Maradona vs Pele – who was better?

Maradona vs Pele – who was better?


Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pele as he would later be known around the world) was often rated as the best player in the world. Only he and fellow legend Diego Armando Maradona, have received the honours by FIFA with the awards of officially being dubbed the greatest players in the history of the game. An ongoing debate among football fans to this day remains, who was better?

Pele is hailed in Brazil as a national hero and is an instrumental ambassador of the game. After scoring his 1,000th career goal he dedicated it to the poor children in the slums of Brazil. Maradona, despite his controversies, was one of the most skillful players to ever play the game and he won several trophies with Boca Juniors, Barcelona and Napoli. For his country he won 91 caps and scored 34 goals. Most notably one of the best ever was against England in a dazzling solo run (voted as Goal of the Century in an online debate conducted by FIFA in 2002), plus one of the most controversial in the same game now famously named as the “Hand of God”.

Pele on the other hand is the record all-time top scorer for his country (77 goals in 92 caps — amazing!), and is the only player in history to be part of three World Cup winning teams. He began smashing records at an early age though making his debut for Santos Futebol Clube at just 15, then making his debut for Brazil at 16 and winning his first World Cup at 17. Despite all the many offers he was given during his club career to join rich European clubs he remained loyal to Santos, playing for them for two decades. He did finally leave however in 1975 when he joined the all star squad of the New York Cosmos. He made 64 appearances for them and scored 37 times. In case you’re wondering he played 1,345 games for Santos and scored 1,265 goals (again amazing — the guy’s a machine!).

Maradona played in four World Cups for Argentina steering them to success in 1986 where he also collected the Golden Ball award as the tournaments best player. Despite his praises though he has faced some troubles during his life. He was banned from the game for 15 months in 1991 after he failed a drugs test for cocaine abuse in Italy. He was banned again during the 1994 World Cup, where he was sent home, this time for ephedrine. After he retired from the game in 1997 his weight ballooned and he suffered ill health. Again he was back on the cocaine. Since giving up drugs though he has become a television host in Argentina. Both men fathered children with women who have been left to raise them single-handedly, with little support from the leading figures of football.

Maradona did however achieve similar goal-scoring feats to Pele: 28 goals in 40 games (during his first spell at Boca Juniors, his second spell he scored 7 goals in 31 matches); 38 goals in 58 games (Barcelona); 115 goals in 259 games (Napoli). Despite his small size (1.65 m, 5 ft 5 in) Maradona had strength, could run with the ball and could withstand challenges, unlike some of today’s players who can’t even withstand challenges where there’s not even any contact! These main attributes of his are highlighted by his unbelievable goal in the 1986 World Cup. If you haven’t seen it, shame on you, but anyway think Lionel Messi but the original. Not only could he score goals with his unstoppable runs where he could take out a whole defence on his own but he was a team player too. With his strength and control he could often hold up the ball against a defender whilst a team-mate made the run through where he would thread it through to them.

Pele had an incredible eye for goal with deadly strike force and always glowed with confidence, even at such an early age. He was good in the air and was also a good team player, often laying on assists for his team-mates. Pele’s original technique and athleticism were highly praised whilst his dribbling ability and acute passing molded him into an all-round forward and natural goalscorer.

Who do you think was better between the two? Let me know by adding your comments below.

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  1. First, it is hard to define the differences from both players , since they pretty much played different positions. Pele was a striker and Maradona, an attacking playmaking midfielder. However, I think Maradona is a better overall footballer than Pele. However, not by much. Pele only played in Santos and in a starful, yet talentless NASL. Maradona played in the best teams against the best. Pele was only loyal to Santos, as the article suggests, because he was always in debt due to fiancial blunders and Santos would pay his debt as long as he played. I think he even came out of retirement twice to pay his debt. Playing in Brazil, is not the same as playing in Europe, even then. Having said that, Brazil always has competitive teams even when playing against European teams. Brazilian teams have won the last two FIFA CLub World Cups, so that speaks volumes there. Another thing that makes it difficult is the eras they played in. When Pele first played they played with 2-3-5 scheme, that means 5 forwards. People need to look at these things before making rash assumptions. Also, Maradona was a one man show. He made everyone around him better. He took an Argentina team in 1986 with very few stars and won everything. Also, with Napoli, in 1986, nobody on his team and won a league title. Pele played in 1970, with probably the greatest Brazilian team ever assembled.
    Anyway, they are both outstanding players and rightly so deserve everything they have both been given. Any argument will win as long as they are 1 and 2, interchangeably.

  2. James:

    Interesting article, and a debate for the ages. :-)

    Pele’ remained loyal to Santos FC because the Brazilian government declared him a non-exportable national treasure. Until, of course, the Cosmos (Warner Communications) came calling for his services to grow the sport in North America.

    Having seen both of them play, I can’t objectively state who was better. Pele’ was a naturally left-footed player, but could use both legs equally well. Maradona was heavily dependent on his left, but what magic he performed with it. Maradona might have had a slightly better touch on the ball than Pele’. But that was more like comparing Beethoven to Mozart. They had technical gifts that few have had before or since.

    In my opinion, Pele’ was a more powerful presence on the pitch. Even though like Maradona, he was not a tall or physically imposing man. He had an incredible vertical jump. For me, Maradona passed the ball more precisely. They both had incredible football-sense and vision on the pitch.

    I would like to add a few videos for comparative purposes:



  3. pele is the best striker the game will ever see….maradona is the best midfielder the game will ever see. two very different positions — two incredible players

  4. I’am not going to comment on their personal life but in my opinion Pele was better than Maradona in every aspect in and off the pitch,and i think he was better by far.It’s just something that i fell every time i watch them at work.I player is as good as the trophies he won and by his performances.Stats are very important to determine who was best.Look at the tehnique absolutlly amaizing they both introduced us to real football and how it should be played.Non belivers say pele had an army of the gratest players ever to play the game ,but i ask you who was the star of those teams.And as you probablly know pele’s brazilaian team is the best ever to play the game.Sure Pele played most of his career in brazil at Santos and i must disagree with those who say europian football is better than thg south american one.We invest more money but trought the time the best players came from there even in these days if you put every team in europe against a south american team you might be suprised.The passion of the players,their native talent and also the way football is regarded by suporters makes them the best. The best player ever to play the game cannot by argentinian,italian,french,spanish,german,dutch,english or from any other country it has to be from the country of modern time football,he has to be brazilian.Pele is the best and it would be hard to find someone match his grandeour,not even Maradona.

  5. Ahhh… the great Maradona vs Pele debate. I don’t think this matter can ever be solved by using any form of evidence or debate. This is a matter of the heart. And for me, in my heart, I’m a Maradona man.

  6. I totally agree with you Kenny, this age-old debate will keep on going and going…

    But, im a Pele kid; I love the way he was so loyal to Santos and he truely was a better player, maybe a little less dazzly than Maradona and less solo-runs be he had the class and was a true gentleman of the game.

  7. I cannot comment because I have not seen either of these players play. However, reading about them Pele was a humble player who stood head and shoulders above everyone else in a team which had more start than the sky, while Maradona – the biggest dickhead footbal has ever seen – made crappy player dance to his tune to turn a shitty team into Calcio champions (again, this is what I hear. I have never seen any of these play live). My vote goes to the Humble One.

    There is another reason these two cannot be compared: they played in different eras. In Pele’s time football was pretty clean; in Maradona’s era it had already become corrupted by bucketloads of money.

    NB why not throw Cruyff into the picture? I have seen some games with him retrospectiveley and he was a pure genius. How he made everybody play with him for Holland… it was amazing.

    NB2 did you know that Tevez’ first two names are Carlos and Alberto? He, Carlos Alberto, is also considered to be one of the greatest all time players… Looks like Maradona and has the name of one nearly as good as Pele: looks like Man Utd really have a legend in the making on their hands.

  8. I believe you cannot compare the 2 because they are different players, playing in different positions.

    I have never seen Pele play, only Maradonna, therefore I cannot truly judge the better player. But, on an emotional level I’m also a Maradonna boy and will therefore say Mardonna.

  9. I think that it is very hard to say who the best player in the history of soccer is but as for the most successfull player in history it would have to be Pele, with maradona just trailing my friend will explain later

    PLAYED PROFESSIONALY : 1976-1997=21 X2= +420

    WORLD CUP PLAY: Played in 4 wc +200 played 14 matches with
    12 goals(3 with his head, 6 with right foot,3 with left foot)8 assits
    12×2=24 +8 =32×10= +320

    Youth WC: No youth world cup at the time.
    position: Forward +50
    Prime time: the 60’s x 2= +120
    Awards: 2 world cup champion medals(58,70)+400 Player of the Century by FIFA respectively +200
    Brazilain league champions x3 +150 world club chamionship( 61, 62) 150 x2= +300
    Copa libertadores x2 +200
    Copa America 2nd place top scorer(6 goals)+100
    Athlete of the Century by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) +200
    South American Player of the year (58,59,61,70,73) +250
    Plus so many other things with santos. +++(use above reference, on January 30)
    Competitive goals 647 goals( Career tally was 1284 goals) x2 =+1294
    senior forward +500

    History: In world cup play Pele had world class players around him and when
    all brazilian stars were present on the pitch they completely outscore any team
    in the world Pele making all the difference with assits and goals. Brazil without Pele in 58 the quaterfinal against wales would have resulted in a
    draw even if they had managed to beat wales in a replay, the semifinal against france with Pele not there to score his hat trick and assit, Brazil would not have reached the final. In 1970 Pele scored 4 times (including 1 goal and 2 assits in the final against Italy as they won 4-1) and assited 5 times he also hit the post twice, almost scored from
    more than half field and almost scored against gordan banks(regarded the best save banks ever saved), almost scored against
    Uruguay. without his important plays against England, Italy, Peru, Czechoslovakia. Brazil would probably not won. Because Pele was the KEY Player (Jairzinho, Rivelino, were helpless in 1974 without Pele)
    Brazil without Pele
    Rating: 9/10
    with Pele 10.1/10
    Pele turned a very good Brazilian team (Gerson, Jairzinho, Tostao, Rivelino Carlos Alberto) into an legendary championship team good Job edson +1000
    Pele is a kind a honest man who encourages everything positive But we are talking about soccer. .
    Once Pele was red carded unfairly and the ref had to put him back in because the whole stadium
    had gotten upset. Pele also had a stadium built after him ( O rei Pele stadio) its capacity
    is 100,000 people.

    TOTAL: 5904 PTS.

    PLAYED PROFESSIONALY 1976-1997=21 X2= +420

    WORLD CUP PLAY: Played in 4 wc +200
    YOUTH WC: the under 20 wc in Japan (79) +100
    Played 22 wc matches with 8 goals(1 with his hand,and 7 with left foot) and 4 assits(1 against Germany, 1 against Brazil {86, 90})
    8×2=16+4= 20 x 10 = +200
    Position: Midfielder +100
    Prime time: the 80’s x 2=+160
    Awards 1 world cup champion medal (86)+200
    Player of the Century by FIFA respectively +200
    Argentine league champions x2 +100
    Italian Serie A championship x 2 +200
    Copa Libertadores +100
    Copa America 3rd place goals 0 +50
    Goal of the century +100
    South American Player of the year(79,86,89,90,92) +250
    Goals in
    competitive 311 goals(career tally 311 goals) +622
    senior Midfielder +1000

    In world cup play Maradona had Professionaly skilled players around him. with a very good defense that held off much of the attack of the top attacking nations in the world, not to mention an outstanding coach in Bilardo. Argentina barely wins world cup

    Argentina without Maradona . Without Maradona Argentiana would problaly would have made it to the second round, maybe even the quarterfinal but with Maradona not there, England would have
    won 1-0. Vecause Diego was the KEY Player
    In 1990, Maradona was not key player(He did not score a single goal due to a nagging injury not serious enough to keep him from playing) Argentina, with is physical rough play would have reached the final anyway.
    Argentina without maradona Rating: about 7.9/10
    with maradona 9/10

    Maradona Made an average (players like:Valdona, Burruchaga, Brown, Enrique,not a bad bunch) Argentine team in to world cup championship squad good job Diego +1500
    Maradona was drug addict (he also struggled with weight problems)who who also used doping to enhance his performance in 1994 usa. plus he used his hands twice in world cup play (both worthy of red card) against England and . USSR in WC 86, 90. No good Diego!
    Maradona got red carded in a match against brazil for kick this guy with his cleats the entire world sighed with relief. Maradona had a church built after him ( La Iglesia de Maradona) with a capacity of 387 People.

    TOTAL: 5502 PTS

  12. different era’s, different soccer, but pele played in Cosmos… come on… come on.. when maradone played in only Barcelona, mmm … no more talking about this.

  13. Maradona does all the work and Pele all he does is wait for the ball to score (cherry picker)So clearly to everyone Maradona is the best in the world next messi dont be jealous of Argentina woot

  14. hi bocaj_91 i really hope u read this…

    maradona is GOD and pele was his bitch…

    maradona is by far the greatest ever he took 3 weak teams and made em into champions ..he won 3 titles in europe and faced the best opposition ever.. he scored the greatest goal ever and won boca 4 times interclubs]
    maradona is the greatest player ever to set foot on a pitch. sure run him down for his drug abuse which has nothing to do with football and skill as ur a jelous turd.. maradona is GOD of football and thats why the world voted hi m as the greatest player ever at the 2000 millenium awards . pele got the plastic award.
    maradona got the real award voted by the world
    maradoa was a genius and god and the greatest player ever

  15. Maradonna and Pele both voted by FIFA as the greatest players however if youlook for personal skills and ability in dribbling nothing like Diego.Diego is a genius and He got 2000 millenium awards like Zobondo said. He played with underdog team and yet could raise them to the top.

    Pele was in the different time and also greatest player like you know they both has got their own ability.Pele was a goal getter.Do not look at their personal behaviour just their skills.

  16. As a big football fanatic. I have taken the time to search very old videos of Pele and compared them to Maradona’s in every single detail. It is vital to consider (1) Pele’s era – Slower football – Very limited Brazilian goalkeepers=easier to score – Very limited defensers=easier to score – Easier football than Europe=Easier to score – Diffrent position. Pele’s position allowed him to score more. I strongly doubt Pele would have scored that much if he had gone around Europe like Maradona. Remember all the great names there were when Maradona started to play in Europe (e.g. Platini)…Well, Maradona was the king and made clear he was the number 1 all over the world because he won against these big names by playing against them. Moreover Maradona was more complete, though Pele was more powerful and faster, but Maradona’s touch, class, fantasy, and accuracy were something we will probably never see again. I consider myself very honored because in my life I saw Maradona playing. He did not have to score to entertain you. He was simply magic, and he still is when he touches the ball even today. Therefore, I have no doubts: Maradona!

  17. I would like to add, that I agree with Zobondo.
    Drugs don’t make you play better, and do not allow you to gain any special touch. I have always felt sorry for Maradona and his fragility. But only Pele knows what he has done in his life. I know this has nothing to do with football, but maybe Pele was much smarter in that sense, and he could hide better + media, and paparazzi were not that aggressive like in Maradona’s or todays time.
    Remember: When Maradona was almost dying the paparazzi almost got in the operation room….Simply disgusting. Just think about all the pressure there was on Maradona. Pele did not face that, and this is a fact too.

  18. There is no comparison – Mardonna full stop. I would go so far as to say there will never ever be another player who would come close to him.

  19. I think that MARADONA was better than PELE because MARADONA was more successful than PELE

  20. Maradona was the greatest if you look at it simply in football terms and not what position they were maradona had a better touch he beat players with skill and class rather than pele who was a lot faster but didnt have the same first touch as maradona maradona was far more entertaining and he has got apersonality all pele ever does nbow is make predictions that alwys turn out to compoletely wide of the mark, pele is like beckenbauer they are both involved with fifa and all that wre as maradona is simple considered as the best because all he done was play footballl he didnt suck up the arses of fifa unlike pele and beckenbauer


    I think that MARADONA was better than PELE because MARADONA was more successful than PELE


    Pele is universally acknowledged as the Greatest player ever.
    Interanational 77 goals in 92 matches. 4 world cup appearances and won 3 of them. Infact truth be told if he was not hacked down and had to retire from the competition, I doubt England would have won that 1966 world cup.

    So Kevin Pani how you you came to the conclusion Maradona won more than Pele is quite amusing and incredibly stupid.

  22. Exactly my thoughts Gerard Onochie, How did this idiot come to the conclusion Maradona was more successful than Pele? More than a 1000 professional goals, 3 world cups, greatest football icon ever. Football Ambassador, Sports Minister… HOW HIS HE LESS SUCCESSFUL THAN MARADONA


  24. pele is the best of all times.he has three world cups he didnot take drugs and never scored with his hand,he is no cheat.I think he is a good example of a footballer.

