Manchester United* 1-1 Chelsea – United win Champions League on penalties

Manchester United* 1-1 Chelsea – United win Champions League on penalties


Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea (Manchester United win 6-5 on penalties)
UEFA Champions League Final
21 May 2008 – Luzhniki Stadium – Moscow
Time: 20:45 (CET), 19:45 (UK), 23:45 (PK), 14:45 (EST).

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Nothing that I can put into words can express the range of emotions that the players and the fans watching around the world went through during this game. Nothing anyone can say will ever capture the drama of the penalty shootout – Cech saving from Ronaldo, EVDS being beaten every time till Terry pumped it wide, coolness personified from Ryan Giggs to slot his penalty and then Edwin van der Sar’s save to win the Champions League.

It was madness – for United to take the lead, slip up, stagger from the return punch and then slip up again at the final hurdle – it took massive, massive balls to stay in there and while Terry will cop the responsibility from most sections, the game was there to be won for both sides in normal time.

Well played Chelsea – it was an absorbing and fitting finale to the season. When Mourinho left and Grant lost his first game to United, it seemed like their season was over but they came back strong and pushed United to the final hurdle. No other team in the Premier League currently has the quality or the spirit to do this, well done.

Fantastic stuff from Manchester United – defeat here wouldn’t have taken anything away from a great season but victory and the league and european cup double serves to highlight the spirit and tenacity of this United side. Few teams recover from the horror start they had to the season – to go on and win the double is fantastic.

I’m off to celebrate :) Glory Glory Manchester United!!!

Manchester United v Chelsea Preview

The 2007/2008 season will end like it started – with Chelsea and Manchester United scrapping for bragging rights as the best team in England. United have won the Premier League but for both clubs the Champions League holds a greater significance.

The various stats, trivia, historical links and significant milestones have been done to death – if you want a comprehensive list please download the press kit from UEFA (PDF).

Both teams will hold a press conference on Tuesday evening before their respective training sessions, something that will give us a good picture of prospective starting lineups. As Grant said, this won’t be a platform for tactical surprises so expect something similar to what you’ve seen at Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge this season – both teams tight at the back and pushing forward in numbers when they get the chance.

United have, in recent matches against Chelsea, Arsenal and sometimes even Liverpool, have had a weak center that’s been unable to hold it’s own and as a result the team is often pinned back, although that does allow United to play on the counter and create opportunities as we’ve seen against Liverpool and Arsenal. In fact at Emirates United were quite positive (as they were at Old Trafford against Chelsea, even before the red card) and I hope we’ll see that again in Moscow with a strong midfield standing up to Chelsea and pushing them back instead of being pinned outside the penalty area.

If you’re aching for pretty triangles, you’re in the wrong place. The end product of the two sides’ playing styles is a battle of physical attrition split by the odd mistake or moment of brilliance, and unless one team plays shockingly poor you’ll see a fairly even game decided by the odd goal. The stakes – this time worth more than just the financial rewards – are too high for this game to be an aesthetic showpiece where opponents are allowed the time and space to conjure magic for their TV audience.

Manchester United Watch

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Rooney will kill himself to be fit for this game, so expect him to play.

A Champions League final, especially the club’s first in 9 years, is no place for emotion or goodbyes. Still, Giggs and Scholes have little value as impact players and one of them will probably start seeing that Fergie will probably play a 4-5-1/4-3-3 with Rooney on the left and 3 central midfielders (Carrick is the only certain starter IMO) to match Chelsea’s physical strength down the middle.

Potential starting lineup: EVDS, Brown, Rio, Vidic, Evra, Carrick, Hargreaves, Scholes, Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez

I’d rather see Anderson there instead of Scholes (based purely on his energy levels and the fact that both Carrick and Hargreaves can be creative outlets if given that role), but Scholes gives United a better option in terms of goal-scoring / goal-creating opportunities than Anderson, and I’m pretty sure this game will have both managers looking to score as opposed to sitting back and waiting for mistakes.

Chelsea Watch

John Terry and Didier Drogba, like Wayne Rooney, would walk through walls to play in the Champions League final and you can expect both of them to be fit barring a serious problem. Both players are central to Chelsea’s chances of success against United here and their presence will be a psychological and physical bonus for their teammates. Carvalho should be back as well.

