experiment went askew. Hopefully we will witness a lot more of the composure and clinial finishing Eduardo has shown thus far and end those frustrating passing sessions around the opposition box without the finishing touch being applied. I know Eduardo was an already established striker in Croatia, his figures show that, but Wenger has done it again.

  6. Wenger is just way to good at this scouting thing – Again, like when he grabbed another youngster doing okay called Nicklas Bendnter, I thought this time he wouldn’t be able to reproduce the strike-rate he had in Croatia (Me thinking moving to the best league in the world would be harder for him, and he wouldn’t deliver) but he has been playing some great football, Correct me if I am wrong but is that now 4 goals in 3 games?

    Amazing, Simply amazing!

  7. There are a lot of doomsday predicting geniuses that refer to Eduardo as a pathetic player outside the box and good only to put the finishing touch(especially some of my friends who belong to the neo-chelsea fan brigade), but I for one salute Wenger’s ability to pick out players who are relatively unknown and bring them around to his team’s style of play. True, Eduardo will the find the going a bit tough once every team puts their best CB to mark him out, but that liberates other players. It would be interesting to watch the next few games as to how Wenger and Eduardo handle the new-found pressure. I for one cant wait……….

  8. Eduardo was asked in one interview as to who his favourite player was and he replied “Romario”. And there is an eerie resemblance to both of their playing styles……….

  9. Yeah – but I have a feeling Eduardo wont have the over-confidence nor play ’til he is 42..

  10. Eduardo da silva is amazing. This is one guy I really admire. You give him the ball in the box and he will either create or score. Superb talent and has a great career ahead of him and IMO he will win Croatia the Euro 08 title and be the top scorer of the tournament. But I also do believe Man United will win the EPL :)

  11. This guy is so smooth. Eduardo and Ade are a real force and with the young midfield should be great for years to come. Come on Gunners!