Manchester City vs Chelsea: Live

Manchester City vs Chelsea: Live


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CONFIRMED: Manchester City v Chelsea Line-Up
Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:31

Right, well, that’s it from us!

Mourinho got his wish for a game to really show off the Premier League to it’s fullest potential!

Chelsea were magnificent, but City also played their part in what was certainly the game of the season to date.

Enjoy the rest of your night, we’re off to soak our blistering fingers in warm water.

See you next time!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:27

Former Wales midfielder Robbie Savage speaking for the BBC at Etihad Stadium

“Jose Mourinho has not put a foot wrong as manager. To a man, his players have carried out his instructions perfectly.

“Martin Demichelis has slowed Manchester City down in possession.”

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:27

Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic, speaking to Sky Sports: “It was very hard, because Manchester City are a very good team. We have to continue to play like this.

“The team is younger than when I was first here. We can improve now as the players are young.”

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:26
Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:26

More mind games from Jose, and it will be like salt to the wound for City, who have been deservedly beaten here today by Mourinho’s ‘boys’

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:24

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho: “The next pre-season, me and my players will say openly that we are mature, solid from day one and are candidates for the league. This season is about evolution.

“We can [win the title] if they lose it [Manchester City]. Arsenal are working for many, many years for the evolution of their team.

“What we are doing this season is what Arsenal have been building to for years.

“It means nothing for us to come here and park the bus and win 1-0 in a lucky situation. The evolution is more important.”

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:13

Now we wait for Jose Mourinho to squeeze his over-inflated head back out of the Chelsea dressing room to address the cameras…should be a hoot!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:11

A genuinely sensational game, and an absolute pleasure to watch!
Branislav Ivanovic’s first half thunderbolt was the difference in the end, but City squandered a host of excellent chances, while Chelsea could have easily added to their goal, but were denied by the post on three separate occasions!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:09
Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:09

Jose Mourinho managed to bump chests with three of his backroom staff on his way down the tunnel! His players’ warrior-like display has certainly had an effect on the eccentric Portuguese!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:03
Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:03
Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:01

Just two points separating City and Chelsea from leaders Arsenal now. Any slip-up may be devastating from here…

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:00

Take a look at the Premier League table! Very, very interesting!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201422:00

Arguably man-of-the-match Gary Cahill looks mightily pleased with himself, and why wouldn’t he! Absolute warrior tonight!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:59

Chelsea fans celebrating what is a massive, massive victory for them!

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:55

Final score: Manchester City 0-1 Chelsea

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:53


saikatmandal 03/02/201421:53


Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:52

How are we keeping up with this, Saikat?!

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:52

Last action of the game, corner

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:52

Hazard off, Ba on

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:52

Joveticcccc — Oh! What a hit but but what a save from Cech

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:51

Chelsea, and Gary Cahill in particular, evoking the memories of that famous defensive Champions League final display in 2012

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:51

92′ Last few seconds

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:51

Yellow card for time wasting but Mourinho won’t mind that

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:50

91′ – Mikel coming on for Willian

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:49

91′ – Navas cross – yet another clearance. Corner

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:49

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:48

City desperate. Chelsea defence rock solid

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:46

Mourinho apoplectic on the touch-line! He wanted a red!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:46

Terry threw his head at that last shot!

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:46

86′ Oscar was fouled by Nastasic. Chelsea appealing for Red card.. But just yellow. Sensible decision

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:46

Absolutely extraordinary display from Chelsea’s back-line tonight

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:44

85′ Another corner for City

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:44

84′ – Kolarov earns another corner for City.

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:43

84′ – Corner for Chelsea. Short corner taken by Hazard

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:42
saikatmandal 03/02/201421:41

82′ – Eto’o off. Oscar on

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:40

81′ – City continuing to look dangerous. Oscar coming on…

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:40

10 to go! Can Chelsea hang on?

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:38
saikatmandal 03/02/201421:38

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:38
saikatmandal 03/02/201421:37

78′ – David Luiz with a long range effort. Highly ambitious. Way off target

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:37

Looks like Dietmar agrees with you about the City freekick, Saikat!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:37
Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:36

Mourinho wanted a match from this century? He’s got one!

