Liverpool’s Sad Treatment of Aquilani

Liverpool’s Sad Treatment of Aquilani


Many fans argue that Aquilani has not got the passion for the club and wants to leave. Here is the answer to everyone.

To question his real passion for Liverpool after what he has been through would be a serious injustice. While he often talked about his desire of scoring in front of the Kop; Aquilani’s actions would speak louder than any words when he struck a brilliant goal from Benayoun’s ball versus Atletico Madrid in Europa League semis in 2010.

Momentarily stunned after his tie-leveling strike, he stumbled and looked back at Gerrard before tearing to the corner flag screaming his lungs out with the ecstatic Stevie G rushing to embrace him. The tears of joy that fell from Aquilani’s face as his team-mates celebrated with him will surely be remembered by the Kop. Such uncontrolled happiness is not borne of mere monetary hunger.

Returning to Liverpool this summer after a year during which his continuous refrain was that he would be happy to return to Anfield once his loan spell with Juventus completed, Aquilani has had to come face-to-face with the new owner of his jersey, Raul Meireles. For any footballer, losing a jersey number is a massive slap on his face.

Witnessing new signings Jordan Henderson and Charlie Adam being praised by club management and mind says that a manager always prefers his own signings. Both signings assigned squad numbers while Aquilani got whichever spare jersey is available can’t be pleasant for the man who swallowed his pride and publicly stated that he returned to Anfield “with great enthusiasm“.

Add hostile fans calling the “disloyal foreigner” to be shipped out into the picture, and you understand the difficulty he finds himself in.

The club’s pre-season form has been shaky, but the one constant has been the sheer class of Aquilani. The Little Prince adds so many arrows to the Liverpool quiver, and has arguably been the best player in every match thus far. Against Valarenga his value was confirmed when he instigated a comeback and saved Liverpool and brought KING some serious blushes. He was given mere 10 minutes on the field and still was the Man of the Match on the day.

Still Kennly Dalgish did not even mention his contribution at all. When he pulled the strings against Guangdong and the Malaysia XI, Dalglish and Steve Clarke instead singled out Charlie Adam for praise, who had reasonable games on both occasions, but came nowhere near matching Aquilani’s brilliance on the field. Again against Valarenga, not even a match-saving cameo can provoke appreciate public pat on the back from his boss.

If ever there was a blueprint to making a player feel completely unwelcome, Liverpool’s treatment of Aquilani would be it.

Kenny is a fantastic manager and a person but his snubbing of Aquilani is baffling. The Liverpool supporters are hungry to win after disappointing campaigns and Aquilani is believed to be a brilliant asset for the reds.

I am desperate for Aquilani to stay and so are many other fans. I hope he plays against Sunderland and shows his class. I want the fans to not just support him online but those living in Liverpool should come out for him. He wants to represent his nation at the Euros, I will not blame him if he wants to leave as after such shabby treatment no one gets very excited knowing he is unwanted. I have poured my heart out and now just hoping perhaps against hope that Aquilani will be a “red” next season.

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  1. you are completely right… 100000000% ,he is a class player and more active in attact… it seems that the players are ignoring him on the pitch and not passing the ball to him

    • very well said. I for one have rated him very highly since we signed him and he has hardly been given a chance for us. I fully support kk and what the owners are doing for our club but it doesn’t take a genius to spot class,and aquilani truly is class. Without a doubt a perfect replacement for alonso. Please kk,give him the chance he deserves. Ynwa.

  2. Great article Farjad!…

    I suspect many fans (myself included)share your views here but you’re absolutely right in saying that the powers that be at Anfield have our Aquaman in the preverbial ‘shop-window’ if you like..

    I’ve seen all our pre-season games & you would have to be seriously misguided if you said that he hasnt been our best player in the majority of those games even though he played for short spells.. (If I was KK I would have given him much more time on the field as it was pretty obvious he generated more creativity from our midfield than any other player could muster).. Adam played well too & I think the pair along with Stevie could be a formiddable power in midfield given the chance to operate together… Raul along with Lucas & Spearing etc etc gives us quality & depth in this position.. hate to say it, but will Rafa’s old rotation system rear its head once again?!?!

    Bottom line as far as I’m concerned is that under no circumstances should he be allowed out on-loan again this season.. even more-so, now that we’ve lost Stevie for the start of the season!!

    Come on Kenny… we can all see what our Aquaman brings to our game, dont ignore that for the sake of blooding youngsters like Hendo etc…

    Alberto, keep your head down son, give it your all, have pride in wearing the shirt & you’ll never walk alone!

    just my thoughts…. forever red!!

    • Rotation is not an ugly thing as you seem to be implying. In today’s game, it is a necessity, and if we are going to qualify for CL or come near to challenging for the title, you have to expect rotation. That is what squad depth is for. The failure to rotate in our best season under Rafa – for lack of squad depth, left the team in very poor form the following season. Our best players spent half the season injured in what ws to be Rafa’s last season.

      The whole point in accumulating a midfield boasting an assortment of talents is so that rotation not only keeps our players fresh and hopefully injury free, but that different players can be set up in different combinations and still be of first team quality. This is something not afforded to the club throughout Rafa’s reign, which Kenny is obviously trying to rectify.

      I would hate for us to lose Aquilani too, but with Kenny’s purchases, we are prepared to cope with that. We have a 25 man squad to name, and ideally, they would all be of first XI standard, and with such a squad, maybe you might come to appreciate rotation a little better. Chelsea and the mancs have been snapping up league titles with such ease precisely because they rotate their midfields – and the mancs have done so rotating sub par central midfielders.

      • Fair comment Simon

        I really do appreciate the benefit of having depth in our squad& it is well explained in your comment here no question.
        I just want to scream from the roof of the kop… DONT LET THE AQUAMAN GO!!!
        Seriously….. who, in our pre-season games, has impressed you most?

        Sure.. it was great to see the likes of Coady, Kelly, Flannagan & co continue where they ended last season and make excellent progress in providing competition to our 1st team regulars… for god’s sake, I even thought Ngog was impressive too! and that’s saying a lot, coming from me, who has been a harsh critic of him perhaps… but credit to KK – even Raheem Sterling got a run-out which would have done wonders for the lads confidence.. trust me, this boy is gonna be BIG!!

        Anyway… the point I’m making is WHY would you even consider selling/loaning our most creative influence in midfield?? (going by what went on pre-season anyway) If any of this stuff about him wanting to leave are true… I say, we have him on-contract correct?.. give him this season to shine & if he isn’t a smash as I’m sure he’s gonna be… then fine, let the player leave…. as we proved with Nando, nobody is bigger than the club & if he still, truly wants to go, then open the door for the man……

        Getting the best out of our strike-force is gonna be the key to our success obviously, & I feel & It’d be just plain daft to release a player of his quality to walk… I’d much rather find a way of getting Stevie G Aquaman, Raul & Adam to be our midfield supported by Downing & Kuyt on the wings.. can you see it???……

        Suarez would be licking-his-lips at that kind of service!!

        just my thoughts…. forever red!!