  25. if u study moore about pele then u ‘ll know that he is overrated. was he made 1000 goals? no. was he won 3 world cup? no. that just myth! in wc 58 he came from bench, didi or vava was the player of tournament. in wc 62 he just play one match then garrincha lead brazil to final. in wc 70 brazil hav the greatest team ever and pele just made 4 goals while jairzinho made 8 goals from deepper position. PELE NEVER BE No.1 STAR IN SELECAO, there were always someone better than him, but just pele constantly exist between 58 and 70. in other hand, maradona singlehandedly drag average argentina team to final in 86 and 90, when in 86 he made 5 goals and 5 assist. he lead napoli conquer serie a, while in that day milan hav legendary holland trio, baresi, ancelotti, tassotti, donadoni, massaro, young maldini, young costacurta, inter hav germany trio, bergomi, zenga, aldo serena, juve hav platini, cabrini, scirea, schillacchi. a player like him will never born again.

  26. Now, now, now…a good question as this is asked and the least you expect is a onjective answer. FIFA created the award and it was irrespective of the position on the pitch. When players of the month or year are picked even goalkeepers have a chance. Who is it that said Pele only waited for others to create the chance and only slot the goal? Very unfair and thank goodness you are not a writer of history. Miles apart these two are/were. Pele a clear winner for what he started to achieve from the age e started to achieve and all never falling foul either in terms of performance enhacement (not Viagra of course) or inspiring the young. Watch the videos posted above. every single player I have known, younger Ronaldo inclusive close their eyes to head the ball Pele always watched where he was heading and a lot more he could do. A natura left footer that used both feet the same, how many in the world to date can do that? We should acknowledge ‘shooting stars’ in our world when they appear. PELE IS THE GREATEST EVER!!!

  27. I am the resident of Pakistan, and my age is just 23, and my enterest with football increased due to the controversal discussion between my father who favoured pele and my uncle who always on Maradona’s side….
    As i read all the comments and i concluded that when any thing reaches to the end limit of his domain then they might not be compared…They both will be alive in the hearts of the lovers untill this game is alive…

  28. quotes on maradona the list of players and infinity
    Zidane: the greatest ever
    2: Careca: admiteas was far better than pele
    3: Bobby Charlton: the greatest footballer
    4: Gullit: he was from another world
    5: Marco van Basten: The Greatest footballer ever
    6: Former manager of england bobby robson: hate him or love him he was the greatest player of all time.
    7: Zola: he was the god of football
    8: Ronaldhino: hes was my idol and greatest
    9: won player of the century at fifa 2000 awards
    10: C. Ronaldo the greatest
    11: Ze Roberto and R. Carlos: Maradona was without doubt the greatest
    12: Bearzot: Maradona is football
    13: Sacchi on sky: Maradona is the best player in the world
    14: Baggio: Maradona all players dream
    15: gentile: Maradona better than Pelè
    16: Boscov: Maradona can not be compared
    17: Sivori: maradona the best in the world
    18: Cantona: Maradona is greatest art.The
    19: Eusebio: Maradona was the greatest
    20: Maldini: Maradona is Maradona

  29. Pele is the best! world champion without using his hands or drugs!!! Pele is a winner and Maradonna is a cheater! He came close to Pele by cheating!

  30. Football was naive on the days Pele . Now it has become more complicated . Strategies have appeared . Maradonna faced greater teams than Pele . Unlike Pele , who was nat the only star in his team ,Maradonna was the only star in the team and Napoli . Besides ,the dribbing and passing abilities Maradona has , Pele did not have . I think if Pele played today ,he would not create the row he created in the fifties. Also records are sometimes stupid .Pele was injured in one of World Cups and did not continue .Yet , it is mentioned as one of his ahcievements. No doubt ,Maradona is the best of all times .

  31. Maradona ha sido un ejemplo, pero una de las pocas personas a salir del túnel y Carl Lewis Mike tayson estrellas es mucho más malo que tienen los que no tienen vergüenza escala de la primera piedra

  32. Go and watch videos of both pele and maradona

    now compare

    After every video of Pele i have watched three words come into my head,is that it.Pele was hugely overrated he weren’t as nearly as skillful or as good a passer as maradona.Lots of other players have also surpassed him such as Garrincha,Zico,luiz Ronaldo,zidane etc

    As for the three world cups

    1958 – Pele come from the bench
    1962 – played one game
    1970 – Played in greatest team ever and still only scored 4 while jairzinho scored 8 from a deeper position.


    His goal record is a hoax because he includes goals from his youth team and even when he played in the army.He also counts goals in that shitty talentless USA league.

    Impressive goal record for Santos but keep in mind that in the Brazilian league in Peles era teams played a 2-3-5 formation(5 forwards)which as you would imagine made it alot easier to score.

    As well as that the defenders and goalkeepers were very limited in terms of tactics,skill and fitness compared to modern day professionals in italian,spanish,french,german or English leagues.Just watch his videos and you will see that Peles opposition didnt know how to defend.

    Pele = myth

  33. pele 32 team trophies
    his santos club teamate pepe 40 trophies!!!

    pele was only a team player, there were too many brazil nationl players in santos club:
    Gilmar (58,62),
    Zito (58,62) ,
    Mengálvio (62) ,
    Coutinho (62)
    Pepe (58,62)
    Mauro (58, 62)
    Lima (66)
    Carlos Alberto (70)
    Joel Camargo (74)
    Clodoaldo (70)
    Edu (66,70,74)
    Da silva
    Toninho (66,70,72 state league top scorer)
    +1 menotti(argentina national team player)

    besides, pele played in army league, low level state league and friendly matches.



  35. I’ve read quite a lot of the comments which seem to be swinging either very far one way or very far the other as the debate unfolds. Both without a doubt are two of the top 5 greatest players based upon skill and influence. A few things swing the argument in Maradona’s favour though:-
    1) Close control was unparalleled.
    2) 1986 World Cup – in every game Maradona made the difference and was always at the fulcrum of Argentinas best moments. The best single player performance over a single tournament.
    3) Success with Napoli – to lift an average team to the pinnacle of the game in what was then not only the best league but also the tightest and most defensive.
    4) His legacy – every new Argentinian star is dubbed the new Maradona but all (Ortega, Aimar etc) have so far failed to live up to the standard. Messi is the new hope and could possibly come close.
    5) Teammates – Pele had the luxury of some of the best teammates, some who individually rank in the top ten of all time – Garrincha, Didi etc. Maradona had some good international teammates but not of the quality Pele had.
    6) Having watch live football and video footage of old games during the course of my life, nobody has ever controlled a ball, moved, jinked, been more aware of where he is on the pitch and what to do in a flash then Diego Maradona.
    leaving Pele a close second

  36. Is a petty that we didn’t see Pele at his best; the guy was a combination of midfielder and striker. He scored in final world cup tow times at the age of 17 and one of those goals was amazing for guy at that age, he made 12 goals, in 16 games in four different World Cups. Pele played 1,366 games, 503 of those where international games, 92 games played with Brazilian National Team scoring 77 goals, 363 games played with Santos scoring 367 goals and 48 games with Cosmos and other teams scoring 24 goals.

    A lot of people thought Pele was not the best player ever, because he didn’t play in Europe, but he played a lot of time against the best European teams, making a lot of incredible goals. Pele played 184 games against European teams scoring 193 goals, 1.05 goals per game, 43 of those games he played with Brazilian National Team versus the best European National Teams, scoring 39 goals, almost one goal per game. He played with Santos 131 games against the best European clubs scoring 143 goals, 1.09 goals per game, he played with Cosmos 6 games, scoring 7 goals, 1.17 goals per game and he played with combined teams 4 games, scoring 4 goals, one goal per game.

    Maradona played 324 against European teams, playing with Barcelona, Napoli and Seville and he scored 144 goals, 50 goals less than Pele against European teams.

    As you can see, Pele played at his best against European players and if he had played in Europe, probably he had scored as many goals as he did in his career. No doubt, Pele is the best player ever.

  37. SIMPLE, in fact VERY SIMPLE.

    PELE – The team always served him. Back on his days, Midfield and Defense players were…
    …Gentle, very Gentle (in comparision), therefore never had it as hard from the opponents.

    MARADONA (El pibe D’oro) – Played for the Team. Back on his days Midfield and Defense players were already Much Much fierce(just remember his career almost came to an end when he broke an ankle by a tackle from the “Butcher of Bilbao” Andoni Goicoechea.(

    TO ME : Maradona was and will always be the GREATEST FOOTBALL PLAYER of ALL times ( please note Player and nothing else).

  38. OK CHk this out…When One things about the “10” in Football who comes to mind? Pele or Maradona. So who is the “Copy Cat” and who is the “Original Don”

  39. listen every i just want to end this maradona was,is and there ever will be the best.only one good reazon pele play whit the best brasileans players of all the time baba,didi,tostao,rivellino and the best of all mane garrincha (la alegria del pueblo) better than pele and remenber he had one leg bigger than the other one. whit all this players anyone can be the best. so get over end………….

  40. they are both great, but I think ronaldhino from Brasil is the best ever….he is amazing!!!

  41. Alot of people who dont follow or watch football will always say Pele, those who follow the game and love it will always say Maradona. Antoer fact african nationa were asked who was the greatest now many of these people have no TV’s or radio nearly 60% went for Maradona, only 12% voted for Pele. Anther fact pele on played one game in the 1958, in 1962 he was injured after one game so garrincha took over in 1970 Revalinho scored more than Pele. Many of Pele’s goals are contributions from minor leagues and the army, and fact in Argentina junior player records start from a fresh once turing professional Maradona has scored as many goals. I’ve watched many videos witch pele and maradona, Pele’s videos show some good run but mainly scoring easy goals you wont see any real close control and magical dribbling, flahs and run or mad skills. My dad is from the Pele eara and he only talks about Maradona!

  42. Well, there is not much more to say, Most people in here and in 2000 around the world voted for Maradona, the matter of the fact is that, most people defend Pele with the same argument, the 3 world cups and the 1000 goals, both things obviously fake, did not really participate in the world cups as mentioned and you can’t count minor leagues, because if you do I scored more than him in my life and I am 24. Another thing people are saying here is that he was a gentleman, as someone mentioned before, the media was not as big back in the day, and still it came to light that he was always surrounded by hookers,(xuxa a famous brazilian who was a former hooker was with him before becoming famous, he made her famous) and he also had sex with a 14 year old boy, so there goes the gentleman for you, just for those idiots who can’t seem to understand footbal is played on the field, not in life, but still in life I rather have a drug addict as a friend than a rapist. I was forgetting, in my experience people who do drugs are usually impaired when they do them, they don’t get better at something, they actually get to a point of semi retardation..

  43. I would like to make clear that maradona never took drugs to improve his game. He did however, abuse cocaine, but that was his personal problem as manny other people may have. He was only caught in wc 1994 with the use of illegal substance but only because when he came back to the fields he was taking argentine legal vitamins. When they came to the US, the doctors baught a bottle that look the same but it had the illegal substance. (Pretty much what baseball players take in the US). So that was a mistake made by his doctors…

    Maradona a truly natrual Footbal Player… Very Skillfull, fast, and great field vission…

  44. Mardona is by far the greatest football player ever to grace the game.The skill which he has shown in the game against England in 1986 world cup exceeds many times that of what Pele has ever produced in his life time.Its fool hardy to compare the genius of maradona to the ordinary skills of ordinary mortal like Pele.The very presence of Maradona on the feild had electrifying effect on the other players. his very presence used to install so much confidence on the average players like garincha and buruchaga to become match winners. Football can never be the same again after the retirement of the genius.maradona was god of Football.Pele ordinary mortal . Comparison my foot.

  45. Well,one thing is for sure.Pele didn’t have the same amount of ball control as Maradona.I have seen at least 7-8 full matches of Pele and he lost the ball much more easily than Maradona.Maradona had a stronger influence in the games he played.Both his dribbling,passing and vision were better.Maradona was the best ever.

  46. Pele was born for futbol like Beethoven for music; at 16 he gave life to the golden years of football, when there was no technology and the ball was 3 times heavier than Maradonas.
    World champion at 16, 1283 goals in 1367 games and 90 hat tricks, this visionary of the game stunned the world and was chosen by “all” as the king. In 1958 football legend Just Fointaine said, “When I saw Pele play I just wanted to hang up my boots” as he had taken Brasil to become world champion just been a teen.
    Then in 1970 already being the king, he took the best football team the world has ever seen and by the hand of Garrincha, Zagallo, Amarildo, Didi, Pepe, Jair he won his 3rd world title and stunned the world creaming the so greatly mentioned Italian defense having Tarciso Burgnich declaring after the game “I told my self, he is flesh and blood, just like me. I was wrong”.
    The comparison between Pele and Maradona is just a silly Argentinean passionate rivalry, Pele is in every way, shape and form the king of all, Andy Warhol a modern intellectual mentioned once, “Pele has dared and rubbished my theory: instead of fifteen minutes of fame, he will have fifteen centuries”
    Pele’ remained loyal to Santos FC because the Brazilian government declared him a non-exportable national treasure.
    Pele is and will always be the king, and legendary players like Cruyff, Maradona, Bekenbahuer, Puskas, Best, Zidane, Di Stefano, Garrincha, Eusebio, Ronaldo, Maldini will always belong to a different zip code.
    Maradona was drug addict (he also struggled with weight problems) also used doping to enhance his performance in 1994 usa. plus he used his hands twice in world cup play (both worthy of red card) against England and . USSR in WC 86, 90. No good Diego!


  48. Pele is the king. Let me tell you why.

    During Pele’s time, there was limited tv coverage. Many teams and players (including Boca Juniors against Santos during the Libertadors finals in La Bombonera) tried to break Pele’s legs many times. To say that things were easier during Pele’s time;it is a joke. When Maradona played the TV was there to protect him and to make sure that other players did not break his legs. When Pele played, there was no mercy even during the 1966 World Cup when the entire world was watching. If you had the same kind of pressure/violence applied to Maradona, he would not had survived and his performance would had been significantly impacted. Now, tell Maradona to try to score hundreds of goals when he has defenders trying to break his legs specially when they are comming from behind. Pele played many times with his back against the defense. Maradona neve did that he always carried the ball and then faced the defenders.

    If Pele and Maradona were to play today, Pele would have won every competition with Santos and Brazil. By the way, Pele did not score nearly fourteen hundred goals and won the World Cup three times and the Libertadores Cups twice because Pele had very good players around him. He made average players to become great players. Who do you remember that played with Maradona? unless if you a Maradona and Argentina fan. Now ask those that knew Pele, they also new Garrincha, Edu, Zito, Carlos Alberto Torres, Tostao, Rivelino etc… The list goes on and on

  49. pls dont compare a drug addict with d KING.Maradona chit alot but i think i if is also engade in hard drug he may score over 5,000 goals think about it.

  50. I’m only 20 years old and actually never got the privilege to see either of them play. But I have researched on them extensively and we could drag this debate for decades. In my point of view Pele is the better of the two but not by much. The thing is why are we still debating this if it has already been decided by FIFA officials, journalists and coaches that have lived through both eras and know what they are talking about, unfortunately for all those Maradona fans out there and sorry to burst your bubble, Pele won the award voted by FIFA. The good news is that Maradona won a similar award voted by the fans on FIFA’s website. Now since I’m younger I actually liked Maradona more but have gradually changed my vote. Pele is the official player of the century Maradona isn’t…

    Ohh and on the solo run that Maradona did when he took on the whole English team was brilliant but did you know that Pele took on a whole team and scored too only it was deleted from the archives decades ago, the good news is that it is still in the records so it is a known fact. But still none of this matters the official FIFA award for player of the century was given to Pele so this debate was actually over before it started.

  51. Lets keep things simple…

    Who singlehandedly led his country to World Cup Glory?

    Who scored the greatest goal the world has witnessed at the business end of a World Cup (for the record he repeated the feat in the Semi as well just to prove it was no fluke)!

    Who was a success and won trophies at 3 major clubs on 2 different continents?

    In doing so, who didn`t have the luxury of playing in a team full of a generation of naturally talented footballers of which there is unlikely to be another?

    Who played some of the most sublime football that modern day Ronaldo`s can only dream about even with so much referee protection whilst he did it whilst being kicked from post to post by the likes of Claudio Gentile and the Butcher of Bilbao to name a couple?

    This is not my opinion….they are facts!

    After all the debate the answer is quite simple……Diego, Diego, Diego !!!

  52. I’m going to base my vote on skill of the player ,and my vote goes to……………………………………….MARADONA!Pele is the king simply because he was the first one to make an impact but MARADONA made a revolution on soccer. MaRADONA is the inspiration of many so I base my vote on the ability of the player. MARADONA is better than the KING.

  53. To quote Jimmy Greaves-Brazil with the teams that they had would have won the World Cup without Pele, Argentina would never have won the World Cup in 1986 without Maradona.
    The greatest player to have ever walked the earth..
    El Diego-Legend!!!!!!

