Deal close, Manchester United set to seal transfer with Juventus

Deal close, Manchester United set to seal transfer with Juventus


It seems like Manchester United can finally secure a deal with Juventus. Through out this summer we have been fed with all sorts of transfer rumours surrounding Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal.

To be honest, we don’t know yet, whether Manchester United will at all make a formal move for Vidal or whether Juventus would be willing to sell him.

Juventus however are keen to do business with Manchester United.

According to reports from Italy, Juventus are keen to land Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez, who has become somewhat disillusioned with life at Old Trafford.

The Mexican started his United career brightly but has found himself playing a fringe figure in the squad and time is ripe for him to make a move elsewhere.

Juventus, as usual, are trying to secure a loan move for Hernandez, but United want direct payment, something in the region of €10m. 

The report claim that negotiations are going on at an advanced level and that an agreement will be reached shortly.

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  1. i think it will be a good deal,javier shdnt be loaned but he shd be used as part of vidal deal.

  2. sell him to juve BUT ONLY IF THEY SELL US VIDAL!!




  3. Hernandez is crap. If he’s not good enough for United he certainly will never get off the bench for Juventus.

    • dude, I’m sure u don’t know football if no u won’t say Hernandez is not good. he is certainly better than welbeck and he is the best and only super-sub man utd has. so rethink pls. if he is not good, then why does everyone want him???

  4. Even if it deem necessary for United to sell the guy, it shouldn‘t be to Juventus, because of their greedness. United gave them Evra and they turn down United request for Vidal.

  5. manu should’nt try selling javier coz he is still very young and still developing with fantastic goal record…remember vanpersie is not gona play all d matches coz he is prone to injury how ever, if lvg is to sell any striker it shud b welbeck. up manu!!

  6. Van Gaal need to be careful else he may commit the same blunder as in David Moyes last seanson transfer window where he allowed other big clubs to dictate the pase. The best way out now for Louis Van Gaal is to be decisive to the player he wants as in Di Mario, Guari, Vidal and Quadrado even Blind and Depay. The purchase of these players will no doubt strengthen the Man Utd and equally make the club to compit favourably this season.

  7. We are all tired of stories all over the internet, how long it takes to sign a player? We have been hearing this story since but yet only two players manutd were able to sign, and among them one is injured even before the begining of the league. So we are tired actually.

  8. LVG should not loose concentration… Let him get Vidal and heat up manu squad. Hdz is good but the change is of great importance… Lvg work fast!

  9. Juve just want to take advantage of man utd inability of playing in Europe this summer, thats why they are demanding high on Arturo Vidal, no doubt AV is a good and classy player bt doesn’t worth the amount Juventus are demanding.
    Letting Chicharito go will be a big mistake for United but if united will let him go they should get a replacement for him because if MU depends much on injury prone RvP who is in his 30s and who might not have much time to play like Chicharito, then the future of MU will be like a Ball in the centre circle btween two teams waiting for the ref to blow the whistle; still always remain a MU fan.

  10. I prefer javier to welbeck, Van gaal shld release welbeck and retain chicharito, he is good wth lucky and fantasy ability to score, also Van Gaal shld hasten to sign Di Maria who wl help liberate the team from emblem miseries, Di Maria is the best class winger wt good tacts of tacklng who challenge the for rivals of united. The issue of janusaji’s dvlopmnt shld not bar hm lurerng the best winger

  11. Dis is a crap,why not sell fellaini instead chicharito..LVG need to buy DI MARIA now and VIDAL before its get too late

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