Jose Mourinho: One Manager To Rule Them All

Jose Mourinho: One Manager To Rule Them All


Real Madrid wrapped up the La Liga title last weekend, with Jose Mourinho leading the Santiago Bernabeu outfit to their first Spanish top-flight success in four years. A convincing 3-0 away win over Europa League finalists Athletic Bilbao sealed the triumph, and broke Barcelona’s stranglehold over the game in Spain.

The achievement has not gone unnoticed in west London, as former employer Roman Abramovich is reportedly eager to bring ‘The Special One’ back to Chelsea. The latest success is Mourinho’s 19th trophy in his managerial career, a quite unbelievable achievement.


From taking over at Portuguese giants Porto in 2002 until now, Mourinho’s record has been exemplary. The Setubal-born trainer started as he intended to carry on in his first season at the Estadio da Dragao, winning the Primeira Division at a canter, the Taca de Portugal and the UEFA Cup in a momentous season. In the league the total of 86 points out of the possible maximum of 102 was a Portuguese record, whilst Mourinho’s men beat his former club Leiria in the cup final and Celtic in the European finale.


Mourinho and his Porto team really shot into the limelight the following season, by retaining their Primeira Division title and against the odds lifting the Champions League. Porto sealed their domestic title with five weeks of the season still to play, and after eliminating Manchester United in Europe, lifted the Champions League crown with a 3-0 win over Monaco.


Porto’s elimination of United drew English attention to Mourinho’s achievements, and the successful trainer took over the Chelsea managerial position. After proclaiming himself ‘The Special One’ in his first press conference, Mourinho went on to put his money where his mouth is, lifting the Premier League crown in his debut season, the Blues’ first in 50 years. Chelsea also beat Liverpool to lift the Carling Cup.


With the Blues team given self-belief by boss Mourinho, Chelsea went on to retain their Premier League title the following season, with a 3-0 win over Manchester United proving their dominance. They also lifted the Community Shield by beating Arsenal 2-1, but the Champions League remained all-elusive.


Mourinho’ last full season at Chelsea saw his men relinquish their Premier League crown to Manchester United, and they were eliminated from the Champions League by Liverpool. Despite this, the Blues still lifted the FA Cup and League Cup in a domestic double.


After being shown the door by Abramovich in the 2007-08 season, Mourinho took over at Inter after an eight-month spell away from the game. Similar to his time at Chelsea, he wasted no time in laying down a landmark, and won the Serie A title at the first time of asking and the Supercoppa Italiana. Despite winning the Scudetto by a ten-point margin, elimination from the Champions League at the hands of Manchester United was a major frustration for the perfectionist coach.


Arguably Mourinho’s most successful season in management, Inter were unstoppable in 2009-10. The Nerazzurri retained their Serie A crown in impressive form, beat Roma to claim the Coppa Italia trophy and after defeating Barcelona in the semi-finals, lifted the Champions League crown with victory over Bayern Munich. The next day Mourinho admitted that the win would be the last game in charge of the Italian giants.


Mourinho was announced as the replacement for Manuel Pellegrini at Real Madrid for the 2010-11 season, with the capital-city side looking for a solution to Barcelona’s dominance at home and on the continent. In this first campaign in Spain the Portuguese coach failed to stop Pep Guardiola’s men achieve glory in La Liga and the Champions League, but did beat the Catalan giants in the Copa del Rey final.


This season has been a different story for Madrid, who have been comprehensive and deserved winners of La Liga. The main criticism aimed at Mourinho’s men was their inability to beat Barcelona in a clash between the sides, but a 2-1 victory at Camp Nou got this monkey of the team’s back and all-but secured the division title. Although Champions League still eludes Mourinho at Madrid, the Portuguese coach will look to dominate all competitions next season.

There are increased rumours over Mourinho’s future and a potential move back to England, but this is unlikely, as the proud coach will feel that he has unfinished business in Spain. Next term Madrid will have a transitional Barcelona side to deal with, and the Santiago Bernabeu fans will crave that Mourinho deliver the Champions League back to this great club.