  3. Completely agreeeeee..every single word of it…

    Fans do support him online as i see everywhere but fans living in LIVERPOOL need to support him just like they did for Alonso in 2009 sayin ALONSO STAY. Why not for AQUILANI? He played for 10 minutes and still the man of the match. I hope he somehow plays sunderland game and shows his class so that the fans do OPEN their mouth, bring banners to keep him.

    Now what do u expect when Alonso wanted to leave, situation was same, he felt that he is not special to the team that because of benitez who approached Barry.​​ Alonso was special for fans so is Aqua now but manager has all the cards in his hands always.

  4. He is class and I would like him to stay too. But I would guess the story is complex – there are often many personal issues that are never revealed in the press. (e.g., Xavi Alonso has only recently come out and revealed the true reason for him wanting to leave Liverpool – a fall out with Rafa, leading to Rafa trying to sell him on the previous season).

  5. O yes, i remember that goal against Atletico…and even when u watch it on youtube. jsut look at him closely his face his eyes…the passion is clear

    AQUAMAN is a Class act

  6. Aquilanis agent is at it again. These agents need to be dealt with, they cause too much trouble for the clubs their clients are signed to. But if you think about it the answer is simple, FIFA should give all clubs the right to fine players whose agents speak to the media, post online or tweet without first seeking permission from their clients club, Agents should also have to be registered with FIFA and face being banned this would soon put an end to their antics.

  7. Rob that is exactly what m sayin. he is special for fas just like alonso was. alonso left coz rafa wanted to sell him in 2008, he stayed for a season for us fans. for aquilani its even harder, he hasnt got that much support of fans that alonso had, no player talks about him, no mention from manager, i agree that he wants to leave but the reasons are very clear in the article

    • Rafa needed to sell Alonso because Parry wanted Barry and Alonso could pay for him.
      Parry was in charge of player acquisition and Rafa was doing what was necessary. Remember Rafa brought Alonso there.

      Different situation. A completely different situation, but your points about how AA might feel are interesting. Remember Roy H loaned out AA and brought in Raul/approved his number, not Daglish.

      But Daglish has not done much to court Aquilani in public. It is perplexing. If you wanted to sell someone you would talk him up, too. AA is getting good playing time – more than Meireles.

  8. It’s true that he is a good player, however nobody knows his true desire. Is he homesick?or does he want to leave…who knows only him. Could his efforts this pre-season just be his way of putting him the shop window? I doubt you would get that all season with him at Anfield. One thing for sure is that his agent is a scheming @£stard.
    Come on Aquaman state your true desire to stay at our club

  9. Completely agree with you Farjad. Although i think alot to do with all this Aquilani out off Liverpool FC is to do with his agent trying to make himself alot more money. Alberto is the missing link for the reds and with Gerrard out until September Aquilani is best suited for the job.

  10. Great article has been best player in preseason and is definitely what the midfield is or at least has been missing! plus seems to have put some of his injuries behind him! best bet would be to give him a good chance at least until Jan transfer window especially with Stevie G looking to start doubtful and we all know having a good preseason behind you is the best sign of a good season!

  11. I am fully Agree with your views. I don’t think in the present set up of Liverpool Mid Field any one stand near to aqualani’s class.He is a class player who time and again demoralised by liverpool management, managers and right now by dilgish. Only surez can be better to him otherwise, no other midfielder stand near him. Charlie adm is vary slow and don’t know how to title that’s whey he conceeded Palenty. if Liverpool wants to perform than his mid field must be (Surez, Aqualani, Lucas (Anderson) and Downing) otherwise you will miss understanding, passing and class in the mid. Defending is the worst, After injury,Jhonson is vary slow and fearing to titles therefore, new left back and centre back is need of hour for liverpool

  12. What people seem to forget is up to now Liverpool have only paid in the region of £12m of the £18m transfer fee, the next instalment will be due when he has played in 30 (currently 26) competitive games.

    He is not Dalglish’s or FSG’s signing and they dont want to pay anymore on a player they are struggling to sell already, if the fee was fully paid I would say give him an injury free season to prove himself but as it stands we have to trust the management on this! They are the ones who work with the players day in day out!

  13. Seriously what on earth can we do as liverpool fans to keep him. His class out weighs every single midfielder. What baffles me is that can’t our coaching staff see this. It hurts , it really hurts. I was so pissed when liverpool opted for barry in place of xavi alonso, can you all imagine! Now its charlie adams and henderson for aquilani. It is really disgusting . And the next thing is that. We want to take the league , that is kind of funny.

  14. I agree with the agent point..ive already written an article here u may check that out ( AQuilanis agent needs to shut up)…still people do argue that agent speaks for the players…i knw his agent is total crap…but still i guess evryone knws that he perhaps want to leave, whether home sick or not but he did say that he returns with enthusiasm and in return he got this treatment ….and if u all agree with me then any player would want to leave after feeling he is completely alone n unwanted…

    that is why i REQUEST the fans to come out and cheer him and raise ur voice for him

  15. yes i owe u one on dat,aqua shdn’t not be sold,he is far beta dan charle adam and henderson.yesterday game confirmed it all.

  16. Definitely agree. He’s been treated awfully not just by the club, but by the British media. Chipshop Charlie isn’t worthy of walking onto the same pitch as him yet the Scot is being lauded as ‘the next Alonso’.

    With the injury to Stevie, the position is crying out for Aquilani in the interim. But the English mentality has made its mind up and it looks like Alberto is going to be heading for the exit.

    This is a travesty for a player who recorded the 2nd most assists in Serie A last season. I hate my club when we act so myopically and stupidly.

      • Who told you we hate him? can’t you see what we all are saying? are you dump and daft? Can’t you see the management are treating him poorly? he has no squad number alone is a sign of our club being very myopic. They decide to sell him for unfathomable reasons when they fully know he is our best so far? Adam is overrated, so is Downing and Carroll. So wake up. See, we all support KK but He is not God. He is bound to make mistakes too so you guys should stop that “In Kenny we trust” slogan and face reality. We the fan have the right to speak when something is not right and you sit the and shoot your mouth as if what you said is not provoking enough.

  17. plz Aqua, stay at anfield, u might not play the first match, but your time will come as the season progress, lfc definitely need your service to unlock the manu/chelski defense…

  18. well i’m really pleased that its not so called fans who pick the team but the manager, is this the same Aquilani who when he was in Italy was saying he didn’t want to go back to liverpool or was he misquoted.

    Aquilani has become a great player in certain supporters eyes by not playing because when the guy has played he doesn’t look like he’s up to the rigours of the Premiership. A few passes in afriendly where no tackles are made qualifies hiom for aberth in Liverpool’s midfield.