  54. The only reason Maradona is even considered to be on the level of Pele is because he played in a newer time where more futbol games were shown on TV. When Pele was playing the TV’s were not as advanced so they has much less channels and technology overall was not as advanced.

    Until anyone can win 3 world cups and score nearly 1300 goals then you can compare them to Pele. Until then, keep dreaming.

  55. Maradona is the best ,he made the most amazing goal of the history, and if you watch videos of pelé you will see the difference in game speed

  56. By far Maradona is THE greatest football player ever.

    The amount of ball control is tremendous. Besides, Pele was surrounded by huge players most of his carreer and in the other hand Maradona never had little more than himself to win a game.

  57. In my opinion, Pele is to football what Michael Jackson is to Pop. There will never be another Michael Jackson or Pele in this earth. Going by the soccer history, everyone has their own record, but there is one player who stands out in the crowd from the whole world is nothing less than PELE.

    Come on man! A player who has been the mainstay behind 3 times world cup championship for Brazil with a world-record number of goals, more or less 3 times higher than what Maradona has scored in his entire lifetime is worth no comparing with Maradona anymore because he is the greatest soccer player the world has ever seen till date and will probably remain forever.

    Some fans claim that the world-cup win over England makes Maradona the great soccer, but the truth is Maradona was passionate and envy of Pele’s talent to reach where he is today.

    Let me make things clear here, every player has their dream day, and Maradona had the one against England, who are known to have a dismal performers especially in world-cup, but on the other hand winning against Italy on the hand of Pele, which is believed to be the 4th time champions right behind Brazil itself was not the only day for Pele, but quite a few more.

    That extra mile that i talked about says it all to prove how much greatness PELE had in his soccer ability, and after all “THE NUMBER OF GOALS SPEAK LOUDER THAN THESE COMMENTS”.

    Krishna Mohapatra
    Senior Software Engineer [Soccer Enthusiastic]

  58. I think in general the level of the game in the european competitions is a lot higher than of a world championship. It is a simple matter of fact that Maradona has proven him self there and Pele did not. Where it not for Maradona’s problems and difficult personalty there would not even be a discussion and it is clear that Maradona is the best but can you ever imagine a person like Maradona representing FIFA that is the only reason he was not chosen best player.

  59. Dudes, r u people crazy? Which three world cups that hugely overrated king kong has won for Brazil…really
    a point to ponder. In 1958, there were players like Garincha and Vava in the squad, and Garincha was by far a better player than that paper king kong. Any doubt? Ask any Brazilian or see the video footage available. In 1962, Pele only played two games without any impact and then replaced by much better Amarildoh, who scored 2 goals in his very first world cup debut. In 1970, that kong was accompanied by far greater players like Joarjinho and Tostao. That kong is not even worthy enough to be compared with Ronaldo or Cruyff, let alone the truly god gifted drug addict genius. no one can bear the magic that drug addict can produce with the football. If there is anyone close to him, that is Alfred D’ Stefano. Pele was simply a faltoo who cud not receive the ball properly, let alone being a complete footballer. Well, for the record, yes, of course, Maradona has only one foot…that heavenly left foot, and the Kong has no feet at all. Kong is the greatest politician of all time, who knows how to remain perpetually on the paper for ever.

  60. Pele is by far better, not to insult maradona he is definitely great and did great things but you can NOT put them in the same category. I understand that especially for Argentina maradona is held extremely high and righfully so there but Pele is simply the best.

    There never fouled maradona to take Argentina out of the world cup, he never scored 1500 goals, and lastely Pele…it’s like comparing a Toyota Camry with a BMW, both cars but no one puts the camry in the same class as the BMW

  61. i believe his name was scotty who said the great brazil teams could have one the world cup without pele maybe not easily but the could of that 86′ argentine team was going know where that is why maradona is better and if you took away maradona’s controversial actions i think without a doubt we could say maradona is better than pele but pele puts up a great fight once again nice point by scotty well done

  62. Brazil won three world cups with pele …first in 1958…second 1962……third 1970…..

    I will explain it in detail in 1958 there was totally team effort and garrincha was more markable player than pele….In 1962 Garrincha took brazil to finals not pele…in 1970 pele was called back to the squad because he was senior means from 1967 to 1969-70 he was not regular member of team.

    Now come to maradona…..he single handlely won 1986 world cup….he took argentina to finals in 1990…his impact on ground was very much impactful than pele…He was great leader on football ground.

  63. Not only pele scored 1000 goals..there are some others players who have scored 1000 goals…like romario of brazil….romario played in modern era….

    pele has good relations with fifa…on every special occasion fifa calls pele….present generation find it very respectful and think pele must be a fantastic palyer of his time….during his era garrincha was better than pele but no one knows him..becuase he died at early age.
    Maradona at club level also did fantastic job…he made napoli one of the top club of europe but before his arrival to naples , napoli was ordinary club…naples win many trophies under maradona leadership and pele played for one club through out his life….

    MARADONA is greatest ever player tht world has seen.

  64. I have no idea who is better but can you imagine a match with both of them in their prime

  65. Maradona better than Pele? What a sad joke! Pele had his two feet, was a great header of the ball, a far better dribbler and never used his hands to score goals. He could even save! Maradona had one foot, his heading was inferior to Pele’s and was a blatant cheat (hand of God my foot!) Pele played on teams with great players that is true, but he was the one who stood out above them all. Brazil won nothing of note after he retired for 24 years. This is in spite of heving talented plyers. What was the difference? Pele!!!
    On both club and international level Pele outdid Maradona; his list of titles dwarf this the Argentine’s. Those who were blessed to see them both play in complete games say that Pele was better. He was a world champion at 17; he scored twice in the final, the first being a touch of genius. He maintained a high level of play throughout his career, Maradona went downhill after 1990. How then can this comparison be even made? Pele is king, the greatest no question about it!

  66. I’m sick of a bunch of footballing quacks talking about Pele not playing Europe that’s why Diego is better. If they bother to do some research, they will know that Santos played against Europeans temas and owned them! Pele received offers to play with some of the biggest names in European football. He stayed in Brazil because had he gone he couldn’t represent the Selecao any more, the other reason being he was proclaimed a national treasure (take that Maradona fans!) Pele faced Garrincha and all his other fellow internationals in club competitions and lead Santos to victory against them all. As for Maradona, he was a non- entity in the 1986 final vc West Germany and was terrible in 1990. Plus he was never champion of Europe, because he got owned by the Berlesconi boys at AC Milan.

  67. maradona was great!!! to all the haters out there!!




  68. Pele was the best ever. first in titles and achievements: 1280 goals and more than 1300 career assists. 3 world cups and 2 world club cups with santos. maradona only won 1 wc and 1 Uefa cup(secondary level) Pele was much better goal scorer, better shot with both feet( and that is why he scored all these goals) , great at free kicks, heading, passing, dribbling in unimaginable ways(like hitting the ball on a defender for it to bounce back to him, nutmeging, lobbing over the defenders etc), was also faster than maradona. Pele succeded everywhere, whereas maradona failed to win anything in barcelona, argentinos juniors, sevilla, newels, wc 1982, wc 1990, wc 1994. players like Tostao, Jairzinho, Gerson, Carlos Alberto never won anything when pele did not play for brazil.(1966, 1974, 1978) Pele surpassed some of the greatest ever players who played on his time: Charlton, Eusebio, Moore, Best, Beckenbauer, Garrincha, Didi, Di stefano, Puskas, Cruyff, Muller etc.

  69. MARADONA Easy.

    He proved it in South America and in Europe. Pele may have scored over 1000 goals but to be fair the south american leagues at that time where not in the same class as in Spain and Italy interms of defender’s.

    Plus pele didn’t have anyway near the skill Maradona had. Maradona douls run pastplayersof ease ( like there where not even there), he had pace and also the accuracy too.

    Both greatplayers but Pele in my opion not in the same league as Maradona,

  70. What does FIFA say? Pelel is not only the Great, but the Greatest. He insoired many to play football, extra-ordinarily declared the Immeasurable Treasure of Brazil. Declared by FIFA the Player of the Century.

    Can’t a Black man do it? Yes He Can, like Barack Obama. Politics emulated football and that is in itself “History”. Brazil has produced many talented footballers like Ronaldo, Ronaldhino, Dunga, Rivaldo, Bebeto, Roberto Carlos, King Kaka, Robhino, Alves, Dida, etc, who played in our times and we have seen the continuation of Brazilian cob-webb of skillful footbal nation.

    Due to the number of games he played, number of goals he scored and those not recorded, number of times he carried Brazil to win world cups, the era that he palyed without advanced technology, the type of football they used and his loyalty to the Brazilian nation and I have without doubt rate him the highest.

    While notably, Argentina has produced few in Maradona and Lionel Messi. When one think of Argenian soccer greats, only the names of the two comes to mind.

    I am officially closing this debate and no any further comments by Announcing that PELE IS THE GREATEST PLAYER OF THE CENTURY.

  71. Maradona is the best player of all time! Pele isnt even good enough to wipe diego’s shit. Pele sucks FIFA’s dick & thats why they praise him so much. In the end of the day, FIFA is just a corrupt money making corporation whith some homosexual (pele) representing them. Maradona, you are the GOD of football!!!

  72. Maradona used cocaine for a good part of his career and for all those that don’t know the effects of this drug in sports performance here it goes:


    Maradona is not the greatest because:

    1. He cheated using COKE
    2. Cheated using his hand to score a goal
    3. Got into fights
    4. His personal life was and still is a terrible mess. The guy doesn’t know how to deal with fame. Mentally he’s very weak.
    5. Worst coach in the history of football.

    I’m sorry but that’s NOT the best player ever. I can name at least three other players who REALLY honored this sport.

  73. Maradona Diego is simply better than Pele. Pele scored goals ,yes but the rules of the game during his days were very lux that one could score as many goals as compaired to Diego’s era. For example goal keepers were allowed to move from the line during penalt shoot out. Maradona was both entertainer and footballer. He is the best… Maradona.

  74. Pele was the best ever. first in titles and achievements: 1280 goals and more than 1300 career assists. 3 world cups and 2 world club cups with santos. maradona only won 1 wc and 1 Uefa cup(secondary level) Pele was much better goal scorer, better shot with both feet( and that is why he scored all these goals) , great at free kicks, heading, passing, dribbling in unimaginable ways(like hitting the ball on a defender for it to bounce back to him, nutmeging, lobbing over the defenders etc), was also faster than maradona. Pele succeded everywhere, whereas maradona failed to win anything in barcelona, argentinos juniors, sevilla, newels, wc 1982, wc 1990, wc 1994. teammates like Nilton Santos, Djalma Santos, Didi, Tostao, Jairzinho, Gerson, Carlos Alberto, Rivelino never won anything when Pele did not play for brazil.(1950, 1954, 1966, 1974, 1978) Pele surpassed some of the greatest ever players who played on his time: Charlton, Eusebio, Moore, Best, Beckenbauer, Garrincha, Didi, Di stefano, Puskas, Cruyff, Muller etc.
    the only way defenders could handle pele was by kicking him and breaking his legs(like the Bulgarians and Portuguese in world cup 1966). In due to that yellow cards were introduced into football in the next world cup (1970)!! also maradona only played well for 5-6 years with napoli and Pele was the best in the world for over 15 years. he played against the best teams in the world at endless tours with santos and sometimes would play 3-4 games a week.

  75. Pele was simply the best. in all votes he has been the first: IFFS, FIFA, olympic commitee and has broken all records for titles, goals etc.
    the people that has seen him live say he there is no one better!

  76. Pele is by far the greatest! no comparison. he could all maradona did and more! score more goals than anyone in history, give more than 1200 career assists, make santos one of the BEST teams of all time.
    maradona didnt have the personality either. cocaine powered clown

  77. Pele´s well over 1000 goals for fC Santos say it all. For all those who say that it was easier in the sixties: There have been no yellow or red cards, so it was far more dangerous back then to play.

    Pele has played and won two world cup finals. 1958 in Sweden he scored three goals, 1970 in Mexico he scored one goal. He was also part of the 1962 Brazilian world cup wining team.

    Maradona has played two world cup finals as well, but has won only one, 1986, scoring one goal. His much praised goal against England 1986 stands against the unbelievable foul play with his hand before that. And Messi did similar goals to that.

    And Pele was a dribbler as good a Maradona. His goal against Sweden 1958: He lifted the ball over the defendant and scored without the ball hitting the ground again. He was 17 years of age. Maradona has not been in the Argentine team 1978, with 19 years of age.

    So Pele is the Greatest

  78. maradona is too good for pele let me tell you why all of you haters , 1st he has better vision, 2 he can score just like pele , 3 ball control, 4 amazing skill can pele take 5 or 6 defenders against one of the best teams in the world? 5 stronger, 6 faster , 7 balance , 8 watch the fans what they did for maradona everywhere he played, 9 team leader, 10 he was all over the field, he gets the ball more then anybody ivseen, 11 he was doing everything for argentina when they won the world cup in 86 , pele cant do that , put pele on the same team they wont even make it to the second round , can pele do what mardona did in napoli???? hell to the no ,,pele can score goals i nderstand he can shot the ball i understand, but thats not a complete soccer player . alot of soccer players can score like raul rooney romario van bastan ronaldo, if pele played in the 80s he wont even score more then 200 goals in my opinion i think pele should be number 11 best soccer players of all time he has no vision he loses the ball easly , he was slow and he played with good players aginst bad players , maradona number 1 ,ronaldinho number 2 , ronaldo from brazil number 3 , c. ronaldo number 4 , romario number 5, zidan number 6 , zico number 7 , platini number 8,messi number 9, rivaldo number 10, pele number 11

  79. one more thing i wanna say to all the haters , watch it on youtube what maradona does with the ball in practice , watch how maradona juggle the ball and how pele juggels the ball you can see the deffrence , pele looks like an amautre compare to maradona no way pele is better ,,, raj i think you know everything about soccer , i like ur comments

  80. Please, if you know futebol, you know futbol. Argentinians make everything big, Maradona is the greatest to them, Messi is as good as Maradona, Riquelme, yet in Brazil we NEVER compara no one to PELE. becuase PELE is PELE ignorants. I am 47 years old. Zidane achive the same as Maradona, do research, ZICO was to me just as good as Maradona, Ronaldinho at his best, did things Maradona could have never dream of( I am not right) Ronaldo did things very important to Brazil. Yet Pele will alwasy be PELE the king.

  81. For me Pele’ was the greatest. A player that was perfect in everything. He had the pace, agility and speed of a stallion. He was perfect with long passes, short passes, medium passes, high kicks, medium kicks, short kicks, perfect striker but also amazing in defence, perfect team player, perfect touch and pefect finish.

    Maradona definitely 3rd but not even 2nd. Garrincha is the 2nd best who was the perfect dribbler (even better than Pele’).

    And that is just on the field. If we want to compare the person as a whole I think we all agree Pele’ tops the list because both Garrincha and Maradona had very serious issues that tormented them for years whilst Pele’ is the primary example of light and how a player should behave, regardless of their success, fame and fortune.

    God bless,

    – Luca

  82. Maradona, hands down! Pele was too slow and amateurish…Watch the videos and compare!

  83. Pele is as good a footballer as some of his fans’ ability to spell ‘inspire’ as insoire, ‘having’ as heving on this blog. Yes, like you have two hands to spell those words correctly, Pele has so many things…he has head but it is full of cow-dung… could only be used for head-butting. Pele has two feet, but merely to walk, run or roam around like a fool. Pele has two hands, but to only smear ointments to the rotting skin of FIFA officials years after years. Pele has eyes, but needs specs as he has no vision. Pele has won three WCs for Brazil. In 1958, Didi was officially the best footballer of the tournament…gosh! Pele has won three WCs for Brazil. In 1962, Amarildoh scored two goals in his debut match, where he replaced Pele…luckily so.Garincha was declared the best player…ahem, ahem. Well, while comparing him with Maradona, I watch u people give so many shitting facts like Pele has scored more than 1000 goals, no matter against which fidgets- a fact is a fact. So, these are also facts. Pele did not won the first two world cups for Brazil…cancel it out. Only in 1970, Pele truly played like the greatest striker (mind it, the greatest striker, not the greatest footballer) of all time This time he did not make no mistake to trap the ball properly and put it into net that in most of the cases set out from a brilliant piece of movement by Tostao. In only one exceptional case, Pele set the ball for Zoarzinho. On the contrary, Maradona was always a die-hard drug addict, who believed more in histrionics than playing on the pitch. In 1986, he played little football and more handball. In the final, he simply played nothing to remember. He ha only one foot, no head at all, let alone the case of being full of it by cow-dung, has some mediocre vision, and to end it all a super megalomaniac.

