Kenny Dalglish and the word “Luck”

Kenny Dalglish and the word “Luck”


Liverpool fall to 9th league defeat of the season against another relegation threatened side QPR. What’s worst is that Liverpool led 2-0 with only 15 minutes to play and then blew it all away. The Reds have now lost 4 of their last 5 league games and somehow manager Kenny Dalglish seem to find his team not so fortunate all the time. Although Dalglish has always concentrated on how Liverpool have not got what they deserved in most games but I’ve only focused on the times he used the word “Luck” in the past few months to elaborate Liverpool’s performances.

QPR 3-2 Liverpool

When you are 2-0 ahead with only 15 minutes left, the luck is in your own hands, then coming home without a single point in the bag and say you were unlucky does not make any sense at all. Poor defending from the reds and senseless tactical decisions from the manager led to Liverpool demise last night but Dalglish came up with something like this:

“The way we started the game was fantastic. The only thing missing was a bit of Luck in front of goal.” “You couldn’t see them getting a goal but maybe the Luck they didn’t get against Bolton they got tonight.”

Sunderland 1-0 Liverpool

The Reds were not able to create a clear-cut opportunity versus Black Cats and deservedly lost the game with an absolute dreary performance from the players. Dalglish had his thoughts:

“I don’t think there was much in the game other than the bit of Luck that decided it.”

Liverpool 0-0 Tottenham

Kenny Dalglish perhaps went asleep during the transfer market. Liverpool have the worst conversion rate in the premier league but wait a minute, the season started in August and  6 months later in February the only solution Dalglish found was to blame it all on Luck.

“We create enough chances and have not scored the number of goals we’d have liked. We’ll just keep working away. I think it was Gary Player who said, ‘The harder you work, the Luckier you get.’ We’ll keep working hard to get Lucky.”

Liverpool 0-0 Blackburn

Another team fighting to stay in the premier league got away with a point at Anfield where mostly Goalkeepers have been the man of the match. Dalglish claimed

“Most of the things we do we do very well and do them right. A bit of Luck, maybe a bit more belief in ourselves and a goalkeeper coming here and having a nightmare would be helpful to us”

Fulham 1-0 Liverpool

The reds were reduced to 10 men and Spearing perhaps was unlucky to see red but Liverpool by no means deserved three points, a point may be, but for Kenny like always Luck was the difference.

 “We have done well and given a bit of Luck tonight we could have had three points. We will just continue working hard and see where it takes us.”

Kenny Dalglish loves his players but the way he finds their performances satisfactory when Liverpool lose or draw is beyond everyone. Not only that, the blind loyalty to the flops he has bought into the club and his stubbornness where promoting the young ones is another massive concern. The league table never lies and Liverpool deserve to be where they are now.

Luck plays its part in football at times but Dalglish needs to accept how average his side has performed in the league because what happens on the field cannot just be called Luck all season long.

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  1. luck is one letter short of *uck up play. We aint good enough, not ruthtless enouhg for 90 min, just not top 6 materials. Just look at how the top 6 play and you know that when they are in a mood, and they often are, they will win. When liverpool is in a mood they got complacent. When they are not playing well, they play worse…. Sigh… KD is just not cut out for the EPL league now. I have backed him for a while but not after so any “luck”less games. Luck has got nothing to do with games when the top 6 are winning as hell they do.

  2. Dalglish has achieved a turnaround of Liverpool’s fortunes last season and has won the Carling Cup this season, so not all is lost.

    At the same time, even admitting that we overpaid for some players (Carroll, Downing, Henderson), I have no problem with the acquisitions per se. As we saw with Coates against QPR and Downing in the Carling Cup final and the game against Stoke, the players who came in over the last two transfer windows are coming good sooner or later.

    Where I feel less comfortable is with the mental strength of the team, which as we saw against QPR leaves a lot to be desired. This, in my view, largely comes down to the confidence and tactics of the manager. There is little doubt about the confidence of the King, and this was enough to push the team up the table last season. It might however be argued that the team built largely before Dalglish came in already knew where and how it should play, so that the confidence boost was enough to turn things round. The situation this season was more murky, with Dalglish getting his tactics right for some games but wrong in many others.

    If the manager has the right tactics, plays players in the right positions, and so on, the team gains confidence and a winning mentality. The turnaround at Sunderland with the coming of Martin O’Neil is a case in point. Liverpool under Rafa Benitez is another.

    Taking this perspective, and even if Liverpool were to achieve a Cup double this season, the question Liverpool’s owners must pose themselves is whether Kenny Dalglish is the right manager to take Liverpool to the next level, which surely must imply the ability to compete for both the Premiership and the Champions League.

    Dalglish was the right man to take Liverpool out of the negative spiral that accompanied the last days of the Gillet-Hicks regime, the unfortunate exit of Rafa, and the equally unfortunate appointment of Roy Hodgson. The continuing travails of Liverpool in the EPL do however make me wish for a return to the winning days of a certain Rafa Benitez …

  3. Its realy sad hw things are goin for lfc results wise the suporters have cried out for new owners and sqaud investment unfortunatly kd blew all that cash on average players ive seen managers at smaller clubs sign qaulity players for nex to nothing and luk hw the players are doing compare to our high wage earners kd brought in its a disgrace not one of them are fit to wear the lfc shirt xcept our free signing kd sold qaulity players put sum out on loan luk hw they are performing yet the once that are here nw cant seem to do anything to show that they belong at the once mity lfc maxi even gets drop frm the sqaud after havin gud performances along wth belamy and kuyt sterling suso coady are playing out og there skin they cant even get on the bench of a strugling team why bring bck shelvy frm a gud loan spell and he cant even get a game another young players progress halted to acomodate alot of crap sinings kd wants to play in to form dam wen the whole of lfc was crying out fr the club to bring in a df midfielder a fox in the box kd said no we dnt need to nw u tell me who to blame fr the shambles dnt tell me comoli cause he dnt pick the team he dnt ring the changes he dnt drop inform players so i say once again if it was any other manager other then our legend we wuld be calin fr his head instead we are content wth a carling cup fa cup progression fighting fr 4th while we shuld be lukin to fite to win the premier league hw our xpectations have stoop so low i cant undastand remember we are lfc not just a top four club bt we a regarded as the club that shuld be fighting united all the way every season after all them wining there 19th title shuldv given us an incentive to play every game like a final year in and year out ynwa

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