Manchester United Transfer News Update

Manchester United Transfer News Update


Manchester United and Alex Ferguson have a battle on their hands to keep Cristiano Ronaldo at Old Trafford. The winger’s agent is due to meet Ferguson today for showdown talks and with Ronaldo’s recent comments claiming that Manchester United did not defend him, Fergie will have to do his best to get Ronaldo back.

Ruud’s been continuously linked with Bayern Munich, and with the media now ‘catching up’ to the idea that Owen Hargreaves might be an option (instead of Michael Carrick, whose arrival looks less certain now) a ‘swap’ deal is being mooted. Possible, but unlikely. Nistelrooy will probably not be sold as Manchester United’s priority this season is the midfield and selling Ruud means buying another striker – Torres is way too expensive now for United to buy him, and while pairing two young strikers up front (Torres and Rooney) would be ideal, Saha and Rooney (or Nistelrooy and Rooney) form a great partnership already.

Still, stranger things have happened. A lot of this will hinge on what happens with Ronaldo.

On the midfielder front, it appears Manchester United might be close to signing Marcos Senna for a 3.5 mil deal. Once again, no word from either teams so I doubt this is true – United need a big midfielder and while Senna might be good, he’s not Gattuso or Mascherano good. And the fans need – deserve – someone that good coming in.

More tomorrow as the Ronaldo situation becomes clearer. The new kit design floating around on the net is still a fake…wait for it guys, only 4 more days till they launch it.

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  1. United are stuck in a decision between 3 argentinian players!Sir Alex has admitted interest but would want to hurry up if would want some of them to play in the champions league next year! These players(tevez,riquelme and mascherano) are all high quality players sais Sir Alex and team captain Gary Neville but it is a hard decision to pick one!We would welcome anyone of them at Old Trafford!The argentines range in price between 12m-24m. tevez-12m macherano-15.3m and riquelme-23.2m!

  2. u mst buy mertesaker(defender) nisterooy
    eto’o & make macheda a permanent substitute for rooney

  3. manu should sign ronaldinho and david villa and silva and cannavaro becoz there is lack of backs in man u but still there is vidic and ferdinand. but there foe man u should show some new and the great players at old trafford

  4. instead of purchasing strikers & defenders manu should look out for a good right winger like lenon of totenham, walcot, steven ireland,iniesta,frank ribery in order to fill out ronaldo’s gap..

  5. manU should look for a striker like villa, amid fielder like silva and a center back like campbell
    sell off berbatov, welbeck, nani and anderson
    for god sake glazers leave united

  6. i think man.united need one more striker like fabiano or adriano..and david silva as a medfilder..we have super team but lot of injury’s ..and i guess this is the main problem..sir alex is a super thinker and iam sure he will find away.

  7. may i recomended you to buy Villa, silva, yohan gourcuff, and raul albiol.
    these player needs for mAnch united.

  8. Hey, i think Manchester United should buy a creative midfielder like David silva, a solid defender to replace vidic or rio when they are injured. and an all out striker that can score goals, not doubting Rooney but he plays more like a midfielder, maybe someone like villa.

  9. Please give a chance to these both players who longs to play for united again Beckam as midfielder now, and Ruud, and if u really need a good midfielder, try Pirlo or put the price to get Ronaldo back.

  10. I surely know that Alex is the best coach and he thinks critically than untd mst buy a fast striker who will help Rooney because Bertatov is too slow.he can only be used if we are playing with a small team like portsmouth.thanks Alex

  11. i am happy d way man utd is going now,am man utd fans 4life.pls i want to get d transfers and new signing

  12. Pls fergies we need player lyk D.Villa and torres to help rooney and sell off babertov,pls buy senna,silva,robinho,lennon,ronaldinho,maicon mercello and bring up fabio and rafeal and 4 neville he should retreat his too old he cant play anything more

  13. I do have sleepless night when ever man u loose match.please to put an end to this,sir should try and buy someone like David villa and sillva because rooney needs a suporter

  14. Fergie pls buy torres d ribery to surport roony sir bring ronaldo back to united pls sir we need this people

  15. Man U need players that are fast like Ronaldo.Ronaldo is beig wasted at Madrid.He should make it back to united for a bright future.

  16. torres is the best player to replace berbatov,silva is good alternative player in midfielder position…we’ve had nani as next ronaldo..i am sure,he will improve at next time

  17. i think alex need to bring silva,villa and benzema to get back title next season…please sell out berbatov and anderson…4 glazer…please leave the club 4 everyone happiness…don`t make things worst next season…

  18. i think alex need to buy torres ou david villa and david silva and madric from spris please please alex thank you

  19. Mr fergie pls d pls buy torres d david villa d silver to sort roony d ribery pls mr fergie buy this boy

  20. sir alex please you need buy three players david villa requlme and rebary.thanks.

