Manchester United offer €20m to snatch Liverpool target: Full Story

Manchester United offer €20m to snatch Liverpool target: Full Story


Marcos Rojo made a big impression during the World Cup in Brazil for Argentina. He was one of the most consistent performers for Argentina along with Lionel Messi and as a natural consequence, got linked with several European heavy weights.

Liverpool were heavily linked with a move for Rojo for a good past three-four months. The Reds were looking for an alternatives elsewhere, after Alberto Moreno deal had hit a snag, and found Rojo as the candidate to fill the left-back role. Liverpool scouts had been following him since the turn of this year but Sporting wanted to do any business only after the World Cup, as they felt the player’s value will increase, should he perform well.

Marcos Rojo

However, Liverpool’s interest died down all of a sudden possibly due to the fact that they felt a deal for Moreno could still be possible. That has left the door ajar for Manchester United to register an interest and might snap him up as well.

When Rojo joined Sporting, he had a €30m buy-out clause, but now could be available for €20m only. He has a contract till 2017 and Sporting could be willing to do a business here. Rojo has remained tight lipped about his future but is dropping some hints recently after he followed few Manchester United players on Instagram.


O Jogo now claim that Rojo has asked Sporting to let him leave this summer and even has refused to play a friendly against National Montevideo.

Manchester United have made a €20m offer for him, but the problem is United’s offer is split into €12m upfront plus €8m bonuses depending on performance. Sporting want €20m outright and they have a strong reason for that. They have previously refused a €17m offer from Southampton and is likely to reject United’s offer as well. Sporting only own 25% of Rojo’s economic rights, the remaining 75% belonging to the Doyen group, so they would get only €4-5m if they sell him at one go. However, 25% of €12m would fetch them a very little profit or nothing at all. 

Also apparently something that might undermine Sporting is that under the previous Sporting president a clause was inserted whereby Sporting would be forced to sell him at €15m, though it was not made clear whether it meant an outright €15m or including fees per objectives.

Manchester United need a left-back/centre-back (O Jogo claim Louis van Gaal want to use Rojo as a centre-back) in the summer and therefore could make a move for Rojo (can play as a centre-back but mainly a good wing-back), but they must pay the full fee as Sporting probably won’t entertain any other alternative break down payments.

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  1. What a pointless inaccurate article, if Manchester United are in need of a solid left back after spending approximately £34m on Luke Shaw then either they are clueless or indeed the writer of this piece Saikat is!

    • FYI, he can play as a centre-back too. Plus, LVG may not depend too much on a young, inexperienced kid, who is mainly seen as a player for future! Clueless, right?

  2. The article is NOT pointless. Makes perfect sense.

    Read carefully. Marcos Rojo is wanted by LVG primarily as a center-back, reasonably the left-sided of a 3-man defence. At the same time provides cover for left wing-back.

    Given his impressive performances in the World Cup all the way to the finals (add the fact that LVG witnessed first-hand how Marcos Rojo managed to neutralise Arjen Robben).
    16 million pounds is a steal.

    All in all very good business for Man United if this works out.

    Plus, getting Marcos Rojo would interest fellow Argentinian …Angel Di Maria

  3. All of you are very optimistic , well if we sign emile heskey before the window closes well be lucky, the budget for the transfers is been used up on shaw and herrera.there’s is no funds , ed woodward is doing exactly what david gill did , hiding the truth that there is no funds available, ed dum ass woodward said united are willing to break records then howcome yopu cant get players at 25 and 30 m in , but you talking off breaking records , go fool your mum ed dum ass woodward , your a lying ass cheap piece of trash that’s what you are , you and david gill are both hopeless , useless, effectless, nothing absolutely zero ! Sorry to dissapoint you guys but anybody can see the ways its going is similar to last season, there will be no more signings

    • Woodward and Gill have in common that they both spout what the Glazers tell them to. They have to be careful because United is the most profitable club in the world and so if it becomes apparent that it is nothing more than a cash cow for the Glazers, there will be uproar. They are just appeasing the fans and keeping up the illusion that we can still keep up with real Madrid, city etc, as we managed to with the genius that was fergie. Van Gall is also a great manager so lets hope he has the fergie magic!

  4. I just wish that all of these speculations will be a thing of the past. Ed Woodward – Where is your so-called “watch this space” comment? Give Van Gaal what he wants and that’s that. The supporters think that Van Gaal can bring the title back. Van Gaal also thinks so. Why don’t you? Cough up or be spat out again at the end of the season. Glazers?

  5. races is right Couldn’t get Fabregas thru two transfer windows- Chelsea had him within two days. Couldn’t get Vermalen. Did not buy Mangala due ‘doubtful temperament’. Now Vidal – doubtful fitness. Glasers want $150m plus out of Man U so are not going to buy players.

  6. It would seem that once again this summer is going badly for United in the transfer market. All we have are rumors and more rumors

    It cant be a coincidence that the person in charge of negotiations one name comes to mind Ed Woodward. He seems incapable of organising a party in a brewery let alone negotiate the transfer of top rated players. He is a joke. He has improved very little this transfer window and now with all the supposed money available he is quibbling over paying £20 million for Rojas. No he wants to pay it in bits and pieces.

    It is time for Woodward to go back to doing what he is good at, bringing money into the club sure as hell he has no clue how to spend it.

  7. No good bragging about how money we’ve got go get the player’s we need then Bragg when we win the title the other big club’s get the players they want we are becoming a joke

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