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:36

76′ – Terry in the box, danger cleared..

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:35

75′ – Chelsea corner. Brilliant from Matic again, snatching the ball from…. Yaya!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:35

It was a stunning save from Cech, who threw himself at that Silva freeick!

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:34

74′ – Brilliant movement once again from City. Another superb delivery from Kolarov. Silva again should have done better. His smile says it all!

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:33

73′ – Corner. City are pushing hard for the equalizer. Still 0-1

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:32

72′ – What a save from Cech!!!

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:31

72′ – Silva to take the freekick

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:31

72′ – Freekick to City. Bit lucky

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:30

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:30

71′ – SPOTTED: Brendan Rodgers watching the game with his son in a City box

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:30
saikatmandal 03/02/201421:28

70′ Chelsea breaking through Matic. Ramires gives Hart a catching practice.

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:28

Colossal play from Gary Cahill, who races back from hitting the post to make a crucial double block. John Terry shows his appreciation!

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:28

69′ – Cahill clears. Dangerous attack from City.

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:27

City still can’t find a way through, really frustrating for the home side…

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:26

Gary Cahill rose brilliantly there, and sent an angled header against the base of the City post. It’s all Chelsea at the moment! They’ve now hit the post 3 times!!

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:26

67′ – Last ditch defending from Chelsea

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:25

67′ – Would you believe it?? Chelsea have hit the post yet again!!!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:25

Chelsea currently with 59% possession…

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:25

66′ – Another corner

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:24

65′ – Corner to Chelsea.

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:23

64′ – Cleared comfortably.

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:23

63′ – Freekick to City, Matic handball.

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:22

Fascinating match. Chelsea looking the more likely to score the next goal here, with the Blues looking to soak up possession, and hit City on the counter

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:21

62′ – Brilliant from Matic. The big guy is bossing the midfield at the moment. Lovely pass to Ramires as well

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:20

61′ – No change to scoreline. Off target

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:20

60′ – Jovetic fouled by Luiz. Free kick in a good position…Kolarov territory

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:18

59′ – Hazard and Willian just electric. Yaya fouls the Brazilian. Another freekick

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:17

58′- Both sides failing to maintain possession

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:16
saikatmandal 03/02/201421:16

57′ – Luiz hits the wall

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:16
saikatmandal 03/02/201421:15

Freekick for Chelsea in a dangerous area

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:15

56′- Jovetic on. Negredo off

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:13

The Serbian lets rip from a full 30 yards out, striking the outside of Joe Hart’s right-hand post!

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:13

54′ – Jovetic to replace Negredo

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:12


Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:12

Played at blinding pace, its a wonder i’m anywhere near to keeping up with it!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:11

Game of the season? I’d say so!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:11

50′ – Toure does get a shot away, with the Ivorian inches wide from an equaliser!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:11

50′ – Last grasp defending from Chelsea, as Dzeko looked to pull the trigger

saikatmandal 03/02/201421:10

What an intriguing game!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:09

48′ – Eden Hazard has been nothing short of sensational today, arguably his best game to date. He once again dances past numerous City challenges, and Willian puts it wide following a goal-mouth scramble!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:08

Would a second Chelsea goal kill City off? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:07

46′ – Ball into the Chelsea box, and Dzeko heads wide

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:06

Stefan Jovetic among the City players warming up, change imminent?

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:06

New Chelsea signing Mohammed Salah is on the bench remember, I wonder if Mourinho will hand him his debut?

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:05

It’s quite something, the second Chelsea kicked off, almost every City player started sprinting! Amazing

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:05

Here we go, can Chelsea withstand the predicted City barrage?

