Manchester United agree €62m deal, player set to discuss contract terms

Manchester United agree €62m deal, player set to discuss contract terms

Angel di Maria

It seems like no body has any clue about what’s going on with the Angel di Maria saga.

Madrid press believe that Carlo Ancelotti wants to keep Di Maria with him as he was one of the outstanding players of last season.

Angel di Maria

Sergio Ramos has also commented on Di Maria’s future insisting the Argentine probably would continue his career at the Bernabeu.

Ancelotti recently however hinted that Di Maria could be sold should any potential buyer comes up with a mega offer.


In France, they think Di Maria is PSG bound, but the press is also aware that the French champions must sell some of their players to balance the book.

Which means Manchester United have an upper hand in luring him. Money is not a factor for United, but the question is – can they wrap up a deal before the transfer deadline day?

According to reports from Catalan newspaper Sport, Manchester United seems to have agreed a €62m deal to land Angel di Maria and that the player has been given a green signal to discuss personal terms with the Premier League giants.

On that note, let me say, there is nothing on this story in AS, Marca and El Confidencial – the newspapers having close association with Madrid.

The report also claim that Real Madrid are likely to sell Sami Khedira as well should he refuse to sign a new contract.

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  1. Please LVG sign Di Maria now . This is our last chase as a MAU FAN
    Please am begging you .The counter attack will be good for MAU Team and goals will flow like water . Thank you

    • totally agree! but we also need vidal to help our defence! and another centre back! anddddddddd pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee LVG DROP SMALLING! PLAY ANYONE ELSE IN DEFENCE! HE IS LIKE A BABY YOU HAVE TO LOOK AFTER IN THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I agree.. I look smalling for a long time and he dont deserve to play with united.. I really2 dont like him

      • I think we should drop chasing Vidal,are we going to sit with a Fabregas story again chasing players that dont wanne come to our club dont let them waste our time.

      • Totally agree. Just had to say ur so right. Love it When Utd (some utd- fans know what theyre talking about:-)

    • LVG will sign this player, now Man United already launch the deal up to 62m to 100m for price tag.

  2. Please van gal tell Woodward to sign di maria before 12 hour, but remember, if di maria and vidal are not signed for united. forget about ur experience and old age, fans will frustrate u and Woodward we be get sacked. So act fast

  3. People saying Van Gaal should sign players are ignorant of the fact that its not his work to sign, its that big-headed guy Ed Woodward that is stalling Man. United from signing players maybe due to him being inexperience or just being stupid……He’s been bragging about breaking transfer records yet he’s yet to break any, he’s just being economical with the future of the club.

    • I totally agree with ya all, LVG please drop Smalling and play Blackett in his position. We are getting frustrated as Man United fans, we are a laughing piece since Fergie left, kindly do justice to the Man United fans by winning all ur remaining games. Another issue, kindly play the following players; Kagawa and Nick Powell.

      To Ed Wardwoord; pls sign Di Maria and Hummels. want to reign in Europe again! Please buddie…

      • We cant sign hummels!!!!!. Its obvious enough, he was made new captain of bvb… and I think we should give woodward time, for crying out loud we are not in the champions league, and so top players are likely not to come to manu, we cant sign vidal, to be honest. Be realistic with the players manu can sign… manu will be back!!! Just believe..

        • First of all just get the name of the team u are supporting right. It is Man United not MAU or even ManU like most people say. If ur a reall United supporter u would know that. Secondly I would rather let Van Gaal go for a holding midfielder in the mold of a Roy Keane, someone like Nigel De Jong, another central defender because at this moment we don’t have anyone who can play Iin that position other than Marcos Rojo. Jones and co does not deserve to be wearing the United shirt. Lastly I do not believe Madrid will sell Di Maria, Ed Woodward is unfortunately not up to the standard of a David Gill.

        • man if U don’t know anything about man utd just keep moot! Woodward doesn’t know his work if he does why did he always get sponsorship ones right but lack to sign important players. He could have convince both Fabregas as well as Sanchez to join us if he is good enough. Remember that even Juventus went on relegation and top players were willing to play for them because they have people that knows what they want for the growth of the club after such disaster but we in our case we don’t have people that can convince quality players to come to our beloved utd

  4. Manchester United board please do the following business sell Hernendez ,Fletcher,Cleverly,Anderson,Young then sign Song, Benatia , Showcros , Di Maria and Vidal then for this season aim champions league position but target the FA cup majority of our players they don’t have the FA medal also try improve on style of play attacking and defending

  5. Pls and pls lvg sign di maria for us so that,we the fans can happy after ,all that happened last time with moyes.Dont be the next moyes.

