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Manchester United 2-1 Manchester City Goals (Video)


I could say a lot about the Manchester United v Manchester City game this afternoon, but the three goals scored sum of the game perfectly. Without any further ado:

Manchester United 1-0 Manchester City (Nani)

Manchester United 1-1 Manchester City (Silva)

Manchester United 2-1 Manchester City (Rooney)

La Liga: Atletico Madrid 1-2 Valencia (12 Feb 2011)
EPL: Manchester United 2-1 Manchester City (12 Feb 2011)

Comments (2)

  1. Wayne Rooney may not be the best player in world at this moment but only a few players at this level can score a goal like that in the world today. The Messi’s, Ronaldo’s and Zidane’s are capable of scoring such goals when it counts. The key is that few players have the ability to score goals like that when it counts and hopefully he can do the same for England. England needs that type of player that can create something from nothing.

  2. fantastic