Liverpool’s best formation and form

Liverpool’s best formation and form


Soccerlens reader and forum member deridder8 wrote a very interesting article in the forum today – here’s an extract:

After 6 games with 4 wins and 2 draws, I’m still not very convinced about Liverpool’s form this season.

It hasn’t been fantastic; they are not winning games like champions. They are SCRAPPING the wins. The frustrating display against Stoke City is a perfect example – so many chances, no goals.

After watching the match against Everton, they still don’t look championship material yet.

The question pops up again: What is Liverpool’s best formation / starting XI?

In my opinion, there are two formations they can apply now:


Arbeloa, Skrtel, Carragher, Aurelio
Gerrard, Mascherano, Alonso, Riera
Kuyt Keane

Note that Torres is not in the team. One, you can’t expect that man to play all the matches for Liverpool. Kuyt and Keane paired up against Manchester United and I think they did enough to show that there is at least some chemistry between these 2 players (well, better than Torres and Keane). You would see that Gerrard is on the right too. Pennant and Benayoun leave a bit to be desired in that position.


Arbeloa, Skrtel, Carragher, Aurelio
Mascherano Alonso
Kuyt Gerrard Riera

This was the formation Rafa employed mostly in the 2nd half of the 07/08 season. I still think that this is still their best suited formation too. What about the 20m Keane? He can come in for Gerrard – then perhaps it might work out for this Keane-Torres partnership.

Of course, in these 2 formations, Agger, hyypia, lucas, Babel, Benayoun will be rotated too. Then there is N’gog. I haven’t seen much of Degen yet, so maybe he can come in for Arbeloa.

You can read the full piece here – feel free to comment with your suggestions.

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  1. To me it’s 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1. We’ve not lost playing this formation since Chelsea January 2008.


    Arbeloa/Skrtel Carra Agger Aurelio/Dossena

    Kuyt Alonso/Leiva Masch Babel/Reira



  2. I still need to see about another 5/6 games our squad is so versatile its hard to tell. It took Benitez three quarters of last season to find out our best formation last season.

  3. Best Liverpool formation is always gonna be 4-2-3-1


    Arbeloa Carragher Skrtel or Agger Dossena

    Alonso Masherano

    Kuyt or Gerrard / Gerrard or Keane / Babel or Riera


    Simply the best balanced team all round.

  4. for me they could apply 3 formations:

    Arbeloa Skrtel Agger insua
    babbel Masch gerrard riera
    Torres kuyt

    skrtel agger carra
    arbeloa alonso masch insua
    gerrard (free role)
    torres keane

    arbeloa skrtel agger insua
    alonso masch
    babbel gerrard riera

  5. I think our best formation is the one we went with today but with Aurelio at left back instead of Dossena (although I thought Dossena played well today) and with either Pennant or Babel on the right wing instead of Kuyt who should be dropped. I’m a little amazed to hear people raving about Kuyt’s performance against Everton. I thought he was typically industrious but also typically ineffective. Despite getting a massive amount of good ball on the right wing from Gerrard and Alonso Kuyt once again did nothing with it except constantly pass the ball back to the midfielders. He even did this when he had plenty of space behind him to turn into. I know Kuyt’s mere presence at the near post helped draw away a defender for our first goal but we had no penetration at all of any kind on the right wing throughout the entire game. Is making one run to the near post really enough to justify all the praise Kuyt is getting ?? The class of Torres, Gerrard and Alonso means we can get often away with having no threat on the right wing in quite a few games and still scrape a win but in the long run it will cost us too many points.

  6. kuyt does well in the wings and thats a surprise because most strikers dont make good wingers. Wingers arent only their to score goals(c.ronaldo isnt a true winger) their main purpose is to get the ball and create space by taking the ball wide in the opponents area, by increasing the width of the field it makes the defenders open up a bit which allows for players like torres and gerrard to slot into space and then kuyt either passes it off or crosses in. To add versatility to the team you also generally get a player on the other wing who cuts in and provides more attacking options. Kuyt is a good player because he is quite versatile, he isnt as good as a true winger like reira but its hard finding quality wingers these days.
    Anyway about liverpools formation, the main problem is the team is so predictable. The over reliance on gerrard really makes the team static if gerrard has an average game.

    Try this formations


    unorthodox but at least something interesting with alonso playing the playmaker role and mascha getting slight freedom to make cutting runs. Babel to cut in and reira to provide torres. Kuyt to be free role and provide support for babel and torres. Just a game where gerrard isnt the fucking focal point of every attack instigated.