  6. We mustn’t loose out on Di Maria if LVG doesn’t want to be a manager of mockery. Plsssssss! Make a statement, lesser teams are growing more confidence. If we don’t sign iconic players, then we can as well be referred to as the lesser team.

  7. Please, we really do need Dimaria, but we also need a good defensive midfielder, not necessarily Vidal, as Vidal and Herrera are similar. Opt for William Carvalho, Khedira, Song, cause we need them to assist the defense thoroughly. A good centre back is also needed + Right wing back.

  8. pls louis van gaal,u’ve promised that man utd job will b ur last job and it’s for good or bad…plz i want you to to force and talk to Ed woodward to sign us Angel di maria and Vidal…without them we’re nothing and we can’t challenge any club for anything…let this your last job be a great season and time in Old Traffold dont be like stupid David Moyes

  9. Pls sign Di maria and Vidal. Our mid field is nt strong we need a creative player like Vidal. LVG drop Ashley young and use Rafael he is far better in that wing than young. Sign blind if possible

  10. Lvg pls get di maria today or tomorrow or very soon his the next ronaldo you must sign him hell win you throphies so please sign him even if it means paying 100million€. If you can’t get vidal get blind and another good midfielder. Can you also get another good centre half or 2.

  11. All we united fans hear everyday are stories yet nothing is happening please van gaal dont allow woodward of a person to soil ur good reputation tell him to sign u the quality players u want like di maria,vidal,benatia cause the prasent players are not living upto expectation.

  12. yea di maria wud be a good signing for us cos of his pace nd wonderful crosses, thank God rojo has finally landed mayb our back three can now look good with jones evans rojo but we still need a defensive midfielder if vidal is not coming dn we shud sign strootman.up manu!!!

  13. Can those flying planes with a “buy players” message fly now, or ever remain silent.
    Can you MANUTD fans match to old trafford to demonstrate this transfer inactivity.

  14. Man utd should sign cuardado, di maria, vidal and atleast one more defender.. Plssssss man utd should let go of young, cleverly, smalling, fellani, nani.. They aint meant 2 be playing in a man utd shirt.. They are just 2 poor for utd’s standards..

  15. A dirty club with dirty management can’t buy Vidal, Carvalho or Benatia; but Rojo. Fuck for ever.

      • Pls LVG talk 2 dat pipe, wats dat his name Woodward, d shame is bcomin 2much on us, we cnt put on manu shirt and come out again..we re proud dis club, plz don’t fail us again..Di Maria and Vidal is d answer

  16. IF united can’t buy di maria in 2 days,five star world class players will not join united upto “nexT 4 or 5 years” and it will be harder and harder to buy genius.
    We have lost ‘Robben’ like that…’Ronaldinho’ like that….”Ribery” like that……”Bale”….”Lucas”…..”Kroos”
    The more time it takes to appear the genius in the field,the more time it takes to sing an another genius.
    All of the World class player aim high.Want to play with another five star player.
    It has been a long time that united “naked” without genius after the leaving of DB,CR.
    We need real 7!Also …….We also lost our great 11…5…15

  17. This is the time to act or neva! Common LVG & woodward, take united back to the glory days. Give us these quality signings that have eluded our great club in a couple of years. We need to silence our critics & haters. Glory glory man utd!

  18. I keep asking what d problem is with united, what d cold feet is all about, y we r not making signings just as other top clubs! Yet no one has been able to give a reasonable response. Man U is too big a club to be frustrated bcos of not being in d champions league. LVG should come out and say what d issue is. Maybe it’s money, who knows! Something needs to happen and very fast. We r running out of patience.

  19. For now that we’ve got Rojo…..Lets bring in Blind and Di maria and that’s all….we don’t need so called Vidal.

  20. Many of u don’t know that vidal is an injury prone player, what are our scouts doing? They should find us better players that are hungry for success. Plz woodward should be sacked for delaying our transfers this late. Plz get di maria and benatia.

  21. LVG please get us Di Maria at all cost and we will in return love you as we did to Sir Alex Ferguson our greatest legend.

  22. its so uncalled for,for a club like man u to lose its very fast epl match simply because of taking centuries to sign in classy players,we just have to sign di maria,cuadrado, bernatia,blind,marco reus and vidal and please LVG and ed woodword TIME IS NOT ON OUR SIDE…….we need to prove our critics wrong

  23. Am a Chelsea fan but I will say that, van gaal is a good manager. He didn’t rush into buying, he first assest what he has. Now that he has established the weaknesses he should act fast. Maybe wardwood is not good at convincing players cause he was chasing after Thomas muller, shwainstiger, kroos, Marco reus, robben, hummels, vamaelen and non of them came to fruition. But I know there better and good guys at Manchester who will intervene. United is a good big rich club. It will bounce back.

