Manchester City get the Tottenham and Newcastle treatment from the press

Manchester City get the Tottenham and Newcastle treatment from the press


With Newcastle rumoured to be getting a new owner and Tottenham now winning their games, Manchester City are now in the spotlight and the media truly has their knives out.

Speculation ranges from Mark Hughes’ future to player revolt to a January fire sale to a January spending spree to Mourinho being offered 15m / year (tell me how that’s not a bad deal) to take over from Hughes.

It’s ridiculous, we love to build them up when they’re doing a little bit well and we love to tear them a new one when they’re doing a wee bit bad. Manchester City are still the same team, albeit with defenders shot of confidence and with Robinho and SWP in the side providing fantastic creative / goal-scoring talent. A central midfielder worthy of the label and the defence getting it’s act together will see City challenging for Europe.

It was never that good for City, and it’s not as bad as it seems. Let’s hope the new owners aren’t as affected by the negative press as the Tottenham and Newcastle owners have shown themselves to be in recent months.

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  1. Still the same team as what? Last years? the one thats won 1 game in 7? what? Citeh are a poor team who are going to struggle for the rest of the year. Ireland looks good btw. Shame the same cant be said for your manager.

  2. I’ve wondered if the players aren’t pressuring themselves into poor performances. The majority of them must wonder if they will be sold or benched come January, and be bouncing between despondency and playing their individual hearts out to try to save their place on the team or look good to potential buyers. It must be particularly hard on the long-time City players like Dunne, who has had made more than his usual allotment of stupid mistakes lately. Smells like nerves, to me.

    It’ll be very interesting to see what happens in January. I’m glad Joe Hart got the new contract, at least. He’s amazing for a 21-year-old.

  3. Take no notice. The press have been on Spurs back for years.Those useless hacks have to justify their miserable existence somehow. It’s easy to criticize. Whatever the chairman,manager,players do it’s never good enough.Even the supporters get stick for having expectations. All of us real supporters, whichever club we follow, are entitled to have expectations. It ain’t easy being a Spurs supporter I can tell you; or a Newcastle fan either I suspect.
    Man City are ok in my book, good ground and decent supporters. The minute you got your billionaire owners and signed Robhino you became the press’ no 1 target. You gotta win the Prem.Lge and Champ Lge within 2 yrs to shut them up.If not then you had better get used to their sniping. We’ve had to put up with it for years. Join the club.

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