Other than that, the Coles, Ballack, Lampard, Essien and Cech would also start, leaving only the right-back (if Essien takes up a midfield berth) and the second striker / winger position up for grabs, and I’d put that to either Kalou or Malouda.

Make of the Chelsea side what you will, but I don’t think Bosingwa is the answer Chelsea are looking for at right-back. He might do an Evra / Vidic and surprise everyone, but what are the odds?

Regardless of what happened in the league, Chelsea go into the Champions League final as slight favourites, if only because of their superiority in central midfield, and I’d expect Grant to capitalise on that.


If there was ever a time for United’s star kids (Ronaldo and Rooney, I’m looking at you) to stand up and answer their critics, this is it.

No predictions though – Chelsea or Manchester United, just keep in mind that it’s been a good season for both clubs.

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  1. I’ll tell you one thing. Since Chelsea have the home advantage ( 😉 ), SAF better get his tactics spot-on or he’ll get creamed by Chelsea’s depth in their squad.

    Rooney wide left? I can’t see it working. And what is it with converting Ronaldo to full striker position? Keep him on the right or left wing where he can do the most damage! The team that plays the most attacking football will win this game in my opinion. It doesn’t pay for SAF to repeat the tactics he used against Barcelona or against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Stick to the formula that works. Tevez & Rooney up front. Ronaldo & Giggs on the wings. Use Scholes first if you have to, but you’re risking him getting a red card for his style of play. Definitely have to bring Anderson on as a substitute at some point.

    On the surface of it, Chelsea look like a more solid squad. What more can i say that hasn’t already been said? I hope it is at least an exciting match to watch!

  2. I agree with Spiral’s assessment. Interested in your (Ahmed) comments on the centre midfield. I’ve read many comments from Utd fans praising our strength in depth in CM but unable to decide on the best 2 to play. I believe this is our weakness. I want to have no question over what our best starting line up is and the fact is that while Carrick, Hargreaves, Scholes and Anderson are all excellent options, in truth if you had to pick(say) 5 from the following:

    would any Utd player get the nod? While it pains me to say so, hand on heart, I don’t think so.
    SAF goes with 451 against “big” teams but, like Spiral, I don’t think this is our style and invites a defensive approach.
    Win or lose on Wednesday this is the area in the team we have to sort. Every great team needs a world class engine and CM is pivotal to this.

    O for the days of Keane and Scholes at their peak! This is potentially the best team SAF has ever had but unless Anderson rises to greatness as Scholes fades and either Carrick or Hargreaves step up a notch, the realisation of that potential is in danger. You can’t be second best to anyone in CM and be regarded as the greatest team of your era.

    Then again, we did it in ’99 without either of them.

    Controversial I know but as we’ve stuttered in the run in this has started to become a concern for me.

  3. I can say just that,Chelsea the best.I hope CHELSEA’ll win!!!Munchester is in good form but we all know that CHELSEA can do this.IMPOSSIBLY IS NOTHING!!!

  4. You’d rather Anderson starts? Really? He did well in the big games at the start of the season (Livrpool and Arsenal) but when it’s really counted he’s been understandbly daunted and ineffective. My midfield would be Carrick, Scholes and Hargreaves, with Hargreaves employed in the role he enjoyed so much against Roma. Carrick can just sit back, pick up the balls and pass them on, allowing Hargreaves to push forward and the two of them can more than adequately protect Scholes. Then bring Anderson on in the 60th-70th minute for impact with his speed and work rate. Agreed about Rooney on the left, although I’d understand either Giggs or Park with Tevez as an impact player.

    I think the game is likely to be defined by the substitutes, as both teams have incredibly strong squads. Ballack is the man to watch.

  5. Spiral and BD, a few issues. Spiral, Rooney has played well on the wings this season, tracking back and retaining the ball excellently. “Stick to the formula that works” implies that we should stick to the dogged and defensive Euopean football that has taken us to the final, and I think offers our best bet of winning. Going all out will leave huge gaps.

