Liverpool and Newcastle United in for £10m Tottenham winger

Liverpool and Newcastle United in for £10m Tottenham winger


Reports both Newcastle United and Liverpool are interested in signing Tottenham’s Aaron Lennon.

For starters, I don’t see why Ramos would want to sell Lennon – it’s not like Tottenham need the money, it’s not like Lennon is going to fetch too much money, and it’s hard to see Ramos replacing someone like Lennon when there so much more to fix elsewhere in the squad.

On the other hand, Lennon would do well at both Liverpool (definitely ahead of Kuyt and Pennant) and Newcastle United. Some critics say that Lennon can’t cross, pass, or dribble and all he does is run like a headless chicken, but it wasn’t so long ago that his praises were being sung for his dynamic partnership with Keane and Berbatov.

Perhaps not as good as some players that he’s compared against (Ronaldo, Joe Cole, etc), but good enough in all the above-mentioned departments, one of the better and more naturally talented players at Tottenham and in my view, would be a great buy for either Liverpool or Newcastle United.

Thing is – Liverpool will probably go for someone better, and Newcastle United won’t attract him one bit. Unless he’s being booted out of the airlock, he’s set to stay at White Hart Lane for another season.

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  1. I think Benitez will go for Quaresma and Rafinha this summer to supplement the wide positions. He has stated that of the three players which he has signed recently, one of them is ready to go straight into the starting XI. This player, according to the Daily Mail, is believed to be Rafinha. Let’s hope so because he is a truly exciting right-back, in the Alves and Cafu mode. At 22 he has shown great promise with FC Schalke and I for one hope that these rumours that Benitez has got his man are true. Lennon would be too much of a gamble whereas in Quaresma Liverpool would have the ready made article. The wide positions are essentially preventing us from ascending the league. If we have that sorted in the summer with the players of the calibre mentioned, Liverpool may just yet be ready to actually compete for the title. Here’s hoping.

  2. just because hes out of form dosent mean we should sell him, hes young and has bags of potential, tell me if any football player has never had a dip in form? everyones had a dip in form he will come good, we will regret it if we sell him, hes only a kid give him a chsnce i think he will turn out a super player,NO DONT SELL HIM IT WILL BE A MISTAKE, WE WILL REGRET IT, HE WILL COME GOOD, HAS LOADS OF POTENTIAL

  3. and Newcastle United won’t attract him one bit. Unless he’s being booted out of the airlock, he’s set to stay at White Hart Lane for another season.


    well they’re clearly a bigger club than Spurs so why not?

    Stick to kabbaddi son eh?

  4. Hopefully, Liverpool will buy Quaresma..but if they don’t, i would rather see them going for David Bentley den Aaron Lennon…

  5. this is from the daily mail people well known for making up shite, we have milner and he can cross a ball

  6. sum1 said newcastle are a bigger club then spurs. GET REAL.There wont be any europe for u next season. Beating us 4~1 doesnt count. MUPPET

  7. i totally agree with nicktheyid lennon’s still got a lot to offer us at spurs & we alway’s seem to end up regreting our sales we only have to look at defoe’s form at the moment we’ve got to admit we could do with the goals he’s scoring down at pompy don’t do the same with lennon

  8. Quaresma is an asshole (excuse my language) his additude stinks and he is way over-rated People say Liverpool need a Ronaldo well why arent we going straight to the best Robinho is rumoured to have nearly exited Real for 20mil last summer??

  9. Lennons end product needs work but he is still great. Im sure he would develop greatly under Rafa but most English players arent happy being Rotated

  10. Quaresma is very skillful. I hope liverpool get him nd aaron lennon!!! I have heard also dat lpool are going for gareth barry of aston villa nd david silva of valencia. Exciting times ahead for the pool if this happens!!!!!!!!

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