  84. Pele fans, u did not notice that I gave u people some fair chances to ensnare me on my own point like ” Pele did not won’,’ This time he did not make no mistake…’,’ He ha only one foot’ – what sortta English is this, ain’t I an weird anglophile in true sense? Anyway, to make some serious comments on those two weirdos, I can tell u that I have seen them both in their heydays, also I have seen the videos? I think u people r little bitta spin-head, why compare two true super human geniuses? If u ask me if Pele is greater than Maradona, I would simply answer it’s impossible ’cause no one, till date, whizzed past six footballers in one single stretch and finally the goalie and put the ball into the net…in any version of this game ranging from a rural village league cup to the WC- the greatest show on earth in front of my naked eyes. True, as some sucker has mentioned on this blog everyone has his day as the little genius had on that one, but those every ones r ordinary mortals, so it’s not possible for them to reach that impossible height even on their day, so He is the true Prima Dona. Now, if u ask me if Maradona is greater than Pele, it’s also simple. Until and unless, u see anyone, in a solo move, receives the ball on his chest, bounces it over there, then tuck the ball away over the heads of two defenders, then volleyed it into the net before the ball even touches the ground, that too within the bat of an eyelid, anywhere, any time, forget about any one surpassing him. These two r the greatest, weirdest, most magical and magnificent moments of any sortta game yet played. So, u got my point. The Megalomaniac and The Politician are the true two greatest kings of football, way beyond the reach of other ordinary mortals. So, just enjoy them in the videos, don’t dare pit one of them against another.

  85. This is a silly discussion. I didn’t reach Pele’s time. I watched Maradona. But, one should be aware that football has evolved a lot since Pele’s time. So, it is just like any other discipline like classical music or science. You cannot expect to have Beethoven before Bach, or Einstein before Newton.

    It turns out that this is an emotional choice. I am no different. Pele might a complete and consistent athlete with dignity. But, Maradona was tailor-made for football.

    Pele might statistically be the best and I still respect him, but Maradona will still be the “real” best ever. I’ll explain why.

    First, I am not a Brazilian or an Argentinian. And technically, it seems to me that some here have not ever played football. I have been playing and watching since 7. The greatness of a footballer also comes with his natural and genuine talent with vision and intelligence. Please, do not ever compare Zidane with Maradona. One should actually watch a footballer to decide. One should actually watch a player live.

    Let me ask if anyone of Pele fans have seen any other footballer with these skills and accomplishments:

    1) Set forth and successfully demonstrated the concept of number 10 in a football team just before football was largely commercialized. Ingenious play maker with great vision.

    2) Inhuman ball control. No other human being I have seen, including the overrated Pele, can ever control the ball like Maradona unless he uses some sort of black magic.

    3) Precision. Here’s a video from beloved Zidane:

    4) Passion. Well, everybody knows this.

    5) Natural talent and fluidity. Check this video. He’s 45 here. After all the drug abuse and hospitalizations.

    Buruchaga: Using the football, I was not able to make half the moves he does with oranges.

    Friends from Napoli: He was like a bull. After falling down, immediately gets up. He never argued with defenders committing fouls against him. He was able to do incredible things in very narrow space after everyone gives up.

    Let others talk about the statistics and official results. Maradona is Maradona. He was “the” footballer.

  86. It’s not a seemingly true it’s absolutely true that we have never played football. But, from your terribly biased comment and absolutely unbiased video footage it seems Maradona is ‘The Footballer’ and you ‘The Foolballer’, a footballer, who have balls of a fool.

  87. I love pele and i think he is one of the greatest of all time i watched maradona and he was a dazzler he made his generation into the one with more great players then at the beginning was expected and i believe he was better than pele here are the reasons
    1. In 1958,1962, and 1970 those brazil teams could of won the WC without pele he made it easier but they still could have won it, but in 1986 argentina was going nowwhere but he led them all the way to win the world cup
    2. Pele scored a 1,000 goals yeah that is an accomplishment but maradona did so much more into molding that argentina squad together while pele scored a goal and then the rest did the “real work” like a great player in his own right garrincha.
    3. FIFA is at odds at maradona so they made there “Football Family” award to cheat out maradona of his honor and deep down FIFA know that maradona was the greatest to ever live and i believe that if he is judged on a footballing standpoint without a doubt diego maradona is the greatest soccer player of all time

  88. What a weird example of an oxymoronic sentence that
    starts with ‘I luv Pele’, then harps on everything that goes against him.. Well, my point is that any true sucker, who loves this beautiful game of football, no matter whether they ever played or not, must admit that those two weird magicians have changed the very nuance of the word greatest in every sense. It’s not anymore singular, it’s plural rather. They two r the two greatest Gods( oh, God is also now a single one entity) of football, miles above the other ordinary mortals. They were generations apart, their styles were also poles apart, their lifestyle too, but they have only one thing in common. That is both of them r the finest, mightiest, most skillful exponents of the game… none of them surpassing the another. Well, Diego singlehandedly won a WC way back in 1986, the memory of which is still equally mesmerizing and unmatched, but I can recall the dying moments of the final, where he missed on an opportunity to score, though fouled twice before that- first by two German defenders, then by Schumakher, the goalie. I always beleive Maradona heavily missed there Pele, the greatest striker ever graced the game. Had the King been there, the Prince certainly would have passed the ball to him with his ‘never seen before and after too’ accuracy, and we might have seen the ball wrapped in the net within the flash of a moment. Well, many argue Pele always played for a great side with other great players, but haven’t any of u heard or seen a cherry on a cake. Remove the cherry, now u know what it is. Still, I feel that had there been Pele in 1974 squad, that wouldn’t have made any difference ’cause there was one flying dutch man-Johan Cruyijff. If, they two r the Gods of football, he is the Devil with lightning pace. Well, I keep my fingers crossed and very much confused on who is greater between these two weirdos… will anybody help me, hello? Better we start a new discussion on Diego vs Armando and Pele vs Edson. Until then fuck up.

    Btw, I think I’m blessed to share this blog with some great people who have quite a good hobnobbing with the FIFA officials, otherwise how cud they know deep down in their heart FIFA know…zzz, daydreming is good.

  89. Let me say this to all of you,Maradona can not be compared to Pele.Pele was the best,he was the greatest,why?As a liitle boy growing up i saw the 1986 world cup which Argentina won,and to me they were lucky.In the game against Brazil after Argentina scored the only goal, Brazil missed about 10 clear chances on goal,like the gods were against the brazilian team in that game.Did you all saw that game? So stop making foolish comment that Maradona was better than Pele.Then there were the cheating hand of god in the game against England. Additionally the drug cheat and the bannning by fifa on Maradona.Yes he were very skillfull wiht the ball and helped Argentina to win a lucky world cup.The other side of the story you have the greatest himself Pele.In Pele era football were tougher,balls were much heavier.Their were no science involved in making football clothes. Except in the last 1970 world cup tornament in which pele played things had changed a bit.There were much more crunching tackles. Even Pele was kicked to submission in the 1966 world cup by Hungary and Portugal without the help of the referee,without no protection because he was so good.He went of the field limping helplessly, clutching the arms of two of his players. Never was there so much animosity against the best player in the world in a world cup tornament.Prior to that his vision and skills were no match.Look up youtube and you can see some of the greatest highlights on Pele rounding keepers,as well as the majestic performance of the legendary Gordon Banks clawing away a goal-ward bound ball by Pele. That the best ever highlight of a goal keeper’s performance.He was one of the youngest to ever win a world cup.Look at the 1970 brilliant Brazilian world cup team that won all their games and eventually won the world cup for the third time and eventually keeping the world cup trophy for good.Look at the great vision and technique of that Brazilian side.Similiar team is this present Barcelona team,which includes Messi,Xavi,Iniesta, Basquet,Abidal and Carlos Puyol etc.Pele stopped a civil war,because he was coming to town and play. On and of the pitch he was a good example for all young men of all races. IF people didnt know,Pele wasnt allowed to play for any team outside of Brazil,thats the only draw back,but he was the greatest of all,no one to compare.After he left the Brazillian national squad,it took Brazil another 20 years to win another world cup trophe. That explain it all,there was no one to compare to the ALMIGHTY PELE.

  90. After Pele left the Brazilian squad, it took another 24 years, not 20 years for someone’s information, to win another WC for the following reasons.
    1. In 1974, as I already mentioned, there was one Johan Cruyjff, who flew much higher over the others minus the greatest German( still, I feel he was quite a bit lucky… if Niskens hadn’t missed that astoundingly accurate angular pass from the legendary flying Devil in the dying moments of the final, well, I keep my fingers crossed). If Pele had been there at an age of 34, I think it would be a quite good piece of exaggeration that he would have made things look different, certainly not.
    2. Well, Argentina won this WC on their home turf, thanks to some mediocre Mario Kempes who is no match to the legends here, no thanks to an weird Brazilian’s guess that Argentina cheated them out of the cup by playing a 6-0 got-up with Peru that marred the game, not the game exactly, but the wild guess. This is a mediocre WC, oh, Cruyjff, you deprived the lovers of this beautiful game by not playing this cup. Pele certainly would have won this cup even at an age of 38, certainly he wouldn’t have won had there been Cruyjff. And, finally none of them would have won, had Menotti landed the 5’5″ genius in the cup, who Menotti did not allow to play, even though he was the topmost performer and top scorer in the selection camp, much much higher above Mario Kempes, on the ground of being too young. Menotti, u played it cloak and dagger, man. Everyone knows u r a die-hard fan of Pele, so u did not want anyone else to match the performance of Pele at 1958 cup at 17 years of age lest the myth got broken. Otherwise, u and Pasarella didn’t wanna be overshadowed by the towering 5’5” genius. Really, ur decision yet haunts me as a mystery.
    3. In, 1982 there was one outstanding Zico, the true white Pele, little bit underrated to boot, who dazzled in every obscure corner of the pitch, but he didn’t have any Pele like Tostao had in 1970. Well, Argentina got the ever best squad in 1982 in the history of WC, but crashed out ironically due to marred team spirit ’cause of one fouled tempered ego-centric captain Passarella, and that old haggard Menotti.
    4. First, for the information of one absolutely biased dunderhead, Argentina never met Brazil in this cup, the game actually took place in 1990 cup. They met Uruguay (what’s the correct spelling), before the England match. Well, I feel, Maradona wouldn’t have needed to do that hand-of-God, if that mediocre laborer Valdano had learnt to receive the ball properly and pass it. Instead, he whipped the ball high above like an idiot, rest u know. Still, count the number of chances these people squandered before that moment, and count your teeth before making things silly. England dominated certainly for the last fifteen minutes, but any true British must admit that Argentina never dominated any WC other than this, barring few moments in this match, and in the final to boot before and after ’cause of the supreme skill of a single heavenly leg of The Mozart of football, unmatched before and after. No one, even the King, would have won the cup ’cause of the 5’5″ Emperor.
    5. The King certainly would have won, thanks to the beleaguered Emperor for the Serie-A. Well, Kaiser and Lothar Mathews did some fine jobs in the final against Argentina minus Kanigia, also thanks to the referee for depriving Argentina of a sure penalty.
    7.1994: Well, then Brazil, can win a cup without the King, then what? Gosh, luckily Maradona doped and crashed outta the cup. We, the true lovers of this greatest, are not quite lucky for that incidence. We missed the magic.
    6. 1998: No Ronaldo, no King could match the performance of Zizou, who truly took the torch from the Emperor

  91. I think that Pele by far is the best player who ever lived. if anybody says that maradonna is better, it is because they don’t know enough about Pele.
    Pele could defeat a whole defense of 6 men and score an incredible goal, and this didn’t happen two or three times, no, he did this tons of times.
    And second, i think Maradona doesn’t deserve it because he was a filthy drug abuser. I mean, the best player in the world should be kind of a role model.
    Do you think a fat, cocaine using, women hating jerk should be a role model?
    and did you forget that argentinia at that time was corrupt? So who knows when he had used drugs while he was playing?
    Sorry, just too much facts stop me from thinking that Maradona should be the best player that has ever lived.

  92. FIFA 98 World Cup Golden Ball winner was Ronaldo,there is only one fenomeno,best ever,greatest ever,maradona not in ronaldo’s class

  93. Guys, Maradona and Pele played in different styles of football. Not to mention that Pele has a huge disadvantage with there being so relatively little coverage of the man. So the only thing you can compare are statistical facts in which Pele beats Maradona.

    Also Maradona did indeed single handedly win the world cup in 1986, in which I would especially want to highlight the “hand” part.

  94. Quote1: Maradona not in Ronaldo’s class.


    Quote2: Pele could defeat a whole defense of 6 men and score an incredible goal, and this didn’t happen two or three times, no, he did this tons of times.
    When I did this? Actually I’m getting old, can’t recall at all. A short Argentinian usually would do that regularly, that’s why I hate him.

  95. good comments by ali and nazar .. but clint argentina never played brazil in 86 so u dont know anything about soccer ,, stick with baseball my friend… chen you stick with bingo ur kidding right about ronaldo being better then maradona? jaytay the game was to slow when pele was playing maradona is micheal jordan pele is wilt chamberlin if you know what im talking about .. you guys should beileve ali and nazar comments its all true .. maradona hands down pele not even close to the god gifted maradona

  96. I see you people are totally crazy. First, you show interest in such a game, which I don’t understand. I really don’t find any sense in twenty two brawny guys jostling, wrestling and vying over a single piece of ball made of merely leather and foam. Is it really that costly? Hardly it may cost some few bucks. Are their parents in such a dire staraits financially, that they can not afford to buy even a football for their sons? Give everyone of them a football, one for each, i.e. twenty footballs for twenty two guys on the field, then there is no need for such a ridiculous tussle. Secondly, you choose a guy as the greatest whom I have seen from his nappy days when he cocooned in Rio as Edson. Yes, as one of you mentioned, he dribbled past six -seven defenders in a row and smacked the ball into the net tons and tons of times, he did it with panache, but on his own defenders and pushed the ball into his own net, i.e. those were all same side goals. How many of you know that Pele was such a score-crazy guy that if he could not score a goal within first half, he definitely, without a fail, cannoned it into his own goal in the second half? How many of you know, out of the 1260 odd goals he scored, more than 50% were same side goals? Heh, you tell you know Pele. The King Brazilian was, is and will be forever Ayerton Sena. How many of you have seen him to fight with another F-1 driver on a Mclaren-Mercedes? I think a F-1 Mclaren-marcedes is much much costlier than a football… lol. Anyway, the craziest jostler of this funny game, if I am supposed to choose, is one drug-peddler.

  97. England is a great self-declared footballing nation with some great (only in England) players. They won the WC only once way back in 1966 on their home turf. In that solitary victory part, I would especially luv to highlight the Geoff Hurst goal in extra time, where the ball did not cross the goal line… ahem, ahem.

  98. I don’t know why English people didn’t award Maradona a knighthood for that infamous hand-of-God goal. I watched them awarding knighthood to a thief mentioned in my earlier post. Is it because that ‘no-goal’ gave them the cup only once (oh, give me the cup, give me the cup… cry baby), and this hand-of- God actually kicked them on their butt plumb and threw outta the cup, at least they think so. But, rest of the world is sure of the fact, that if Linekar or anyone else ( I can’t remember the name of any English footballer, they are so mediocre) luckily had scored that match level, Maradona would have dribbled past that ten anonymous english players plus Linekar and scored a goal by his butt. Then we would have got one famous butt-of -God.

  99. sb,Maradona not in Ronaldo’s class,it is not a joke.
    1.Pele was greatest ever,far better than other
    2.Ronaldo was second best player ever.And Pele’s successor in FIFA
    “His outstanding skills have already led to his being seen as the certain successor to Pele himself, and compared with the four “gods” of football legend, the group that includes Maradona, Di Stefano and Cruyff in addition to Pele. ”
    In 1994 world cup RONALDO become Second youngest world cup winner as a member (Not Play) in FIFA
    In 2006 World Cup ,RONALDO become greatest scorer ever (15 goals in all)

    3.Ronaldo in the mid-90s was best player in history,could did things,ronaldo’s elastic is best (said by zidane),best double cut ,double lunge ,double cut,stepover in textbook.

    4.See these videos,then tell me,maradona and ronaldo,who is better.
    Ronaldo in the 97-98 in Inter milan was best ever

  100. Quote: You see, I have given them two balls short. Those I would take from the foolballer.

    Correction: Those I would take from the foolballer and pump it to the required size.

  101. Quote: In 2006 World Cup ,Ronaldo become greatest scorer ever (15 goals in all).

    Oh, then going by this logic, Fontaine of France is the greatest footballer ever. He scored 13 goals in that 58 cup where The King landed. Isn’t it an amazing feat man. But, bad luck, even he is not the greatest footballer of France. Then comes Muller, he scored 14 goals in world cup final rounds, so he is the third best after Roanaldo. Maradona, man, please off with your heavy butt, even Paolo Rossi is greater than ur horse’s arse, he scored six goals in 1982 cup, one up than your 5 goal haul of 85. Even you r not the greatest Argentinian by this logic, Mario Kempes holds that spot for scoring six goals in 1978. You know one ugly looking baldy Salvator Sckillachchi? He is also greater than u… got a feat of six goals haul in 1990 cup. What u did man? I have seen you and Ronaldo both live, also the video posted here and the video ‘Maradona dribbling skill’ in Youtube. Those were all fake man. You are inferior to a footballer who even could not trap the ball properly on a wet turf… recall the Chilli match in 1998 cup, also a very poor passer of the ball. But, of course he is the 2nd best striker of all time, coming just next to the King. But, best footballer- my foot. That always goes to Just Fontaine as per the logic here. Well, I admit he is a great footballer and out of which I would like to stress on the part of 1998 cup, where he received the golden ball award, chickened out in the final and surrendered to the silken skill of Zizou- the great.
    Triple feat.

