Juventus Home & Away Kits 2007-08

Juventus Home & Away Kits 2007-08


After spending the season in the Serie B and sporting an average looking kit last campaign, Juventus are back in the Serie A and have released both the new Juventus 07/08 home and away kits for the title challenge.

The home kit is the classic Juventus black and white stripes and has a red nike swoosh one the right hand side and the Juventus crest on the other side, and also features a new looking collar that I’m not particularly a fan of. It will be going with white shorts and socks while the socks have a red thin hoop at the top and two thick black hoops in the middle, which looks surprisingly good with the top.

Fiat are now sponsoring Juventus after the Italian giants ended there deal with Tamoil. On both the home and the away Fiat are advertising their New Holland series of tractors. I find it strange how a supposedly classy brand like Fiat would put some farm machinery on the kits; the logo looks very big and chunky and looks like it should be in the B division.

The 07/08 Juventus away kit goes with a blue and yellow looking kit that has a Boca Juniors-like stripe feature on the chest. On the dummy that doesn’t look too flattering, but the collar design is different to the home version and goes with the 2006 World Cup collar type.

Both kits aren’t as good as they should and could be as Nike are manufacturing the shirts and they can definitely put out better looking shirts. The sponsor needs cleaning up but they are OK shirts, next season I am sure that Nike will bring out some nice shirts for the Turin side.

Juve Home 2007
Buy the Juventus 2007/2008 Home Kit
Juventus Away Kit
Buy the Juventus 2007/2008 Away Kit

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  1. I find your reasoning real amateur at best KyleAusGooner. First of all, sponsorship is a business arrangement. The shirts are designed by Nike, offered to Juventus as a series of designs and Juventus pick out the ones they/their marketing division like. The sponsors have their own logos going on before their association with the football club and as such they will never ever consider cleaning up their logo as the whole point of the deed is to get the logo out for people to notice and raise awareness, and in turn business for themselves, overall.
    They are two separate processes so you’re assertion that something should be done about the sponsor’s logo is a bit naff really- what you’re asking for had no real basis in business or football, as such to say that a company should change their logo to better suit a football shirt is naive and, furthermore for a club to ask a sponsor to change their logo is weak as well, makes the association untenable as it becomes a one way process.
    Now Juventus could either think about changing their sponsors cos it looks naff (it does cos the New Holland logo is garish and looks crap basically) or they could be lining their pockets wirh Fiat’s money or wait until they strike up a more lucrative deal with a better paying sponsor who has a better looking logo. Such an arrangement is very unlikely and further refutes any logic in the points you madde about the kit.
    Getting a bit miffed at the standard of articles being posted here and that feeling of Soccerlens being a good read is fast disappearing. Ahmed Bilal take note. I’m coming fomr a quality point of view, not quantity cos it likes Soccerlens are coming from a pump em out as fast we can angle on posting articles.

  2. I think those kits are nice, very nice.

    KingofZamuda, do us a favour and f**k off if you don’t like these articles.

    Thanks for putting that up Kyle.

  3. Well done nerazzurri. kingofzamunda stop being a kid and lecturing us, at lest hes bothered to put up pictures off the kit (which is ok) he can say what he likes, at least hes put the damn kits up so we can all have a look.

  4. Hit a nerve have I nerazzuri, or whoever you are??
    Use what little intellect you have to make your point instead of resorting to expletives you numb nut. Smacks of frustration at something on your part because I criticised the writing, not the person- KyleAusGooner it wasn’t personal, just my opinion on what you wrote.
    And you ignore my point about Soccerlens being a blog/forum of repute and how sub-standard articles are letting it down. My criticism of KyleAusGooner could have been worded with a far more softly softly tack but that would serve no purpose, I made my point fair and square, you disagree, that’s your bag. He disagrees, that’s his bag.
    And I didn’t say the kit was crap, I said KyleAusGooner’s contention with why it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been was crap.
    Fool- nerazzuri or whoever you may be;
    KyleAusGooner, you disagree with what I said let me know, no offence intended.

  5. At the risk of getting a tongue-lashing, I believe it is in fact you, KingOfZamuda, who have missed the point. You need to remember that we are discussing the new Juventus home and away shirts, and as such, criticisms of the designs of the shirts and disapprovals of the sponsor’s logos are, in my opinion, exactly what is required – I know that sometimes when I look at a shirt, I’ll think “that could’ve been so much better if the sponsor wasn’t so ugly” (or words to that effect).

    I don’t think KyleAusGooner needed the patronising lesson in how the footballing world works that you felt it necessary to give him. All he was stating was that in his opinion, the sponsor needs to be ‘cleaned up’ if the shirt is to be improved upon next year – I don’t recall him saying that he fully expects this to happen.

    If you’re looking for a deadly serious discussion on the inner workings of the footballing world, then I suggest that you don’t click on an article entitled “Juventus Home & Away Kits 2007-08”.

  6. Strikarz- point well made. Your point also hits on the barren nature of such a discussion- my reasoning was solely based on citing the sponsor’s logo as being the crappy factor in the shirt and this being the point of criticism that I launched on. Furthermore, Nike can bring out whatever they like and make the kits “better next season” but that still doesn’t change the sponsor’s logo does it?? Flawed argument it was and read into this argument and understand what I mean-and yes,in hindsight,it was patronising of me, but I’ve found that I’m not enjoying the Soccerlens reading experience these days- full circle the comment about looking into the standard of article writing.
    And Finally Ahmed Bilal turns up.. Nerazzuri’s still a numb nut.

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