    And BD, although you have a point about the ‘best of’ midfields, I think Carrick would get in to that five, and if you look at it this way, who had the better midfield 5?
    UTD: Carrick/Scholes/Hargreaves/Fletcher/Anderson
    Chelsea: Makelele/Lampard/Essien/Ballack/Mikel
    Arsenal: Fabregas/Flamini/Gilberto/Diaby/?
    Liverpool: Mascherano/Alonso/Lucas/Gerrard/?

    It’s between Chelsea and Utd, and I think that Chelsea probably just edge it but with a much higher average age.

  6. Ahmed:

    A good balanced article.
    The selection talking points for me centre on Scholes or Anderson, Tevez or Park, and who will make the subs bench and come off the bench.

    Scholes/Anderson: Anderson hasn’t played much over the past month, so he should be bursting with energy. But I would start with Scholes give him about 60 minutes (and a yellow card!), then bring on Anderson. Bear in mind that this game could go to extra time.

    Tevez/Park: I think the more difficult choice for SAF will be whether to start with Tevez or Park. It could be a long night. There is a good case for starting with Park, and bringing Tevez on later. I would want Tevez on the pitch at the business end of a game which could last 120 minutes. The way Tevez plays (all action) means that he is likely to run himself into the ground after 80 minutes – so better have him as an attacking option off the bench.

    My starting line-up: (g/k) VDS; (defence) Brown, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra; (midfield) Hargreaves, Carrick, Scholes, Park, (up front) Rooney, Ronaldo. Subs Bench: Kuszczak, O’Shea, Fletcher, Anderson, Giggs,Nani, Tevez. (Silvestre, Saha and Pique to miss out).

    The Chelsea team virtually picks itself: (g/k) Cech; (defence) Essien, Carvalho, Terry, A.Cole; (midfield) J.Cole, Ballack, Makelele, Lampard, Malouda; (up front)Drogba. Subs Bench: Cudicini, Belletti, Bridge, Obi Mikel, Kalou, Anelka, Shevchenko.

    Impossible to call. Chelsea have the edge in terms of size and power. But United have the edge in terms of skill. How the coaches deploy the sides will be pivotal. Perhaps, ultimately, it will be the side with the greater team spirit and togetherness who will edge it. At the moment that points to United. We shall see.

  7. On reflection, my selection of the Chelsea bench is lop-sided. You’ll need a centre-half, and what about Ferreira and Wright-Phillips? Difficult. So, here’s my revised subs bench:

    Subs bench: Cudicini, Belletti, Bridge, Alex, Obi Mikel, Shevchenko, Anelka. To miss out: Ferreira, Wright-Phillips and Kalou. I think Kalou will be unlucky. He’ll be more deserving of a place on the bench than Shevchenko. But I can’t see Grant going to Moscow and not having Shevchenko on the bench at the least).

  8. i think the way the way the game is played, will depend on how Ferguson wants the game to be played. We all know that Chelsea will play with 4-3-3/4-51, but Ferguson can go with practically any formation he wants. He can go with 4-4-2 (VDS-Brown, Rio, Vida, Evra-Ronaldo, Scholes, Carrick/Hargreaves-Park/Nani-Rooney, Tevez) or go with 4-3-3/4-5-1 (VDS-Brown, Rio, Vida, Evra-Ronaldo, Scholes, Carrick, Hargreaves, Park/Nani – Rooney). So all in all, depends on how Ferguson sets up his team. And juding from what he has been saying, he will go all out attack. I hope he does.

  9. I wonder about the all-out attack bit. United have not reached the final by going all-out attack. They have reached it by safety first; and by having a rock solid defence and nicking the odd goal here and there.

    It is over 500 minutes since United have conceded a goal in the Champions League, and some 6 games ago, away to Lyon. Since then Lyon at Old Trafford, and Roma and Barcelona home and away have been unable to pierce the United defensive shield which includes not only the regular defence but the entire side defending as a team.

    Last season United went all out attack and eventually it didn’t work (I know that there were important injuries). I doubt that SAF is going to throw away a season’s work by going Kamikazi (“all out attack”) against Chelsea. No, he wants United to have faith in their abilities and play, but that doesn’t mean being reckless.