  102. Quote:sb,Maradona not in Ronaldo’s class,it is not a joke.

    You wanna both sb and Maradona are not in Ronaldo’s class. I can’t tell about a drug-addict, but I definitely, belong to a much higher class than Ronaldo’s. I passed tenth standard, Ronaldo there passed only class three in primary section.

  103. okay people here who are hitting out at maradona and are saying he can not be compared to pele maradona was more all around and for some people who said i bashed pele i did not i said maradona was pele and FIFA deep down means they are not going to reveal it so post your own comment instead of bashing others sb okay if you are bashing football why are you here and clint uh stick to other sports cause on football yur an idiot

  104. Jake, man I didn’t say I don’t luv football. My point was to make the game little bit more democratic and socialistic. Just imagine 22 footballers have 22 footballs on the pitch. Then no body would curse Mardona, especially the english people, for possesing the ball for most of the time out of 90 odd minutes. Actually, this is the real reason why other footballing nations curse Maradona. After all, you are there to play the ball, but you did not get any chance to touch it even. I really find it justified for them to get angry over that guy. Think of Terry Butchered… err… Butcher, who got butchered in that famous solo run for the goal of the century. Who would luv that in front of some 80000 people, including the ladies. Think of Peter Simpleton… err… Schilton, who digested the goal like a simple, gullible guy. Think of Linekar…err… Linesman, who could not find the trick in the famous Hand-of-God like an idiot. So, give the linesmen and referee also three footballs, one to each. Then no problem.

  105. Anyway, I request you on the condition of anonymity that you put my proposition, if you find it worthy, before the FIFA officials you know sooooo deep. Hurry up man, if they could implement it in the upcoming WC, that would be great. I have seen that Messi goal, almost equivalent to The Emperor’s goal of the century on Youtube few days back. If they could implement this, at least the english people would, definitely, get some respite in the same way, they got in cricket by banning more than one bouncer in a over to stop the invincible Caribbeans. Otherwise, lest we have to say history repeats itself.

  106. Quotes from the comment of Kesto Mohaptra

    Quote 1:Some fans claim that the world-cup win over England makes Maradona the great soccer, but the truth is Maradona was passionate and envy of Pele’s talent to reach where he is today.

    It transpires from the ignoramus above that anybody, who dares to challenge the King out of sheer jealousy of his power and dynasty, should be guillotined forthwith, no matter he is worthy or not whatsoever. Jake, you see, this is the very reason for which I wanted to democratize the game, pulling it outta the Monarch’s regime. Behead the rebel and let the King rule. But, I feel Pele is not such a feeble mortal. Anyway, Krishna, if Pele is the King, Mardona is the Emperor.

    Quote 2: Let me make things clear here, every player has their dream day, and Maradona had the one against England, who are known to have a dismal performers especially in world-cup, but on the other hand winning against Italy on the hand of Pele, which is believed to be the 4th time champions right behind Brazil itself was not the only day for Pele, but quite a few more.

    Well, as I already mentioned, every ordinary mortal has his dream day as every God and so on. Still, I can recall the memory when I witnessed that uncanny moment. After it happened, a pin-drop silence pervaded ominously in the stadium in disbelief. I thought him a ghoul or a ghost. Suddenly, a Pele fan, until then, I, myself to boot, standing by my side, murmured ‘ Pele could have done better.’ I prayed to him with my knees clinched to the carpet ‘ Please, keep quite and savor the moment. What just u have seen, may not see in the whole rest part of your life.’ Still, I didn’t mind in his foolhardiness. This is true human nature…imagining things beyond the impossible. That’s why, we, the human race, stand here, that’s why Maradona stands there. That’s why there is one Michael Jackson after Elvis Priesly. So, there is no perpetuity like ‘He will remain forever’. Oh, Pele is not definitely Jackson, he is the Elvis Priesly, Diego Armando Maradona is the Michael Jackson, unbelievable dance, unbelievable dribbling. Well, Pele also scored his unbelievable goal in 1958 final against Sweden, who have much poorer and more dismal WC performances than England. And, Italian players were dead tired after the famous ‘match of the century’ against West Germany in the semi. Also, Pele definitely did not win the first two world cups for Brazil, which I already mentioned in one of my earlier posts. If Pele did win, then so Ronaldo in 1994. If u want to show real things in a stupid tortuous way, u see other people also can show.

  107. Read the stupid comment below and have some fun.

    That extra mile that i talked about says it all to prove how much greatness PELE had in his soccer ability, and after all “THE NUMBER OF GOALS SPEAK LOUDER THAN THESE COMMENTS”.

    Okayyyy, come on let’s also shout for Romario. After all, he also scored more than 1000 international goals, and no same side to boot. But, don’t shout so loud, lest you get bitten on your fleshy horse’s arse by the mad street dogs.

  108. Read the stupid quote below and have some fun.

    Quote 1: That extra mile that i talked about says it all to prove how much greatness PELE had in his soccer ability, and after all “THE NUMBER OF GOALS SPEAK LOUDER THAN THESE COMMENTS”.

    Okayyyy, come on, then let’s also shout for Romario. After all, he also scored more than 1000 international goals, and no same side to boot. But, caution, don’t shout so loud, lest you get bitten on your fleshy horse’s arse by the mad street dogs.

    senior class ten passer ( soccer-mania)

    sb,you didn’t know anything about ronaldo in his peak,RONALDO was not man,he was a fenomeno,your diego never close to 90s ronaldo,BUT Pele was better than ronaldo,I had seen a lot of matches and videos about pele,his skills,speed ,dribble=RONALDO,But he was a better scorer than ronaldo.
    Maradona’s right feet looks not belong to himself,and maradona’s dribble looks so easy,I can find 10-20 brazil players better than him

  110. Thank you CHEN, thanks a lot for showing the skull- I mean the skull of on ebald-headed Ronaldo. It’s a nice good looking skull, I must admit, but where is the skill?

  111. Thank you CHEN, thanks a lot for showing the skull- I mean the skull of one bald-headed Ronaldo. It’s a nice good looking skull, I must admit, but where is the skill?

  112. Thank you CHEN, thanks a lot for showing the skull- I mean the skull of one bald-headed Ronaldo. It’s a nice good looking skull, I must admit, but where is the skill?

  113. So, I , with your kind permission, edit your assertion. It reads somewhat weird like the following. Maradona’s skull not in Ronaldo’s class.

  114. I see from this video that my successor Ronaldo was as skullful a player in his heydays as one David Beckham is now.

  115. sb,you don’t know anything about football skills:
    1.Ronaldo in the 90s could did step over,elastico , double cut ,talonde ,double lunge ,double scissors,double step over turn and all other footballs skills,maradona couldn’t
    2. 17 years old ronaldo’s skills > 25-28 years old maradona。see here:
    3. maradona was most overrated ever,these brazil players better than him:
    Thomas Soãres “Zizinho”
    Arthur Friedenreich
    Valdir Pereira Didi
    Leônidas da Silva

    Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima
    Romário de Souza Faria
    Paulo Roberto Falcão
    Roberto Rivelino

    RONALDO was best in last 30 years,zico (best of 80s),ronaldo (best of the 90s),Dinho (best of the 00s),Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior (best of the 2010s).
    RONALDO > MARADONA.Neymar > Messi (Neymar will win the Golden Ball of SA WC)

  116. Quote: 1.Ronaldo in the 90s could did step over,elastico , double cut ,talonde ,double lunge ,double scissors,double step over turn and all other footballs skills,maradona couldn’t

    Correction: 1.Ronaldo in the 90s could did step over,elastico , double cut, talonde, double lunge ,double scissors,double step over turn and all other footballs skills which finally ended up in surrendering to one Zinedine Zidane, the undisputed king of post Maradona era football, and boasting a huge skull, Maradona couldn’t, that ended up in winning the WC in the way of scoring the goal of the century.

    Anyway, the Brazilian players you have mentioned, I think I know them. Lionidas played in 1934 WC, please give me one of his video footage. So that we can take him in this discussion , may be he is the best. Didi was declared officially the best player in 58 cup. Still, we don’t have much video footage on him ’cause of the one man worship of the Brazilians, best victim of which is definitely sheer talented Garrincha- perhaps even greater than Pele and equal to only the Gods- Maradona and Messi. Tostao, he in 70 cup created all the movements that ultimately culminated into the goals and weirdly went to the credit of the King.
    He is one of the bests of his generation. Rivelino, that mustached mighty Brazilian was also no less due to his silken skill, at least in my view, if I understand true skill, not a big giant skull. Romario, a prolific scorer with unbelievable skill, one of the bests of Brazil, much better than The Skull, but not worthy enough to come to within 100 miles of Messi, let alone Maradona. Falkao, the member of the 1982 squad, is also good, but I feel, he, himself even would have been amused, had he gone through your article. Then Zico, one of the best passers of his generation and my favorite, the true white Pele, but not Pele at the the end of day, so leave alone being Maradona. But, why didn’t you mention Socrates Brazilliro Sampio Vaira D’souza D’oliviera the great? Is it because he is not a Brazilian by birth. And what about Ronaldinho, a real skillful, not skullful, player, the closest Brazilian to Maradona and Messi, as far as raw skill is concerned. And, kid, as you have rightly put it, I dunno anything about football skills ’cause if Maradona is over rated, then I also know football skills. Anyway, this my list of all time greats

    Diego Armanado Maradona
    Alfred D’stiffano
    Lionell Messi
    Mario Kempes
    Oswaldo Ardilles
    Omar Larossa
    Liopold Luke
    George Buruchaga
    Claudio Canigia
    Daniell Bertoni
    Ariel Ortega
    Huan Sebastian Veron
    Huan Pablo Riquelme
    Luicito Monti [1930, 1934… zzz]
    Cruiyff [Johan- the father, not Jordi- the son, for your information kid]
    Alemao [Kareka and Alemao are better than Pele ’cause they were blessed to have played with Maradona]
    Amarildoh [who replaced Pele in 62 cup and scored 2 goals in his debut match]
    Ronaldo is the worst overrated player the world has ever seen. Anyway, kid how old r u, some 10 – 12 years… got myopia at such a young age, go to the doctor immediately, don’t neglect. Otherwise, you yourself have not seen those videos in disgust, which you have posted.

  117. Quote: sb,you don’t know anything about football skills:

    Correction; sb, you don’t know anything about football

    Good bye my little cute kid friend, no offense. The discussion is closed from my part. But, at the end of day you gotta admit that Maradona was as brilliant a guy to world football as what sb to this blog.

    PS: for further discussion and my comment see – Cached – Similar

  118. First,sb,you don’t know anything about football skills for sure
    Second,you mentioned Ronaldinho and Ortega ,yes ,Dinho was best player of the 2000s .but his skills not close to 90s ronaldo,and Ortega ,he had better skills than maradona ,he maybe was most skillfull Argentina player ever.Messi is nothing,he even not enough good to clear up kaka’s shoes

  119. sb,you do not know anything about football skills ,even don’t know anything about football.What is technique?what is dribbling?what is speed?Ortega,Dinho=skills,Canigia=speed,Okocha=technique。ronaldo=Dinho’s skills +Canigia’s speed+Okocha’s technique.MARADONA=NOTHING

  120. Okay. Okayyyyy… You won, I am defeated. Only one question? Which Ronaldo u r talking about… Christiano Ronaldo or Skull Ronaldo?

    Good bye, this time for the sure.

  121. sb,you never seen ronaldo played in the 90s,but I can give you some videos.Best player of each:50s:Puskas,60s:pele king of football,70s: Beckenbauer。80s:Zico.90s:Ronaldo fenomeno and king.00s:Dinho.Now is kaka.
    You ask me which ronaldo?FIFA will tell you that there is only one fenomeno.See here:
    If we only talking about RONALDO in 93-99,I can say his skills and dribbling was GOD and FENOMENO

  122. Quote:Ortega,Dinho=skills,Canigia=speed,Okocha=technique。ronaldo=Dinho’s skills +Canigia’s speed+Okocha’s technique.MARADONA=NOTHING

    Correction:Ortega,Dinho=skills,Canigia=speed,Okocha=technique。ronaldo=Dinho’s skills +Canigia’s speed+Okocha’s technique.MARADONA>1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000*Ronaldo³+2*Pele², but also Maradona+ sb< 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 CHEN

    Happy, cuty?

  123. Quote:Ortega,Dinho=skills,Canigia=speed,Okocha=technique。 ronaldo=Dinho’s skills +Canigia’s speed+Okocha’s technique.MARADONA=NOTHING

    Correction:Ortega,Dinho=skills,Canigia=speed,Okocha=technique。 ronaldo=Dinho’s skills +Canigia’s speed+Okocha’s technique.MARADONA>10000000000000000000000*Ronaldo³+2*Pele², but also Maradona+ sb< 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 CHEN

    Happy, cuty?

    Read more:

  124. * Comment by: sb

    19/04/2010 @ 01:06

    Quote:Ortega,Dinho=skills,Canigia=speed,Okocha=technique。 ronaldo=Dinho’s skills +Canigia’s speed+Okocha’s technique.MARADONA=NOTHING

    Correction:Ortega,Dinho=skills,Canigia=speed,Okocha=technique。 ronaldo=Dinho’s skills +Canigia’s speed+Okocha’s technique.MARADONA>10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001*Ronaldo³+2*Pele², but also Maradona+ sb< 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 CHEN

    Happy, cuty?

    Read more:

  125. Cuty, you see, being a senior class ten passer, I am not quite good at mathematics like you. Still, I have tried to interpret the great Einstein formula in my own way. So, behold, lo, see:

    ASSUMPTION: CHEN = PELE = ANY ORDINARY MORTAL( I mean any Tom, Dick, Harry)
    FORMULA: E = MC²

    C= CHEN



  126. You people are talking only about me and Maradona. Do you know in my time there was also another Brazilian player, perhaps greater than me too, scored more number of same side goals than me. No, no – not Garrincha. His name was Elep. His problem was he aged in reverse order, born 82 now 2 like either Bengamin Button or Chen hua hua. Elep in one match played as the goal keeper of the opposition team and conceded half dozen goals. He was also very good in air, usaally loved to headbutt with the most skullful player of the opposition.