  7. Thank God, you are not the manager. Liverpool may be fighting against relegation if you are in charge. Poor analysis and worst planning for the future I’ve ever seen. Drop Torres or Keane? Are you crazy? They need time to form better understanding. You can even get Man Utd relegated with your football knowledge. No offence.

  8. why is it these football sites are always not happy with the way liverpool play?
    we get up at the top of the table and everyone thinks it unacceptable…everytime chelsea or man u scrap a win or loose no one goes and writes them off!!
    e.g arsenal loose to fulham and HULL CITY!!!
    nothing has been said about that!

  9. Reina
    Arbeloa, Skrtel, Carragher, Dossena
    Benayoun, Gerrard, Mascherano, Riera
    Torres, Babel

    Arbeloa, Skrtel, Carragher, Aurelio
    Babel, Gerrard, Alonso, Riera
    Torres, Keane

    Rotating players/subs: Lucas, Agger, Kuyt, Degen, N’Gog…
    Babel definitely needs to be played more

  10. What are u guys on about. This is the best team ever! If rafa plays this every week then we will deffo win the title. Rafa won’t tho cus he’s a dick.


    Arbeola Skrtel Carragher Aurelio


    Babel Gerrard Reira

    Keane Torres

  11. 4-1-2-3

    I think the above will suite our play. We have to play Mascerano and Xabi.


    Carrager Sktel Agger Aurelio


    Alonso Gerrard

    Kuyt Keane


    I’m still not impressed with Arbeloa at left back and Carrager started his career at in that position. Let’s not forget that Agger kept Hyypia on the bench for the 2006/2007 season so the lad can play. I know that Mascerano will be deadly in the holding position. Keane and Kuyt can always be replaced by Babel/Riera or Benayoun and we all know that Torres enjoys the space and cannot play with a twin striker and that is why he was so succesfull last year. Xabi can always drop back into a holding position if we come under some heave pressure but this formation should be given a chance.

  12. personally i think we shoudnt have signed keane he is a good player but Rafa is not playing him in the same role gerrad played last yr which is in Attacking Midfielder
    so he anit really gonna be scoring goals so he shud hve got van der vart for 10m and tried to get another winger cuz kuyt aint a proper winger

  13. Check this out. REINA
    The formation is 4_1_3_2. Arbeloa have not impressed (even tho he is improving) and Carragher will do better their. MASCHERANO is a pure holding midfielder (DM) and so should play that role alone. The threo of ALONSO STEVIE G & RIERA are in thare favourite and best position. BABEL is a little bite on the right midfield of goal while TORRES is on the center of goal almost alone.

  14. Reina

    Arbeloa Caragher Ager F.Aurelio

    Mascherano Alonso

    Kuyt Riera



    Best Formacion Ever

  15. I think alonso will leave so benayoun can get a chance to start more. when benayoun plays we look much more capable of scoring. i think liverpools signings this summer need to be in consideration of better quality subsitutes in attack. babel is good but then we have ngog and we have to move kuyt up front. man united last seaons could bring on tevez or berbatov to score a goal. i seriously think rafa should have a go at getting eider gudjohnson off barcelona he wont cost too much, he might fancie another go in the prem and he has natural composure in the box which liverpool need to win the frustrating home draws. next season i think we should line up next season with a 4-1-4-1 formation.


  16. We have few big updates folks! Mascherano will probably be heading for Italy to join Rafa. Hodgson has actually been looking for Macherano substitute and thus a deal with Juventus midfielder Christian Poulsen is on the verge of completion.
    I think, till date, this should is going to be the possible squad for LFC in 2010/2011:
    Pepe Reina
    Glen Johnson
    Jamie Carraghar
    Daniel Agger
    Fabio Aurelio
    Christian Poulsen
    Steven Gerrard
    Milan Jovanovic
    Joe Cole
    Dir Kuyt
    Fernando Torres

    Diego Cavalieri (GK), Martin Kelly (RB/LB), David N’gog (CF), Ryan Babel (LWF/SS), Tom Ince (LWF), Jonjo Shelvey (AMF), Maxi Rodriguez (RMF), Alberto Aquilani (CMF), Lucas Leiva (DMF), Sotirios Kyrgiakos (CB), Martin Skrtel (CB), Danny Wilson (CB/SB).

    The above mentioned names take the count of the squad members to 23, which means the remaining 2 positions are to be filled with a natural left-back and a regular striker (as torres’ backup) respectively.





    New LB——–Agger——-Carraghar——–Johnson




    New LB——–Agger——-Carraghar——–Johnson




  17. i am one of the liverpool fan…………. this season try to win atleast 2 cups….. anyway gud luck for all the liverpool players……..

  18. liverpool formation is this:4-4-2




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