    Players get moved on all the time in football so what’s so different about Aquilani, if he’s surplus to requirements let him find aclub in Italy

    • You’re making things up. He never said that. What he has said is that he has no problem coming back to Liverpool.

      Supporters are not only judging him based on a couple of meaningless friendlies. Go to Liverpool’s official website and see how many times he was voted MOM by the fans when he was playing for Rafa. His quality was obvious even back then when he was coming back from a long injury and playing in a new league.

      What’s different about him is that our management seem intent on shipping him out and replacing him with players who are clearly inferior. First it was Roy with Joe Cole, now Dalglish with Adam. As a fan, how could you be happy with that?

  19. imagine Aquillani,Downing & Luis Suarez!!!

    Shame to Hoghson for loaning him out, but who knows where we could have finished had he not been loaned out!!

    Acquilani is a missing link in a liverpool team, my dream is seeing him link up with suarez,downing,carroll,kuyt Gerrard & Charlie Adam!

  20. We talk about liverpool not attracting QUALITY players. and then we are ready to sell out world class quality player from our midfield. and then we talk about winning the premierleague. makes me alugh really

    AQuilani+ Suarez..
    This combination is going to be horrifying for the defenders. we need you aqua. PLZ can fans do this impossible task of trying to keep him. Make it viral . If i would have been at liverpool , i will have made a banner for him and come out in the streets to support him and cheer him playing in the stadium.

    id do everything to keep him. Aquilani is by far the best midfielder in our side. With Gerrard out we need him.. we really need him badly.

    • U are right robert. I just don’t understand the problem between aquilani and kk.what ever the problem might be i think they should sort that out and let him,at least till january for him to prove his worth. No Aquilani no top european qualification.

  21. I am massively concerned.
    He has been the “STANDOUT” player in this pre-season.
    I am so concerned about what I see in our “big” striker, that basing our team around him is what really concerns me!
    Aqua has demonstrated the ball control and vision that looks way beyond all else I have seen this pre-sesaon.

  22. Wind your neck in the lot of you. It’s clear he doesn’t want to be a Liverpool, doesn’t like a tackle and wants all the money he can get. Nothing wrong with that last part but he’s being portrayed as a sinned against type. Not at all. Sell him quick and be done with it. Buy a CB and a LB and Arda Turan instead

    • Totally correct,he has been excellent in pre season and truly looks a technically gifted footballer..BUT.. Kenny Dalglish wants players at LFC who want to be there, and there have been to many mentions from Aquas camp about wanting to be back in Italy, nothing wrong with that, and had LFC been prepared to take a big loss on him he would already be back with Juventus.Before Torres left he put in a blistering performance against Chelski to get his move.LFC are not the culprits here… move on,the club is always bigger than any player. JFT 96 YNWA

  23. Fully agree!
    He is a great player and after all we have paid so much money for him!
    Play him!!!

  24. Farjad, You may have poured your heart out, but you are not looking at this with a clear mind. Your article offers no balance in the circumstances surrounding Aquilani. I am as desperate as you for him to stay, he is much better than any player we have in the squad (and I include Gerrard in that).

    Do you honestly think Dalglish wants AA to leave? That he doesn’t know how talented he is? Don’t you think Dalglish has spoken to Aquilani about staying?

    He sees him in training every day however and you have not crucially taken this into account Aquilani WANTS to leave Liverpool, doesn’t want to live in the UK and wants to stay in Italy, no doubt because his girlfriend recently had a baby girl and she doesn’t want to live in England.

    He is a potential superstar for us, his talent, his awareness and above all his first touch is the best in the squad. But that does not get away from the cast iron fact that he wants away that is why his agent is in the press every day speculating for a new Italian club.

    You need a reality check because Aquilani clearly wants to leave. Above all we must have players who want to stay and fight for the club and the fans. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the case for Aquilani and I’m just as disappointed as you about this, but it is a fact.

    • Has Alberto actually come out in the media and said he wants to leave and go back to Italy? or did i miss this report..It all is and always will be hearsay on everything that concerns Aquilani. To me the only person who wants Aquilani to leave is his agent.

    • Not everyone is able to read into this as well as you have. People do tend to take the media at face value without tallying the points to paint the complete picture. *thumbs up*


  25. @Cheyenne plz fans need to stop generalizing that hes too light weight for prem league. remember he was bought injured , not the english game injured him…he deserves a fair chance and then we are talking…

  26. Ever since Kenny has been back at the club he has done nothing but give everyone a chance, mainly the youngsters in the second half off last season, but also the likes of Poulsen, Cole & N’Gog had there fair share of chances so although i have every faith in what Kenny and the management do i strongly believe Kenny needs to keep Aquilani and give him the chance he thoroughly deserves.

  27. Aquilani was injured for half a season when he arrived, then thrown in around winter. Why, when people suggest that the likes of Messi wouldn’t be able to hack it ‘against Stoke on a wet Wednesday night’, should Aquilani be asked to instantly be a world-beater without any real integration?

    Also, Aquilani joined a club in turmoil both on and off the pitch, in a regime which saw the manager constantly questioned.

    Look, all of this is really obvious stuff. Aquilani deserves a season to prove himself. If, at the end of it, he’s as shit as the doubters would have you believe, then fine – I’ll hold my hands up and say he should be moved on.

    But in a team that drastically needs creativity and imagination, then selling one of our only ‘head up’ players just as he’s found a little bit of form would just prove to eventually be another stick with which to beat the manager when we inevitably fall short.

  28. Very Well written piece. Completely agree with every word. However, as many have pointed out, watever we have heard from Aquilani’s camp has come from his agent and not from the horses mouth. I was shocked too to read KK’s verdict and find no mention of Aquaman’s cntribution. Since he has signed for the club i’ve been hoping that he does well and will spen the next 29 days praying that he somehow stays at LFC.

    YNWA fellow Reds

  29. Roger hunt..Its not just about KENNY and AQUA in the article, there are many reasons that he faced wen he came back sayin he returns with enthusiasm

    i know he wants to leave, alonso left coz rafa apporached BARRY, what aqua wud think after KENNY brought ADAM n HENDERSON in center midfield…he wants to play in EURO 2012…MIND says that kenny will prefer his signings…but i still want him to stay and i knw coming from the subs he can win his place… you admire his abilities as much as i do.

  30. @Nong: Not every player in the team needs to be able to put in crunching tackles. That’s what holding midfielders are for. Well done on a very classically British view of football though.

    Aquilani is a class act and this whole situation is very odd. Let’s put it this way, if Auntie Woy had brought in Charlie Adam and Henderson for those fees, and tried to discard Aquilani, most fans would be marching on Anfield in protest.

  31. Aquilani must stay. He is the only one, when Gerrard is gone, that can deliver something forward.

  32. It’s not the question of the club but rather Aquilani who wants to leave. The club has no problems with him staying and hey Poulsen is staying too you know. It has always been Aquaman wanting to leaving, so stop blaming the club for that. Lfc has granted all loan or sale at an embarrassing 9mil euro for him, and if it was wenger aquilani will never leave for less than 22million.