    United will be cautious, and attack when they can. Go behind against Chelsea, and its very difficult to peg them back and win. So, United will want to avoid conceding the first goal at all costs.

  10. Bosingwa is ineligible to play for us anyway: he is cuptied to Porto.

    Grant will start Essien at RB for sure; Belletti or Paulo both have won the CL before, but he needs Lamps, Ballack and Essien all in there. I don’t think any of us Blues will be disappointed in that.

  11. I dont agree that anderson should start were has he been these last few games? he is still very young and u need experince in this game rather then who can run the most and INSTEAD of scholes you must be kidding me….. no words need for why, i would put anderson on the bench he is a good player after all but shouldnt start.

  12. what do people think about 4-4-2 evds brown ferd vid evra ron scholes carrick/hargreaves giggs rooney tevez all out attack

  13. whats your prediction for man u v chelsea mine is 2-2 and chelsea win on penalties CHELSEA ROCK CHELSEA CHELSEA WE LOVE U.

  14. Sourpuss:

    United can’t afford to play 4-4-2 and get outnumbered in midfield by Lampard, Ballack, Makelele, Cole and Malouda and Michael Essien foraging into midfield from right full back.

    For United, I would play 4-5-1. A central midfield of Hargraves, Scholes and Carrick, with Park and Rooney wide – Ronaldo up top – interchanging with Rooney.

    I would bring on Anderson and Tevez after about 60 minutes for Scholes and Park. Giggs for Carrick with about 10 minutes to go, if United are in front. If United needed to win the game with 10 minutes to go, Nani’s pace and trickery might make him the man to throw on rather than Giggs (although you’d run the risk of him frustrating his team-mates to death by going for glory on his own. But with time running out, Nani might be worth a go).

  15. Big B:

    You could be right about the result. But somehow, I don’t see these sides scoring 4 games between them.

    I think the first half, will a cautious affair. For the 20 minutes after half-time, both sides will try to go for it. If they don’t break the dead-lock with 20 minutes to go, both sides are going to get cautious again – not wanting to lose the game late on. I think it will go to extra time. And there’ll be a winner in extra time.

    Result: 1-0 or 2:1. But to which side? It is very difficult to call. I incline slightly towards United; but it will be tight. This is one result you can’t really predict – you can just guess, because there are so many unknown imponderables:
    – which side will adapt better to the pitch (which isn’t very good)?
    – who will feel more at home in the neutral venue?
    – how will the body clocks of individual players respond to playing football in Russia at mid-night?
    – which set of coaches will win the tactical battles?
    – which set of supporters will encourage their team more?
    – is one side going to suffer an unfortunate injury to a key player?
    – which side has the greater hunger?
    – will the match officials make a critical mistake?
    – which side will fortune favour? etc. etc.

    Whatever the result – I hope that both teams, with the eyes of the world upon them, do themselves justice and their supporters proud.

  16. am praying and hoping that chelsea should wine the champions league final, to consoludate the premiership that they lost

  17. I truely brag about my team Man U…all I can say is it will be another sorry state for Chelsea again tomorrow.
    All they managed to do this year is coming close to it but alas it will once again be so very near but really very far.
    The blues will sing the blues tomorrow,
    It wont go into Xtra tym 2-1 in favour of Man U IS MY PREDICTION

  18. Chelsea is not just going to win tomorrow but nwill make record.plying in the finaqls for the frist time and winning.Great Grant has that in his cv alredy.CONGRATULATIONS!!! LUCKY MANAGER.

  19. im a Man U fan but i agree its going to be an unexpecting game but Man U should take the cup…

    glory glory Man U

  20. I agree with Frankie, playing the 4-5-1(same players you picked)for United. This would help balance the strong midfield that chelsea has. I am a Man Utd. fan and still this game is to close to call. I am rooting for Manchester with all my heart. I do think that the winner of the CL cup will only win by 1 point. Its is obvious that goals will not be flying left and right.

    Glory Glory Man. United.

  21. 2-1 in favor of Man U…Its going to be a close game but I think that Man U has been playing very well and should take the cup

    Man U all the way!!!