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201421:04

Almost ready for the second half. Don’t blink!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:54

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Or ask us on Twitter:

Tom: @tragatehouse

Saikat: @saikat_lens

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:52

Ivanovic’s goal was arguably against the run of play, but it has done wonders for Chelsea in this tie, with the Blues’ hard work paying off. Perhaps they have benefited from a little luck, considering the chances squandered by City…surely more goals to come in this one!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:51

Phew! That was quite something! Halftime at the Etihad and Chelsea, somehow, have the lead. The Blues were overrun for long periods of the first half, but always looked dangerous on the counter

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:48

46′ – Eto’o almost in again! Demichelis saves his own skin by taking the ball of the Cameroonian at the last second, having allowed the striker too much space

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:48

Half time at the Etihad Stadium.

Manchester City 0-1 Chelsea

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:46

Mourinho holds his head in his hands…he knows that was a huge chance!

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:46

2 minutes added time

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:45

Hazard dances into the area from the left, lays the ball across the box, and Eto’o comes streaming in to smash his shot against the woodwork. So nearly 2-0!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:44


saikatmandal 03/02/201420:44

43′ Samuel Eto’o hits the bar. Another glorious opportunity wasted..

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:43

42′ – Kolarov booked for a scything challenge on a rampaging David Luiz

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:43

40′ – Big chance for City!! Edin Dzeko picks up a loose ball from a corner, but cannot keep his shot down. Another let off for Chelsea

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:42

39′ – Nemanja Matic the latest Chelsea man to go in the book

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:39

…but it is wasted

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:39

37′ – Yaya does magnificently in the middle, weaving through what seemed like 14 challenges, winning his side a corner…

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:39

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:38

Chelsea coming into the game more now, that Ivanovic goal has done wonders!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:38

36′ – Demichelis booked for a clumsy challenge on Hazard

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:37

…but it comes to nothing, with Hart gathering

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:36

…but it peters out, with Hart gathering

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:36

35′ – Eto’o through…

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:36

Chelsea really struggling down the flanks

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:35

34′ – Navas mistimes his volley from a left-wing cross, and it falls into a grateful Petr Cech’s arms

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:34

Jose goes mental as goalscorer Ivanovic is immediately booked for a late challenge on Silva

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:33

39′ – Nemanja Matic the latest Chelsea man to go in the book

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:33

No chance for Joe Hart, he simply cannot do anything. That was supposed to be his weaker foot… Amazing strike!!!

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:32

What a strike!!!!!

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:32

IVANOVIC scores for Chelsea

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:31

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:31

30′ – Navas’ shot blocked by Matic

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:31

re: 29′ – Thankfully for us!

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:30

29′ – For the first time the game has slowed down a bit.

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:28

24′ – David Silva tries a spot of acrobatics on a loose ball, which gives me the chance to roll out this rather fetching graphic…

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:28

Very good first time release from Matic – 4 against 1 – should have scored that. Though, excellent save from Joe Hart.

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:26

Ashley Cole looking frozen on the bench, I bet he’s quite glad he’s not up against this City machine at the moment!

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:25

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:24

What a match! You just can’t catch your breath!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:24

22′ – Chance for City almost straight away! Edin Dzeko deceives Luiz on the edge of the box, and goes to curl one in far post…but there’s not enough spin on the ball, and it floats wide

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:23

…and it’s a poor one. Row Z in fact. Luiz looks incredulously at the turf. Not one he will want to remember.

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:22

20′ – Great little jinking run from Hazard leads to Chelsea winning a free-kick on the edge of the box. Here comes David Luiz…

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:21

19′ – Eto’o with his dancing feet…slams a shot at Hart from a very acute angle. Perhaps not the best choice there from the Cameroonian..

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:20

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:19

17′ – How did they not score?! David Silva drags his shot wide from only a few yards out, after the rampaging Yaya put it on a plate! Huge let off for Chelsea

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:18

17′ – Chelsea struggling to retain possession here…

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:18

So So So close… Silva should have hit the target – what a chance missed!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:18

16′ – Wow! Almost caught Chelsea off-guard! Jesus Navas teases Azpilicueta on the left, before playing in Toure, whose first time shot whistles just over the Chelsea bar!

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:17

Ben Foster was the last goal keeper to keep a clean sheet at this ground.

