Liverpool to make €50m move for Real Madrid star: Transfer explained

Liverpool to make €50m move for Real Madrid star: Transfer explained


Raise your hands, if anybody thought like us (oh, blame our skeptical mind) that British tabloids would certainly link any top striker with Liverpool this summer. It was that predictable, isn’t it?

Let us enjoy this transfer article, I assure you, it is fun.

Benzema 2

It is no open secret that Luis Suarez is all set to join Barcelona. Probably within next week, we will get the official confirmation. Surely, he leaves a massive void in the squad and for a world class player him, it is indeed hard to find a like-for-like replacement.

Brendan Rodgers may have other plans to counter this problem, but any armchair pundits would say that Liverpool are going to sign a top striker to fill the void. Right? Exactly, this is what Metro has done. They have linked Liverpool with a move for Karim Benzema, the Real Madrid striker.

But, they think they are too clever. Hence, they added this phrase – “and reports in Spain say…”

Yeah? Which report? We didn’t see that.

Of course, there is a report. Mundo Deportivo has picked it up as well and I’m sure the news will be all over the media by now, if not already.

Guess what? Mundo Deportivo says – “According to the English Metro…”

Seriously, top top journalism from Metro! The annoying part is why don’t they mention the name of the source? Why just state vaguely – reports from Spain & blah blah? Be clear to all the readers!

From our knowledge of doing Spanish and even Portugal reports, they always cite the source. And that’s how it should work.

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  1. Ooh liverpool should go ahead and sign this striker to fill the void suarez has left.Benzema is ideal to partner sturridge

  2. Benzema his not a good player we need pls dnt buy him not good we need someone like jame,bony,pastora,morata,shurlle,demba ba,remy,balloteli,

    • Lol, seriously? You would rather Bony, Demba Ba, Remy, Balotelli or Morata to Benzema? Benzema is class, scores loads of goals, links up well with midfield, creates chances. I doubt we’d get him, but if we did, he would be an amazing signing and definitely show our intent for the coming season. By the way, we would never get Schurrle, I would love for us to get James Rodriguez though, best player at the World Cup by a country mile.

  3. I would think Bony would be a better signing on the fact that he is cheaper and has played in the BPL and has weighed in with a good amount of goals. This is my logic, but you never know.

    • Bony would not suit our style of play, he didn’t score that many goals last season, and you want us to buy him because he’s cheaper? Not a good enough reason.

      • He did score 25 goals in all competitions (16 of which in the BPL) and mind you this was in his debut season. but I can’t argue with you on the the fact that he doesn’t suit our style of play.

    • Higuian has 100 million euroes buy out clause according to Napoli and therefore over prized.I think LFC should just focus on Di Maria he is fast a good provider and can score goals.

  4. If we can have him as a replacement of luiz, Either BENZEMA or his team mate GRIEZMANN.

    • Benzema won’t be able to adapt to the BPL fast enough. Bony has scored 25 goals in all competitions in his debut season which was better then Suarez’s. Also Bony is a cheaper option and we could use that money to bring in world class defenders.

  5. Griezman?…you already have lallana and sterling bony scored 25 goals last season which was his first season h will get better given more chances

  6. no thanks for those who said benzema in spain he scored 17 which isnt as though as premier league better bony knows the league .orelse buy james rodrigezi if that isnt followed all liverpool fan be upset by benzema

  7. Liverpool should fight for benzema he is the best and we need his skill and his power shots at goal

  8. The writer of this piece is one f***ing prick. Just thpught that needed to be said. Real Madrid spends so much cash each year on “Galacticos” but as soon as another club takes an interest in one of their players, their fans get seriously defensive.
    Real already has fantastic players and they are still prepared to spend a fortune on the lijes of Falcao and Kroos. If you ask me, I say Liiverpool is a top class club and a player like Benzema would be put to much better use there.

    • You didn’t understand the purpose of this article. Metro claimed a report that didn’t exist at all. I criticised that in this article. Get a life, mate!

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