Manchester United: Louis van Gaal Has To Deliver On Summer Transfer Plans

Manchester United: Louis van Gaal Has To Deliver On Summer Transfer Plans


Louis van Gaal has started his World Cup preparations with Holland

Louis van Gaal will not be afforded a honeymoon period and has been told that he has to deliver on the clubs summer transfer plans. With rumours and counter rumours dominating the media this is a frustrating time to be a Manchester United fan. Whilst there has been positive sounding lines emanating from club sources, there is still nothing concrete on show for Manchester United fans to feel excited. Whilst there are ulterior motives for some of the negative press which the club receives from some quarters of the media, it seems that every day there is a negative headline contradicting the positive one from the day before.

This has an unhappy echo from last summer, when fans were led by the nose into thinking that the club had signed Fabregas, when all along the player had no intention of leaving Barcelona. Memories of shady Spanish representatives masquerading as lawyers made a mockery of Ed Woodward’s efforts and damaged his image as a negotiator. Whilst insiders like Gary Neville insist that the club should keep their dealings private, the fans are owed at least some information to offer a crumb of comfort.

There has been a concerted swathe of headlines along the lines of “Robben snubs United” and “Yet another target turns down United”. Of course it is all a game played by journalists meeting deadlines for original copy as the football season ends. There is no real news any longer, so there has to be some creative writing to fill the back pages, and transfer rumours are a prime target.

What can Van Gaal do about it?

The fact is that Van Gaal must not let another summer like the last happen this time. Whilst he is busy in Brazil, we assume that Ed Woodward is beavering away getting signatures from top players willing to come to Old Trafford. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to support this. Luke Shaw is a `done deal` evidently, yet he still makes ambiguous statements to the media at the England training camp. Robben says he is staying at Bayern, as does Kroos. Fabregas says nothing. Strootman is injured until October and seems to be suggesting that he will remain at Roma. On and on it goes, like a runaway train desperate for someone to apply the brakes.

Van Gaal or Woodward need to either announce a signing to allay any unrest amongst fans, or at least make some kind of positive statement about their plans.

The repercussions of last year`s failure have been highlighted today by a report by Brand Finance showing that Manchester United`s brand value has fallen by nearly £60m in a year to leave them third in the table. They cannot afford another season of failure and neither can Van Gaal fail to deliver.

Manchester United has led the way under Ed Woodward by bringing some of the biggest sponsorship deals in football to the club, but how long will they remain if the team does not win anything? The pressure to win will be enormous; bigger than anything ever experienced under Sir Alex Ferguson`s time in charge. Instead of leaking misleading information, the club needs to deliver , especially if there really is the fabled £200m warchest available. The price of failure will have far reaching effects that will spread across the Atlantic as far as Wall Street with the spectre of the Glazers nest egg falling around their ears.

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  1. I agree last year was a disaster in the transfer market.juan mata excluded.he is quality.we need five or six top players and ed woodward has to deliver this time oor else. We should be announcing new players asap lifelong man utd fan

  2. Am not happy with man united transfer. They should sign quickly. sign players LVG now

    • yes bro! I m not also happy M U transfer,until now no player sign in…look other team! that is nonsense

  3. I honestly do not know what LVG and EWW are hoping to achieve with this silence in announcing which players are coming to old trafford .Again, this dormant attitude in signing our desired players now is likely to amount to what happened in last year’s transfer window…sign now LVG or at least let us the fans be happy about done deals….UTD FOREVER…

  4. I don’t think Ed Woodward is doing enough on the transfer market.we need quality midfielders..We the fans really have United in our heart,but we are not enjoying good football. United we Stand.

  5. Guys we need to wake up…. LVG just talking but nothing happen until now about transfer….players are moving out but no one in why? is crazy! Mata is going welbeck also,clevery,fellani,vidic,Rio,…etc…

  6. Am tired of reading difference story about United transfer….LVG n Wood act fast we need quality players not just by name

  7. We re real tired of dis piz LVG can u sign da top players we real need

  8. Ed woodward isnt a good scout he lost man utd a lot of targets last year man utd should get another or bring back david gill he only came threw moyes and ed woodward admitted he messed up in market and he apolgised to fans because of his mistake

  9. But i think van gaal is a fantastic manager and will do well but will he sign big name players a couple of centre backs couple of midfeilders we need but not seven players sell carrick hes getting on abit sell cleverley sell welbeck they dont do much and a winger is needed because giggs has retired now at age 40 to get asistant coach

  10. You said it yourselves in the writing above…’there is no real news’ so what’s this then? Made up bollocks that you ‘think’ is happening or something you heard from a friend of the cleaner of the gardener? Keep it up…no one believes this shite anyway…

  11. Replacing David Moyes was solving only one half of the problem at Old Trafford. Increasingly, it looks like Ed Woodward is not up to it.

    No one cares if the club dithers over its official Romanian cellphone partner, or even if it is Nike or Adidas that makes the jerseys the club wears, so it is okay if Woodward dithers and tries to squeeze every last advantage in the deal. With players, it is a totally different matter and for all intents and purposes, it looks like Ed has been a failure at getting top talent into United shirts.

  12. we are tierd by former only.please sign sign sign. sign and keep mata!!! fromAfrica/Ethiopia/

  13. Players need assurance, man u will struggle again but not so badly, van gal will steady the ship, encouraging top quality players to come back to man u. Don’t see the need for fellani.

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