Liverpool beat Arsenal to secure fifth signing, striker to join on five-year-deal

Liverpool beat Arsenal to secure fifth signing, striker to join on five-year-deal


Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers vowed to make full use of the money received from Luis Suarez’ sale to Barcelona and didn’t waste any time in delving into the transfer market to sign QPR striker Loic Remy.

Loïc Rémy

Last night reports emerged that Liverpool have agreed a £14m deal to sell Fabio Borini to Sunderland. It became very clear that the Reds have had already lined up a deal and it came true soon after, with Sky Italia claiming that Liverpool have sealed a deal for Remy, who will join on a five-year-contract.


The 27-year-old, who played the last season on loan at Newcastle United, was thought to be a reported target of Arsenal, but it seems, Liverpool have jumped in quickly to secure his services.

French magazine Le 10 sport has also published an Exclusive story on Remy where they echo on the similar lines reported by Sky Italia.

Remy could become the fifth major signing of the season for Liverpool, after the Reds have already captured Rickie Lambert, Emre Can, Adam Lallana and Lazar Markovic. The Frenchman would cost around £8m. 

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  1. Scouses are heading down the same road as the Spudz did last season. Probably get the same result.
    Please for Remy, he wasn’t up to Arsenal quality, but he’s going to get CL footy.

    • Difference is spurs are buying all their players from abroad that have no premiership experience. Liverpool have bought lallana, lambert and soon to be remy who have premiership experience along with markovic, who will be one of the worlds top players. Great business so far and to get almost 90m for two strikers and we haven’t even spent 70m yet on 5 players. We are no spurs.

  2. No problem choosing Remy ahead of other available strikers because of cost but we need to bring in a highly proficient attacking midfielder to Anfied. Marco Reus is my target. Isco or Pogba are good alternatives. We are now in UCL and cannot afford to finish outside the top four. We should be wary of the fortification by ManU who fell out of the UCL spot this season. They are coming back to compete heavily.

  3. If arsenal had signed remy it would halt the progress of the likes of campbell sanogo and akpom, who are far more likely to accept bit part roles this season, than remy.

    We already have 11 forwards competing for 3 positions. Walcott sanchez giroud chamberlain podolski campbell gnabry ryo Sanogo afobe and akpom

  4. Does anybody remember Charlie Adam, that tall former Newcastle player[whatever his name is] and many others, too much hype which normally boils down to nothing.

  5. Since the turn of the year, how come you arsenal fans have been crying out for a forward to take the weight of Giroud’s shoulders?
    You apparently had a surplus & nobody told Arsene. Bad form guys.
    I pity Alexis (I think he is a terrific player by the way) joining the perennial C/L (5-0) makeweights.

    • thinking you are a power house after one good season?if pool got a trophy by beating arsenal 5 then i have every reason to be jealous.

    • What utter rubbish…your comments are grammatically confused and border on incomprehensible. I used to respect Liverpool fans. These days you’re turning into a clone of spurs with over inflated egos. You used to have class and were humble despite your greatness. My take on Liverpool at the moment is you have a loud mouthed manager who is actually yet to achieve anything, you have lost over 30% of your goals and many assists with the sale of Suarez, Gerard is getting older and will deliver less and less so to be frank this season you’ll struggle. If you consider that last year you had no European distraction yet still collapsed at the end of the season you’ll be lucky to finish in the top 6. Arsenal could have bought Remy last season but we didn’t want him. Brenda is panic buying as he has to be seen to do something now he’s lost the one great talent he had…also like spurs last season.

    • Haha, another bitter bindipper belittling 4th place…how come you havn’t achieved CL footy every season like we have for the last 18 years on the bounce, mmmmmm..4th place was out of your reach….i dont see a spanking new stadium built in scouseland, you peaked last season, Lambert for Saurez..hahahahahahaaaa!! You’ll get 7th place as best.

      Wenger > Bwenda

  6. Waow thumb up BR .liverpool are best know for business.wishing Remy better daayz ahead @ melwood

  7. If Liverpool buys even 11 strikers,it wont make a change.They say they beat us 5-0,but can they count how many times have Gunners gunned them down.Atleast we have FA and u have nothing

  8. Not bad anyway. but my concern is: ARE WE NOT BUYING A WORLD CLASS DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER????

  9. Aah, Gilberto, what a shame you left before your side scored. The 5-0 was a reference to the Champions League. The next time you come to Anfield, might I suggest a tour of our trophy room. Make sure you leave plenty of time for it.
    Will take a while. 😀

  10. I suppose that Arsènal’s performance in the transfer market has improved, if being beaten to the punch for several targets is an improvement on seeming to do nothing. In addition, the Boss had in fact made three signing, all of them good.

    Even so, talk of winning the title overlooks at least three considerable obstacles: Man City, Chelsea and Man United. On the bright side, for most if not all of the calendar year 2013, Arsènal had the best record of any Premier League club. That inludes many months before Özil arrived, and after RVP had left. (That their performance greatly improved with Özil’s arrival is a myth, even though I consider him a valuable addition.) Bearing that 2013 record in mind, with a midfield oozing talent — Ramsey, Wilshere, Özil, Flamini, Rosicky –a defense that includes Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen and now Debucy, with an excellent ‘keeper behind them, and an attacking force which includes, Ox, Theo, Giroud and now Sánchez, the question is whether all that talent will gel into a powerful team. One more prodigious goalscorer such as Tevez would be nice, but even without that addition, this squad has great potential. But so too do Man City’s and Chelsea’s squads.

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