Manchester United Transfers: The Silence Is Deafening!

Manchester United Transfers: The Silence Is Deafening!


Manchester United transfers will soon be a subject for David Attenborough as part of the series about extinctions!

Every evening bands of Manchester United fans gather around their television sets watching Sky Sports News waiting for Jim White to announce a spectacular marquee signing; one paid for from the fabled £200m warchest at the disposal of Louis van Gaal and Ed Woodward. The expectancy dissipates as we hear news of yet another Liverpool transfer, albeit for piddling amounts, and Chelsea pouncing on available players.

Where is Ed Woodward? What is he doing?

The media is inevitably full of rumours at this time of year, but there are usually one or two stories which carry a bit of credence. For Manchester United fans, the silence is deafening. There has not been one single announcement, comment or even a leak from Old Trafford. Surely, if Woodward has all this cash available, he can stitch up a deal somewhere along the line?

Whilst it is understandable after last summer`s fiasco involving Woodward, Moyes and a band of bogus Spanish lawyers, that Manchester United want to keep their targets close to their chests, but it would do no harm to make at least some sort of positive remarks about the types of player they are supposedly looking at.

Manchester United Cannot Afford A Repeat Of 2013!

Last year Manchester United chased around Spain trying to sign Fabregas to no avail. Barcelona were not going to allow that to happen and Fabregas didn’t want to move. Now Barcelona are touting the player around the Premiership because they now find that they need the cash to fund their new targets. So, are we interested in Fabregas or not? It’s a simple question, yet it seems impossible for a Manchester United spokesperson to come out and deny it. There is no conflict of interest involved; Barcelona want to sell Fabregas.

Local Manchester journalists like Stuart Mathieson usually have the inside news before anybody else, but even his pages are bereft of any news about anything at Manchester United, so what the hell is going on?

The suits at Old Trafford need to wise up to the fact that after the worst season in Premiership history, Manchester United fans deserve to know what the club are doing about rebuilding the squad. It is accepted that van Gaal being at the World Cup complicates matters, but what is Ed Woodward doing? Has anybody actually seen him anywhere? Is he the incredible shrinking executive vice chairman?

The World Cup starts in 6 days time and that will effectively end any serious transfer activity until it is over. That takes us to 13th July! Any club in the situation Manchester United finds itself in should have had their deals tied up by now. Leaving things until after the World Cup will see a stampede of competing clubs bidding for every available player. It will be like one of those supermarket dash programmes with people buying haphazardly just to try and steal a march on their competitors. Hardly a recipe for sensible team rebuilding I would venture.

Manchester United need to somehow ‘transport’ themselves into the 21st century and start to act like a modern corporation does and not like some corner shop.

PHOTO: New signing Ayoze Perez holding Newcastle shirt
Siqueira deal done - Atletico defender surely on way to Chelsea?


  1. My sentiments exactly,been spending hours scouring e net for news only to hit a brickwall each tym

    • This is the same old story of Year 2013. For me both Moyes & Woodward were MISERY MONGERS.

  2. Woodward is not the right man fior that job we all blamed Moyes for what happened last season but woodward should also be sacked for his lack of urgency in getting top players

    • I have said one year ago that Moyes and Woodward should hve been sacked as from the very beginning.

  3. Woodward is too cold for my liking, he(Woodward) was actually the cause of United’s poor run last season, he kept making endless negotiations with clubs only to bring in a last minute FLOP. I think I agree with Scholes, is he really worth his job at united? time shall tell

    • Both had been shameful negotiators.Woodward is really stupid in this profession.

    • I think it is too late to sack amidst the negotation of transfer of players, more and more LVG is unavailable at the moment.

  4. ed woodward has a very silly grin. i wonder how it can impress anyone apart from our fellaini

  5. Woodward is out of his depth.He has no experience. He should have been sacked with Moyes.

  6. I’m a united supporter & I’m delighted there aren’t leaks & indications on who we are looking to sign. Quiet, effective drama-less transfer dealings are what we want, this will make transfers more likely to go through. Woodward owes us nothing in terms of wish lists or transfer progress, we just need completed transfers for top players in August. This “crisis” in the absence of instant gratification for transfer muppets is a good sign, not something to worry real fans

    • Totally agree . Van Gaal is not Moyes. United will sign the right players available .Keeping your cards close to your chest is always wise.

  7. Edwoodward should better sign players as soon as possible… I think he should be relieved of his duties as soon as possible for the good of the club

  8. Yes there should be some urgency. …..we have no proper defenders and mid fielders….we should sign early coz prices wil go up after the world cup….im getting quiet frustrated looking through the internet daily


  10. Am tied of dis transfer I don’t united board we a quality player in our team quicly today so close tommorrow searching and dis woodward does not know anything about transfer we need fabregas nw and is going to chelsea what are u looking as a pls we need urgent signing.up UNITED

  11. yes. ed woodward isnt delivering even a pizza hut footballer
    the sack could be the only way

  12. It has been totally frustrating for several seasons now regarding the lack of transfers. Chelsea and Manchester City say they are going for a player and they seal the deal quickly. Manchester United seem to dither and prevaricate and never bring in a player. I obviously don’t know where the problem lies in the club but it has got to start with the Glaziers and Woodward. His is probably a puppet!

  13. Ed woodward is not worthy of the job…I have said it times without number that he is too DORMANT and a total FLOP….he should be sacked sooner than later…Utd forever…

  14. Woodward should’ve been sacked by now..that guy looks like a school teacher and should be teaching and not to be giving that kind of gargantuan post…fuck you woodward.fuck you once again.

  15. No time for mumu packaging jooh.We should knock off this “all is coming cool” attitude…I believe Fabregas can still be lured.That’s oga Van Gaal’s first challenge.Mourinho Vs Van Gaal on the transfer field.

  16. With all the transfer signings going on and we hear Liverpool have already signed two players, what is happening at man united? I think someone is not doing his calculations right and the board needs to act really fast.

  17. Thank God someone has raised his concern. I’m so ashamed when my friends City and Chelsea ask me everyday about Utd’s transfer latest, and all I could spit out are the daily rumours we read every now and then in d news sites. Woodward should’ve been sacked along with Moyes. Certainly this man can’t tie up a deal quickly to save his life. For God’s sake Ed wake up! And start splashing the cash. We don’t have to wait for LVG, we know these world class players already.

  18. God sake, grow up and give the man time.Would you want the rubbish Liverpool have signed? We are after a totally different quality of player and I’m sure the wheels are in motion. Fabregas is a top player but does LVG have to fancy the same players as Moyes?
    I certainly hope not as he brought in Fellaini

  19. These days,Man u will always price a player,but to get the players signature on a paper is always difficult,why?This was same thing that happened last season,and we lost Hiererra and Cabey.Woodward should stand up and take his job seriously.

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