  22. Look! Its the first all English final and logically its about who is the champion in England???
    Man U has put Chelsea in its rightful position in the EPL and it will be without an doubt if they come out
    winners in Moskow again..

    Man U is on fire…..You Chelsea fans may say what you want…

    2-1 we will be celebrating tonight!

  23. E.Van Der Sar
    W.Brown R.Ferdinand N.Vidic P.Evra
    O.Hargreaves P.Scholes M.Carrick
    C.Ronaldo R.Giggs
    Subs: J.O’Shea D.Fletcher O.Anderson C.Tevez M.Silvestre

  24. VDS
    tevez for park
    hargreaves for giggs
    anderson for scholes

  25. the dog barks in order to scare the visitor,but the Reds, with Ronaldo, Tevez; Rooney;Giggs;Anderson; Hargreaves and Evra present, will triumph over the Blues no matter how tense the match might be!
    Look! It’s Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, and Russian’s Ibromavic will be ashamed at his home ground should United triumph over Chelsea, ha-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai!

  26. Interesting Stat

    When ever clubs from same country met in CL final, club came below in league have won it

    ie Milan and Real Madrid..
    May be Chelsea can do it…

  27. Take care!
    The maximum club there in Moscow
    (Manchester United)

    Rooney, and Tevez


  28. i think Manutd deserve to win,n the starting lineup should be as follows:
    hargreaves, scholes

  29. whatever you blues fan says,the champion shall be determined today @ Moscow….wait and see how Man U players teaches u how to play this round leather game.ONE UNITED,ONE LOVE.

  30. You got the time wrong… it should be 2245 Moscow Time not 2045 as you have published.

    and I will be watching the game “live”

  31. I am an Arsenal Fan, but I did like Manchester United to Win and my prediction should be 1 – 0 and the goal will be scored in the second half 75min – 80min. Up Red Devils. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Booooooooooooooooooooo for Chelsea

  32. am a die hard fan of the best club in the world CHELSEA,we are beating manchester united blue-black,my prediction is 2-1,up blues…………………

  33. Chelsea….Man U can be too dangerous!

    Remember the humiliation that AC Roma suffered last season!

    Beware tonight!

  34. Richard:

    It’s true that Vidic didn’t train with the rest of the team last. It seems he’s carrying an injury, but SAF says that he’ll start “no doubt about that”.


    Unusually for me, I’ve felt unable to call this one. Sides so closely matched; so many imponderables. Of all the teams in Europe, Chelsea are probably the most difficult opponents United could have had.

    But as we get closer to kick-off, the more I feel that United will do it. 1-0 until late on, and then kill Chelsea stone dead with a second goal in the dying minutes. Reason for the confidence? Sir Alex Ferguson.

    I had forgotten his early record at Aberdeen. Absolutely astonishing. Under Alex Ferguson’s guidance, Aberdeen went from being a remote provincial Scottish club to break the Celtic-Rangers duopoly and win 3 league championships, 4 Scottish Cups, the European Cup Winner’s Cup, the European Super Cup and a League Cup – all in just 7 years. SAF’s success in 1983 with Aberdeen in winning the European Cup Winner’s Cup and the European Super Cup remains the last time any Scottish club has won a trophy at European level.

    The man’s a phenomenon, a warrior, a winner. A true great.

    United will win tonight.

  35. Starting Lineups:

    Manchester United: Van der Sar, Brown, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Carrick, Hargreaves, Scholes, Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez.
    Subs: Kuszczak, Anderson, Giggs, Nani, O’Shea, Fletcher, Silvestre.

    Chelsea: Cech, Essien, Terry, Carvalho, A Cole, Makelele, Ballack, Lampard, Malouda, J Cole, Drogba.
    Subs: Cudicini, Shevchenko, Mikel, Kalou, Alex, Belletti, Anelka.

  36. I am a MANCHESTER UNITED AND C.RONALDO FAN,so beware:man united will smash chelsea like a bug,lol,MAN UNITED FOR LIFE!!!