  24. Am worried for my team this season, come to think of it, we already sold out two central back and yet to replace them. The Manager needs to speed iup before the end of this transfer window, we need quality young talent to mand our central back.

  25. pls wht do u call ur name wood or plank..pls luis van gal try ur best to get di maria blind and batia.if u want us to move up

  26. I have been proud of MANUTD all along and i new always whenever we loose a game am confident of our next game! but of late am afraid that my confident is getting lower and lower.We really need players of proven quality and who can instill back the united character of resilience and game dictating character likes of Di-maria, Song,and showcross can do!!!!

  27. Why u guyz worried about vidal, is he the only player that man utd soppose to get, let 4get about vidal and look 4 another player that will put a smiles on our face. Even at english league there is a quality player, you soppose to do smething LVG. Tanks.

  28. LVG pls sign Di maria, Benatia,Blind, vidal before close of the window in order to strengthen mid field area and other area like backs area, and sell out Smalling coz he’s not quality to play for a big club like Man utd as i saw on game against Swansea

  29. Do the Glazers have money to do business and buy quality players?I have a fear that LVG may be let down due to lack of money by thr so-called owners of Man utd.

  30. Mr ceo ed woodward its seems u’r not serious with u’r responsibilities cuz the package + the list of players wanted by LVG you have it( vidal , di maria , blind , cuadrado , benatia , hummels and reus ) So what are you waiting for to sign ? Are you waiting for a sack ? Are you waiting for a flight to fly to the sky of old trafford ? Are you the second david moyes ? Are you the mr romuors ? Are you fake CEO ? do have no vision , mission , masterplan and future for the club ?listen mr romours man united is biggest club on the Earth ever that needs classic players so if you think this club is not u’r type plz stayaway cuz we are not ready to work with kind of CEO like you whom are not ready to dare for greatness of our club . Mr try even to learn from mr truly CEO DAVID GILL .
    Be the man of action for the glory glory of manchester unites reign

  31. Why Man utd are not able to get quality players? What is the problem with the club for not attracting quality players? pls I want everyone as man utd supporter to put pressure on the Glazers to release money and help the club to move forward.

  32. What do u mean by dirty club,you fool,I don’t blame you,rather lvg and that in capability man that called himself Wood. You guys have to act fast and sack that wood man of a tin.lvg , we need Di maria. And a winger DM.

  33. Man united is a great foot ball club. But, because of empty bocket Glazer families united is losing their standard. Edwoodward is not enough to do his best. He is chasing players with empty pocket. Realy he will not bring world class players. Because is with empty pocket. Peoples who are not focus on a player that they want and chase after different players ard with empty pocket. So he will not bring players like Dimaria. So united’s standard will fall like Ac Millan.

  34. We must sign him at all costs he’s got 6 to 8 years left on him,his quality everyone knows,he has the ability to beat his man cutting in across infrot of his marker and id say 9 out of 10 times he will undo anyone on this i acknowledge that he is one of the finest wingers in today’s modern football

  35. Get Di maria or cuadardo in wing role. One CDM myb song or strootman….Vidal deal is all bullshit. And another certre half….Benetia.
    Sell the junk players out…anderson,fellaini,rafael and hernandez. Nani is already out.

  36. LVG is doing the right thing.remember this squad already has the potential to win titles.only 2 players should be signed.william carvalho and marco reus.fellaini is injured now and may not return until october.we now have 4 midfielders,herrera,fletcher,cleverley and anderson.until we sign a good midfielder we have to use these players cleverly.

  37. Can Man utd win any silverware with average signings? No! The manager is someone you can trust and has experience and respect but he has not got the the right players.

  38. Beloved LVG the world is waiting to watch the squad that will win trophies at Old trafford, am on my knees kindly requesting you to buy Di Maria, Vidal, Cuadrado and Bernatia, look at our rivals Man city and Chelsea, can we really compete with them with the likes of young,Felain, Cleverly think twice, woodward shd not blind fold you with that squad, you’ll end up beaten by the smallest teams and swept like Moyes. Watch out.

  39. Anybody that is delaying this transfer must be very stupid, may be he is there to kill manutd on earth, this money is not your personal money, if you dont know your duty you better go away, we the supporters we also feel the pains.

  40. Bringing Rojo was such a wonderful thing and I would say we need more defenders. Blind is also a fantastic defender if you can sign him before 1st of september then better for us. Di shud be the last option, we desperstely need a holding midfielder. Frm what I gathered Daley Blind can be the perfect man to get signed next coz he can play as a defender and a midfielder too!

