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Luis Fabiano, The One With Tottenham Klaas


Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp is known to be in the hunt for a striker and Milan’s Jan-Klaas Huntelaar has been tipped to move to White Hart Lane.

Redknapp, who said he wants a ’special’ player to add potency to the Spurs’ strike force, claims he was priced out of a move for Sevilla star Luis Fabiano.

Redknapp had previously emphasized his keenness to sign a player who would give his team a major boost in quality, similar to Fernando Torres’ capture by Liverpool three years ago.

And the truth is that Luis Fabiano can very well be Tottenham’s Torres. Surely Jermain Defoe, Peter Crouch, Roman Pavlyuchenko and Robbie Keane are all good strikers, but Fabiano is simply on another level.

The 29-year-old, who is a regular in Brazil’s first-team, has scored 62 goals in 127 matches for Sevilla since he made his move to Spain from Porto in 2005.

He is a fast, consistent team player who could provide Redknapp the option of shifting with the different types of forwards who would be at his disposal.

Meanwhile Huntelaar has been unlucky in his career since moving away from Ajax.

In his time at Real Madrid, he lived in the shadows of top striker Ruud van Nistelrooy and fan favorite Raul.

And now at Milan, Filippo Inzaghi, Marco Borriello and now Zlatan Ibrahimovic are surely to get their chances ahead of him.

Huntelaar is not enjoying his game and – after two seasons in which he scored less than 10 goals in each – he is undoubtedly not psychologically fit to move to the Premier League.

Fabiano, on the other hand, has been a first-team player in the Champions League for years now.

With Sevilla’s elimination from Europe’s top club championship, he might be tempted to move to White Hart Lane to play European football.

Fabiano has peaked in his development as a footballer and can prove he deserves a hefty transfer fee should Redknapp wisely ask his chairman to loosen his purse strings.

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Comments (11)

  1. fabiano did not appear for sevilla last night so could be on his way out….

  2. Fabiano and Young…sorted

  3. Would be over the moon to see him in a Spurs shirt as we start our champions league games.I am positive he is the piece of the jigsaw that is missing.

  4. I’m not sure – Fab may be overpriced, overpaid and overage….but we gotta do something. Wish we had gotten Djalo….

  5. “With Sevilla’s elimination from Europe’s top club championship, he might be tempted to move to White Hart Lane to play European football.”
    Strange sentiment considering he’s now cup tied for the Champions League.

  6. Most Brazilians who come to the prem dont have a great track record, mainly because of the weather. £24m+ for a 29/30 year old ? I dont care if he’s the pope, no-one’s worth that at that age in the current transfer market. In 2 years he’ll be worth £5-8m max because no-one pays fees like that for a 31 year old, you’d be flushing that money down the toilet (unless you got amazing value for money and he scored say 28-30 goals per season). Anyone notice a trend in major clubs looking for loans and negotiating hard to drive transfer fees DOWN recently ? What did Madrid pay for Ozil ? Peanuts compared to what they paid for Ronaldo and Ronaldo isnt THAT much better a player (different position on the pitch granted but thats not the point). And Ozil’s 10 times the player Milner is ! City mugs. There will always be exceptions like Messi or Ronaldo or Rooney and clubs with bottomless pits like Man City and Madrid but i think the rest of football is beginning to wake up to financial reality…

  7. I say go for Huntelaar!! hes a class act, has champ league experience, mid 20′s so still to get to his prime. hes only scored afew goals in the last few seasons beacuse hes not been first choice at his clubs! and if anyone can get him motivated good old Arry can!

  8. agree! Spurs got to buy ! buy ! buy! more games , requires skillful players that have international awareness…like barcelona!

    We need creative and skill bundle with young talent like bale,huddles,aron and dawson. We were completely lack of it at Wigan…no creative, no idea’s …just floating with bottle neck game! leaving a big hole at the back…

    We will be punished at Arsenal, Man U with embarrassment it this is not trained or fix!

    Start to sell…risk of the game to explore not to restore!

    COY forever

  9. Have any of you watched this guy play i mean really watched him i have over the last 8 years,hes awful thats why he sits on the bench,had ok world cup but that means nothing as we all remember from our buy crap from world cups before.
    hes slow lazy falls over in the wind lord knows what harry sees in him and he cant play in cl so why are we linked.dirty dans tricks again link us with players then buys no one but sells say bale or modric,hope im wrong but it happens every year with this nasty little person

  10. WT..? Why aint Harry going for Suarez he scored tons for Ajax. @Indyfan yes we should of got Djalo

  11. Can’t see levy spending £20mil + on players he won’t get a return on.So huntelaar seems the best option,clubs won’t sell if they can’t get new players in !looking like harry’s gone for the inter midfeilder instead of parker !l