  21. sir alex please please please!
    we need david vella, ribery ,benzema ,c.ronaldo
    we see to play in man united with rooney suport 10Q.

  22. mr fergie, you should consider buying players from mauritius, they are very talented.

  23. I think Alex that must Karim Benzema and James Milner please buy these players We need it players.

  24. Hi fagie d what i need from u now is, Ben ar far & milner& frank ribery & C.Ronaldo, fernando Torres

  25. I think
    For Striker – Benzema or Ibrahimovic
    Mid – Snijder And Gerrad
    GK – Casillas or Buffon
    Side back – S. Ramos and D.Alves

    • bony, you need at least 105m for all your players. benzema 30m / ibra 40m + sneijder 25m + gerrard 25m + buffon 20m + alves 15m (casillas and ramos are not for sale)

  26. I think Sir Alex should look for a left winger. If they can’t get Gareth Bale , then Rafel Van Der Vart would do especially because he is a fan of Manutd. If Owen Hargreaves can make a real come back in midfield and Javier Hernadez can strike a good partnership with Rooney then Manutd will claim back their crown next year.

  27. I think sir alex should sell anderson and sign players like di maria, fernado torres, one more central midfieler our defends line is ok and i think we should get ronaldo back if it is not too expensive
    and sell valencia and hargreves

  28. Plzzzzzzzzzzz No Ronaldo any More Now sir Alex ave To Call Messi
    and then They are the best team all over the world…….

  29. Mr Sir Alex Fergie pliz i sugest
    *Phillipe Mello *Christiano Ronaldo
    *Steven Pearner *Gerrad Peque
    *Fernando Torres
    *Bebartov *Gibson *Nerville *Evans on loan

  30. Mr alex ferguson pliz i sugest should be in: *Gk:casillas or buffon
    *def:gareth bale or ledley king
    *med:schweintiger,jesus navas,matta
    *str:fernando torres,gonzalo higuain

  31. Hello Sir Alex i think that need Alexis Sanches and centre miidfeilder Matias Fernandes or Mezut Ozil

  32. I think that must sell Berbatov, Carrick and Anderson, Welbeck Park They must not Manchester

  33. Hei Fergie i think that Manchester need other left back player this player I seem Fabio Coentrao

  34. Fergie should go deep in the transfer market to cope with next season’s pressure by bringing in a striker(Fabiano,Dzeko,Suarez) and a midfielder(Mesut Oezil,Van Der Vaart)and Hugo Lloris in goalkeeping task.

  35. hi sir alex !! i think aguero,benzema & ozil should be brought. berbatov should bbbe sold. suarez also would be a right option.

  36. Hai fergie.. I think you must come in cristiano ronaldo to old traffod again..
    I like manchester united and cristiano ronaldo..

  37. hi!! fergie we need lahm,aguero,benzema or suarez
    instead of berbatov anderson or even park

  38. hi Fergie i think it`s a better idea to bring Christiano back at OT. Also Oezil is a better option.

  39. ozil is the new generation of scholes, and bastian the new roy keane, and swizertland goal keeper is the new petr schmeichel, and torres is the new van nistelrooy, and the new ferdinand, sir alex know that..


    for united only

  40. sir alex…. please….you should be brought bastian and ozil, because that the reason germany till to the third place on the world cup……
    i hope u think about this
    united forever…..

  41. hi Fergie my 1,I agree with tediies coment. 2,I wont christian Ronaldo.if he agree 2 retern back

  42. hi! sir alex
    we need some more strike power….
    could not depend on rooney.
    please bring benzema,sanchez or ozil,suarez or kun aguero.
    berbatov,anderson should be sold.
    all these players can suit strikepower of solksjear,sheringham,andy cole…

  43. hi,sir alex

    the best thing to do is bring louis fabiano to pair with rooney with berbatov behind them and ozil to replace giggs.`

  44. u allright, benjamin…. sir alex…, ozil is good player, as playmaker, do anything to get him..
    we’re always be united fans, and support u decision
    thanks sir…….

  45. hi!!fergie we are earerly looking for new players
    like benzema or suarez ,ozil or sanchez,kun aguero.get these players at old trafford.
    we need more strike power.
    sell off berbatov,anderson.also we need lahm..
    common fergie…

  46. hi!!fergie we need more attakig talent that of
    target mohammad nagy gedo from egypt…

  47. I think fergie shuld get ozil to replace giggs and we all need louis fabiano 2 support rooney and berbatov

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