Liverpool will lodge mega bid today for top summer target

Liverpool will lodge mega bid today for top summer target


Liverpool are expected to do few transfers from now on till the end of the window. The Reds have already made six signings so far and are close to completing the signing of Javier Manquillo, who is supposed to undergo a medical at Liverpool. Now that the right-back slot has been sorted, albeit temporarily, Brendan Rodgers has turned his attention towards signing a left-back. And if the reports are to be believed the Reds have intensified their efforts in signing Alberto Moreno from Sevilla.


Yesterday, Estadio Deportivo claimed that representatives from Liverpool had flown to Sevilla to hold talks over the transfer fee. They claimed the transfer fee would be around €20m. Marca has covered a lengthy report on it and claim today that Liverpool would include young dazzling forward Suso as a part of the deal, taking the total transfer value in excess of €20m, which should be enough to persuade Sevilla to sell their star player. 

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We think that there won’t be any problem for Moreno to agree personal deals with Liverpool. Plus, there is no reason why he should reject an offer from a top club that can offer him Champions League football this season. Sevilla had shown earlier a doughty refusal to wilt under pressure from Liverpool, and it remains to be seen, how quickly the Reds can get their top target and focus on buying one or two players before the window slums shut.

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  1. Rodgers hasn’t addressed Liverpools main concern ( Striker department ) You can’t lose Suarez and replace him with a 32 year old journeyman ( Who is totally sh*te,because that’s what Lambert is ) Sturridge is injury prone each season,and Borini couldn’t hit a barn door ( And that’s a fact ) Now if Rodgers goes into the new season without buying a Quality striker,I’m all for him being SACKED if we fail too make TOP 4 !!!

    • It’s not as though BR hasn’t tried to address the problem. Remy would have been brilliant if he hadn’t failed his medical.For someone who is totally shite Lambert didn’t do so badly last season. I’m sure a striker is now top of the list now that the defence is sorted but there is no point in just buying any old striker.WE are still in a better position than say Chelsea who have one striker who cant hit two barn doors (torres) a pensioner (drogba) who is this seasons eto’o and a 32million striker who’s had one good season. As for thinking about sacking BR get a life or support another team. Next you’ll say we should get Sam Allardyce. Did you actually watch Liverpool last season?

      • In fairness lamberts no world beater and will not be scaring defences playing for liverpool however he will score goals against the likes of Hull and West ham who were holding out for a draw last year and we were struggling to break down. I fear the season we had last year will come back and haunt us as alot of it was not down to Brendan Rodgers but infact down to the unbelievable form of Luis Suarez who we have not replaced.Wel do well to get top 4 again.

    • When did Lambert become sh!te ??? I must have missed that one. Put the blame on Ayre for not doing his job and convincing Sanchez to sign.

    • i cant believe you call yourself a Liverpool fan, slating our players and manager who has been fantastic. we broke a number of liverpool records and premier league records last season and scored over 100 goals with the best attacking football in the league. I suggest you go and watch some bowls or something as you know nothing about football

    • Agreed. Brendan Rodgers dissmissal and sacked if Liverpool lose as expected. Most of the players he bought only 1 or 2 can achieve. Others is waisted money.

      • Ynwa believe in good things wil yas were goin all the way again this season just need striker and few more singings there were flyn trust in brendan wil yas y n w a

    • What is it with people like you because Liverpool haven’t spoken to you personally about their transfer plans you automatically assume the worst. How do you know what’s happening behind the scenes. If you can see a striker is needed then doesn’t everyone else at the club know that…last week the manager was being berated for not addressing the defence he then signed his long term target and is closing in on 2 fullbacks. He would’ve also signed Remy and I think you will find that a marquee striker will be brought in before season starts. No doubt you’ll have a moan that the tea lady hasn’t been replaced.

