Massive Blow: €50m rated World Cup star rejects Manchester United

Massive Blow: €50m rated World Cup star rejects Manchester United


So it appears that the verdict is out then. Manchester United fans look away as some bad news is on your way from Italy. According to reports in Gazzetta Dello Sport, Juventus midfielder has rejected a move to the Red Devils after landing in Italy from vacation post the World Cup.

The reputed Gianluca Di Marzio website have also reported that the 27 year old midfield maestro wishes to talk to new Bianconeri manager Massimiliano Allegri.

“Now I’m still on holiday (after landing in Italy). If I can say that I stay at Juventus? Do not know, on Monday I will talk with Allegri then we’ll see.”

“I’m happy here. Now I’m calm, I think it can also be the fans of Juventus. I have not yet spoken with Allegri and even with my friends, I do not go to Manchester.”


Only yesterday we had reported that Liverpool were in line to make a record offer to the Old Lady for the Chilean but it now appears that the player is in no mood for a switch to the Premier League.

Vidal’s recent comments will surely give Juventus much more breathing space, the Serie A champions have maintained that they don’t want to part with their prized asset no matter what.

Different angle: Could this also mean that Vidal’s comments on landing just in Italy have been twisted? What do you think? Let us know in comments below.


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  1. To be honest I don’t know what to think now. I am heartily fed up with the whole thing. First Vidal is reported as saying it would be an honour to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world. The lying misrepresenting gutter press assumed this included United. Then for weeks the lying misrepresenting gutter press changed their story almost on an hourly basis. The truth is that none of the lying misrepresenting gutter press actually had a clue what was going on so they did what they do best, they made it up. Now supposedly, Vidal has said he is not going to Manchester but, this has been reported by the lying misrepresenting gutter press so we cannot believe it because if we did then we would be admitting that everything else that has been reported has been lies, misrepresentations or just plain false. It’s a pity that the lying, misrepresenting gutter press are allowed to print opinions as 90% of what is written actually turns out to be someone’s opinion as opposed to fact.

    • When it comes to football transfer “news,” it is best to only read articles that CONFIRM a player has actually signed a contract with the new club. Everything else is just made up noise.

    • Let me confirm, you are 100% right the press have lied for months, Can we even be sure that Man U have even put an offer in, have you seen anything from Woodward or Van Gaal saying that they even wwanted him, I know there are other players that they have been watching, Carvalho and Sneijder Strootman , we just have to wait and see, because the media makes up stories because they have no clue what Man U is doing, other clubs are up front and open and make it clear who they are going for,it is not Man U policy to openly make a statement of intent till the last moment, there will be more signings but we will have to see who, we may not have CL place but we have the best Manager in the World , and players who want to play for us and for him will come, Hererra will have a solid mate alongside him and we will have a center back and wing, lets not read into anything that the press say, according to the media both Barca and Real will have a first team squad of nearly 500 players , cos as soon as there is interest in a player the press say those two teams are putting in an offer

  2. This was how Eto’o rejected Chelsea transfer and how did the story end “I am happy to be playing for a great club such as chelsea…..” I hope Vidal wont do same

  3. The question I keep asking myself is that is it only Vidal that is in market that the press keep making noise about. what is even the problem with Edwoodward because it looks so odd to me d issue about doubt is a good player but d hype is getting too much.ManU should forget everything about him and go for young player like Cavahol,Berkly and I strongly believe that Jones can as well perform in Vidal role. I tink all what we need is to reinforce our defense line with the experince players like Vriij, Vermalen,Blind

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