Liverpool: Twitter reacts to Sturridge’s performance – “Thanks Chelsea”

Liverpool: Twitter reacts to Sturridge’s performance – “Thanks Chelsea”


He simply can’t stop scoring at the moment, can he?

With a better goal per minute ratio, this guy stands ahead of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Daniel Sturridge is on fire at the moment.


Against Swansea on Sunday, he scored yet again and earned heavy praises from manager Brendan Rodgers, who feels his striker gives the feel of scoring in every game.

Liverpool sneaked out a pulsating victory over Swansea at Anfield, where Sturridge scored twice helping the Reds move six points clear of Spurs in the race for fourth place.

With eight goals scored in nine games, Sturridge has become only the second player to score in eight games in a row in the Premier League history and forming a telepathic understanding with Suarez and Sterling upfront – the trio wrecking havoc at the moment.

Liverpool fans sarcastically has thanked Chelsea for letting Sturridge go while a Chelsea fan wrote in a website not far from here asking questions of why the Englishman was allowed to leave!


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  1. We gave them Torres and they gave us £50m plus Sturridge and helped build the best strike force in the league SAS.

    • lfc is on fire n golden boot is 4 SAS to lose as we we welcome European ftball come next season YNWA.

  2. Chelsea neva gave Sturridge D chance 2 play as a striker, Dey play him on D wing they put dia trust in an over rated 50 million pounds “FLOPNANDO TOILET” :) pls give Liverpool Romelu Lukaku too & don’t kill his career

  3. Chelsea knew perfectly well that Sturridge was a talent. That’s why they secured him in the first place.
    Trouble was, no-one liked the cold, self-absorbed, humourless person that he was and is. Chelsea players couldn’t bear his arrogance, Chelsea management couldn’t tolerate his peacock-preening, and Chelsea fans couldn’t identify with his big-headed pomposity.
    So they kicked him out regardless of his talent. No-one wanted him around the place. Simple as that.

    • Nice sensless comment. With all u have I must draw your attention to the phrase “he was and still is”. How is that true, he is a team player at liverpool, he isn’t selfish with the ball most of the time so what do you mean. Chelsea change coaches like I change clothes. How do you expect them to nuture any talent. Look at lukaku or cortois, deburyne should I continue. I can only say u are a self absorbed chelsea fan

    • And you know this how? do you work with the first team and training staff. And if they can but up with the likes of cashley cols’s arrogance am sure they could of put up with a striker who can actually score.

      and how many goals have Ba, eto and torres got??? compare that to sturridge and lukaku. well done chelski great bit of business that.

    • so you’d rather have mental migdet torres for 50 million instead. You care about arrogance but youre happy for terry to shag players wives and stay captain lol

        • Sir Cecil
          24/02/2014 @ 17:34
          Difference was, Sturridge came from Chelsea, and Torres came from Liverpool. That says it all.
          of course that says it all.. that says that chelsea is a mindless club

    • Um how many goals has harzard scored this season. The quality of a player is measured by he’s delivery not the name of he’s team or their position in the table

    • though nt as good as hazard but he is a winner at lfc thx 2 BR who gives players confidence see sterling,coutihno, hendo,flano and wait 4 promising Teixeira.YNWA

  4. Sturridge didnt even fit into the cfc team. Level of maturity and being a team player is what matters. Cfc was too great for him thats why he was kicked out. Its not a surprise he is showing this form LFC is way below standards.

    • hahaha must i remmind you, of the comments of Mourinho in the beginning of the seazon!!How he didn’t understand why Chelsea sold him 2 a rival

  5. This is ludacris, Chelsea players are the most self absorbed, selfish and egotistical players in the premier league they play for themselves. Chelsea have no interest in developing players they chuck money at people and chuck people when they don’t perform. Daniel Sturridge is a top player playing top football at a top club alongside some o the best players in the world that love there football club. YNWA

    • to me sturrige is nt a top striker he is just lucky to score goals bt i believe suares make it easy f him cus at d big stages sturrige is useless e.g arsenal man u in d carlin cup check dat out. Contd nd never compare hazard wt strurrige u all kwn who hazard ar compare to world best player

  6. Plss stop all this blabbing and win the league…top players win leagues for their team, let him win u the league and stop making noise abt him scoring…mediocre lipool

  7. ok, all these chelsea fans blabbing their frustrations on our Danny boy should go to hell and never come back…
    sorry about my manners… thankyou Chelsea “your waste is now our treasure” come take him for a £100m..

    • let the dude play CL games and we’ll see.. Ryt now SAS have no big pile of games.

      Had Suarez left for RealMadrid.. I think Sturriage would have asked to leave Liverpool and the current position of YNWA would be? Below 15???

      Knock it off guys.. Let him play tons of games.. Plus how can a Liverpool fan disrespect Torres when Liverpool forced him to leave. FT9 didn’t left saying I wan to win Trophies lyK Van persie said.

      Sturriage?? I’m nt sure if he has scored in big games.. Has he?

      As per Torres.. Its simple
      with chelsea he has scored against teams like Barcelona and Manchester City at their best while the amigo is nt even close to his top form.. Duh! Grow up Liverpool fans.. With such an idiot logic, you guys will “Always Walk Alone”

      • Yes Sturridge has scored in big games. In fact he scored against United, Everton and Arsenal. Now beat it loser. You wish u had a striker of his calibre. Best strike force in PL by far, not even City has such good strikers.

        • your name shows that you made post to talk about chelsea. All i said was “lets see!”

          only big team i see in your list is Everton. United? out of form and Arsenal was not at their best last time.

          Liverpool’s real test will begin next season if they finish within top 4.

      • I hate when chelsea fans think they know it all when they are in fact just being plastic. By that I mean they don’t watch any other team in the league except Chelsea. I am a Liverpool fan, but I keep an open mind and check every other premierleague game as well. And I can tell you that Suarez is happy, he has matured, he is a team player, and all his compatriots have complied with that statement (Cavani, Uruguay head coach).

        I can also tell you that Sturridge has scored against Man Utd, Arsenal, Everton all top teams in the premiership. He was one of your own. He was a player that used to score goals all the time in the Chelsea training camp. Yet he was never given belief or a chance to play that striker role. That is why he has come to Liverpool. Plastic fans will never understand.

  8. LOL so funny to c Chelsea plastic fans comments here. They actually think they are a team anyone outside small part of london cares about. They will allways be just a small club with plastic flags bougt for them by Roman Abromov. So go on wave your plastic flags.

  9. wow reading these comments proves chelsea fans dont know anything about football and are just deluded glory hunters. Almost feel sorry for them. Studge is world class and probably worth about £40 million but chelsea sold him for 12. Also they signed forrest gump from newcastle and then 32 year old money motivated samuel etoo from a micky mouse league to go with mental midget fernando floppes. Also they let lukaku go haha shambles of a club. So basically they have more money than sense at chelsea

  10. I can understand the frustration coming out from the chelski fans…but take not m be waring bcs Daniel is only improving…!!!YNWA

  11. Hey loser, torres demanded to leave…he wsnt pushd out by anybody…..nd 4 my SAS,best in d world….suarez nw playin his real position ‘ss’…nd wuld lyk to tnk chelsea 4 givin us sturridge…plz giv us lukaku too…plz am beggin..

  12. He has a great eye for goal..but once terry got eye for her gf…he know its time for him to make a move…its all plastic team…cheatski with sugar daddy…your team built with shellfishness…arrogance…throw money at will…need to say more…

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