    • Sacked!!!! U must b a damn idiot!! He took us to Champs league after how long an u wana sack him if he flops this season do me a favour an shut up

    • I can promise you Brendan Rogers knows what he’s doing and will get the very best out of every player.
      Look at some of LFC’s players now, they were shite before Rogers came in…
      He’s a terrific man manager, and all you’ve thought about is spending BIG money.
      I suppose thats why he is LFCs manager and not you.

      • “You can promise” ? ….emmmm no you cant! Rodgers has only bought 3 good players out of a total of 23 bought not including this summers buys .Sturridge Coutinho and Mignolet(dubious).Has a host of failures with ASPAS,Borini,Allen,Toure,Moses (loan),Suso,Wilson…the list can go on. So jusry still out on his transfer dealings .Hes a good mana manager but so far poor in the market.

        • Silly comments from yet another internet warrior

          Rodgers did not sign Wilson or Suso. Moses was a cheap loan deal for a player who had done well fir Chelsea the previous year, particularly in Europa League. Allen has not been a failure and Borini was injured for most of his one and only year here. Toure started last season very well but struggled when he came back into the team in the New Year having hardly played any games for 3-4 months. Aspas was disappointing

          Sturridge and Coutinho are Rodgers signings and have been exceptional. He has been instrumental in the development of Sterling, Flanagan and Ibe. Even Alberto is currently showing the reason we signed him now he is getting regular games on loan in Spain

          This year’s signings are all good quality and address weaknesses in the group, even replacing the failures you have identified such as Aspas and Moses

          We still need to complete deal for Moreno and find 1-2 decent strikers to support Sturridge but the club are working on that, hence why we have pursued Sanchez and Remy, and probably others that have not been reported

    • This is a joke. We need a world clsss not impress with any of the signings he waisting money..lallana is not worth half that…when you got world class players going for less.he as no sell on value .

      Lambert is crap…why buy a striker at 32. For 4 million..dumb..get young striker snd turn him into a better player.

      No world class midfirlders.cann is crap..gerrand past it.allen lost.henderson will prob reach his peak in his late twentys.

      You image ..nxt season if we draw be messy.suarez neymar..against sturridge.sterlin and Lambert. ..are u serious.
      I think if you add waste money on aspas.borini coates allen etc that nearly 50 million waisted.
      Another 50 all ready waisted on over price players…any football fan will tell you these players are rubbish.
      Any fifa game fan. Fifa game got better scouts than lfc.we wnt even get into europe next season.

      We need another world class striker even when we had suarez..snd last season midfield was weak..all he done is buy squad players that are over price snd not address the weakness in midfield..the defence time will tell

  2. Sevilla knows that. Liverpool need a top class leftback and moreno is top class. I think liverpool shuld pay the fee and take moreno to anfield. This nagotiation is taking too long

  3. Agree wiz u tom n on top sturidge is so selfish wiz ball.i can see liverpool struggling to score goal this season.bony is best wat left in z market if u can spend 25m on lallana why not 20m on bony.

  4. ***Was not @ all Happy with our Mighty Red Men this morning against Man Utd, We play Quality football through the group stages of the Champions Cup and yet another mis-hap performance once again for our Liverpool players once again this has to be recognised at each game played as this is no good for Liverpool to put up with now after an outstanding season last season to of finished runners up instead of champions of England wasnt expected i will be honest, To the matter of all areas of facts all Liverpool must be focused and clear minded as each game is prepared mainly at all important accords to the top rival teams as the premier league is growing much more competitive once again, Good Luck to our Mighty Red Men for the season of 2014~2015*** Y*N*W*A*

  5. Liverpool is walking down the same path as what the Spurs did after selling Bale. I don’t see any quality signing yet.

    • This is a lazy and inaccurate assessment. spurs bought a number of players for under £10million. Most of our buys have been £15 m to £25m so we are buying better players. We can also see that the players bought suit our style of play. Spurs just bought a load of players without any strategy of how they would fit together

      Man City have bought loads of players in one go a couple of times and they have won 2 Premierships in 3 seasons. Chelsea did the same under Mourinho in his first stint

      This year I expect top 4 again from a much stronger squad

  6. BR, pls do not turn us to subject of mockery and toy with what makes us happy. Buy us a world class striker like Falcao or Rues. We want trophies and maintain our top four status. YNWA

  7. I’m not very convincing on Liverpool teams for this seasons. I believe, liverpool will suffer as same to what happened to spurs in last seasons. If this happen Rodgers should go. Find the new Manager.

