Juventus rub salt to injury to Manchester United’s transfer failure

Juventus rub salt to injury to Manchester United’s transfer failure


Manchester United probably have ended the transfer window on a high note. Although there are many areas that left unsolved, overall it has been a good summer for them.

The Red Devils have added world class players like Angel di Maria and Radamel Falcao, while have added versatile and talented players, Marcos Rojo and Daley Blind, who shone at the World Cup in Brazil.

One of the major disappointments for them has been the failure to sign a world class centre-back and a top level midfielder. They have been heavily linked with a move for Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal, but in the end the deal didn’t materialise. United never lodged any formal bid for him but various journalists had claimed that the Old Trafford club pursued a genuine interest in him.

Vidal could have been an ideal player for Manchester United this summer. He is undoubtedly the best midfielder in the world in his position and role and had United managed to get a deal for him, they probably would have considered as a threat for the Premiership title. So, in a way, missing out on him is a blow.

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri has somewhat rubbed salt to the wounds, by claiming that he is happy to see Vidal staying at the club but then again the player was never up for sale anyway. He insists that Vidal was not even on the transfer market, which means Juventus are sort of denying that all the millions of articles written on him this summer, all the millions of speculations and conjectures have no foundations at all! 

We will never know whether the interest was genuine or not but reliable journalists have spoken and written about it, one cannot help but feel, it wasn’t completely out of thin air. Credit to Juventus for holding on to their star player, but think there is a slight dig at Manchester United or other clubs who wanted to sign Vidal here.

Allegri attended a traditional workshop organised by UEFA in Nyon where he also added that he was not disappointed to see Radamel Falcao, a reported target of Juventus, joining Manchester United. 

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  1. Every clubs have their right to hold on to their best players,so the future will tell were the next destination lies.

  2. When the desirable isn’t available,available becomes desirable. Vidal isn’t all encompassing however, getting strootman ll be all best. He is world-class joor.

  3. Lets look at this. During the transfer window, Juve claimed Vidal wasnt for sale. Chief whip Marotta claimed he wasnt for sake. Director on the board, Nedved claimed he wasnt for sale. But you want to question that the rumours couldnt have come out of thin air and that we should rather take something from the tripe that newspapers and bloggers alike make up? I think not. Face it, Vidal was never up for the taking. And the rumours were fabricated. Eg: a picture of him sitting on a football would be taken and then the headlines are – Vidal looks distant from his teamates, is this a sign? Or he autographs a kids Man Utd shirt and then all of a sudden its – Vidal signs Man Utd shirt! Its a sign!

    What a joke! Get a grip boys! These journalists and bloggers get you all hot and sweaty about nothings!

  4. Vidal shud just stay in Juve. He has only a few years left on him. Plus he is in his prime and cannot get any better. Strootman on the other hand is much younger and will get better. Also he will go on to match the warrior in every facet and might even get better once he is in Man Utd.

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