  41. Ed seems a total failure who should be sacked in seconds. He is good at hiding so that hears nothing from fans.Y the dragging man utd will break the transfer record. LVG r u Moyes in different form? If No, please Di maria, Bernatia, Song and Blind. ED has the eyes to look but not to see. Never follow him. speak your mind and get more in defence,Midfield and wing. You have lost the like of Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra who were heros of man u and you lie to us that without their replacement man u can get back to their glorious days? We need Di maria, Vidal and Blind please LVG put a smile on my face.

  42. whats all these desperate pleas we not lfc …i think our best signing is Van Gaal. I believe in our players just moyes made champions look pathetic ,i agree though Di Maria very important signing just like RVP was two seasons ago …was a bad start but panic is following exactly what lfc did ..the thing is UTD is not lfc.UTD is very much more organised spotted a bad coach in the same season and sacked only get so much time in todays football and as for SAF getting so much time back in the day ..he never got champions to work with he had to rebuild ,moyes i gave him all the trust but enough was enough he got champions all he had to do is maintenance he failed and thats it.Its basicly the same team that won real and lfc in pre season and dont say there stars were not playing most were,just a very bad start.I dont think Woodward is the right man to sign players,takes too long to sign one and over pays a player.

  43. Please please LVG we need a quality winger like di maria in Manchester United and also not forgetting Coudrado. Ashley Young and other wingers have proved they can’t deliver the best balls for Rooney and Van Persie to score goals. For Vidal Van Gaal I think it’s a must for you to sign him. He got vision on the ball and can drive in a very good counter attack together with di maria

  44. When recruiting high quality players, the FIRST question that needs to be answered is, “Son, do you WANT to come to Manchester United.”? If the answer is NO, then there is no point in pursuing the matter! Look at Van Persie 3 years ago. Sir Alex asked Him that same, simple question, and the answer was a resounding YES! If Van Persie didn’t genuinely have the desire to play for United, Sir Alex would have looked elsewhere! Don’t beg Players to come to United….if they don’t have the PASSION for United, then ignore them and move on! We’ll return to the top of the Mountain in due course. What we require now is sound planning and Strategic Management for the future. THIS TAKES TIME! Rome wasn’t built in a day…BUT eventually possessed the greatest Empire the World has ever known! You don’t recruit great Players just for short-term gain! You need to also strive to create QUALITY DEPTH over time, for continued success over the longer period. Our time will come! We just have to exercise some solid vision, planning and execution over time.

  45. Ed Woodward is clog in the progress of our great club. His primary job is in commercials. Coming to transfer deals, he is a novice who cannot convince a player from the Nigerian league. Bring back David Gill to come and do our transfer deals, and you will see the influx of players to Man Utd.

  46. Ed woodward and Lvg u hv bn biz watching our tittle rivarls signing best players yet our team nidz som copmlete renovations, why wasting time by bidding every best player yet u know u wont b serious to sign any of them.. Dont tarnish the image of our great team guys.. If u dont hv the heart for the fans thar better resign u two.. We nid Di maria, Vidal, cuadrador on our squard, If u loose the next match and not signing Di maria then thar better resign or we shal sack u lyk wat we dd to a carrier trophiless moyes… Sign guys sign..

  47. MR. Wooodward,put your mouth where your money is,cos you are as stupid and egocentric as your fore-father. As big as your head is,you don’t think with it. It hurts to see big heads wasting! Dat’s by the way. What’s keeping you from bringing in Di Maria and prising away Vidal? Someone said Vidal doesn’t wanna come to Man U! Dat is fallacy! Manchester utd have never launched any bid on d midfilder. Speaking about Hummels,splash the cash and you will see Dortmund letting go. Manchester Utd is not good at doing business and I think they will end up where they were last season or worst

  48. As an old Man. Utd fan, I am too frustrated with the deals of Vidal & Di maria that whenever I try to check on the latest new from Old Traffod, I’d view headlines about the two.
    Incase if Juventus refuses to do business, Ed wood can try else where. De Jong is there at cheaper price, have the ability to do the dirty role and not injury prone like Arturo. ‘The worst enemy we have on earth is time’ so please act fast as we are left with 252 hours or less for the deadline day.

  49. Luk guys I don’t blame van gaal or moyes 4MAN U’s flop,I put the blame on Sir ferguson,who refused 2sign world class players b4 he retired.des coaches only inherited a rather weak and overused team which needed new strenghth,hence d problems we are facing rit now.I advice we shud be patient wit van gaal.I believe he can do it 4us.

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