  127. Ronaldo Phenomenon’s data:93-94 Cruzeiro :58 goals/60 games (17 years old),94-96 PSV :55 goals/56 games (18-19 years old),96-97 Barca :47 goals/49 games (20 years old),97-98 Inter Milan :42 goals/46 games (21 years old),1994 world cup winner as a member (17 years old),1998 world cup Golden Ball winner (22 years old),1997,1999 America cup Golden and Top scorer winner (21-23 years old),1997 Confederations Cup winner (21 years old),1996 World Player of year (20 years old),1997 Ballon d’Or (21 years old)
    Mardaona’s data:82-84 Barca :38 goals/58 games (22-24 years old).84-91 Napoli 115 goals/258 games.1986 world cup winner (26 years old) 1986 world cup Golden Ball (26 years),0 America Cup,0 Confederations Cup ,0 Ballon d’Or,1986 World Player of year by world soccer (26 years old)
    RONALDO won world cup (17 years old),maradona won world cup (26 years old).
    Ronaldo won world cup Golden Ball (22 years old),maradona won world cup Golden Ball (26 years old)
    Ronaldo won FIFA world player (20 years old),maradona won world soccer player of year (26 years old)
    RONALDO=biggest talent ever,17 years old -22 years old ronaldo won all and become best in world and one of best ever,maradona=Great minds mature slowly+Good lucks,26 years old become best in world

  128. Okay, okayyyyyy, cuty… ooooops. I am such a jerk, dunnno anything of what that phenomenal Skull did achieve. But, I think Maradona won FIFA junior level world cup at 18… not exactly in the same fashion as Ronaldo did in the senior level without playing a single minute in 1994 and Pele did in 1962 taking his torso off from the pitch in the very first match. So, this is the truth which I wanted to unveil on this board. Whenever, I go through any such debate I watch Pele fans giving shitting facts that definitely not achieved by him, but by some other great Brazilians. Now, they are doing the same in favour of the Skull, which even they don’t know is absolutely disgraceful for the phenomenal Skull and the King both. I don’t feel they do deserve this, I mean basking in the glory and actinic reddish glow of other players namely some anonymous (thanks to Pele) geniuses like Romario, Garrincha, maybe Tostao to boot… based on at least what the present day available video footage on WC’ 70 suggests. No, no- this is not good, kid. You know, who you are kidding about- The King and The Phenomeno. You see that’s the reason why more and more people over the globe begin to doubt now a days that more than 50% of the goals scored by the King were same side perhaps. Pele’s fans killed Him actually. Have you seen any Maradona fan suggesting that in 90 Maradona dragged Argentina to the final. No, he did not, though He set that accurately angular ball for Cannigia against the mighty Brazilians when the situation needed Him the most, still he did not. Actually God and Goicochia did that for Argentina. Another point kid, which I feel many of my junior friends of 90s and 00s era would also agree. If Pele is, if not less, as talented a goal scoring machine, I mean footballer as per your view, as one phenomenal Skull, then, definitely, without a doubt, everybody knows, who the greatest is to grace this beautiful game of footie as a clearly evident open and shut case, but fortunately He is not, so the debate goes on. And if you give any more statistics on the number of goals scored, I would definitely stand by your side also and name at least 100 better footballers than the 5’5”God ‘cause they scored more number of goals. Example? Gabriel Batistuta… heh, heh, heh! Now, you see if the world had taken your view, then they would have forgot one Johan Cruiyff as the Dutch football God after Marco Van Basten. But, for your information kid, the world did not. One more point. I see you know so many things of football but dunno the difference between a genuine striker and a playmaker first next striker. Any true sucker worth his salt must admit on this blog kid, that it was really impossible even for the God to dribble past the jungle of feet of seven and eight footballers every time and score a goal regularly, though He did it quite often unlike some weird biased guess ‘Pele cud take on a whole defense and score a goal tons and tons of time… zzzz’. See the images, photos, videos available till today and feel the difference. Still, since the little God had an incredible peripheral vision (have you heard of this, kid… go through the football jargon), as though He had two more eyes on the dorsal side of his torso and tremendously intelligent skull (shut uppppppppppppp!), so many a times either He feigned and took away four-five defenders with Him, paving the way for a goal for his fellow team mates- recall the 90 semifinal where the goal bound movement started from the middle from an accurate pass to a footballer at left flank from that most famous left foot of the human race ever, then He feigned a movement in the penalty box taking away 3 defenders with Him to the wrong side while unmarked Cannigia scored the match level by an accurate header on the neatly chipped in ball from that anonymous player on the left flank, got something, kid?- or he passed with an accuracy seen only in the theory of Einstein. He had a tremendous brain, not a giant skull. Seen Walter Zenga’s expression after that goal, when he cursed his defenders? And, I see you driveling so many things on football skills, double cut, double lunge, step over, over turn and posting a weird video with repetition of the same movement (anyway, who Ronaldo was dribbling- the ball?), in which we see a giant skull doing some sort of old body-feigning movement of 70s era, which only helps the ones with less control over the ball like Pele (not for those, who can have the ball laced to their shoe during dribbling) and wasting some vital seconds and ultimately ending up in dribbling the same footballer in one movement twice, thrice… zzz. Oh, I see, that’s why u like Ortega so much. That short Argentinian, nicknamed El Burrito (which means little donkey… rightfully) perhaps have made world record for dribbling the same footballer in a single movement for infinite times. Who, in post Maradona era loves this nonsense? Think of Dennilson, bearing this same defective gene, who went into oblivion for this. On the other hand, you think of Ronaldinho and Messi, who boast of much better control over the ball. So, they do not need this. They do direct, forward movements, that sees them dribbling past the defenders audaciously in much faster manner- direct and simple. But, not that simple if you consider the tremendous control over the footie, the most basic skill. That needs something of the height of bouncing a tennis ball on your feet with the shoelaces open, seen that video on Maradona. So, watch out kid who you are talking about and talking to. Anyway, this is becoming absolutely boring and tedious for me, this silly kidding, have some more serious chores to do. So, I ask Jake or Ali, some of my old friends to take charge and move on. You people, and the kid of course, must allow me to disappear this time. I love football, I love Maradona and Pele, and I am not a either a Brazilian or an Argentinian, and I don’t like any silly kidding on that like pitting Messi against Pele in return to insult the King in a circuitous way ‘cause I know who Pele is. If I do, then I am really a kid.

  129. At last to end it all from my part, I erect this statement below, that exuded from the very core of my heart, based on what I have seen before my naked eyes, what I have seen in televisions (we would call TVs Televisions in those days), what I have also heard from my numerous friends, who breathe in with this beautiful game of footie.
    ‘Now you know who you are fighting.
    There is only one black pearl on this beautiful planet- there is only one Pele- Mr Edson Arantes do Nascimento. The giant of giants of Brazil, the mightiest Brazilian and the finest artist of this beautiful game of football. He is the Ludwig van Beethoven of football, better said Beethoven is the Pele of music. A true ambassador of this game, never been sent off perhaps, never been seen to resort to any nefarious means out of sheer greed to win, yet invincible. The best athlete, a complete disciplined human with a simple easy lifestyle, which is still to be emulated in this maddening world of consumerism. The boy, who literarily lit the greatest show on earth some 52 years back at an age of 17, still looks as simple as ever, yet as strong as ever. The most complete footballer, one of the finest passers and dribblers of the game who could take on the whole bunch of opposition footballers with devastating pace, a remarkable player in the air with unbelievable headers, but best remembered for His perfection and eagle eyed vision on the three sticks. Here you see a King walking incognito as a simple human being. He is Pele, who comes to this Earth every one million years after.
    The brawny little guy with an innocent kid looking face is a fallen hero. He is a very cunning man under the mask of his innocence. He can resort to any dirty trick to win, still He falls numerous times. He is also a drug-addict and a diehard cheater, who definitely marred this beautiful game of Pele. He is not even a complete human being, let alone being a complete footballer. He is an asymmetric guy of only 5’5” height, who looks to bear that famous Achilles tendon in his right foot. Still, He is no less than the height of Diego Armando Maradona-. He is Achilles- the super human Greek warrior of Iliad- a born killer. No one of this human race can even dream of the magic that He can produce with a football, better said with a tennis ball or a golf ball with shoelaces completely open. He can reverse spin the ball beyond imagination, he can hit the cross bar with the ball at his will and get it bounced back to him, as if the ball was servant to his feet. He has got a poor header, but makes the ball rest on his head for infinity and sleep. He has a paralysis on his right foot, still passes the ball by it through three mighty Brazilians, when the situation demands it from Him the most. He has no consistency… flashes only in occasions; still the flash is so electrifying that it can blind the whole human race, perhaps the aliens to boot. He is a wronged one, who numerous times drags the beautiful game of Pele through filth. He brings as much disgrace to this game as much glory he does every day. Yet, He is Maradona, the God Himself, who walks on this planet only once.
    Yes, we are proud that we live in the time of Pele- the King of all kings, we are proud that we live in the time of Maradona.’

  130. was 1994 Member of Brazil’s World Cup winning squad.Though not play
    As a 17 years old player,ronaldo had become a world cup winner,but in 1978 world cup,17 years old maradona not in Argentina 22-man squad ,this was disparity,not anyone player could in world cup 22-man squad because maradona was not good.
    In 1982 world cup 22 years old maradona was nothing,just got a red card and scored 2 goals ,falcao looks 2 times better than him,1998 world cup brazil won the world cup runner-up,and 22 years old ronaldo won the world cup golden ball as best player of 98.In 1986 Argentina won world cup,26 years old maradona won his golden ball,because of a handball.And 2002 ,brazil won the world cup,26 years old ronaldo won the top scorer and Silver ball.1990 world cup ,Argentina won the runner-up ,30 years old maradona scored 0 goal.2006 world cup,30 years old ronaldo was playing good when brazil vs Australia,Japan and Ghana,3 goals/5 games
    In America cup,maradona was nothing when played in 83,87 and 89.Ronaldo was 1997 america cup golden ball winner as best player,1999 america cup top scorer

    Reports from South America, quoting top Argentine FA officials, said latest figures had Maradona with 78,000 votes and Pele on 26,000.
    Blatter said votes registered on Fifa’s website would allow “younger members” to choose their player of the century.
    But their battle took a back-seat in the build-up to the evening amid raging speculation over just who should be declared the footballer of the 20th century.

    In theory Pele, should have won hands down.

    The ‘Black Pearl’ enjoyed far greater success at international level than Maradona, being a member of three World Cup-winning squads and scorer of more than 1,000 goals in a glittering career that spanned three decades.


    Pele is also widely held to have conducted himself flawlessly on and off the pitch, fabled for his sportsmanship and becoming a worldwide ambassador for the sport in his retirement.

    Maradona – with only one World Cup victory in 1986 to his name – is a different proposition altogether.

    While his individual footballing genius cannot be questioned, the portly playmaker has frequently found himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

    He has earned the dubious distinction of exiting two World Cups in shame.

    In 1982 he was sent off as Argentina were dumped out by Brazil, and in USA 1994 he was booted out of the tournament in disgrace after failing a dope test.

    Even the high-point of his career, when he inspired Argentina to glory at Mexico ’86, will be remembered as much for his ‘Hand of God’ goal against England in the quarter-finals as for the stupendous individual effort which came later in the same match.


    The list of Maradona’s crimes and misdemeanours is lengthy, from taking pot-shots at journalists with an air rifle to facing a probe by Italian authorities over links with the Neapolitan Mafia during his spell at Napoli.

    However, it is Maradona’s drug problems that have been at the root of most of his woes.

    Banned by Fifa for 15 months for testing positive for cocaine, he was hospitalised in Uruguay in January this year for overdosing on the drug.

    But while Fifa’s world player of the year is decided upon by a poll of more than 1,000 top coaches and players, the player of the century has been left for fans to decide.

    Which meant that thanks to an Internet cyber-blitz from Maradona fans, Pele had been in danger of missing out.

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  132. Is there nobody, who can shave… err… save me from the heavy barrage of artillery fire from this little cute kid? Hello, Jake and Ali, where are you guys, Wisam, hello, heeeehhellllllo? What did you say? Maradona never had to depend on his teammates like Pele or Skull Ronaldo, He, Himself, was a ‘one man army’. But, Iam not Maradona dudes. I am sb, an ordinary mortal and a more ordinary fan of his. That is my only sin. My one more sin is that I rely on truths only, absolute truths- not virtual truths. So, you see I am in deep shit now and should keep my mouth shut. But, I can’t. I want to fight my last battle of Troy.
    Quote: As a 17 years old player,ronaldo had become a world cup winner,but in 1978 world cup,17 years old maradona not in Argentina 22-man squad ,this was disparity,not anyone player could in world cup 22-man squad because maradona was not good.
    Well, I must apologize and curtsy down before that prodigiously intelligent kid for my failure to interpret the logic behind this, which, like a true idiot, I have revealed in my earlier posts. Sorry, kid, I am such a dunce. You people just see, what Skull Ronaldo achived in 1994 is much more creditworthy than what even The King did at Sweden at 17 years of age. He was such a genius, I mean that Skull, that he did not even have to play for a single minute to bring glory and win, and of course the cup for Brazil, which even Pele had to. He, the Skull, was such a genius, that he could do it with panache from outside, sitting in the dressing room. He usually would do it even better than actually being on the pitch physically. Example? 98’ final, he was on the pitch there physically and Brazil fell. So, they should have kept him locked in the dressing room always to get even a better result, which, I feel, was the right place for his talent to excel. And, for your wrong information kid, Maradona was the topmost scorer ( I see you only understand goal) in the preliminary camp of 78 squad, which I already mentioned on this blog. Ask Menotti, if that old haggard is truly worth his salt, he must admit now and reveal his cloak and dagger trick to shave… oh, err again…save Pele. If he had not done that, perhaps this sort of debate would not have seen the dawn. But, must I admit your skill in mathematics also. Your understanding of this subject is as good as you are at football. If, Ronaldo was 17 years at 94 WC, how could he be 22 years at 98 WC? Really weird! These are the statistics which I want to say, my Lord… err… on this board (after all I am not in a court), which Pele fans usually give. So, you people see it (also see the same side goals). And, I have seen the videos posted by you, a lot of thanks, with much of repetitive movements in most of the cases. Any person, without a congenital case of myopia, could easily detect that. I also know that you can post even more than 1000 videos like those spending your byte and money and ultimately helping people forget the art of football. But, genuinely, earnestly, I ask you ‘ can you post me a video on any great Brazilian including Pele, let alone Ronaldo, where they are found to bounce a golf ball on their feet for infinite times (search on Youtube)?’ Being not so computer savvy like kids of your generation, I can’t post a link, u just search in Youtube as I said and see which footballer comes up. Also, see Maradona dribbling skills and other numerous videos, and also the weird reverse swipe shot, which C. Ronaldo, now a day poorly tries to imitate. And I don’t wanna consume my precious and costly bytes also by posting videos on a clearly open and shut case of ‘Messi…err… Maradona being a much better player than Pele’. Post a video on any Brazilian player including Pele, in which we can see him dribbling from his own half and scoring a goal, oh, not definitely a same side goal… agh, agh! No, no, I am not talking about that famous goal of the century, I am talking about Messi’s goal- being shown on Youtube. Also Mardona, Mr Fidel Castro’s friend, was definitely booted out in WC’94 from a country, which the world knows as the killing field of communists. Oh, yes, people outside Brazil and Argentina, say that that was the last WC of Havelange, the greatest Brazilian footballer! And kid, gift spelling is not gif, it’s gift- g i f t.

  133. Oh, then basically it is then BBC propaganda- I mean
    British media propaganda. You know who the Brits are… they are the nation of ‘thief of 66 final’. Anyway, for my detailed comment on this saga you may see ‘ Maradona vs Pele: The Hand of God vs The Right hand of God’ on this same and comment there

  134. Quote: Ask Menotti, if that old haggard is truly worth his salt, he must admit now and reveal his cloak and dagger trick to shave… oh, err again…save Pele.

    This is absolutely wrong and a false allegation. I never wanted to get my scalp shaved by my die-hard fan Menotti and be famous as the King of Skulls.

  135. Quote: Example? 98’ final, he was on the pitch there physically and Brazil fell.

    Correction: Example? 98’ final, he was on the pitch there physically and Brazil was doomed.

  136. Yes, that is the point which I always said. He is not only a better footballer than me, but a better handballer to boot.

  137. Without debate, Maradona.

    Why, and here’s why;
    Maradona was a better technician and a better dribbler. Speed them is similar but the acceleration on the side of Maradona.

    According to dog the game are there somewhere, while Pele was slightly better finish. Pele has had a “two” legs as he is the greatest advantage and play a better head.

    I would because of all this, said that Maradona was a better player, more skilled with the ball, while Pele described a more complete, not better.
    Even in my opinion the best Brazilian player ever Garrincha, before Pele’s.

    Table for me in the following:
    1st Maradona
    2nd Garrincha
    3rd Pele
    4th Cruijff

    It must be taken into account the time in which they played, and teams which have proven and that teammates had then in teams, especially in the national team.

    Pele played in five times stronger teams that would have made it without him, which reached almost certainly (90%). Garrincha was the only player besides Maradona, who had “their” world championship.

    And one more very important thing as I said above the time in which they play. Pele is two thirds of its goals given the pentameter which later was impossible. Once he got a real beating in the field (66 ‘) and immediately hook, while Maradona received such a beating constantly, throughout his career.

  138. pele vs maradona
    i think maradona was five times better than pele, because pele was played one century ago, even not every one was good enough opponent that was why he score goals,
    but maradona was playing modern football, and natural skill ful and five time stronger than pele, i seen 1994, world he was best ever in planet,
    7 opponent vs maradona
    but pele just one on one striker,
    iwould say best planet ever player was maradona, but not good manager

  139. it amazes me how utter ignorant some are. their view is narrowed by the presence of video. let me tell you, I was both play and both were great players, no question about that, but there is question that pele was a far more complete player in every sense. some hail maradona’s run against england as the goal of the century and yet I saw pele dribble within the last quarter of the field not three but six players I mean, the man could dribble as if the ball was glued to his feet. as for bb limbu’s ignorant comments I will tell you that back when pele played soccer was rough, pele did not have the level of protection that maradona and newer players have. it was brutal. I dare to say that maradona is not even second in the list as I would place garrincha and di-stefano above maradona.

  140. Pele is definitely the best skill wise and was excellent at everything so Pele is the undoubtly the greatest ever player but Maradona was great only when he had his super hero cape on so that when he was hot he was on another planet.

    Pele was skilled and most talented in every way in that he could use both feet and all parts of his body and he was more a team player. He was athletic, quick , strong and a goal scoring machine. It was a different era because there was no red cards or yellow cards so he got knocked/bashed up that was the defense at the time alot more effective than the defense of today and Santos/Brazil was the greatest team at the time beating the European leagues/Countries.

