Manchester United outbid wages for Fabregas offered by Chelsea

Manchester United outbid wages for Fabregas offered by Chelsea


According to reliable journalist of CNN and GDS, Tancredi Palmeri, Manchester United have outbid wages offered to Fabregas by Chelsea, perhaps providing yet another twist in the long-running saga.


Chelsea were thought to be leading the race to sign Cesc Fabregas, who has been told by Barcelona that he can leave the Nou Camp this summer, with the Catalan giants slapping an asking price of £30m for the midfielder. 


The Times reported last week that Chelsea had lodged a £26.8m to secure the services of the midfielder, while no personal terms have been agreed yet. 

Arsenal, who still have the option of activating a buy-back clause in their former captain’s contract, are thought to be out of the race. The Telegraph reported that Chelsea were preparing their offer in such way that that would lead Arsenal to miss out on any payment for Fabregas.

Manchester United were also interested in his signature, however reports emerged earlier that Chelsea tabled a better offer than the Red Devils.

However, according to Palmeri, United now have offered a better wage package to Fabregas, though still no official bid have been lodged from their end, and Fabregas reportedly prefers a move to Chelsea.

Can Manchester United hijack a deal for Fabregas? Share your thoughts below…

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  1. hijack the player . Van gaal must phone fabregas himself and let him know about the wage what they offering. Do it now and no delay

  2. man u does not have what it takes to dislodge chelsea from signing fabregas. Moreover, fabregas prefers chelsea to man u.

    • Actually that’s a load of rubbish Fabregas not to long ago said he’d rather die than be in a chelsea shirt. Mourinho said he was monitoring the situation. I actually can see Cesc turning down Mourinho in aid of city or man u.

  3. Please for once, as Man U supporter, i would like to hear deals done and not these rumors which always leave our hearts bleed at the end of the day.

    • Cesc’s already a blue boy!!!!! He won’t go 2 Man U coz they’re Champion League (CL) drop out 4 now.

      • Sign for Chelsea at your peril as you will become just another of Mourhinio ‘s midfield numbers, he has far too many players signed on already to occupy those three or four positions, so much so that if you sign for Chelsea you must be aware you will be lucky to play 30 games in a season, not enough to regularly turn out for your country.

    • Agreed. I look at the transfer updates daily, but I don’t know why. We are not going to get fabs. We’re not going to get Vidal, muller, Sanchez. I hate it when reports say we are not interested in the player. Yet we seem so adamant on getting shaw and McCarthy. We don’t even need a left back. Let’s just sort the central midfield situation out.

  4. they cant since the deal have already been aggreed man u should go and sleep my dear

    • My Brother who told you the deal has already been agreed?have you forgotten that last season toti-harm hosspurs agreed deal with Williams but Chelsea went ahead to hijack the deal?so wait any is possible okay?

  5. There is no way we will sign him to anyone else for that matter, while that idle scum bastard Woodward is entrusted with the duties. He is clueless and out of his depth.

  6. Chelsea is the right place, we chelsea fans, we’ll like to see you play for chelsea.

  7. No need for argument. If united need him, surely he will b in red shirt next season..

  8. Cesc is already a chelsea player, so no need arguing, so Ed woodward or what ever should back off…..

  9. I don’t see any reason fab going to man u, they are not in
    champions league cos big boyz alwayz like 2 play in ucl
    n fab is a big boy manu can’t get him unless city.

  10. I knw fabregas will surely become a united playrt for sure chelsea fans don’t doubt dat bcoz ysterday dey revealed it dat he his Club nd hs family ave all agreed dat fabregas will move to old trafford ds summer so man u fans put ur mind a rest his for united for sure nd den utd said dey will offer him £150000 a week nd four year deal after world. So no deal ave been agreed by bacelona it was jst a rumour o so chelsea fan dnt Doubt fabregas is a old trafford player

    • Actually, man u is a big club but what ‘ll make dem 2 miss Fabregas are no champions league, no europa league. So Fab’s likely destination is Chelsea.

  11. Thunder fire the source of dis rumour! Cesc x already in a blue shirt. Fuck all Man U fans.

  12. Fabregas is already a chelsea player,but will still have to wait and see what happens @ the end….Up chlesea….up blues..

  13. Elkanah, Ebuka ,maxi …ya’ll should stop comparing chelsea to manchester because of a season out of the UCL ……if man u and chelsea were to win him over thru wages and the transfer fee , I don’t think Chelsea can match the financial power of the 3rd richest club in the world !!!!!!!!!¤ and by d way ya’ll should get a bus a park your way to HELL!!!! Mu!!!f!ckas

  14. Fuck you dumb Hammed .. 20 times champions and we beat you in a champions league final.. chelsea sucks not his fans!

  15. I think man utd club at now lack of serious in signing players these days,I blame Sir Alex for staying many years without signing top class players so that club owners can learn to spend big amount in signing 4 or 6 expensive players,if these problem continue Man utd who go down like Leeds utd, so club management must be serious for everything to make fans happy,

  16. Just to clear things up,, im a massive chelsky fan and even i know that cesc would not come to us because he is a very good player why would he throw everything he trains wk in wk out to play for us and every cunt and there big fucking teeth knows our manager n cesc dont get on and its never gonna happen, cesc will be a united player thats man utd and they will make bog signing this summer and will blow the PL away next season , thank u a blue but wish i was a red :p

    • Because it would be man utd thats why , years n years of glory n streped in history, wheres chelskys history? bought over by billonire… buy the league… ruin top class players, “”chelskys cfc u have no history””

  17. Chelsea has a greater advantage bcos man united isn’t gonna play in the champion’s league. All players look to playing in the competition let alone a great player like (Fabripass) Fabregas

  18. Fabregas is already a chelsea player,ManU fans stop mockery your self.How can u expect player like fabregas sign for a club out of champion league and Europa.Blues is the colour fab welcome.

  19. Ok guys enough of the banters. I am speaking as an authority here. Fab is my boy, I speak with him constantly. He is not going to Chelsea becos of the Chelsea coach. He has a dislike for J.M right from his Arsenal days. He is keen on either City or Man U. City are favorites due to United’s failure to land European competition. Sagna is also hoping to join Fab in City. The plan is for former gunners to take over city. (Nasri, Clichy, Fab, Sagna etc.)

    • “The plan is for former gunners to take over city. (Nasri, Clichy, Fab, Sagna etc.)” Not quite. The plan is for Abu Dhabi to acquire Arsenal F.C. and turn it into a full-time feeder club for Man City, in much the way the same owners might buy a horse as a pacemaker for a much better horse. They may also activate their Goalkeeper Plan, which is their plan to sign at least a dozen of the top ‘keepers in the league just to stop them playing for the competition.

  20. If Fabregas has a strong preference for living in London, there is not much Man U can do about that. But if he signs for Man U, he will have played for two of the greatest clubs in the country, clubs which look after their players and former players. Chelsea has no tradition to speak of; until The Special One came along, their title win in1955 was the only big win in the club’s history. Because of all the money that has been pumped into them, Chelsea resemble a cheap car with a super-charged engine, whereas Man U is a different class of automobile altogether. Take the high road, Cesc. Join the much classier club.

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