LEAKED? Manchester United 2014/15 kits – Chevrolet replaces AON!

LEAKED? Manchester United 2014/15 kits – Chevrolet replaces AON!


Photos of what appears to be the new Manchester United 2014/15 kits have leaked online, with a huge change coming in the way of the shirt sponsorship, with Chevrolet replacing AON across the midriff.

The two images, of both the home and away kits, have started to do the rounds on Twitter, but there is no word on whether the images are legit. There is a consistency however, considering┬áprevious ‘leaked’ images of the 2014/15 shirt this past year, and if they are real, Manchester United fans will be in for quite a shock, with the new strips perhaps needing some getting used to.


While the traditional red of the Manchester United home kit is unchanged, the appearance of the Chevrolet logo is quite an abrupt change from the previous, subtle AON image. The silver and gold is very striking, but may not go down too well with the United fans, with the change a substantial one.

The collar and shirt cuffs sport a white, black and red trim, while the rest of the shirt remains untouched in terms of style.


The away kit arguably accommodates the new Chevrolet logo better than the primary strip. The contrast between the gold and the white, with the silver trim around the cross, seems to blend more easily, with the red Nike tick and black collar finishing it off well.

We stress that these images are not by any means official, and until the club releases images themselves, we must take photos such as these with a pinch of salt. Still, if this is a sign of things to come, United fans may need a period of adjustment, with Chevrolet muscling their way quite obviously into proceedings.

The leaked photos of the two kits were found via @MUFCBulletin.

What do you think? Like it, or loathe it? Get involved in the comments below…

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  1. The home kit looks a great improvement on recent years. I can’t see where the black on the shirt has come from – only in recent years has it appeared and it has no place on a United shirt. The shirt should be plain red and white, nothing else. As for the Chevrolet logo, any advertising on the shirt is an obscenity – it’s no better or worse than any previous logos. The away kit is just an adaptation of this year’s home kit.

    • The black on the shirts started appearing in the 80’s so not really a recent thing. Nothing wrong with it as far as im concerned.

    • you clearly dont support manchester united to say something like that about the black on the kit, do some research… you do know our colours are RED WHITE AND BLACK ??

  2. Not sure why you think United fans will be shocked by having Chevrolet on the shirts we’ve known that was going to happen for over a year!

  3. nice kit it looks attractive but it won’t be a suprise 2 see chevrolet on the shirt b’cos we’ve known already that was going to happen…….up united

  4. The home kit has some resemblance to the one worn by the players during the 2000 to 2002 seasons. I actually think the home kit looks quite cool. United’s away and third kits are usually nothing amazing. I was at first skeptical about the Chevy sponsor but I’ve just learnt to embrace it and now think it’s kind of funny and cool. Any no the Chevrolet logo actually works okay with these kits, so I don’t know what people are on about.

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