Manchester United – Potential January Transfer Targets

Manchester United – Potential January Transfer Targets


Manchester United have been linked with several players for the January transfer window – let’s see who they are and whether there is any serious chance of United landing these players.

Owen Hargreaves (Bayern Munich) – Still recovering, and will not play till the end of January. Bayern have whined and bitched about United’s interest in Hargreaves, but the fact is that they can use that money to buy new players, and the way they’re going in the Bundesliga they might just decide to cash in. It would be interesting though, to see who they buy, as they need reinforcements in the midfield as well as up front.

Chances: 50/50.

Henrik Larsson (Helsinborg) – Already signed for 12-14 weeks. Could be a master-stroke, could be crap, depending on how well he adapts to his role as an impact player. He should be 4th choice behind Saha, Rooney and Solskjaer, but it will all depend on how well he does in training (he’ll be training with United till Christmas, before going back home and returing on the 1st) and injuries to the 3 strikers ahead of him. Contract extension? I seriously doubt it, and even if it happens it will only be till the end of May.

Chances: Confirmed.

Fernando Torres (Atletico Madrid) – He’s being touted by many as THE striking future for Manchester United, but I’m not so sure. At any rate, Manchester United’s chances of signing him this January are very slim, which leaves him open to a potential move by Chelsea, if they were so inclined. Manchester United could still move for him next summer, but there are other, cheaper targets also available.

Chances: Unlikely.

Miroslav Klose (Werder Bremen) – Ok, so I’m the one who started this rumour, and yes, he’s not going anywhere till next season, but he deserves a mention because his name will pop up a lot in January. And I started this rumour :)

Chances: Not happening.

Antonio Puerta (Sevilla) – The media have linked him with Manchester United, but in truth, like Klose and Ribery he has more of a chance of going to Arsenal than United.

Chances: Unlikely.

Rio Mavuba (Bordeaux) – Don’t know why he’s linked with Manchester United – this is not the next Essien or Diarra, and that’s the sort of player Ferguson is looking for.

Chances: Unlikely.

Manuel Fernandes (Portsmouth) – Not exactly ‘proven’, and because of that I doubt Ferguson will move for him.

Chances: Unlikely.

Nani (Sporting Lisbon) – If Manchester United want to move for him, January is the time. Not enough news about him, but this is one player United could move for.

Chances: 50/50.

Klaas Jan Huntelaar (Ajax) – A more likely target than Torres, although he will undoubtedly be chased by Arsenal as well. United’s best bet would be to bring him in now, in January, and then we’ll know by May if we need to bring in Torres or not.

Chances: 50/50.

Jermaine Defoe (Tottenham) – We would have gone for him last season if we wanted to, so no, no Defoe.

Chances: Not happening.

Nigel Reo-Coker (West Ham) – Like Parker and Nolan, Reo-Coker is the sort of player who wouldn’t be satisfied with just sitting on the bench, nor is he a direct replacement for Scholes either, plus Arsenal are rumoured to be more interested.

Chances: Unlikely.

Pirlo (AC Milan) – He’s fallen off the radar for United fans, but with Milan in doldrums, he could be one of the first casualties. Imagine Hargreaves and Pirlo running United’s midfield, with Carrick as backup. Chilling.

Chances: Not happening (fun to dream though).

David Trezeguet (Juventus) – Would have been a stupid buy in the summer, would be a stupid buy in the future.

Chances: Not happening.

What do you guys think? Is this list complete, or am I missing anyone? And what are the chances of United signing any of these players?

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  1. just heard that man utd are interested in ronaldinho and he said he wants to come to man u,, not sure barca will let him but still theres a 40 percent chance hes coming to man u, and who here also thinks rooney should be sold GO UNITED!!

  2. thats a nice list you got there. my two cents:

    Andre Pirlo might be a massive flop in the premiership (as opposed to Europe). Players like him need time on the ball and with the premiership being so extremely fast with just long balls forward he might not do spectacularly well (unless he has a Hargreaves or an Essien who is doing the dirty work)

    Fergie should really spend on getting Hargreaves in. I cant see too many other players who will be available to fill that position. Strikers can come in the summer.

    But I really like your spin on Huntelaar but he is not going to come cheap (8 million plus for sure) and I dont think Fergie has enough spending power to get both a striker and a midfielder. All we can hope for is Hargreaves in January and I would be happy with that.

  3. Can’t think of anyone else Ahmed. That’s about it.

    I wish Bayern would cop on a bit. It’s mad the way a club can sell a player when and if they want. But the player doesn’t really have a say while in contract.

    But I know that if players did have a say, it would be a mess too.

  4. I have a feeling that United will get Nani. I don’t think there will be any other activity during the transfer period and that Nani will get signed either on or just before transfer deadline.

    Whatever happened to United’s interest in Kerlon? I heard rumours that he could be coming in Jan, but now I believe that he is going to some Spanish club?