    I think the club has been fair to him and he has been professional as well given the type of top class performance he has given the club. Therefore your assessment is one sided and lack the insight. Also very much emotional and childish if I may say. Perhaps you’d have more info before writing this because there isn’t any laws from prohibit poor journalism.

    • I agree with King Kong. He’s the one who would like to return to Italy. He’s an excellent player who wants to play in the Euro Championship. Won’t happen on the bench for Liverpool so of course he wants to go. However he has respected the club and has never complained of his shoddy treatment from Roy Hodgson last season. If anyone has disrespected Aqua it is Juventus who discarded him and devalued him to the point of ridicule. Read King Kenny’s autobiography if you want to understand the man. He loves intelligent ball playing midfielders like Alonso, Molby, Adam and Aqua. It’s stupid to assume otherwise.

    • You know what you are saying is a fabricated lie. On which media did Aquilani himself made a statenent that he wants to leave for Italy, Only the British media fabricates all forms of stories to sell their papers. what do you know about journalism and it’s ethics? stop talking rubbish and face facts, all the british midfielders we have except Gerrard are overrated, even if some one should be sold out, it should start from Joe Cole. who is Adam? Kenny only made average signings who are mid table players. wasted our the clubs money, God help him if we don’t qualify for CL next season. He surely will be kicked out.

    • king kong

      iv always been neutral in writing, i accept criticism and approve every single comment…

      Yes ive written this one as an lfc fan and keen admirer of aquilani, but ive been completely fair, he wants to leave coz hes unwanted ere n the treatment shows that.u r callin that poor journalism its ur opinion mate but majority of the fans think otherwise

      People come out n say aqua dont wanna be a red so let him go, and that becoz his agent says…then plz y dont they beleive wen his agent says that he wants to leave coz hes not in dalglishs plans..

      N thn u r talkn talkn abt poulsen is stayn…cmon 2m is max we gona get for hm, so does that means livpool shd sell quality like aqua…:S i lov the club mate, but plz see the mistake we r makin ere…

  33. Damn! How will someone say aquilani is surplus to requirement? And someone should tell me how english league is much more rugged than d italian mafian league. Let’s start thinking wit our heads not asses.

  34. Farjad and all others:

    His Agent is speaking on behalf of the player and you are deluded and are in denial if you think the Agent is acting out of self interest.

    The information I have is that Aquilani never settled in the UK and asked Hodgson to leave last season and at the heart of this saga, this is a clear case of homesickness. As nearly all of us have stated, I really want him to stay but I have come around to the belief that he will leave.

    • ive mentioned that before n i knw agent acts on players behalf…

      mate aquialni wanted to leave after injury disapointing season but decisions was in ROYS hand…do u remember in 2005 crespo wanted to stay with milan but mourinho called him back saying ” ur our player” and he played for chelsea ? and won the league with them. roy was specialist in making blunders. aqua wasnt in his plans he perhaps never knew the quality of aquilani

      i knw i see him leaving too..thats y i said ( hoping against hope)

    • Roger Hunt,
      If you’re willing to believe the agent when he says that Aquilani wants to go back to Italy, then why won’t you believe him when he says that the reason for this is because Dalglish doesn’t have him in his plans?

      • JMBK27,

        Try to see the situation from Aquilani’s view point with regard to his domestic situation and not your own.

        So you BELIEVE this Agent who said two weeks ago that Aquilani would “definitely stay” and is changing his words daily and yet have you heard anything from Dalglish in public and yet AA has played in every friendly, so he rates him.

        Dalglish sees him in training every day. If the player wants to stay, Dalglish will keep him, do you honestly think he doesn’t recognise his talent?

        Aquilani he wants to go because his girlfriend has just had a baby girl in May and doesn’t want to live in England.

        The reality is this AGENT whose words YOU clearly BELIEVE is in the press every day speculating the player to any Italian team that maybe able to afford him.

        Let me re-state I want him to stay, but the reality of it is that Aquilani wants to go.

        The evidence of that is overwhelming.

        • Suarez says that he dreams of playing for Barcelona. Does that mean we should let him go the minute they come calling? Sure, Aquilani has said he preferred to go back to Italy, but can you show me any evidence that he would not give 100% if Liverpool were to tell him that they wanted him to stay at Anfield instead? He has said himself that he has no problems returning.

          True, Aquilani has played in every friendly, but so has N’gog who Liverpool are reportedly trying to sell. Is it a coincidence that in these games Dalglish keeps playing Aquilani with the likes of N’gog and Poulsen rather than Downing and Carroll? It’s obvious that the team that started the Valerenga match is pretty much what Dalglish considers his best available, yet Aquilani only got 10 minutes along with Shelvey and Sterling.

          No, I don’t believe much of what his agent says, but the evidence does suggest that Aquilani does not figure in Dalglish’s plans. Perhaps having bought Adam and Henderson on the assumption that Aquilani was going to Juve, he now needs the money from the sale to fill the much needed CB and LB positions. He can’t sell Adam or Henderson or leave them rotting on the bench or the reserves now can he? Which is a shame, because at the moment, I think Aquilani is probably Liverpool’s most talented player bar Suarez.

  35. It is useless for us all to be expressing our opinion here…as at the end of the day Kenny has his own thoughts and reasons, particularly with Aquaman!!! We are all in agreement here…Aquilani has the quality that Liverpool are lacking and should be the last player (togerther with Mereilles in my opinion) that KK should be trying to shift in order to reduce the wage bill and free up some funds for other targets, which we undoubtedly need!!! Our only hope here is that Mr. Henry, who I am sure will be keeping an eye out for fans’ opinions, would somehow be prepared to reach some sort of agreement with KK that would allow us to keep both Aquaman and Raul for the coming season but not jeopardise other signings. The likes of Poulsen, Cole maybe even Pacheco should be allowed to leave, whiles Shelvey and a couple of others sent on loan!!! Please Mr Henry…you know we need the class that both Aqua and Raul possess, who are going to have to fill in for SG

  36. You are correct in your assessment of Aquilani’s talent Farjad, the boy is in a different league compared to the spearing’s and Shelvey’s of this world, if he was to stay i’d be overjoyed, unfortunately, the noises coming from the players agent are that of a player who wants to play his football in his own country.

    I do find your comments regarding the fans questioning the players loyalty somewhat shy of the mark though, I would have to say the majority of the supporters would love him to stay and your words of “disloyal foreigner” does not show Liverpool Supporters views in a true light…you only have to look at the comments below your article to see that much is true.

    It would probably be more accurate to say that Dalglish and Co are planning for the future and the likes of Meireless, Aquilani, Jovanovic and Cole are now surplus to requirements in their eyes anyway…I do hope they can come to some sort of agreement for Aquilani to stay for another season though, 12 months is a long time in football and I think we would regret it if we let him go at this time.