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:17

16′ – The languid Yaya Toure slows things down for the first time in the centre

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:16

15′ – Fantastic tackle by Ivanovic in the box, and Chelsea are off again!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:15

15′ – GOAL? No! Ramires has the ball in the net, but it is chalked off, with Eto’o straying offside

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:15

There lies the danger. Look at the space Hazard got.

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:15

14′ – Great run by Hazard…

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:15

13′ – David Luiz feels mightily aggrieved as he gives away a free-kick

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:14

Mourinho hopping up and down on the touchline, evidently perturbed by City’s early dominance

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:13

12′ – Corner headed over by the aforementioned Negredo, no danger to Cech

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:12

10′ – Almost telepathic communication from City here, as they pile relentlessly forward in search of the first goal. Negredo wins a corner…

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:11

10′ – Stunning, stunning move from City! Only 10 minutes gone, and Yaya almost opens the scoring! Inches!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:09

8′ – City at sixes-and-sevens at the back!A mix-up almost lets in Willian, but Kompany clears

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:09

7′ – Important interception there from Matic, and Chelsea break

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:07

5′ – Kompany goes in heavily on Eto’o, Mike Dean gives the City captain a talking to

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:07

Have to admit, shaky start from Chelsea so far

saikatmandal 03/02/201420:06

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:05

3′ – Floated in, but Demichelis heads harmlessly wide

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:05

3′ – Matic gives away a free-kick, left side

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:04

City looking to show the Blues why teams are so terrified to come to the Etihad!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:04

Incredible pace to the game, and so early on!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:04

2′ – Negredo ‘beasting’ his way into the box past Cahill, but blazes a shot high and wide

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:02

1′ – Wow, lightning start from City! Pressured John Terry into a dodgy backwards header towards Petr Cech, who bacrely gets it away from danger

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201420:00

Hold your breath, seconds away from kickoff…

saikatmandal 03/02/201419:59

Tanay says: Would be interesting to see if Mourinho decides to deploy an attacking style today given that Aguero is out of action now.

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201419:54

Perhaps he might having to say about it…

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201419:53

I wonder if the absence of Aguero will give Chelsea added confidence here?

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201419:51

Pitch-side view of the impressive Etihad Stadium

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201419:51

Mourinho going for a 4-3-3 formation was, to be honest, not what I expected!
David Luiz vs Yaya Toure will be quite a battle, with Ramires surely grateful for the presence of his fellow Brazilian against the Ivorian giant!

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201419:47

Just under 15 minutes to go until kick-off…

saikatmandal 03/02/201419:44

Missing Fernandinho could be a huge blow for Manchester City. Role of the full-backs would be crucial

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201419:42

And here is highlights from the last game played between the two sides.
Chelsea coming out 2-1 winners at Stamford Bridge thanks to Fernando Torres late, fortunate goal

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201419:39

Some scary stats for Chelsea fans below! The Blues haven’t beaten City since 2008, where Robinho made his City debut, scoring a free-kick

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201419:38


Manchester City 2-0 Chelsea 2012/13

Manchester City 2-1 Chelsea 2011/12

Manchester City 1-0 Chelsea 2010/11

Manchester City 2-1 Chelsea 2009/10

Manchester City 1-3 Chelsea 2008/09

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201419:27

Let me know your best XI in the comments below…

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201419:26

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201419:26

Here is Paddy Power’s take..

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201419:25

Before we commence, I wanted to briefly address the current conversational piece in the office: A Man City – Chelsea best XI.

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201419:23

Welcome all! Here we are, just over half an hour away from what is arguably the biggest match of the season so far. Excited?

Tom Gatehouse 03/02/201419:22


Man City: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany (c), Nastasic, Kolarov, Navas, Demichelis, Toure, Silva, Dzeko, Negredo

Subs: Pantilimon, Boyata, Clichy, Milner, Rodwell, Lopes, Jovetic

Chelsea: Cech; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry (c), Azpilicueta; Luiz, Matic; Hazard, Ramires, Willian; Eto’o

Subs: Schwarzer, Cole, Mikel, Lampard, Oscar, Salah, Ba.

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  1. Would be interesting to see if Mourinho decides to deploy an attacking style today given that Aguero is out of action now.

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