  5. Simao Sabrosa is available for £12 million and is a top player. Would provide comeptition and cover for both Giggs and Ronaldo on the wings. He is more experienced than Nani and would probably cost around the same. Also if we can’t get Hargreaves than Kristofer Hæstad would be a good and cheap option. He would strengthen the squad and allow us to wait until the summer when we can get our real target.

  6. Torres had ruled himself out so he won’t be coming. I agree with Karl and think we will get Nani at some point in the future.

  7. Kevin Nolan anyone ?? A cheaper more agressive version of hargreaves , amazing work ethic , good player, gets some goals and would fit straight into the squad ..

  8. im fans man united , im just crazy too see you campion because i love you , i had like to sing andrea pirlo, owen hargrivs , fernando tores and same other soccers , i had like too see out of old ttraford .. john oshea. deren flethqer. micheal silvestre i love you man utd i love you forewer im 17 eyears old and i like almost 10eyear ago im crazy fans for man utd . im ready to dead for man utd

  9. I am a man united fan and would love to see Torres come in the summer mainly because be can play in Europe for us now. Hardgreaves is a good addition to the club although Ballack would have been better suited to united’s style of play. But most of all I would love to see any big player come to united as all this talk usually comes to nought in the end. What is Ferguson doing? I think he is a great coach but he lacks alot in the transfer market. He consistantly misses opportunities to get big name players to the club. Remember Ronaldinho (11million pounds), Arjen Robben, Ballack, etc. Also remember how he chased away brilliant players, namely, Ruud, Beckham, Seba Veron, Stam(WHY???), etc, and do you remember how he killed a career of a promising young brazilian, namely Kleberson, and Alan Smith(althogh smith has time on his side to revive his career as a top class striker.
    In a dream world lets do this to united: Fergie out Lippi or Mourinho in, Fletcher, Brown, Carrick, Silvestre out; Ballack, Ronaldinho, Messi, Cannavaro, Chivu and Essien in and finally bring Robben, Duff, Pirlo, Gattuso, Torres or David Villa in and United would be a Major Force in European Football and a team ALL TEAMS WOULD FEAR FACING!!!
    GO UNITED, GO!!!! (“,)…

  10. Please post more news regarding the rumours of Deco and the Gattuso-Heinze swop deal. Thanks… BTW Great site guys

  11. I think that Fergie had his days at United. He should end his career at United at the end of the 2006/2007 season and do it on a high. He WAS a great manager and will always be remembered but it’s time to go Fergie. We need a manager that can get big players at the club, someone like Mourinho or Marcelo Lippi.

  12. Good list. I would also love to see Kevin Nolan come in. He is very consitant, great work ethics, and power and vision. However I don’t think Big Sam will let him go, but we definately should try to sign him. I don’t think it is realistic to expect many players coming in during this transfer window. We might get one player for ten million (+/-2), and one backup for less. Fergie is also bringing in all his players who are out on loan, so he is worried about upcoming injuries. Ballack would have been smarter to join up with us insted of Chelsea. I really hope Heinze wont go, I would rather want to see Rio benched and Gaby in the team, than him walking out. Heinze and Vidic would make a mean pair at the back, no-nonsense there.

  13. I agree “Sigfus Orn”, Ballack would have been better suited to united style of play.
    Also I think Torres will definately join United next summer, look out for Owen joining in January and look out for the impact that Larsson will make upfront and the invaluable lessons that he will teach Rooney and Saha about being a top class striker…

  14. You also forgotten Pirlo’s teammate Gennaro Gattuso, who just recently was in a fight with AC Milan’s directors. And not to mention Daniele De Rossi as a potential target. Fergie will be looking for a defensive midfielder and I think De Rossi could be the next Roy Keane. Just look at what he did in the World Cup this summer. He was excellent in the defensive midfield role and he plays just as hard and nasty as Keane did in his best days.(just look at the elbow on McBride)He would be my Nr 1 guy if I would have chosen. The only problem is he’s Cup-Tied, therefore a signing who can play in the Champions League is more likely. But in the summer I would love to see him in the United shirt!

  15. Pirlo and Buffon are ment to join Arsenal in the summer.Not so sure about Torres he might go to Barcelona or Real Madrid.

    P.S Bale from Southhampton is a target for Arsen Wenger

  16. I honestly think with the ageing Legend that giggs is united should buy Quersmo to supplement Ronaldo, i mean it would a fantastic midfield that all teams wouyld fear to encounter,, then again im not a manager but a wishfull fan!!! GO UNITED GO!!

  17. In my opinion…United need in terms of strikers:1)Fernando Torres who is amazing and if future proof….also i’m heard Nike will add 5Mill to Fergie’s bid so they can add him to Nike’s secret weapon advert with Ronaldo and Rooney. 2)David Villa who is also another top class striker

    Midfield: 1) Nani…this boy has a BRIGHT future and United would be Stupid not to sign him 2) Owen Hargreaves who SHOULD take over Carrick’s spot becuz sorry people…but Carrick just isnt good enough to be a starter! Owen is a great player is would suit United well 3) Quaresma what can you say about him…hes awesome and would fit in just fine with united also

    Defence: Seeing as how Gattuso could be freed up they should make a move on him!

