Liverpool 0-1 Manchester United – Review + Match Videos

Liverpool 0-1 Manchester United – Review + Match Videos


Scholes and Alonso

Ferguson’s admitted that Liverpool were unlucky to lose today, and that Paul Scholes deserved his straight red. We’ll have to wait on Rooney’s injury before knowing whether he’ll play in Lille or not.

Overall the match was not as one-sided as some might believe – Liverpool are better than Manchester United at keeping the ball but as bad as Arsenal in making it count.

They had their chances and in the second half they had us boxed in, but a combination of van der Sar’s saves, Ferdinand’s defending and Liverpool’s aversion to go on an all-out attack when dominating the game meant that the game was heading for a sure draw.

OShea Goal

Main Talking Points

Some will say that United played for a draw – I don’t think that when you’re in Ferguson’s / United’s position that you accept playing for draws. Liverpool kept possession and outplayed Manchester United in midfield, it’s that simple.

In the reverse fixture at Old Trafford Darren Fletcher had kept running at Alonso and his hard work (and a rare good game) help United a lot that day. Today we had a laid-back defensive midfielder (Carrick) and a hack-at-everything attacking mid (Scholes) – Liverpool were bound to dominate.

Defensively, we sucked at left back, once again courtesy of Evra. It’s funny because early on in the game after seeing Evra get forward and down on the left flank, I thought I had made a mistake in my previous analysis of him.

But as soon as Liverpool attacked and Bellamy got down that flank, we had a serious problem because Vidic had to go out of position to cover for Evra. Vida’s good but he’s not that good. Bellamy had an excellent game today but if Evra had been a better defender we wouldn’t have been under the cosh that much.

Scholes and Alonso

What else … Carrick’s yellow card was unjust, Kuyt, Bellamy and Riise all tried to dive and win free kicks, Pennant took a tumble in the box, Neville’s hack on Pennant deserved a yellow, Scholes got lucky not to get a yellow before his dismissal, Alonso was very, very lucky not to be given a second yellow-card in the Scholes sending off, and Carragher deserved at least a yellow card for his challenge on Rooney that left him injured.

Rooney Injury

All in all, a cagey game thanks to Liverpool’s keep-the-ball-but-play-defensively style – they could have won it if they had been more adventurous, but that’s not Rafa for you.

Will Manchester United win the title? if Chelsea win their next two games, that’s a 6 point lead with 9 games to go. Anything can happen – but Chelsea have to win those 2 games first.

Match Videos

Paul Scholes – Xabi Alonso incident

O’Shea goal

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  1. As far as I’m concerned we didnt loose the battle in midfield. Giggs, Scholes and Carrick kept the Liverpool trio of Alonso Gerrard and Sissoko relatively quiet. Evra did have a poor game but you cannot write him off over one match. We were inept up front and this encouraged Liverpool to come at us. Both Rooney and Laarson looked flat and the only time we looked threatening was when we got down the wings with Ronaldo and when Saha came on. Liverpool were unbeaten in the premiership for 18 months at home and it was up to them to break us down. I thought we were sitting back and looking to hit them on the break but without our front two firing, it appeared that Liverpool were in the ascendancy. I thought we defended brilliantly other then Evra and took our best chance. I never thought Liverpool were going to score. With the exception of the first ten minutes of the second half, we were giving as good as we got. I was happy with what i would call an impressive defencive performance. I dont think we were lucky at all.

  2. united’s ball keeping has been exposed on the past 4 games. And coincidentally they are all away games (Lille, Reading, Fulham and Liverpool)

    It shows something abt the player’s nerves I believe.
    When the going get tough, none of them are able to find a pass and usually give the ball cheaply away by trying to play too fanciful passes.

    Nonetheless, good will to win and what a fantastic result. Treble? Maybe not, but prem title… quite possible!

  3. donie – agreed

    raymond – it’s something to discuss in detail, surely. There are still a couple of acute problems with the United squad, despite our winning habits this year. Carrick’s inclusion and Vidic’s form have hidden them a bit, but they’re still there.

  4. As a liverpool supporter watching the game alongside a bunch of man utd fans I was terrified whenever Ronaldo touched the ball (he is surely one of the best if not the best player in the world at the moment), yet I was never worried watching Rooney on the ball. He had a terrible game and the man u fans around me agreed. I was surprised it took an injury for Ferguson to get him off the field. What are your thoughts?

  5. well CPTN, my thoughts are that Ronaldo never really got a great run on the ball, well he did once, with the way Liverpool defend its very hard for the individuals to attack as well as usual cos players like Ronaldo were double marked and Rooney was targeted by Carragher, after watching the video I think it was intended, though Jamie is a very hard defender and was always going for that ball/rooneys leg! I also think that Man utd did not deserve the win but It was Anfield, it was the robbers being robbed, great finish in the end, WE WON THE LEAGUE AT ……….ANFIELD!

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