    Maradona was an excellent ball handler and quick on his feet but he couldn’t use both feet and did not use his head but he was more of a freakish type player so he was hot and cold but when he was hot he was unstoppable. When he was unstoppable he was a one man machine.

    You don’t penalise a soccer player because they were on a good team and you don’t penalise them either because they weren’t a one man team. Soccer is a team sport.

    Pele best goal with Santos which did not make film had to be made into an animation.

    Since there is no real film footage of Garrincha during his prime so it is hard to make a call other than to take people’s word for it.

    To those commenting about Ronaldo (phenomenen) Yes could have been the best play ever if he didn’t get injured and he needs that achievement list to be up there. It is a shame really.

    In the end you are comparing Pele who was perfect in every way in skill and talent and little flaws in his game versus Maradonna who didn’t have as much skill as Pele and was inconsistent but when he was hot he could take over games.

  141. Definetely PELE , he is the best player ever in the history of football . Maradona was really good as well but , in my opinion he can never be compared with Pele

  142. pele has well over 1000 goals, maradonna doesnt
    pele has won 3 world cups, maradonna has one
    pele has got a hat trick in over 100 games, maradonna hasnt
    pele played professional football for 20 yrs, maradonna didnt
    so why on earth would you be confused on who is better? maradonna should be compared to zidane and not pele.

  143. Maradona is one of the greatest players in the world of football no one should compare,because the most skillful players football world had ever produced and future it will stayed as maradona in the world,This year it will be again maradona who will win the world cup for argentina through is followers leion messi.
    Maradona is the god of football world nothing official about it .He has remain best in his career and as coach he would redefined his strategy to win the 2010 world in south africa.

  144. In his brief prime there was no player who could do the things Maradona could do. Unfortunitely his prime didn’t last long because of his off field problems. In his prime Maradona was the best, but Pele had a better career. He was more dedicated and remained well conditioned later in his career.

  145. Cuty, who u think will win this WC? My horse is Brazil, as ever. Please comment, don’t be so angry on me, we are friends.

  146. Maradona is a better skilled player. Electrifying and explosive.

    Pele is a great and team player. Majestic.

    Maradon is a fallen hero with great passion.

    Maradona is undoubtly the best ever

  147. The best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be “Maradona”. Pele is also a great player, yet i prefer Maradona to Pele. Please guys there are no other players who could come close to these two stars, lets not make ridiculous comparisions. Yes todays players are good no doubth, but one has top agree they dont make players like “Maradona or Pele” any more. Plersonally i’m a hard fan of Argentina, and though Messie is voted as the footballer of the year, he can never walk in the shoes of Maradona. Both Maradona and pele performed for their country, wearing their colors, unlike our footballers of today who perform only in the clubs.

  148. pele is pele and maradona is maradona they play in there way I like both of player and also Zidan another legendary Player in the football world.but now in this generation C.Ronaldo,Messi and Ronaldhinho they are super than pele and maradona.I wanna say I’m the best than Maradona and pele

  149. Cuty, what is your opinion on Luis Fabiano’s double handball goal against Ivory Coast yesterday in the WC’10? Is it a ‘Hand of God’ or a ‘Hand of Dog’? And how also about Kaka’s red card. Has he gone early as Messi has summoned him to clear up his shoes?

  150. hoW CAN someone say Maradona is more skilled than pele or could do things pele couldnt? laughable really.

    Please tell me what those things are?

    Ill tell you thing pele could do that Maradona couldnt

    1 dribble with BOTH feet with supreme technique.
    2 shoot with EITHER foot and could curve the ball
    3 powerful in the air deadly bullet headers
    4 pass the ball with a deft touch
    5 could tackle and mark
    6 was a team player
    7 1967 nigeria stopped a war for 48 hours to watch
    pele play a exhibition match!
    Maradona could never stop a war so he could play

    im not even going to talk about maradona’s off field problems

    Pele at age 15 was seen and scouted as the best player and he would become just that. what was maradona doing at age 17? shouldve been working on his right foot

    Pele at 17 was scoring 2 goals in the world cup final. Mind you he took a boat and was sick in this world cup . was his 1st time playing vs white people. no red or yellow cards makes it a brutal game.

    Look Pele is name athlete of the century 2 times not footballer of the century but ATHLETE.

    ONly Muhammad Ali is in the same league. As Ali is ATHLETE OF THE CENTURY IN THE OTHER POLE.
    maradona isnt even mentioned in this talk this should open the eyes of the fanb0y. not to mention pele played against racism also. It was way worse then than now.

    Ali claimed to be the greatest of all time i have to say for me its a tie

    ALi and Pele the greatest ever

    You mention Maradona here in the States nobody knows who he is.. lol and he played more recently Than pele.

    You say Pele in the States they say ohh that soccer guy and its 40 years after he played and IN the US soccer/football is a second rate sport. So you have to be MEGA huge for a American to know you if you play this sport…. Hell alot of americans dont know who donovan is and he is a current USA international.,,,, but then still know pele the KING.

    look at how many appearances Maradona had in international play and how many goals he scored then check pele’s stats.. no comparison.

    Also there is a country that make a statue tribute to pele’s goals he scored over 1000 but only a small amount did TV capture. Our loss but what we do have is enough to know who is better….. Pele the king..

    From USA with love….

  151. Ohh and for those talking about Garrincha he was a better dribbler of the ball than both pele and maradona but that doesnt make him a better footballer. What was pele’s weakness? only that he couldnt stay young forever….

  152. First of all, with all due respects I love to say to all those Yanks that what they do not know, doesn’t prove anything other than showing how childish dunces are they. Well I also don’t know, better said don’t want to know who Maradona is because of his hobnobbing with Fidel Castro, the arch fiend of USA, and also I hate communists even though I am not a Yankee. Even what is more weird that during typing I see this filthy name Maradona is underlined red as if to suggest he is an anonymous person, whilst Pele doesn’t have any such problem of being barred by the weird people – especially the Brits and their Yankee friends with some evil intention as they do always in their unique way of politicizing everything in a subtle way. So, the logic that the Yanks don’t know Maradona doesn’t stand at all and who cares if you don’t know … you bah-humbugs don’t know so many things. We also don’t know Ali, Michael Jordan, Karl Lewis et cetera et-bloody-cetera… who are those fidgets the motor mouth Yanks babble so frequently? And the video we have enjoyed very much as it showed exactly the opposite to what suggested by Joe Luis -the boxer. It shows even how bigger was Maradona at least as a dribbler, cause the frequency with which both Pele and Garrincha lost the ball during those old body feigning movements is in no way worthy of comparison with the 5’5″God of dribbling -see Maradona dribbling skill in Youtube and wonder on whether he was a human being at all instead of merely enjoying it. But, it is true Pele is by far the greatest complete footballer, way ahead of Maradona.

  153. what? haha Muhammad ali is a world figure he transcended the sport is the point so did pele also{ you are very ignorant how old are you?}. the point about americans knowing pele and not maradona speaks for itself we{90%} dont watch soccer so we know only the best….maradona lost theball also what the hell are you talking about? maradona isnt the god of dribbling lol ronaldinho is better and can do it better with both feet at that. And i sense a anti usa tone in your words whatever im not going to stoop to calling people dunces. Ali was the greatest athlete with pele of the last century. I have seen the maradona highlights and hmm he was nice with the ball but i dont see him superior to pele or garrincha plus he was left footed only ohh and its Carl lewis if your talking about the sprinter. and when you say we who is that because i have a couple of brit friends that know MJ, ALi. If maradona was the god of dribbling what happened in the other world cups he was in? That one dribble he had in the 86 cup was nice and? Again there is nothing maradona can do that pele coudlnt or had not done already.

    “And the video we have enjoyed very much as it showed exactly the opposite to what suggested by Joe Luis -the boxer.” What?

    So, the logic that the Yanks don’t know Maradona doesn’t stand at all and who cares if you don’t know … you bah-humbugs don’t know so many things. We also don’t know Ali, Michael Jordan, Karl Lewis et cetera et-bloody-cetera… who are those fidgets the motor mouth Yanks babble so frequently?

    What? you sound like a bah hum bug with all due respect and what are those things we dont know? seems as though you lived under a rock if you dont know names like Jordan or Ali but its funny you say you dont know them but you spit the names out so easy….again most people dont know donovan because most dont care about soccer but people know pele speaks for itself really we only remember the best is the point…..and maradona aint it. he was the best coke sniffin ephedrine user disgrace football has ever known he prolly was so quick because of the cocaine or he was scared of the italians his corruption knows no bounds.

    You wanna think maradona had better handles on the ball fine at least you have the sense to see Pele was the greatest.

  154. Yank the sage
    Why fuming in rage
    Know globe is not a cage
    Where opinions are like a maze
    So don’t upstage
    The ethos of blog page.
    First, rhyme it by rote my dear Yank friend and get the nuance, then only proceed.
    With all due respect again to my sage Yankee friends with a bagful of apologies (otherwise they might perhaps … err… not might perhaps but definitely they would all grind their axes to slit my throat as they always did in the history of mankind to nip their arch enemies not much unlike their abettor –the Brits) that this man, sb, knows who Muhammed Ali alias Casius Clay (was he a man of clay , please rectify me like the Carl case) was and I did not spit that name, but uttered with some respect. Also I admit I am an ignoramus – as ignorant as the Yanks are or a bit less and some thousand years younger than Mr Mighty Joe Young who definitely needs a pair of specs as I see he developed some sortta eye-sight problem being such an elderly person of some thousand years of age. May be he is a person of Jurassic Age – not a second younger than the last living T-Rex. Anyway, what you were fulminating so much of – that I don’t know Michael Jordan, Karl Lewis etc… as if I would have made a sin had I not known them. But I know them and to admit that I don’t feel a least ashamed ‘cause I’m not an Yankee, who takes this world – this vibrant multi-cultural district for a granted by stating that ‘we Yanks only know the bests’. The sheer brazenness of this statement that takes the world, as if, it were a single one-dimensional world – a hulking district of USA, who would patiently and respectfully mingled with some weird tinge of awe wait until when the boss –the USA would erect their signboard depicting the list of bests in every spheres of life like: who is the greatest athlete, who is the best swimmer, which one is the best movie, which one the is scariest movie (in the last case, as an example of their weird judgment, they do always erect that shitting funny movie Exorcist even though we know it was Ringu, which they do oppose so stubbornly in many blogs), so that we can educate ourselves by knowing those from them- otherwise they will hack us all. So don’t dare do think different and get yourself kicked on your horse’s arse. And we the ignorant people know a bit of Mr Donovan to boot – he is Mr London Donovan, one of the most skillful exponents of the game. You don’t know him because you don’t take interests in soccer, then why come across like a jealous sociopath and make some foolish comments on what you don’t know – love to comment on everything like your squalid Yankee friends? – And that you don’t know soccer was said by you, not by me. But, that doesn’t bring any shame to you as it is not possible for anybody to know everything in this maddening and happening world until and unless he keeps his mouth shut when in deep shit of his ignorance. And you know Pele not because he was the best once (hark back to the days of yore), but as he had gone to USA once to play for COSMOS to eke out some dollars from your rich country (not that rich as far as intelligence is concerned) and Maradona had never done it as he had symbolized himself as the icon of anti-establishment, not only for being friend of Fidel Castro, but for garnering support for players union(where players would not be treated as slaves) and many more other activities that irked FIFA – the preacher of this capitalistic world formed by USA and Pele by that was always a symbol of establishment and the Yanks always support those preachers to support their own system of establishment where you can feed on the corpses of the slaves indefinitely. So it was not any amazement that he was kicked outta WC’94 from the land of USA for some imaginary case of taking ephedrine, which we strongly believe was cooked up by Havelange to show the US that some Pele’s country was the best to sell it there as they knew only Pele ‘cause they hate to know anything that vows and goes against the establishment. So also it was no amazement that Maradona is the Saddam Hussain – the perpetrator of imaginary weapons of mass destruction – of football. So Maradona doped definitely like Mariana Jones and Carl (?) duped of whose cases were not that imaginary – the rest of the world know. And to talk only about football and to end it all Pele is the greatest complete footballer – not the greatest footballer. And Ronaldinho, Pele – they all played with both feet doesn’t make them even equal, let alone superior, to Maradona. You know, even if, Casius Clay, had used his only left arm in fight with any ordinary mortal, he would have jabbed and nabbed that mortal to freak the bejesus outta him. And at last with some permission I correct the following statement.
    ‘We know only the bests… ‘
    Correction: ‘We know only the bests because we are the worsts.’
    [Not from USA or Mars but right from before this computer]

  155. And thank you for detecting my anti USA tone. I’m least bothered of that country – whether do they exist or not. My point is I’m anti bah-humbug.

  156. Today, few hours after, Landon Donovan will show to his fellow country men that he is better than Pele.

  157. pele and maradona are know as the best players of futbol in the world in my opinion i like pele more as to be the best futbol player history has ever had because not only did he score goals but he was dedicated to the game and passionate he played futbol like a god something maradona did not do maradona was dedicated to drugs pele is not only the best he is an idol to all futbol players i hope brazil wins this world cup at africa even thought my favorite player is not playing ronaldino i think futbol is about the players that carry the tradition of the world cup with their amazing flare and make it the best played sport in the world

  158. Hail sb..Maradona d best..and the best among the best..Pele is no doubt great but Maradona excels to the superlative

  159. No doubt that Pele scored more fiercely then Maradona and his score sheet speaks so …. but if I say that Klose scores more then Ballack or Messi scores less then Higuain / Tevez that does not mean that messi skills are not superior to them … i mean to say that we should see a player from his dribbling capacity rather than score sheet …. and thats where MARADONA scores higher than Pele …. maradona is the greatest player till date on earth but yes MESSi may take over that crown very shortly.

    3 Copas do Mundo – (1958, 1962 e 1970)
    2 Mundiais Interclubes – Santos (1962 e 1963)
    2 Copas Libertadores da America – Santos (1962 e 1963)
    10 Campeonatos Paulistas – Santos (1958, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1969 e 1973)
    5 Tacas Brasil – Santos (1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 e 1965)
    4 Torneios Rio-Sao Paulo – Santos (1959, 1963, 1964 e 1966)
    1 Campeonato Nacional dos Estados Unidos – Cosmos

    1281 gols em 1363 jogos
    Pela selecao : 92 jogos – 97 gols

    Maradona ESTADISTICAS:
    • Boca Juniors (1981)
    • Barcelona (Copa del Rey 1983),
    • World Cup (Mexico, 1986),
    • Napoli (Scudetto 1987 and 1990);
    • Italian Cup (1987),
    • UEFA Cup (1989),
    • Italian Supercup (1991)
    • Artemio Franchi Cup (1993)
    • 692 jogos – 352 gols.

    90 jogos pela selecao – 33 goals

    Ambos Jugaron 21 Años:
    Pele : 1363 juegos – 1281 goles
    Maradona : 692 juegos – 345 goles

    Para la seleccion :
    Pele : 92 juegos – 97 goles
    Maradona : 90 juegos – 33 goles

    CONCLUSION: comparar a maradona con PELE es solo cosa de argentinos APRENDE!

  161. After this drubbing by the Germans, when u said ‘Hail sb’ , I heard ‘ Hell Maradona’. He is the greatest footballer and funniest coach.

  162. Pele is the best .Why??he played world cup 4 times and won 3 times and he had no any bad record but meradona played 4 times world cup but won just 1 times then banned for Drug.meradona is a such a skillful player but not a good human.

  163. if pele is great, then diego is the greatest,maradona plays among average to achieve great results but pele was playing with a great team,that can play with or without pele,e.g.diego played in a lower napoli ,and took them to win the scudetto,uefa cup ,and was also the italy top scorer,while pele play the same old club with weak opponent,how can someone score 9 goals in a single match (he is a cheat).
    maradona is faster,more skillful,can single handedly win with or without a good team ……..all hail the greatest DIEGO AMANDO MARADONA

  164. I think we are comparing two different eras of football. Pele had more accomplishments but he was slow and defenders were not aggressive enough at that time, that is to say they did not go at the forward with the mission to take the ball from him and seldom doublled on a player, in short it was whoever cored more goals.

    Maradona played a more difficult era where total foorball which was started by Holland, and the defensive game had ensued. He is the first to penetrate from the middle with no fear, the first that put comfort in the hearts of his teammates and the one who loved to play tall players since they are so sloppy except for arial balls.

    If I were to say who is better, I would pick Maradona because he played a more difficult era and shined above all.

  165. Pele is the best … just see videos in the youtube …
    Pelé played with two legs, scoring headed gols, won 3 world cups with Brazil and 2 world cups ( team) with Santos. Scoring 1256 goals

    no more coments

  166. The most important difference is that Pele had a good team and MAradona won alone the world cup.
    Brasilian player are very good. and Argentinian player too. but the difference is MAradona won with Napole in Italy alone and Pele couldn’t get the same.
    In my opinion Maradona is better player than Pele.