    Dream: KAKA…Ronaldo and Kaka in your midfield?…Who would stand against them? no one thats who!

  18. Im a wolves fan but i do follow united! fergie should land Quaresma before someone else does! hes awesome ronaldo and quaresma agenst any defence…..evn chelsea! no contest united would b a more dominant force than b4. Also land freddy adu and give him 2 us on loan 4 experience. i seriously believe the kid will be unstpable in the future. just stp chelsea 4 goodness sake its stupid! danny

  19. yes
    to my own opinio i will rather say boost of man utd is the best things i dont say m/carrick & p/scholes is doing their best but we need the light of ANDREA PIRLO and some other sharp striker like fernando torres.
    i also want to advise man utd to pls build so many players from their feeder team and also publish out to their web home page how to apply for man u soccer school cos i also like to become one of man u future players.
    thank u.

  20. fergie should go for quaresmo as a direct replacement for the ageing giggs.No to ageing players like gattuso,pirlo.he should try again to bring defoe.

  21. Transfer in-firstly, i would like fergie to bring in owen. bcoz carrick is not suitable for being a defensive midfielder. Then second buy in fernando torres or klass jan huntelaar either 1 . next buy in Rio mavuba for replace michael carrick. Then tey to land nani from sporting lisbon for a less transfer fee. after that try to buy nigel reo coker then manu substitute will be good enough to fight with chelsea young guys ! Lastly try to buy jermain defoe from white hart lane to old traford because he at totenham is useless bcoz of berbatov and keane! manu need to buy a star potential defernder like daniel alves and replace ryan giggs with quaresma . then buy a goalkeeper to replace van der sar. i think craig gordon or buffon is the best

    transfer out – smith loan out to tofees
    silvestre sell it to anywhere
    then sell ryan giggs bcoz he is no use

    that’s all my comment as i agree with paul

  22. we shud sign the following in january: Hargreaves n Lennon
    and bring in the following in the summer: F.torres (No.14) Kaka (No. 10)
    Kaka wud be great wid scholes in the middle, he’s tall an strong and can win the ball plus dribble lik ronaldo and pass n shoot like scholes and cud release passes to the fowards and wingers quicker so rooney wudn’t hav to keep droppin deeper and deeper. plus in the future he cud partner hargreaves in the middle wen scholes retires. and lennon or nani cud replace giggs with any duo up front of torres rooney saha and rossi.
    Out: Smith, Fletcher, Silvestre & Ji-Sung Park (but only till the summer and only if we sign the above)

  23. i think adu will be the next ryan giggs or nani too. i think we need 2 sign a more experinced striker like etoo or huntelaar. torres forget him. hargreaves or mavuba will do fine in the midfield. defence maybe cannavoro or taiwo

  24. i think united should get serious now that they are ahead of others,players are getting out of form because of age and over playing.sir. alex f, should think of bringing yonger players like those his targeting.

  25. What about SIMAO. Great player. Two good fet, good free kick, great playmaking abbilities and, at his best, can play as well as Ronaldo. Very affordable and great for whats on offer. Should be bought in the summer.

  26. Man utd need quite a few players…I think they need a right back too….So cant see them coughing up too much on the midfield….HarGreaves is for sure…Maybe Nani…But not torres …He seems too expensive and I dont think he is worth that much…we dont want an another sheva….

  27. This message is for sir Alex please please bring David Beckham back to Man Utd in the January transfer window, he has still got that hunger in his sight the man is a winner and a united loyal player.

  28. rooney torres berbatov can be a catastrophic set of attack difficult to be handled by 4 defenders along with silva as amidfielder

  29. Buying torres willl surely be a good move coz the guy can surely produce results but moves like that do not usually occur(a big team selling to another big team)

  30. man utd am telling u bring back beckham well here he is still one of the best players and beckham wants to go to a better team so y donr man utd by him heres who i would by and the prices jack rodwel 10million taylor swap for macheda kenwin jones 12.25million beckham 8.50 million swap berbatov for aguero and 20 million cause u can tell he is going to be a fantastic player and man utd have got the staff to make him evan better

  31. so tell man utd that ok cause he should by a least one player if he dosent well alex has lost it are and play owen instead of berbatov

  32. Hi i think man needs to strengthen its defense line and in that case fergie really need to buy players this january transfer window.

  33. Alex needs to buy some defenders. With our midfielders in defence we have no chance of winning games. Berbatov canny score goals and well rooney’s injured so i think we NEED to get Villa & Silva!

  34. With the defence of Man utd…shaky and with Owen proving to be a white elephant. Why don’t we go in for Nestar or Pique? and Aguero to reenforce the attack line

  35. ferge is owen haregreves back to hull game.becouse we see big problem with the midfilders at the begening of the year and aiso we need to bring “vila”.

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