  38. I was watching the game on an internet feed and so it was about 5 minutes slower, so when i saw Ronaldo miss and heard my cheering in my block I thought Chelski won. But my word, what a win. My heart was in my mouth the entire time. This is just fantastic. Now I’m off to taunt all the chelsea fans I know with my “slipping penalty” routine. Glory Glory, Man Utd!!!

  39. lmao Yukona sorry I just found that comment hilarious! Fitting game for a final tonight, just felt really for John Terry. I think, impartially, that Chelsea shaded it (on stats, shots, woodworks etc)but then again the fact of the matter is it stayed 1-1. Suppose thinking of it like that and stating like that, Tevez should have made it 3 before half-time and Giggs should have just blasted the one Terry cleared so the game should have been out of sight.

    Great game.

  40. Champions have shown it again….To the Blues we say tough luck better luck next tym only when you are in with another team not The Reds!
    Nuff respect to Man U!
    Proud to be a Reds Fan today and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Well as a chelsea fan i knew it would be hard to face defeat, i never thought it would hit so hard, i never felt so sorry for a player as i did for JT,
    I dont begrudge United their victory though,
    one of those games that didnt deserve a loser

  42. /drunk dizzy and breathless

    cheeky lil bastard red ranter where did u get that pic from amazing stuff bro

    Anyways what a nite on the edge and i sweared more than the words i spoke tonight
    Highlights for me
    Ronaldo goal he stood up against the doubters the penalty miss can go to hell
    drogba sent off
    terry misses
    chealski scum goes down crying
    and a scouse free zone board by the idiots of chealski fans hahaha

    i was almost gonna faint when scholes ferdinand were having treatment
    second half was’nt that good and we should have killed it in the first carrick why why why did’nt u kill it my dream of demolishing them whould have be over tonight

    anyways what a shitty pitch was that slipping all over the place and in the end i cant seem to be able to sit in one place as i’m all jumping and grooving and yeah bloody hell we are the champions
    and can some1 tell me how many yellows and fouls were there anyways all the matters is glory glory gloryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy we are the champions

  43. I am delighted with the United win, but proud of the Chelsea fight. The game could have gone to either side. I have deep sympathy for John Terry and Chelsea. There is so little between the sides. United fans,. please, let us be magnanimous in victory, salute both sides and commiserate with Chelsea supporters in their hour of desolation. No gloating please.

    Before the game, I felt that it would be tight almost too close to call, but in the end before the game I put my head above the parapet and said that I thought United would win. Why? Because of one man – Sir Alex Ferguson. A true great as a manager and as a man. I salute you and your team. I also salute Chelsea, and wish them well next season as individuals and as a team.

    The match was a great advertisement for English and European Football. Well done, United. This is the start of an era. The team is young and will get better. Glory, Glory Man Utd!

  44. fue un buen partido
    pero le digo unas cosas a terry animo y para la otra hechale mas ganas
    no llores porque yo tambien yo soy futbolista siempre tiene que ganar un equipo vamos alivianate
    y tu cristiano un pinche penal no lo sabes colocar pero para la otra mejora loco porque ,porque estas en uncampo chingon no como nosotros tno tenemos apoyo de futbol y esa campo que tienen ust. es para ser marivillas con el amigo de uno pero le digo alos dos equipo que le echen mas ganas a sus trabajo y quieron ver mejor fuego adios . les abla un chavo que quire crecer y algun dia estara jugando con ustedes chido me dicen resucito ronaldo junior

  45. Going NUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTS! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Got lectures / tutes but screw that.



    CHAMPIONS OF E.U.R.O.P.E. !!! 😉 -controls himself-

  46. what a game! fantastic.
    i guess true, ronaldo again
    tevez follows by carrick shots and second half giggs shots.
    lampard by reflexing, a souvenir for him
    lampard and drogba hit the post.
    drogba get red,fair.bye-bye
    can’t believe the moment of penalty shoot-out goes.the best.
    i’m not m.u fan, but i feel like i’m true m.u fan.
    got nail-bitting, hope ronaldo spoils could turn around..
    u think u’re the best, terry?
    cool and covincing kick by old-timer giggs,
    then EVDS ends it all for m.u glory…
    symphaty for lampard, huge relief for ronaldo
    congratulation m.u…beware of spurs soon..:)

  47. I always was a Manchester United fan.This season was really great for this team, so it was good to me.I really wanted ManU to win the Champions League, and they did!Their game was fantastic!Chelsea played well, too.This was a historic match!VIVA MANCHESTER UNITED!GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!