  37. (1)If he wants to leave, we need to get upwards of 12-15 million for him, which seems to be a tall order for some reason.

    (2)We need to make that deal happen somehow ASAP so that we can sign someone of equal creativity.

    (3)So it looks like he’ll stay, barring a loan move which he doesn’t seem to want.

    (4)”Do you want a player who doesn’t want to be at the club?” Saying that, he has the loan option – so obviously if he doesn’t take up that option, he finds it preferable to stay at the club. He, in essence, wants to stay!

    (4)If he wants to stay, then fine – we need to show him a lot more respect and play him in his most effective position, as a creative playmaker as opposed to a deeper-lying breaker.

  38. Lets wait and see how things pan out. If aqua is sold without giving him a chance though, then its too bad. On a personal level, i think aqua ranks second only to stevie in our midfield when it comes to natura ability, even above meireles. I honestly don’t know why he was not assigned a no, while joe cole, soto, and even maxi got theirs.

  39. @King Kong and Roger Hunt

    Regardless of his motivations, he’s played well for us every time he’s been selected and has shown no shortage of passion or commitment – take a look at the games if you want ‘evidence’. If he does want to go back to Italy, perhaps that’s because even when fit, he was barely selected by Rafa and then shipped out by Woy without even having a chance to play for him.

    As someone else pointed out, he wants to cement a place in the Italy squad next summer. So unless we get a good and fair offer for him, why not keep a player who’s got a point to prove and bags of ability?

  40. If you read Kenny’s autobiography or anything he’s said about Aquilani it is clear that he rates him. Infact he would rather shift out Meireles than him. However Aqua wants to return to Italy. He’ll be content to stay at Anfield but that is clearly his preference. There’s no splits or schisms here. He’s a highly valued player who would prefer to leave. However his attitude, despite his desire to leave, has been fantastic and he is a credit to the club. There is no problems here and you people are commenting on what you obviously have no clue about.

  41. @DESY kenny snubbing him means not talking about his contribution at all.

    to those who think that m against kenny are compeltely wrong…we might not be able to atract big stars , we might not buy best players, we might not be a top 4 team on paper but we have KENNY who can take the best out of every player and thats why wel all liverpool fans believe that we can achieve titles under him

    but aquilani is a quality player which we must hold on to. at the end of the day its a managers decision…i already said

    do u remember in 2005 crespo wanted to stay with milan but mourinho called him back saying ” ur our player” and he played for chelsea ? and won the league with them. roy was specialist in making blunders. aqua wasnt in his plans he perhaps never knew the quality of aquilani

    • So we should keep him against his desire? That’s not the Liverpool Way. We should never have loaned him out last season but that mistake’s been made and it isn’t easily rectified. Now we’ve bought players like Meireles, Henderson and Adam who play in his position and he wants to leave. We could have saved a couple of quid had we kept him last year but alas it’s done. We gave him a taste of home and it would be cruel to keep it from him to sit on the bench.

      • The thing is, should Aquilani be the one sitting on the bench? Surely, the only criteria for deciding who should play should be his contribution to the team, not his nationality or who bought him. Based on pre-season form at least, Aquilani has shown that he is head and shoulders above those alternatives you listed.

  42. Agree 100%…fans in Liverpool should sound their support ta Aquilani, I’ve been writing about this and in his favour every where I can…to loose him now will be worse than loosing Alonso!!! He is world class, his creativity is second to none,and his eye for the killer pass is immense!!! Only imagine him playing in the middle in an advanced position with Suarez, Gerrard or Downing on his sides….that means scoring chances and goals!!!

  43. I’ve been dying to hear someone as reasonable as you. The problem is that English football does not seem to appreciate creativity and skill. The reason Henderson and Adam were brought in was because they had “that British fighting spirit” which is what is encourage all over the country. Players like Mr Aquilani who aren’t physical are not welcome. I’d love to see a change in the system and i’d have Aquilani over Adam, Mireiles and Henderson. He might not be the physical type but his creativity,vision are what makes him stand out. If Liverpool does not keep him, I genuinely hope one day he can come back with whoever he’ll be playing for and prove them wrong. Good luck Aquilani

    • Have you not seen the stats for key passes made in the league last season? These are the passes that led to a shot – i.e. creative passes. Adam was 9th on the list, just above Modric. Downing and Henderson were joint third after Malouda and Kevin Davies, both on the wrong side of 30. Don’t buy into the British fighting spirit garbage! Kenny was after proven creativity. If AA does wanna stay, I’m sure Kenny would love to keep him.

  44. Aquilani has done well but what you fail to mention is that it is obvious he wants a return to Italy so Kenny is right to focus on teh players who want to be here.

    The fact that nobody is waiting to come in and bid for him tells its own story. If he was commited and said so then fine, but as i say he wants out and Kenny has bolstered his midfield with Aquilani leaving a part of his thoughts and the players that have come in. Also what fans have called him a disloyal foreigner? Do you know what has gone on behind the scenes? Thought not, fortunately Kenny does and he know what is best for us.

    Poor ill informed article, 1/10 must try harder.

  45. Totally agree with this article. Aquilani is sheer masterclass and would love for him to stay at Anfield. During Pre-season he has shown his class. i just hope King Kenny keeps him at Liverpool, he would be a great replacement for the ever injured Gerrard, I just hope someone who’s in charge reads our posts and makes a decision from there.

  46. @mook reader..

    when Aqua returned saying “returning with enthusiasm”
    kenny had already signed henderson and was chasing Adam all the time..wasnt that enuf proof that aqua wasnt in his plans and shud look towards his home again

    he came here had injury season, , roy made a stupid decision loaned him, came back not many fans suported him, transfer activity showed hes not wanted,…n many things mentioned in the article are before his agent open his mouth again about leaving…

    0/10 is the rating for ur comment.see the majority of the comments here n try to make sense.

    • Not true that not many fans support him. All of us here do, so you can bet our fellow reds feel likewise. It’s the media that goes on about him being a flop et al.

  47. every time he’s put a red shirt he’s been class, even in his injury-hit 1st season.hes impressed many in that season with limited agames and not being fully fit.
    give him full season and then see what he will do, he is pure class

  48. He wants to go Robert what part of that do you not understand. He returned with great enthusiasm when the Juve deal broke down, a coincidence?

    If he was commited and wanted to settle here and fight for his place then fine but that is obviously not the case.

    Also the opening article on his treatment is ill informed. He wants out and as soon as he can. We have got enough players here just taking wages and while Aquilani would get more playing time he is not commited and we want people who want to be here.

    Kenny and Commoli aree always talking about players desire to play for us, but that is not the case with Aquilani.

    If he comes out in teh next couple of weeks saying he does not want to consider any offers of a loan deal but wants to fight for his place i would say fair enough.

    I would say the chances of him doing that are very slim.

  49. Aquilani never stated that he didn’t want to play for Liverpool. On the contrary, he came back and said that he was coming back with enthusiasm… only to find out that he is not in the management plans for the season.

