Liverpool FC v DIC-Backed AFC Liverpool: Who Will Win The Premier League...

Liverpool FC v DIC-Backed AFC Liverpool: Who Will Win The Premier League First?


From Pitch Invasion:

Like Manchester United and Wimbledon fans before them with FC United of Manchester and AFC Wimbledon, Liverpool supporters aim to start their own grassroots supporter-run club, AFC Liverpool, in non-League football.

They have a website too, and Tom Dunmore from PI has talked to the man behind the venture, so you should definitely visit the article linked above and read about the details.

It’s a worthy venture, I’m sure, and Liverpool fans should be commended on making the effort to reclaim the spirit of their club that they feel is slipping away from them as Gillett and Hicks look to tighten their control over Liverpool FC. Some uncharitable fans might point and laugh (because the ‘Buy Liverpool Out’ plan looks to have lost steam and setting up an ‘alternative’ club is so cliched) but honestly, you can’t fault the fans expressing their rising feelings of distrust for the new owners in this way.

What I’m more interested in though, is this:

Liverpool last won the league title in 1990. They’re not going to win it this year (even miracles have their limits), and at the moment they face a close battle for 4th place with Everton and co. That’s 18 years without a league title.

On the other hand, if AFC Liverpool were to start, they’d take at least a decade to get to the Conference, or something close to that (assuming that they win everything). Let’s also assume that the fans pump money into the club (heck, DIC pumps money into the club) and that in 18 years, AFC Liverpool are in the Premier League (or whatever they’ll be calling it then).

So who will win the Premier League first – Liverpool FC, who haven’t won for 18 years (and with the competition getting fierce and Klinsmann off to Bayern Munich, the prospects look dicey for the near future) or AFC Liverpool, who might get DIC behind them and as a result could build on the momentum and storm into the Premier League in 2 decades?

Any takers for a DIC-backed AFC Liverpool?

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  1. We’ll if they’re looking for any CMs im available :)

    Really we arent that desperate!! Besides the yanks will need to spend big in summer if they want the fans back and fact is thay cant afford it so bye bye yanks hello DIC

  2. I dont understand the hatred against the Yanks. Both of them are businessmen who own similar franchises and have tried their best to rally everyone for the cause. On the other hand, Rafa has been cribbing and whining for quite sometime now. Immediately after the CL final he publicly called on the owners to spend big. They agreed. He wanted to spend 20 million on one player when common sense dictated that they had bigger holes to fill, they again agreed. Finally the team didnt perform, they tried alternate arrangements for next year(like many other clubs, the latest being Spurs). Suddenly everyone turns against them. How come no one’s turning against Rafa?
    Two cups in three years(one of which was the CL) is a very good record, but he’s the culprit who created problems. Why is he spared?

  3. I think you’re slightly wide of the mark there iqnadirshah.

    Rafa called on them to spend big to match their talk about taking Liverpool back to the top. He realised that they would have to sign the big name players if they were to compete with
    Man U and Chelsea.

    They spent no more money than they would have had the Yanks not taken over and hence only 1 big name signing this season (Torres obviously). So the Yanks have not at all dipped into their pockets to purchase any new players.

    Admittedly Rafa sometimes puzzles with his coaching style but on the other hand he’s still 2 or 3 top class players short of the level required to challenge Arsenal, Man U and Chelsea (would John Arne Riise, Voronin or Kuyt get a spot in a Man U, Chelsea or Arsenal team?).

    I think Rafa has done well with what he’s had to work with but he needs more if he wants to get to the next level.

  4. Mintox you’re a bit too hard on Riise. While I do admit that Rafa has done well with what he’s got(except for the inevitable rotations), the point is he addresses his owners through the press. Jose did it last season when he lost patience and look what happened. He got booted out but now everyone’s through with it. If there’s a rift at Anfield, Rafa is to blame for most of it. And finally if the team performs no one will complain, but that is also not happening, is it?

  5. In twenty years time FC United will win the title from Manchester United. This will mean:
    20 years for AFC Liverpool, + 20 years for liverpool FC, + 18 years currently for Liverpool FC without a title.

    That’s about 60 years without a title for liverpool!!!!
    (I can live with that).

  6. Liverpool will with almost 100% certainty NOT win the Premier League under Rafa Benitz. He has had luck with the Champions League but the fact he NEVER even mustered a challenge against the TOP3 in all his time in England reflects on this.

  7. i can’t believe you are so stuborn yoou STILL blame luck for Liverpools good european form. All the other Anti Liverpools stopped doing that when we got to the champions league final again last year.

  8. thats a bit too late brain we havent won the EPL but we’ve only won the Fa Cup 7 times incase you haven’t noticed

  9. No, I meant that AFC Liverpool has a better chance to win the FA Cup first (before) than the real Liverpool.

  10. Redondo your comment comprehends complete idiocy. Liverpool haven’t been lucky in the champions league through out, sure we had luck on our side in 2005 but AC Milan had the luck last year so it all balances out.

    Rafa is very tactical which is what is required in the Champions League, that’s why he does well. It’s a different game for the premiership, they don’t tend to stick to a set plan during the match.

    Hicks and Gillet are idiots. The fact that they labelled Liverpool as a ‘franchise’ is purely insulting. MacDonalds is a bloody franchise.

  11. “Redondo your comment comprehends complete idiocy. Liverpool haven’t been lucky in the champions league through out, sure we had luck on our side in 2005 but AC Milan had the luck last year so it all balances out.”

    I totally agree with Eon. To say that liverpool are lucky in the CL is like saying United are lucky in the League. Liverpool will defo win league in next two seasons, MARK MY WORDS!!! Plus who, in history, is the greatest club in England? LIVERPOOL of course. This new AFC Liverpool should be a good ‘non – league’ side but havent a hope in hell of getting anywhere. FA Vase Cup is a definite win though!!! Who knows maybe they’ll get to Conference North. And the chances of getting something near as good as D.I.C to back them is impossible. The fifth richest man in the world would be stupid to back a club like that. These americans on the other hand ARE stupid so liverpool fans could tempt them to take over AFC Liverpool and leave the front door open for DIC to takeover Liverpool FC. That would be awful nice!

    Did you know Sheikh Mohammed has over £8 billion in his account. That would could buy Liverpool some better players!!

  12. Surely any Liverpool team will be run by a DIC of some nature.

    JOKE, before anybody starts moaning.

  13. What are you on about? and a bluenose commenting? AFC Liverpool has been formed as a way for the LIverpool FC fans who cant get to games to go and watch them. Its not a protest vote if you like, unilike the FC United one. AFC Liverpool has the full support of Liverpool Football Club. The bloke who ownes it Alun Parry is a season ticket holder at Anfield. For those blunoses out there what you havn a go for? you aint got enough fans to make a second club! (small club)

  14. i love liverpool vvvvvvvvmuch n its my wish that liverpool will win the barclays premier league n champions league wish good luck

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