Manchester United to make formal move for €45m long term target

Manchester United to make formal move for €45m long term target


Manchester United have lodged a formal offer for their long term target Nicolas Gaitan. It was back in April 2012, Jason Burt of the The Telegraph published the story that says Manchester United had agreed a deal to sign Gaitan. The deal that never happened. 

After that Gaitan has been linked with United on several occasions. He was one of those players who were scouted by previous manager David Moyes.

Benfica are facing a tough task to keep hold of their star man and one of the onerous job is to review Gaitan’s contract. The work which is already been in progress is expected to take a concrete shape next week, when the player’s agent will be in Lisbon.

According to reports from Portugal newspaper Record, Manchester United had made a formal offer as well and during the negotiations, their offers as also from that of Monaco to sign the player will also be studied.

Manchester United

With less than couple of weeks remaining for the transfer window to close down, the chances of Gaitan staying at Benfica increases. Benfica’s president has guaranteed last week that the Argentine will only leave if any potential buyer pays his buyout clause of €45m in full.

Benfica have already received some offers, but that do not fulfil their requirements. In order to keep the player, the club is willing to renew his contract (which lasts until 2016) and increase his wages. It should be noted that, after the win in the Super Cup, Gaitan declared himself available to continue his career at Benfica.

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  1. Luis van gall and El Woodward are both mad and seriously sick , two old fools sign players or else God will soon punish both of you. Two white monkey ebloa sourse

  2. 13 days to go, van gal and Woodward are both useless fellow who need to be sack at any fucking time, two bastard

  3. i think van gaal is professional enough,fans patience pays,let us respect his view,research is needed here not just buying as others are doing,keep it up van gaal.

    • Ken, u think ED is making research. are u aware that Transfer is to end in 13days time. Woodward need no kind word from us. I only spare my man LVG. But VG speak your mind. Buy classic players. Why waste time with Di maria. Fans Lets make a point to the Glazers it seems they are interested in making money not our happiness. Di Maria, Vidal, Song.

  4. LVG must show to exert pressure on Ed Woodard so that the idoit gets fired if he does not buy.Even the glazers must be reasonable enough utd been the richest club cannot be struggling to land players it has just been revealed that utd ve not made any bid for Vidal all has been speculation,even the availability of Di Maria until another team snatches him that’s when will realise our timing has been terrible.As far as am concerned our team lacks quality we cannot even compare to the quality of chelsea,city and arsenal squads we need three or four more quality players to compete for top football.

  5. My blame gose to woodward. Can u plz sign di maria, cuadrado, alex song soon this week. U have 200m for buying new players. N u jst spend 76m to 8 0m n we r now remend with 124m or 120m. Jst buy di maria by 50m, cuadrado 35m n alex song 15m or jst only 10m to let compete with others club in pl.

  6. Two more signing and we are good to go, LVG is not a magician to set up and unbalance squad immediately let us be patient with him. As for Woody I think he needs orientation on how to do business on transfer of players.he should stop frustrating united fans is unbearable. Just imagine Vidal,Fabrigas,Costa,Cavani,Miranda,Mangala, kroose and now Di Maria non is seem to be through what a shame can we face our rivals anymore? I pray lVG transform united soon!

  7. Get di Maria then vidal midfield should be Ok still think we need someone like hummels in defence just give dortmand 50m we need a strong centre back also if we can’t get vidal sort out rues quality

  8. Hummel is the key man for man united.why not offer up to 50 million for World Cup u desperately need a replacement for vidic.hope this idiot(Woodward) do something before transfer window closes

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