    What worries me is not even the fact that we spend enormous amount of money for fairly average players with mid-table mentality, but the trend to squeeze the talented players out of the club. There will be three cliques in the dressing room: 1. Young English Talent clique
    2. all Spanish/Portuguese speakers clique
    3. Carra and Stevie with probably Kuyt and Agger (the oldies).

    Which is ok, as long as the game doesn’t suffer. I will hate to see Adam crossing on Downing, but leaving Suarez out of it…just because Suarez is foreign. Right now, I am not in a very rosy mood about the upcoming season. But getting rid of Aqua would be a catastrophe. I don’t believe that if the club wants to keep him, they cannot convince him to stay for at least one season.

  50. Great article..
    Every words are true.. Aquilani has been mistreated.. He doesnt deserve all this.. He is a class act && he is better than Raul, Charlie or Henderson..He is very creative && can provide match winning crosses && assists && score some too..
    If Liverpool sell him, that will be the biggest mistake.. I hope Aqua will stay at LIVERPOOL..

  51. If Aquilani leaves, Liverpool will be lost – He is the only player that has liverpool talent There is nothing else happening in the team and all the liverpool supporters trying to be optimistic don’t want to face reality. The team is second grade and we are buying poorly. I am so disgusted in the lackluster display with the friendly’s we had, that i am really ashamed to be a fan. I seriously don’t know what KK is doing and i hope they listen to us, because how can they be managers and not see what we see?! – I don’t know any more

  52. Guys who think he is lightweight for prem league please watch on YOUTUBE, aqua vs reading, totenham, wigan and vs portsmouth, before saying AQUILANI cant play in premier league, ull know what he is capable of

    that too he was not completely fit still impressed many in his first season and now when he is fit, we must keep him

    • I completely agree mate…

      seriusly i dont understand y guys generalize alot of things…so sure that aqua will take few years to develop in prem, so sure that his injury hit season was his real showing..even wen he showed quality u din see it…so sure that a foreigner will take time to settle in premiership and a signing from the premirelgeau like ADAM or henderson are gonna cope with the pressure of big club just like that….makes no sense…

  53. fans in LIVERPOOL…need to raise voice for him at anfield against Valencia “STAY AQUILANI”

  54. Ha ha! This guy is more talented than even Alonso and he is coming to Milan! Thank God you guys have treated him like crap! Thank you, thank you. Welcome to Milan, Aqua!

  55. if he leaves and is brilliant at Milan..the ones talking against him will come up and say SO WHAT, he can do that only in ITALY…for goodness sake…for once look at the guy’s ability. hes a gifted talent

  56. he wasn’t even given a real chance at anfield! kk seems to want to go british atm! for his own sake he should go where his talent is more appreciated. lfc will cut their losses. they are renown for selling on the cheap.
    re the alonso situ mentioned. don’t forget that , for whatever reason, the season before alonso was shite. it’s funny how when he knew he was up for sale he decided to perform! he wanted to go to RM.

    • Mate u r wrong about alonso..he gave us his all…its all benitezs fault that we lost him…still we thank him for what he did for us was massive

  57. great article buddy !! we really love aqua !! he is our future !! he is gonna replace xabi and gerrard for sure !! he has the ability to be a successor in liverpool !! eventually he will end up as an legend !! but kenny is considering adam in his position !! becoz he prefers adam like brother ! if we miss him .. i will definitely have a negative thought on kenny !! but i love liverpool !! till my death !!

  58. Aquilani was the missing piece of the jigsaw last season, hope DC and KK sees reason and give him a squad number and then we continue from there. From the look of things he might not play against Sunderland since he has no squad number yet. But if they should sell him and we finish mid table next season, I will blame the Kenny… since he has got the players he want, he should do something for us fans next season, top 4 and a FA cup atleast.

  59. Alonso did play his best and does love LFC.
    But it was not Rafa’s fault. Parry was in charge of player acquisition and wanted more English players. He wanted to bring in Barry and H&G had a policy of selling before buying, so at Barry’s price Alonso had to go.

  60. You could argue Rafa should have resisted more, but Alonso had a mediocre season before, Rafa has to answer to Parry on other players he wanted, and that was his job to find a solution to bring in Barry.

  61. Sensational article, I am disgusted by Liverpool FC’s treatment of who is consistently proving himself to be our best player by far. The fact the club comes out and defends absolute dog shit like Lucas Leiva is an outrage. Comolli, Kenny listen to John henry, he wants Aqua to stay. Stop with this pathetic British-only policy and actually select players with talent

  62. fans should do something
    really for a player when play its very dissapointing
    ur trying to impress ur trying to mix up get
    but the coach dosent appreciate u
    kenny talked about samma even but not a word abt aqua

  63. It beggars belief that LFC are not fighting to keep Aquilani, and even seem willing to take a £12million loss on his original purchase price in order to offload him … It’s like being stuck in a bad dream!

    Luckily, YOU (the fans) can do something about it:

    – Find and follow me on Twitter (username: KeepAquilaniLFC)

    – Search for “KeepAquilani” as a HashTag in Twitter … (Please tweet/re-tweet as much as you can with #KeepAquilani HashTag)

    It’s the best shot we have at making the management/board aware of fan opinion on Aquilani because it’s all currently buried in hundreds of different forum and comments threads all over the web … Kenny Dalglish or Damien Comolli are unlikely to spend time browsing these threads, but if Twitter trending gets high enough you can be sure that at least John W. Henry at Fenway Sports Group will notice – even if no-one else does.

    Remember, when John W. Henry succeeded in the takeover of Liverpool FC in October 2010, he did announce that Fenway Sports Group would listen to the fans.

  64. Lately i was seeing fans sayin that 10m is a good amount for him…thats nothing…please realize the real value of Aquilani, we need him, milan will laugh of at such a deal…realize it before its too late and we know his value afterwards and miss him just like Alonso

  65. In summary, Aquilani wants to go, he never settled in the UK.

    Do not trust a word his Agent says.

    Kenny Dalglish wants him to stay but understandably he only wants players who are committed to the cause.

    Why is this so hard for people to understand…

    • The writer mentioned a good example in the comments leme paste it here for u

      do u remember in 2005 crespo wanted to stay with milan and din wanna come back but mourinho called him back saying ” ur our player” and he played for chelsea ? and won the league with them. roy was specialist in making blunders. aqua wasnt in his plans he perhaps never knew the quality of aquilani

      althoug he wrote that slagging roys decision to let him go on loan…..but the thing is that why sell a super quality player and that too for a cheap price of 10m :S

  66. king kong

    iv always been neutral in writing, i accept criticism and approve every single comment…

    Yes ive written this one as an lfc fan and keen admirer of aquilani, but ive been completely fair, he wants to leave coz hes unwanted ere n the treatment shows that.u r callin that poor journalism its ur opinion mate but majority of the fans think otherwise

    People come out n say aqua dont wanna be a red so let him go, and that becoz his agent says…then plz y dont they beleive wen his agent says that he wants to leave coz hes not in dalglishs plans..

