Manchester United offer €8m-per-year deal to land €60m world class midfielder

Manchester United offer €8m-per-year deal to land €60m world class midfielder


Time is running out for Manchester United. They have the funds to spend. They have been linked with several world class players over the past couple of months. But where are the deals? Where are the signings?

Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport has an update on Arturo Vidal saga. We have lots of twists and turns in Vidal saga for the pat few months, but this should encourage all the Manchester United fans.


According to the report, Manchester United are ready to launch a massive bid for Vidal. The Red Devils are preparing a €60m bid for the world class midfielder.

The Chilean is pushing for a move to England, they claim, while Manchester United are putting a package of €8m-per-year wage offer on a four year deal to lure him to join Old Trafford in the summer.

Vidal’s physical conditions are often cited as reasons why top European clubs are not making official moves, but CDS suggest had that been the case, United wouldn’t have waited this long to reach a possible agreement with Juventus.

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  1. I afraid that same thing happen to man utd as the last season in the signing of world class players that the time may run out before getting the signature of the required players. Plseee, tell the manager Luis Vaan Gaal to take quick measures!!

    • I also agree this delay may create like the last years saga of fabregas & tiago alcantra. With out few new faces like Gary Neville I am not convinced with this squad. Look at the squad of Arsenal,Chelsea & Man City & compare with united. Time is every thing.

  2. man united transfer is getting me angry…woodward is nt serious at all…sign players oooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Surely not after EW made claims like 200M £ at LVG disposal! All BS? EW has not learned a thing from last season , just have no clue to engage this biz. Deja vu really.

  3. time is on our way concluded the deal and we do other mob things, you have no midiefielder worthy than vidal

  4. Why do Man Utd continually broadcast to the world about the money they have to spend and then season after season they fail to match this promise. Others do business and Utd have signed just two players that were on the radar pre Van Gaal days.
    It’s best to keep one’s mouth shut and quietly get on with the job!!

  5. Hmmmm….man united transfer window is always said than Done…other Teams had done good siginings..i dont see Man united making another big Signinig this summer

  6. Woodward should appears not to be able to handle brining in new players. I dont think the Di Maria , Vidal deals should take so long if we are said to be in the driving seat in terms of clubs interested. Even the Rojo deal is a suprise to me coz they are offering to pay in instalments for such a good and cheap player. These are the sort of senseless tactics that can makeother teams snatch players from under our nose! Can you look at how many players our rivals have signed already! I THINK THERES A PROBLEM SOMMEWHERE ….CLEARLY!!!

    • exactly what im thinking, also woodward is clueless and should be dimissed if no players are signed within the next week.

    • How sickening! Where ‘s the money? Installments ? wow! how ‘s that coming after a 750M £ Adidas deal? Why are we bargaining like there ‘s nothing left in the coffers? Don’t look like they have awakened from last season’s slumber. Investing wisely that’s true but doing it at snail’s pace is simply not acceptable when you know you need several more world class players to really challenge season long. Even if we bring a couple in just before this week’s opening game, there’s the bed-in time to consider. I am not so sure about WR and AY’s games. They seemed to have eased off the pedal after ICC. These are not players who would give you good games consistently but seems to do so only during $ negotiation time or when they are threatened to be booted out. I could be wrong but let’s see.

  7. Am of the view that let Van gal sign top players like Vidal ,BLind ,Rojo ,caudrado now. This is because the season is long and the available defenders will not manage the pressure from Man city.,chelsea ,Asernal.

    If no more signings then Man united will end up the season like MOYES Season

    Please van gal buy now

  8. Woodward needs to go, he is not up to the job of bring in world class players.
    The Vidal deal should have been done by now and training with the man utd players to get use to his new team.
    I have been a man utd fan for over 20 years and I’m starting to get a bit worried regarding the amount of world class players arriving at old Trafford.
    Hopefully with LVG as manager he will get us in the top 4 with the players he’s got, but it kills me people talking about who is going to win the PL and no-one saying man utd can win it.
    I think we defo need Vidal and world class CD and di Maria, then hopefully we can have a good season and win our PL back.

  9. Am tire of Manchester United transfer. They have been linked with several world class players over the past couple of months. But where are the deals? Where are the signings. Please sign Vidal and let us forget about his story over a month

  10. United isn’t a one man team, is owned by a group of individuals so decisions are not jus made individually. This issue of money that the press are just mentioning that united have to spend on players is false,united can’t come out to the world to say that but is quite sure that the money is there is only that united vice chairman (Edwood) has not been too experienced in handling transfer. lets hope that some deals wud be struck bfr dis weekend. it would be very gud if we can av the likes of Blind, Dimaria, And either Khedira or Vidal.

  11. What is going on in regards to incoming ( players ) transfers to ManUtd is truly unfair and disrespectful to fans and supporters alike. It is quite clear we need world class players in at least two very crucial positions i.e. Central defense and central midfield. But to strength our squad in order to be able to compete for champions league slot against the likes of Man city, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool i would say we should be signing 3 to 4 more world class players. All the teams mentioned above were on top of ManUtd in the league ranking and yet have signed more than five quality players in this summer transfer window in addition to the 3 or more players they signed in last summer’s transfer window. Look, LVG is a top top manager but the question is does he have a strong squad to take us through the season and ultimately enables us to competently fight for the tile if not guarantee us a champion league spot ? Any thing less would simply equate to unimaginable disaster. We know acquiring world class players is always difficult. But if you have the financial muscle and the required negotiation skills it’s a doable task. All our immediate rivals are doing it successfully. So LVG and the powers to be should either come out and tell us , that they are happy with the current squad and therefore will be no further signings this summer or that they are definitely working on some acquisitions. I honestly believe we deserve to know. For ManUtd 2014/15 season must simply be a blip that can not be allowed to be repeated at any cost.

  12. both Van Gaal and Ed Woodward are liars, they are lying to the Fans, they will not sign any players, it is better to take off mind from signing players by Man United, they are liars, other teams have doing many business on signing players without too much rumours, both Van Gaal and Ed woodward are not a serious person, welcome Man United to midtable team again this season

  13. Like I said many weeks ago, there’s no funds available , even in fergie days for years and years he said there’s no value in the market , he should have just said there’s no money in the bank, ed woodward is a liar , so is van gaal ! There will be no further signings

  14. United Faithful. The reason why we have not made much in roads or progress after Shaw and the Spanish boy is because we are not in Champions League. LVG and United decision makers should get Vidal,Juan and and center back as soon as possible. Its being a month since Vidal stories is ringing bell. Pay the fees and consider sell fringe prayers. We have no time again. August 31 is close.

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