Liverpool Legend Condemns ‘Terrible’ Chelsea Attacker

Liverpool Legend Condemns ‘Terrible’ Chelsea Attacker


Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy has attacked Chelsea striker Fernando Torres, claiming that even his teammates at Anfield were negative when discussing his footballing abilities.


Speaking to talkSPORT, Murphy laid in to the much maligned Spaniard, saying that the 30-year-old can have no excuses for his dismal Stamford Bridge career, and that he is NOT a technically gifted striker,

“Over the last couple of years he’s got no excuses. He’s tried to work hard on his fitness – you can tell that – and at times he looks sharp, but he’s never been technically that brilliant.

“I remember when he was doing well at Liverpool taking to a couple of the lads there and they were a bit negative about his technical ability and what he didn’t have, rather than what he did have, which was pace and power. But the rest of his game has never been perfect, far from it, in fact.”

It will be hard reading for many Chelsea fans, who still harbor hopes that Torres will eventually recapture his form of old, which saw him become the most feared striker in the Premier League.

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But Murphy has ruled out a return to prominence for Torres, saying that his game relied on pace and power, and with that gone, the Spaniard hasn’t the ability to compensate,

 “He will never be back to that player he was at Anfield. He’s as good [now] as he’s ever going to be [again]. He’s never going to get back to that one or two year period he had at Liverpool.

“There was a spell at Liverpool when he was unplayable because of his power and his pace, but once he lost that and his confidence went he became reliant on his technical ability, which he’s not very good at – his hold up play, his passing, his decision making, which is terrible.”


Hard hitting criticism from the former midfielder, but one that makes a lot of sense considering Torres’ woeful form of late. Since his move to West London in 2011, he has scored a measly 19 goals.

Considering at this stage into his Liverpool career he had 65 goals, Torres has failed miserably to live up to his £50m price tag, and inflated reputation.

Jose Mourinho has bemoaned the lack of quality strikers at his disposal this season, and even started winger Andre Schurrle up front over Torres in last night’s 3-1 defeat to PSG.

Reports of a loan move to Inter Milan at the end of the season have surfaced this week, and if there is any truth in the matter, Torres should be chomping at the bit to have one last crack at a top European league, and prove his army of doubters wrong.

What do you think? Is Danny Murphy right in condemning Torres? Will the Spaniard ever return to form? Let me know in the comments below…

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  1. Played like a spoilt child with his head down in the last 6 months at lfc, a team built around him. Did he think that at Chelsea he would be treated the same? Don’t think so, hope he realizes how much he owes Gerrard who looked for him every time he got the ball. I for one wish him good riddance, not fit to lace luis or dans boots!!!!!!

  2. I personally feel sorry for El Niño, I so loved him at Liverpool. I still look out for him to catch back his form but I’m afraid to say after watching and waiting i see nothing coming back. El Niño is gone…. I don’t think he’ll even get a start at the World Cup.

  3. It was vividly seen that Torres was diminishing in his form in the last season he played for LFC before CFC signed him. I wonder why they agreed to sign him for that amount

  4. Danny’s a bit of a jerk for saying it as his former teammate. I never knew he was considered a Liverpool “Legend”

    Unfortunately I’d say he’s right, although his hold up play is maybe the one thing that has improved. Now that he can’t just run by players on the break he’s been forced to slow the play down and look for teammates.

  5. A couple of good seasons with Liverpool . However not the most prolific striker out there even at Liverpool . Now that we know what a real striking threat , not at all disappointed about his departure . Us Liverpool fans also gotta take some of the blame for putting the man on a pedestal . Well it worked to the extent of gettin 50mil for him .

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