    N thn u r talkn talkn abt poulsen is stayn…cmon 2m is max we gona get for hm, so does that mean livpool shd sell quality like aqua…:S i lov the club mate, but plz see the mistake we r makin ere…

  67. @Farjad Iftekhar

    He wants to leave the club, it has nothing to do with Kenny forcing him out

    The lad is homesick and exactly like he did last summer he wants to return to Italy

    There is no amount of persuading, praising or reassurances that would change that

    The situation was the same last summer and it is the same this summer

    Check Kennys comments in the Liverpool Echo today

  68. Well so far iv only been able to find the link you have provided where Dalglish has spoken about him. couldnt find anywhere else

    If that is true then can’t get any better, now just want the fans to show their desire that they want him to stay, rest time will tell.

  69. read that…it is stil on the same site BUT

    theres a difference…kenny could have said that we d love to have him here for the start of the season, ((his form has been outstanding and we expect him to be in the squad for the Sunderland game etc))…or just the words that are not in bracker

    INSTEAD sayin if hes here for the start its not a problem is hardly ringing any endorsement…

    he is a massively undervalued asset. wev bought players for alot of money that are not as good as aquilani

  70. @Baros & @ Farjad

    How about this then from todays PC
    Kenny “we are delighted to have alberto aquilani back.but If things change,they change.” #LFC #fb

    People keep saying Aquilani is unvalued and unwanted but the thing is its the player wanting away rather than the club pushing him out the door

    We’ve bought other players because Aquilani wants to leave

    Its a situation that is really beyond the clubs control – the lad is desperately homesick and short of relocating the club to Italy nothing we do will change that

  71. @LECTER

    saw the interview…dont tell me ur not big enuff to understand what kenny is actually sayin here with a double meaning sentence…y are the fans really blinded by kenny, yes we do trust him but its very clear that leting aqua go is a mistake, hes top quality player.
    by this statement he only makes it more clear that hes gona sell him….

    mate we bought henderson already n then when aqua came back, we were chasing ADAM MADLY….so ur sayin is completely wrong that (We’ve bought other players because Aquilani wants to leave)

    • @Baros

      He wanted to leave last summer – he got his wish

      He wanted to stay at Juve – he didnt get his wish

      Hes made it absolutely clear he wants to leave Liverpool and return to Italy

      THAT is why he is not in the clubs plans and that is why the clubs targets included players like Meireles last summer and Henderson this

      ANY player who wants to leave as desperately as Aquilani does will be allowed to leave (just like Torres was)

      People seem unable to comprehend that it is the player himself who wants to leave and not for any other reason than being homesick

      The only mind that needs changing is Aquilanis and as I said earlier unless LFC relocate to Italy that is not going to happen

      • Lecter…
        He wanted to leave last summer coz one he had not much suport in first season and had injury 2nd he wasnt in hodgson plans. he made this blunder, had hodgon known his quality he would have kept him like mourinho called him back in 2005 when he wanted to stay in MILAN. See its a managers decision.

        Secondly Meireles came for mascherano, we got the funds from his sale not from aquas loan, and Henderson plz is he any where near AQUA ?

        torres was worshipped here, did aquilani get even 5% of the support torres had, so its not fair to compare both. already given reasons in my article abt henderson and adam , managers prefer his own signings and plz when aqua stated hes comin back with enthusiasm, at that time we were madly chasing ADAm as and had henderson already so that already tells he was not in plans.

        Yes aqua wants to leave, but if players atleast celebrate the goals with him, manager talks abt his contrbution in the game then i would say that aqua shud think. but a guy who has no support, he doesnt know that we fans care we din show him out clearly, PLUS not in plans, then y blame him for leaving

  72. For me here KENNY makes it clear that he is not in his plans, give him a start against Sunderland to change my mind

  73. @ Baros

    I’m not arguing against him being a good player

    However its him who has made his bed

    If he wants to go the club will let him

    If he wants to stay then he will be given a chance

    He wont stay though, he’ll push for a move and will probably end up on loan somewhere in Italy because whilst a loan might not be his preference its infinitely preferable than not returning home

  74. Lecter…
    He wanted to leave last summer coz one he had not much suport in first season and had injury 2nd he wasnt in hodgson plans. he made this blunder, had hodgon known his quality he would have kept him like mourinho called him back in 2005 when he wanted to stay in MILAN. See its a managers decision.

    Secondly Meireles came for mascherano, we got the funds from his sale not from aquas loan, and Henderson plz is he any where near AQUA ?

    torres was worshipped here, did aquilani get even 5% of the support torres had, so its not fair to compare both. already given reasons in my article abt henderson and adam , managers prefer his own signings and plz when aqua stated hes comin back with enthusiasm, at that time we were madly chasing ADAm as and had henderson already so that already tells he was not in plans.

    Yes aqua wants to leave, but if players atleast celebrate the goals with him, manager talks abt his contrbution in the game then i would say that aqua shud think. but a guy who has no support, he doesnt know that we fans care we din show him out clearly, PLUS not in plans, then y blame him for leaving

  75. @Farjad

    Believe what you want to believe

    Aquilani returned last summer because he was homesick its was nothing to do with Hodgson

    Meireles isnt a holding player in any shape or form he was signed to replace Aquilani who as far as the club were concerned had returned home and wasnt coming back

    People are looking for reasons that are just not there

    When he finally goes it will be made clear and it has absoltely zero to do with LFC (or Kenny rating him) and zero to do with the player feeling unwanted etc….

  76. and you will believe all that for sure..lets leave everything ..

    id just ask you one question. for what u r seeing him performing in every match and geting to hear manager praising other players who are play far below him.
    he shudnt feel unwanted? he shudtn feel alone? Just answer YES or NO to this that u think its right?

    else mate we all are liverpool fans..whatever happens LFC remains the biggest thing. football will be so dull withot difference of opinion. so its fine. YNWA

  77. Farjad et al – I admire your passion for the subject however the title of your piece is wrong – it is Aquilani who wants to LEAVE.

    Who cares about Maureen and Crespo that has nowt to do with us. Totally irrelevant.

    I’m with Lecter on this he is correct. As said previously the information I have(they said its from an unimpeachable source) is that Aquilani never settled in the UK and asked Hodgson to leave last season. I didn’t want to believe it at first.

    He is a clearly homesick and his girlfriend who had a baby in May does not want to move to England.

    So step back and try to imagine what is going on in his private life.

    Aquilani has played in every pre-season match (unlike Ngog who never played in Turkey). Now this maybe a shop window tactic but it may probably be the way for Dalglish to make him feel wanted and included in the set up. He will be getting praised behind the scenes.

    Does anybody seriously believe Dalglish does not want a player of Aquilani’s quality in his team? Are people forgetting how good Dalglish was?