  49. A fantastic final! Who say english dominationis bad for the game! A few points to be noticed
    1)It was an even game.1st half belonged to United. 2nd half to Chelsea. After tha, an even game.Chelsea showed their grit.I’m sure even if it wld have been 3-0, chesea would still have done what they did in th 2nd half. But United showed their superiority going forward, and had more clear cut chances than Chelsea.

    2)Ronaldo answered his critics beautifully. He finally shrugged of the stigma of not preforming in big matches. True, he missed the penalty but he was the best player in th match through out by far. Also, evra showed that he’s the best fullback in the world.

    3)Hard luck JT! It is unfortunate that after defnding so well he had to miss the penalty, even more tragic that he will be rememberednot or is preformance but for the missed penalty

    Did Terry really spit on Tevez? I didn’t see that,if he did, I’m surethe appropriate action will be taken

  50. No he didnt spit, he was wiping his mouth or nose on his sleeve and looked like he was going to spit at tevez,

    also has to be said that if it werent for terry 2 players would have been red carded, because when drogba made his final contribution for chelsea by slapping vidic, vidic was about to return the favour ten-fold with a right hook that would have flattened drogba, jt saw this and held him back, al that said it was jt who confronted tevez to start the whole incident,

    i really blieve grant has earned a place on the managers seat, although i felt so sorry for him as he walked down the steps, looked like a man who just lost everything including his job!

    We’ll be back, we’ll never get any closer to winning the champions league without actually winning it again

  51. without teh slip it was chelsea’s game…i feel so bad for terry, but there’s always next year i guess.

  52. to the idiot who corrected the time – it says CET (Central European Time), not Moscow Time (which obviously was 22:45).

    Yes, I’m from Pakistan. The PK time was put up because I had a lot of people ask me about it ahead of the game. Ditto for the US time.

    Great game, good sentiments Frankie and I hope it stays that way.

  53. That incident started because tevez kicked the ball out of play, just like kalou did minutes earlier, the difference is, kalou allowed Brown to throw the ball back to VDS, where as Tevez told the united players to close them in and mark up instead of letting chelsea throw take back possesion, which then prompted Terry to go and say something.

    Thats when it all kicked off.

  54. manutd win… well,congrats. it is in some disbelief that i admit i wanted manutd to win- cause i’m a die-hard liverpool fan… In this final, 2 of my greatest principles clashed- manutd should not have more than half wins than lfc in cl, and no london team should ever win it.

    well, by greater principle… i wanted united 2 win(just this time) the bigears legend is that no london team can win it… aston villa has, liverpool has, nottingham forest has, n of course mantd has.

    the day a london team wins big ears then it’s legend will be over n i will lose interest in it(ever so slightly) . now, if there a chelsea- arsenal final next year…well, it would be a nightmare or me.

    drogba… well, if u cheat by diving n get applauded for it by the media in the semis ,then i have no words o consolation for u.. xcept that you will probably join morinho at inter or milan.

    at the end, i’ll say chelsea’s luck o champions just ended. remember that riise own goal in last minute – well, i that’s not luck then i’m blind. or the second goal in the final- i’m pretty much sure it could have rebounded 326 more times but still would end up in the net,,, but then- 2 times hitting the post, john terry killing a bird lying behind the goals.. well.

  55. but usually in recent times winning the cl is the end of eras … milan03, barcelona06, porto 04, liverpool05…

  56. I love United and Van Der Sar as much as the next guy but heroics? He saved a penalty. I wouldn’t really compare his performance to Casilias in 02 or Reina in 06. He had a good match and saved a penalty which turned out to be the decisive one. He’s a great goalie and all but c’mon.

  57. This game was legend. And even though we lost, the thought that this was by far the most entertaining UEFA CL Final to be played makes me feel good that us Blues were part of it.