  167. Maradona the most amazing football player in the world,he can still do incredible things with a ball

  168. Now is the time to turn my back on that 5’5” bloated stomach dog’s food. Many may raise their eyebrows after this bizarre hundred and eighty degree turnaround, especially the Argies, and wish me getting thrown to the hell, but be sure there also I will dance naked and walk down on his corpse, which had actually been promised by that fabled God of yours, before the WC’10 began to roll. Don’t guess I do this – this acrobatic piece of turn around, because of the huge and utterly shameful drubbing of Argentina handed out by the mighty Germans, but for the ludicrous drama of resignation launched by the protagonist that I caught through news unfurling through this cobweb, even though I live in a country poles apart from that beautiful Latin American country. I find it nonsensically funny that even if he expressed repeated intensions to resign, he did not do exactly the same yet. What more he desires – to see the Argentine football crumble like a cookie so that no one remembers it other than his contributory part during WC’86, so that Argentine football remains always synonymous with his name paving the way of an eternal argument in his favor by his crazy fans (which I definitely am not) that Argentina could never win a cup except him afterwards just like the case of his arch rival Pele as we have seen in recent past that many crazy Pele fans had argued that Brazil could not win the cup for twenty four years after Pele. The case of Maradona is even stronger – as perhaps Argentina will never win it if this funniest genius remains their coach for perpetuity and then the debate is over: there is no Messi after Maradona, even though he is an equally gifted footballer. Well, I’m not that sortta crazy and mad guy plagued with mad-cow disease, who believed in anything absolute in this vibrant and flowing human race: that there is only one Newton, there is only one Pele, there is only one Marlon Brando, there is only one Elvis Priesly. No, absolutely not, even though they are true geniuses, they are not the absolute greatests, they are one of the greatest in their respective fields, so we did have Einstein, Maradona, Johny Depp, Michael Jackson and many more – so we did have Ronaldinho, Zidane, Ronaldo, Kaka and one little ill fated Lionell Messi to grace the beautiful game of footie. Hope u all got my point, and so I’m so opposed to any sortta bigotry and bah-humbug attitude, any sortta conspiracy caused by the sheer utter greed of any God – be him Pele or the erstwhile ‘Hand of God’ now ‘Dog’s Food’ to remain on the top for perpetuity. Immortality and stagnant puddle are synonymous – these Gods should know. U may wonder that why I say all this – that Maradona conspired against his own country as a coach – the reasons follow – just scroll.
    • Maradona had said before the WC started that he had selected a bunch of footballers who could sacrifice their lives for their country. This claptrap had not impressed me that much, yet it made me worry all the more as I took this propaganda as a course of his routine advertisement of patriotism to fool his own countrymen, a crazy sortta cloak and dagger attitude, where he had selected a class of subservient footballers who would lick his boots at his will and what these effeminate footballers did for their country, we have already got the proof. This egomaniac, megalomaniac arseboil did not select one Xavier Janetti, a solid disciplined footballer, Esteban Cambiasso, the hard working midfielder, who could have been an apt match for Schwensteiger, and if he had no intention to field ageing Veron at vital moments, what for he had selected him – to get his rotting skin anointed by him? And what Diego Milito was doing all the while warming the substitutes’ bench? And why Mascherano is the captain, the effeminate defensive midfielder, who could never command possession in midfield even when he plays for Liverpool – was he there so that Messi could see the supply line completely cut off game after game – and Mertin Demichellis, thanks to him for his Bayern Munich experience – the feminine football that he had produced for his club mates representing the opponent in that game is worthy to raise some dubious but legitimate questions. Finally Carlisto, Carlos Tevez, when will u learn to control the ball and understand the deft passes of Messi? Who were you shouting at in that vital moment when u just failed to understand the pass from Messi – a ‘fat brain tube light’ who flashes a bit later when everything is over? If you truly love your country, you should never play for your national team once again. I feel pity for Maradona’s son-in-law, skill wise and brain wise to boot, he is way superior to Tevez, but Maradona, never showed the guts to field him in place of the brawny energetic idiot lest it embroiled him into a debate of nepotism. And when he fielded him, that too in place of a deserving De Maria. Tevez is the worst eyesore of this effeminate Argentina team. And Prima Donna … err … Maradona, the profligate proletariat and progenitor of Messi, did all this to doom his protégé – the young charismatic Messi. Messi may still win a WC for Argentina, but still this history of drubbing will be referred for ever against him which that arseboil actually wished. So the arseboil and Dog’s Food need a kick on his arse plumb and pronto and thrown back to his drug world– okay.

  169. Are you guys high? Mariconada is not even a top 5 player in the world! Pele is and has always been the real deal. This argument that he is a football God is ascenine. The guy was and is a drugged out idiot that is not even worthy to be in the same stadium as Pele.

  170. i know maradona had drugs but his goal against engaland was amazing i have never seen pele do that before

  171. Pele was the best player. 3 of 4 world cups? There is no comparisson. Pele is the best player and the best example for our kids.

  172. maradona is good foot ball player and good trainer
    but he is not good speaker and his fortune so he is fail in again and again in his life. but pele is greatest men and he honer of all people and also greatest player in life. he fight always their country so he is also good. mr and pl both are god in world of boot ball.


  174. Fun quest! Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo: #1 Ronaldo The Phenomenon; #2 Maradona and #3 Pele!
    The small different is Maradona won w.cup 1986 alone but Ronaldo and Pele won W.cup with good teams. Simple answer for the world.

  175. pele is just better and a good example to our kids
    scored more goals then maradona an won 3/4world cups
    maradona was also so good as pele but with his

  176. pele is not worth being compared with Maradona !!
    Diego is the God of Football !!
    Hes by far the best player yet the best coach !
    is article is pointless because its obvious that Maradona is the best :)

  177. Maradona is better in so many ways you can’t compare him with pele. Has pele ever made a goal with his hand? No that’s what I tought

  178. who is asking anyone in here about their opinion on personal lives and the likes??/ i don’t get it…. someone asks who is the the tallest out of three ladies and many people answer about the lady that once cheated on her husband and not just cheated but did it with five men and three woment… shame on her she is not the tallest of the three ladies.

    come on we all have our preferences and opinions are just that, opinions. it would make it more credible however if we stick to the topic at hand. some guy in hear write a comment as long as a book but it is all about maradona’s personal life.

    what this discussion is about, let me remind you friend, who plays like he is running all over the field as if he is the only one on it? who actually makes the ball look as if it is glued to his feet? and above all who won the WORLD CUP, i should add ALONE?

    who is over weight or who makes adds for a Pfizer (viagra maker) is not the topic of this discussion.

    I think maradona slightly bits pele only because maradona is as good as a good team. as a matter of fact a legitimate question in here would be ” who is better MARADONA or the BRAZILIAN TEAM DURING PELE? i would say the team cuz they (no pele by himself) won the WC three times while MARADONA (by himself) won it once……… I am neither argentine nor brazillian

  179. maradona is the best and brazil sucks, pele was good but idgaf his goals werent solo like maradona so u braziliann fans get ur head outta deneyl and facre the facts that maradona was the best

  180. pele is by far better. just look at the stats. Over 1300 goals!!! he won three world cups and the only reason that he didn’t win the forth is because he was cheap shotted and injured, forced to leave the tournement. And Brazil lost without him. Maradona third, under zizou.

  181. Again that fufdgy and funny logic ‘Pele won three WCs’ leaving me in deep shit wondering that whether those were World Cups or ‘Mars Cups’ ya Neptune or Pluto Cups. And as Realist rightly pointed it ‘I imagine Maradona playing in those great Brazilian sides’. More precisely Maradona is playing alongside Garrincha, Didi, Vava, Nilton Santos, Xalma Santos, Vava, Zito in 58 or Tostao, Joarzinzo, Nilton Santos, Rivelino, Carlos Alberto of 70s. I’m not too sure of what it would yield, but one thing I’m sure of. That is ‘One Pele would have definitely warmed the substitue’s bench for sure.’ Then no one would have fouled him so heniously as one Morrais did in 1966. Pele would have been safely perched in the dressing room and in the substitute’s bench, merrily and happily watching Mardona and Garrincha were making competition on ‘who can first dribble past the eleven players of the opposition.’

  182. You cannot compare maradona and pele very easily because one was a striker while the other was a midfield. Pele was a cherry picker or if you like a finisher, where maradona was a play maker. Alot of people argue that pele scored 1200 goals for his club, the reason behind this is because brazils leagues, specially at the time were not very competitive and at the time santos were probably the best teams, with almost no real rivals, pele had a very strong midfield to rely on to supply him with the balls he needed an he was simply deadly, he had brilliant eye for finishing. Pele won 3 world cups, in his first when he was almost 18, he only played 2-3 games an scored only 2 goals. We must also consider the fact that, the world cups won by brazil at the time were due to very interesting circumstances: firstly they had a strong team an not simply because of pele, secondly this was before an after world war an the european countries were unable to perform at all, with many giants of football like england, germany an italy, not even participating in one of the tournaments. as you can see, luck was there for brazil to win these world cups, pele did play a very important role but it wasnt him alone, there were other factors. now lets look at maradona, he played in argentine league which is one of the strongest leagues in the world, more competitive than brazils, specially around maradona’s time. Secondly maradona was a playmaker, with many many assists, yet he was able to score almost 3 goalz every 4 games. secondly maradona went to barcelona, in the worlds most competitive league, there he took them to championship, the he took napoli, who were the weakest team to championship, then he took argentina to two finals, singlehandedly, therefore i think he is a better player….if you doubt me…just look at these quotes= “maradona turn” “maradona free-kick”, “maradona penalty”, “runs as fast as maradona”, “maradona flick” etc

  183. i go for pele,mara`s record is tainted for drug use that`s cheating.remember ben johnson`s 1988 record did it stood in the book?heel NO.

  184. Why do people keep saying Maradona won the 1986 World Cup alone. Obviously these people are showing they do not understand soccer and therefore do not know what they are talking about. What about the other great players that played with Maradona like Jorge Burruchaga, Jorge Valdano, Daniel Passarella, José Luis Cuciuffo, Oscar Ruggeri, Julio Olarticoechea,
    Claudio Borghi and the rest of his team. They all played brilliant football, scored goals and contributed greatly towards winning the cup. Was Maradona the only one who scored for Argentina? So how can he have won it alone?
    The truth is that 1986 was the only world cup Maradona won but Pele won 3 world cups with his first as a 17 year old boy in 1958. He contributed to all 3 world cup wins and scored 12 goals in total at the world cup. Pele scored 1283 goals in his career in 1300 plus appearances. A feat that is so difficult to achieve. What a record.
    Pele, a man with an incredible career without any spots or scandal.
    He was the one who made the number 10 shirt a popular and special number. This is the same number that made Maradona popular. Today, every skillful and good player wants to wear that shirt. It is because of Pele.

    Let us lay aside sentiments and emotions and base our arguments on facts and results, not our feelings. Overall, Pele was a better player and the greatest player of all time. Therefore he was crowned ‘The King of Football” A.K.A O REI in Brazil. His name is a household name all over the world and he is a brilliant ambassador for the sport.
    Maradona was also a very brilliant and skillful player but king Pele is a pioneer and therefore in a different class.
    Pele was unique.

  185. Who says Maradona won the 1986 world cup alone. Is that possible in soccer. What about the other great players he played with like Jorge Burruchaga, Jorge Valdano, Daniel Passarella, José Luis Cuciuffo, Oscar Ruggeri, Julio Olarticoechea. What were they doing on the field, drinking coffee?
    Maradona needed a good team for him so shine and he had these guys who fed him like he fed them and made it a glorious win for the team.
    Truth is Maradona only won one world in 1986, Pele won 3 world cups in 58, 62 & 70 with the 1958 & 62 wins back to back and therefore proved himself again and again. Even, after losing the cup in 1966, Pele and his team came back in 1970 to reclaim the cup a third time and therefore have it for keeps.
    On the international and club level, Pele is the greatest player of all time and is the bset.

    ‘O Rei Pele’ The King of Football.

  186. I said Maradona won 86′ WC single handedly – any doubt? Just see Argentina vs England match – there he used his left hand only to punch the ball into the net – not his both hands, which is famous as ‘Hand of God’. Also, in other matches of that tournament he used his right hand – that’s why I said he won it ‘single-handedly’ instead of ‘double-handedly. Hope u all tubelights got the true meaning of ‘single handedly’. it’s not that easy to understand the metaphors of sb -hah, hah, hah.

  187. Quote: What about the other great players he played with like Jorge Burruchaga, Jorge Valdano, Daniel Passarella, José Luis Cuciuffo, Oscar Ruggeri, Julio Olarticoechea. What were they doing on the field, drinking coffee?

    Yes, they were drinking coffee, while Mardona was sniffing cocaine. So he was in this regard ‘alone’ in his side, which made people say ‘hec won it alone’. Got it agin tubelight?

  188. I said Maradona won 86′ WC single handedly – any doubt? Just see Argentina vs England match – there he used his left hand only to punch the ball into the net – not his both hands, which is famous as ‘Hand of God’. Also, in other matches of that tournament he used his right hand – that’s why I said he won it ’single-handedly’ instead of ‘double-handedly. Hope u all tubelights got the true meaning of ’single handedly’. it’s not that easy to understand the metaphors of sb -hah, hah, hah.

    Correction:I said Maradona won 86′ WC single handedly – any doubt? Just see Argentina vs England match – there he used his left hand only to punch the ball into the net – not his both hands, which is famous as ‘Hand of God’. Also, in ‘no’ other matches of that tournament he used his right hand – that’s why I said he won it ’single-handedly’ instead of ‘double-handedly. Hope u all tubelights got the true meaning of ’single handedly’. it’s not that easy to understand the metaphors of sb -hah, hah, hah.

  189. maradona could not win the world cup single handedly the only way he could was to cheat! pele the best of all time and always will be!

  190. Joe, u forgot to mention one thing. Maradona not only should be punished for his drug offense and cheating but for animal abuse also. I don’t know why the animal lovers all over the world have not yet started crying on his committing that henious act on his pet dog. U see he is not only himself a drug addict but he also made his pet dog also a drug addict by making it his partner. Otherwise how could it treat him as it’s food, definitely that time Maradona denied that poor animal from a short little sniff of his cocaine. Have anyone of u heard of such an weird story of a flesh eating pet dog, given their friendly and tame nature to their masters just like Pele to the FIFA officials?

  191. whoever don’t like pele is crazy.Pele won 3 world cups and scored over 1000 goals compared to maradona he scored under 1000 goals and won 1 world cup.

  192. Diego Armando Maradona received a FIFA award after being voted best footballer of the 20th century in an Internet fan poll
    Maradona won the Internet based poll by wide margins, garnering 53.6% of the votes against 18.53% for Pelé.

  193. all of u who are saying maradona is better thn pele are stupide and am not even gona lie. most of u lots dont even no much abat football and yr still trying to talk especially the guy who said that football wsnt that hard in pele timez. In those timez the ref wasnt giving everything like they do now if u go 2 youtube u see some timez 2 players are kicking him bat the ref just looks and let them carry on. am not saying that maradona wasnt good but he wasnt that skillfull like u lot say he was. He could do skills standin up the same place bat he couldnt do it running with the ball like ronaldiho does. I think everything pele and maradona did in the pitch lots of player can do it and some can do better bat there is 1 thing that they will never do is score 1283 goal u need u be in a different level from every1 else

  194. Pele, the God.
    Maradona, fantastic player.

    Check with the old football fans, the ones who seem both playing. There is no doubt.


  195. Pele is the greatest footballer of all times, as he is the one to be, no one on this earth who could and can ever match this great legend PELE.

  196. Maradona is best no player can reach maradona .But i think Messi is most greatest player in the world ever seen after his career finish.

  197. every one knows that pele ia a much better player than diego maradona what can maradona do except go on drugs a gain sum weight but on the other hand pele please there is no contest so dont go around saying that maradona is better than pele because everyone knows that he aint if maradona is so good how cum argentina hve only won the world up 1 time

  198. You should watch some Pele’s video.. for example who watched 1958 final world cup, when Pele was only a kid… He destroyed the match and was only a 17 years old guy….
    Do you think that defender were slow at that time.. there was no yellow card till 1970 and defenders could hit all the time.. It was really hard to score, but players were not only interested in money and also to show their skills….
    Maradona only played well during three years in his career… he won only one world cup and scored less than 200 goals in his entirely career…
    Pele scored almost 1300 goals… in the Brazilian squad he scored almost 100… he was a genious..
    Maradona can only be compared with Zidane, Hagi, Zico and other… never with Pele…

  199. u lot say that maradona was the most skillfull play to ever touch the ball so can u please tell me wat skill that maradona did tht most players cant do



  201. i think “PELE” is the god of football.i think he is better

    Pele i think is best because he did oustanding goal

    sdibyo wat u talkin abat man coz i dont get wat u on abat dont mean 2 be rude lol


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