    So you lot who believe this is some ill conceived plot to bring in British players, you are sadly in complete DENIAL of the truth.

    If you want to read my thoughts on this since last summer check this link, register on the forum as I started the thread.

    • Roger Hunt..i guess this is ur 4th or 5th comment and each and every comment you have exactly said the same things mate :). and perhaps more or less got the same reply as well..

      hodgson let him go n then sold mascherano n brought meireles. would u agree that we din have depth at all at that time? then u shud agree that hodgson din hav him in plans and let him go else it made no sense that u loan a guy out n not sell him to bring players wen u dont have depth.

      exactly my point is that why would dalglish let a quality player go, why not just say that he wants him to stay. Mate no one knows what happens behind the scenes, howd we know that he praised behind the scenes.

      i did not say that its policy of bringing british players, but yes i did say aqua is better than them, but do u think that Kenny rates Aqua higher than adam n henderson? do you think that lets supose “behind the scenes” aqua wants to stay then Dalglish wud prefer Aquilani and bench Henderson and Adam.? The answer is clear.

      i agree that he wants to leave, completely agree mate, but u also have to agree what has happened all along from the smallest things, does show that hes been through things that display hes unwanted as well.

  78. @Farjad

    I’ll ssy it again whilst Aquilani might be a better player than what we have brought in he is homesick

    So those players we have brought in have one crucial quality that Aquilani is lacking – a desire to be here

    I feel sorry for the lad not because he hasnt gotten a chance but because he and his family havent settled here

    Sometimes thats life

  79. Taking your points one by one.

    i) I kept repeating the same points, because you appeared not to be listening! Its called the cracked record technique, I was hoping you would finally get it.

    ii) No we didn’t have enough strength in depth last season, the loan made no sense at the time but I was unaware that he wanted to go.

    iii) Don’t you think Dalglish has asked him to stay? Clarke said in an interview that AA has the quailty to stay and be in the first team. Do you think Dalglish has not said the same to him?

    iv) Has Dalglish come out said he wants him to go. Conversely why doesn’t Aquilani come out and say he wants stay? You can’t have it both ways mate…

    v) Do you think Dalglish doesn’t recognise AA’s quality. If Aquilani wants to commit to us, then he will be given his chance but as you’ve finally grasped he wants to go.

    vi) Dalglish said in his recent book that Aquilani is quality.

    vii) Dalglish will pick players in form and drop those who aren’t performing regardless of whether he bought them. Look at his record in the past.

    Unfortunately the whole premise of your article was flawed from the beginning as you had already decided what the verdict would be before you wrote a word.

    You decided the management was to blame for this “sad treatment”, without looking at the other side of the argument, when in fact it is the player who wants to go for the reasons I and others have outlined.

    I suggest in the future you’d be well advised to add some balance to your articles in – one sided polemics just leave you open to the charge of ill informed bias.

    Try not to let your opinion be seen as fact and then look at all the evidence first then make your judgment. You will be taken more seriously, trust me on that.

    Here is what Dalglish has said today:

    He has publicly praised him and said he is delighted with AA and I think he wants him to stay, but the player needs to be committed too doesn’t he. We don’t need another Torres sulking situation, do we?

    Join the forum mate, you’d be very welcome…

  80. Farjad n Roger Hunt n ALL
    1stly fantastic article with a brilliant flow. i just went thru ur other articles and in (what now for aquilani) u have mentioned points WHY SELL HIm, WHY KEEP HIM, u also mentioned that he might be homesick to leave. and having read ur comments u have written that THIS ARTICLE you have written as a fan with an opinion, and its perfectly fair enough.

    but the fact even after dalglish sayin hes delighted is that we don know the scenario both ways. Roger the use of (THINK) is used by u and by many fans alot here, for example (( i think dalglish would have praisd him personaly, i think he is homesick, Dont u think dalglish will recognize his quality, dont u think hodgson shud have recognized his quality) and from other side a lot of fans has talked about what they have been able to see in the matches and press, for example, (adam praising all midfielders, not mentioning the name of aquilani, scored goal against valerenga and no one went to aquilani as he came walkin alone, no public apreciation, no pat on the back)

    SO the THINK points incline some way and on the other hand SEE points also do.. Yes one canot say that aqua doesnt want to leave and YES one canot say that the liverpool players n management has been treating him 100% perfect, specialy players in a match u atleast celbrate together or thanks others for the contribution.

    Please do not compare aquas case with torres case as some1 above rightly said that torres was worshipped here week in week out singing torres song, and for aqua we have never raised him name for once.

    All in All, All points fair, n there is nothing to criticize, majority of the fans comment are in favor and some are against however all agree that he is quality RIGHT?

    n Roger hunt u did mention u want him to stay and admire his quality, so the fans who want him to stay can at least show their apreciation openly which they havent even done as well and must do because Liverpool need to keep quality and without a shadow of doubt he is quality. so fans should support him that is just my opinion, atleast we make him clear that he is WANTED by fans. and yes i hope he stays

    Cheer up mates, whatever happens we will support our beloved club whole heartedly.

    “You’ll Never Walk Alone”

  81. Id agreee with you speer…..even when benitez was idiotically looking for BARRY and wanted to clear alonso out…evryone wil agree dat Alonso by then had his mind of leavin and wasnt 100% comitted,…but just like now he was out player of pre season that year and the fans call him to STAY and ALONSO stayed and gave us his best……lets hope the fans can atleast cheer for Aquilani too and at the end yes LFC YNWA…

  82. Great post. As a Reds fan I have followed Aquilani’s somewhat disastrous Liverpool career quite closely. He is extremely talented and his style of play is just what the team needs. However, there are certain players that find form at European clubs but just cannot perform in the Premier League. It has happened with many players before (most notably Diego Forlan) and I’m sure that Aquilani will not be the last. As you mentioned, the Kop fans do not help matters. I remember a couple of seasons back when Lucas was by far the most reliable player in a Reds shirt but he still had to put up with countless negative comments. I hope that the Italian does stay because I believe that he deserves another chance, but as you say, he would be well within his rights to up and leave a club that has not been as supportive as it could have been.

  83. I watched one anfield pre season game, nobody passed to him, the new lads where given his role in the team, they just to hoofed the ball to big Andy.
    Dull and predictable. As humiliating to him as it is bad for the team. So we let him go to Milan.. to save salaries for our new ‘middle table type lads’… and we draw at home to sunderland lose away to Stoke…showing lack of ideas or speed of match Suarez, (a blindingly good player who deserves and needs people like Auilani around him).
    We have bought some slow predictable types for someone who…is away scoring for Italy and playing in Milan’s draw against Barcelona in big eared cup..So good for him but pretty poor swap for us. A worrying pattern over recent years of talent either not developing or being ignored. KK needs to keep Suarez happy..but watching quality replaced by plodders may not be the best way. But in Kenny we trust…