    Screw IStanbul. This was an absolute 120 minutes of both teams throwing themselves at each other to the point of utter exhaustion, and then only one of the craziest and (for me, unlucky) turnarounds in penalties.

    These were the only two teams in Europe that could have entertained this much in the final. Congrats to all.


    The first half belonged to United. But then, we hit the post three fuckin’ times in the second. What luck! And then, the penalty. What LUCK!? And, I heard somewhere that John Terry said he wouldn’t play soccer any more. Is that fucking true?
    Well, never mind. The Blues gave us proof. Now, at least we know who’s the Greatest. Chelsea!!!


  59. I hate to spoil anyone’s party but – Chelsea should have had a penalty for a foul on Malouda around min. 75. That means they most likely would have won it. Is this worth no mention at all ?

  60. FF: Infact you’ll should be pissed at Malouda because he dived instead of trying to put that at the back of the net. What a moron. Glorious opportunity wasted. Also, when did Chelsea hit the bar the third time? I remember Lampard and Drogba. So then why does nobody mention in detail, Carrick’s shot, Tevezs late scuff, Giggs’ monumental mistake which Terry saved off the line?

  61. In Avram Grant’s first game in charge of Chelsea, they had a man sent off and lost to United. Ultimately, that defeat may have cost them the league.

    In the CL final Chelsea had a man sent off and lost the CL cup to United. Will that prove to be Grant’s last game in charge?

    For Grant, the season started and ended with Manchester United. For Grant, the season was a Tale of Two Clubs, two games, two defeats; and ultimately the loss of two huge titles. Grant, so close to sporting immortality; and yet so far.

    Chelsea won titles under Mourinho, true. But it is also true that Mourinho never made it to the CL final in three attempts. Grant did it in one go. Let’s see how well Grant’s successor (if there is one) does in the CL next season. The Chelsea supporters slagging off Grant may find that it might be some years before Chelsea make another CL final, much less win it.

    Winning the EPL will become more difficult for Chelsea. United have a young team, which buoyed by this season’s success and some reinforcements up front, are likely to be even more formidable opponents next year. Arsenal will not stand still under Wenger, and will be vying for the title next year. Liverpool will finally mount a credible challenge… for second place – they won’t win it. In Europe, Madrid and Barcelona are likely to regroup. If Mourinho takes over at Inter, they will become a very difficult team to beat. Drogba will be a major loss for Chelsea, not easily replaced.

    Even with Abramovich’s millions, life may be about to become a helluva lot tougher for Chelsea. In time, people may come to see that Grant’s season in charge was rather better than they thought at the time.

  62. Frankie you are absolutely correct about Chelsea and Grant. The only reason i attribute it to Chelsea doing well under Grant is that Avram is implistic in his approach. Put out the most obvious and best team. And Chelsea has quality. Hence they win. no mumbo jumbo of formations and tactics as Morinho did.

  63. Did you watch the incident in detail ? I did, and it’s not easy to tell, but it looks like there was contact and Malouda stumbled.

  64. FF, the incident has received no comment from either media or fans because it was a non event. I thought he should have been booked for diving.
    He showed in this match, as he has all season, exactly what he’s about…..a waste of money.

    And while I’m on the subject, let’s hope we’ve seen the last of that whinging, diving, beligerent, annoying, cheating, childish loudmouth that is Drogba.

    Terry wouldn’t have taken his penalty if Drogba was still on and the cup could well be at Stamford Bridge as a result. Drogba got what he deserved.

  65. I disagree. The fans and the media have gotten used to how things are, that is a penalty isn’t given unless it’s abundantly evident. Which is not how it should be by the laws. If the incident had happened outside the box most likely it would have been called a foul. Thus, by the laws, in the box it should have been a penalty.
    It’s true there a numerous clearer penalties that aren’t given but that doesn’t make it right.

    If Michel was so sure it was a dive why didn’t he book him ? He was at about 10 feet from the incident.

    I agree Drogba was foolish. He wasn’t the only one.

  66. Terry should play for United. He doesn’t fit with Chelsea anymore. Come on Terry, bring your glory to your loved one.

  67. i hope man united will win uefa cl 2010-2011 go man united they are the equipes :T.H.E. C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S

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