  8. BR is takin chances and i’m afraid what is gonna happen to liverpool if they begin d season without a quality striker.

  9. ———–mignolet————
    —–gerrard——emre can—–

  10. We get the two full backs, then go for a top front man maybe bony and we’ll b as good as any one

  11. What a bunch of muppets you are you are the same people who were rodgers out crew 2 years ago go support chelsea u plastic muppets brendan rodgers could sign me bezzys nan up front and ill back him! Were not Tottenham offering big wages for players with potential but went to tottenham because of the wages (why else would you go there) ricky lambert will bang double figures in next year for 4 mill with passion alone so remember this and bore off. We will sign a striker but why waste 30k on another carrol id sooner spend in jan. There is no one out there worth the money. Think before you type and get out of fantasy land its real not champ manager on the laptop

  12. Love BR but I slightly miffed, we need at least two strikers with Suarez we didn’t have enough strikers last season! Jackson Martínez for Porto is worth a look, or falcao but I’m not having a no mark key signing for three season, so BR better get us a forward, against Man U we some good chances that should have been put away!
    It’s too early to talk of sacking!

  13. Rodgers will be sacked if he doesn’t address striker issue and challenge for the title.
    those saying we haven’t signed quality are talking rubbish.
    every signing is quality but no1 is we need a 20-25 goals a season striker who has an all round game. We must break the bank for this even if it means selling more players than expected.
    currently after moreno signs we will have approx 30m left of budget (60+75 suarez money) plus sales agger assaidi borini kelly johnson lucas all possibilitys another 40-45m so really we could see possibly another striker and att mid and back up keeper coming in.
    we have the money so no excuses from the manager if we don’t meet targets and akso win a trophy.

  14. we scored thoz goals bcoz we had suarez assisting tht injury prone boy tht th boy is already nursing an a defeat by Man U.tht Lambert boy already missing a penalty…BR is in f****n sh**t….hes alredy panickin..hes got to do much better especially without suarez…

  15. Too many people on here without football brain,knowing nothing about football… sure u all must have said same thing about BR before the start of last season

  16. Suso will be world class player, liverpool and BR will regret selling him, and most of will agree with me that suso will be far better than lallana

  17. BR must buy a quality striker and stop that Lambert matters. Our attack took us to where we are now and nothing else. Now we can defend but can’t score how?? That was lfc’s problem and now has arrived again. If he refuse to act we will go back to our previous position (7).

  18. Before we sold Suarez Rodgers said he wanted 4 strikers

    We have now sold Suarez and are selling Borini so we should expect 2 attackers. We have tried to sign Sanchez and pulled out of a deal for Remy. We have been linked with Bony, Lacazette, Icardi and Lavezzi. I am sure we are looking at others as well

    Lambert will be like Hernandez at United next season. 4th choice striker who comes on and scores crucial goals, and plays in the domestic cup competitions to give the main strikers a break

    I expect Manquillo deal to be announced today. Moreno within the next week and then 2 strikers and a goalie before the end of the window

    Our squad is still not as strong as City or Chelsea but is stronger than all other teams in the Premiership, provided we sign the extra strikers. Maintain top 4 this year and go big again in next summer’s transfer window for the 1-2 top quality players to put us on a par with City and Chelsea

    We have only lost one player from last year’s team, albeit an excellent one. We have improved in most areas in terms of quality and depth. Thanks to the work undertaken by the manager, CEO, back room staff and support of the owners we have a number of young players like Flanagan, Ilori, Can, Henderson, Sterling, Ibe, Markovic and Sturridge, and shortly Manquillo and Moreno who will all continue to improve

    Just sign a couple of attackers and all of the negativity will look completely stupid

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