Deal Agreed, Manchester United and Juventus finally set for transfer today

Deal Agreed, Manchester United and Juventus finally set for transfer today


Finally, Manchester United and Juventus are close to completing a deal. We still don’t know whether United can seal a deal for Arturo Vidal, but reports from Italy suggest, Juventus might secure a deal for Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez.

The Mexican striker has dropped down the pecking orders at Old Trafford and is seen as surplus to requirements at Old Trafford. His national coach has earlier insisted that Hernandez needs to move elsewhere to get regular games under his belt.

Juventus are in dire need of a striker. The Bianconeri were linked with several top strikers this summer, including Falcao, but it seems like Hernandez represents the best possible option for them.

According to Sportmediaset, Juventus have agreed personal terms with the player after lodging a formal bid for the Mexican. The Serie A giants are waiting for the response of Manchester United.

The report claim that on Thursday, that is yesterday, Juventus have met with the player’s agent in Milan where they negotiated about the personal deal. Juventus have offered a loan move with a view to make it permanent.

Chicharito is therefore closer to securing a move and the deal could be completed today. United wanted a permanent transfer for him but with no other clubs in the market ready to sign him, the Red Devils are left with no options at the moment rather to accept the offers from Juventus.

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  1. Why should we sell Hernandez to Juventus while they don’t want to sell Vidal to us. Sell Hernandez to Valencia

    • You are right, they must be very foolish, if they cannot sell their player to us, why can we sell ours to them, let us find any other club somewhere and sell to them, and they should go ahead and continue to keep their likely useless player in few days to come.

    • Pls, never beg them for anything, because.I believe we can do it even without Vidal, we did it before, let us look for another player somewhere, there are many others who can save us even better than him.

  2. So we let Juventus take Hernandez at the same time Juventus are acting childish around Vidal transfer? Makes sense…

    • How are Juve acting childish? They have a price tag on Vidal’s head and if Utd were to match it then I’m sure he’d go. If you ask me Utd are the ones messing about, the same as they done last year over Fabregas.

    • Yes,it is he must keep selling players to Juventes while they don’t want to sell their players to us,Man United should sell Chicharito to Valencia than juventes and other thing Luis Van Gal should keep Shinja Kagawa he is fantastic player there are so few kind of those players,

  3. man united must be very wise with this transfer issue. “Juventus have met with the player’s agent in Milan where they negotiated about the personal deal”.according to report. Juventus are being smart here, why can’t man u do the same with Vidal. if Juventus would still hold Vidal, then no deal for Hernandez as well.

  4. Spot on. Vidal to manchester or no chicharito. Dont know what vidal will gain from staying in a team which can win only a wrakened italian league. they struggle to even make champions league knock out stages. Just miss a year of champions league action and win a year later. Juventus should go to hell with vidal.

  5. vidal and juve are jas acting dumb, we shud kip Chicharito or engage in a player + cash deal for Vidal

  6. just loan him or sell him if u fynk u can replace him with a top sticker like Falcao, Muller or Benzema am gonna be content wyf dat

  7. Literally nothing worse then listening to Man U fans. First of all Vidal never asked to leave the club, not once. Secondly why would he go to a club where he would be out of Europe probably till 2017. The only reason would b to chance the paper and at the end of the day most players prefer a Spanish or Italian address unless of course they are English then they can’t play abroad. Sorry Man U money talks and bullshit walks.

    • You are right. Juventus had much better season than Man United. Why would Vidal go to team which is not in champions league, or europa league. Chicharito cant wait to go out from man united. Even valencia had better season than man united. Vidal is loyal to juventus. He wont left juventus because of money, especialy because of man united.

    • Tell that to Man city and Chelsea both spent huge amounts of money to get where they are today can’t blame them it’s the way of football now.

  8. No deal for Vidal, and vise varsa, we are not so foolish that we allow our player go to Juv jusf like that.

  9. U r very stupid u mean Man U will never play in UEFA champions league again? Di Maria is more important than Vidal but he had join Man U, shame on u. LVG get for us Song and Blind only pliz dn’t let Chicharito to follow Evra again!

  10. Most ppl discuss football as neophytes. Whatever outcome , today will tell. So leave Van Gaal alone ,he’s the man in charge.

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