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  1. “Porto’s elimination of United drew English attention to Mourinho’s achievements”

    You’ve got to be kidding! I mean, his back to back European successes by winning the UEFA Cup and the Champions League were overshadowed by his elimination of Manchester United???

  2. Mourinho has proven beyond doubt that he is special with his consistency in winning trophies. To hell with envious criticisms about his tactics. An innovative coach should not have a stereo-typed tactics like d one adopted by those who criticise him. The guy is phenomenal.

  3. No wonder futeball is so warped with guys like you praising Mourinho. Although I’m his compatriot I’m ashamed to be associated with an individual such as him. No class, no sportsmanship and above all a coward. Definitely not Portuguese. Pep Guardiola won 14 titles in 3,5 years (6 alone in one year). Mourinho 18 in 11 years. Mourinho praises himself for everything the team achieves. Pep thanks the team for allowing him to be part of their achievements. Mourinho could not kick the ball to save his life. Pep Guardiola was a great international player in his days who won everything one needs to win. Pep is respected by greats of soccer like Cruyifnf and Beckenbauer – Mourinho is looked upon as a unsavoury character degrading the sport by bringing it into disrepute… I can go on…and on…do your research and you will get the facts… May futeball produce more Pep Guardiola’s in this world so that we can tell our children to follow in his footsteps. Mourinho does not belong in Sport…

  4. I read that following my comment on your Mourinho’s apparisal that my comment is waiting moderation …It is ironical that your Mourinho can go on insulting everyone and everything when he does not have his way…or shall I when he does not wins his games- and blames everyone but himself for the losses but gets so much mileage and attention from yourselves but when I stick my comments to facts one gets told …that my “comment is awaiting moderation”. Hypocrisy gets one nowhere…telling the true should be what reporting is all about. Joaquim

      • Good morning Ahmed. You have the wrong guy.
        I do not hate Mourinho. I pity him. In fact I feel sorry for him. He surrounds himself with bullies to get his game plan orchestrated. He plays his game with so much hate for the opposition that it is frightening to think what are our kids are thinking abt the example he sets. What person in his right mind goes abt gouging an assistant coaches eye (and from behind) and walks away as if he was so innocent..He follows this by calling Tito Villanova “Pito” (Pennis) Villanova. The Classico is watched by millions across the globe but that still meant nothing 2 him.Spanish futeball is about skill not brutality …You expect professional people to act/behave in the manner befitting their status. You do not see a doctor/lawyer insulting one another…why should we condone an overpaid “PROFESSIONAL”?.I DO NOT HATE MOURINHO BUT I LOVE THE GAME ENOUGHT TO HAVE A SAY…Have a nice day…Joaquim

        • yada yada yada… you miss completely what is a professional competition. don´t hate the player hate the game.

  5. Joaquim u really need to get a life. You clearly hate the man and yet try to convince us that you pity him. You clearly dnt know the meaning of pity then. I suggest you take your toungue out of Guardiola’s ass and see that apart from antics that Mou produces, he still
    Is a great manager. I would like to see how successful Pep will without the help of Messi in his next managerial role.

    • Xavi,
      “My tongue and Guardiola’s arse have nothing to do with the subject…”
      The way you react no wonder you follow the man…he does express himself like that. one would expect as much…whose tongue is where I wonder

      I take it that you are a Real Mdrid supporter.
      Probably with a name like Xavi you are probably Spanish.

      As such, why dont you look at a bigger picture
      Everyone knows that Spain were deserving world champions and played futeball the way Barcelona does…after all 90% of the players were from this club the remaining from Real. Vincent Del Bosque built unity among these players from Real & Barca …. Mourinho went about destroying it. It got so bad that Iker had to intervene … The same way you celebrated Spain winning the World Cup you now worship a man who most probably will undo what others have worked so hard to build.

      As much as you question what Guardiola would do if he did not have Messi why don’t you question what Mourinho would do in a weaker side and with no money ?. Read more about the clubs that Mourinho coached and you will note that they were all great Clubs and were enjoying success for a long while before he got there.
      FC Porto the richest club in Portugal won the Portuguese League 4 years out of five before he got there.(not counting the great history they have in national & International competitions. He got a blank cheque to spend and got results
      He moved to Chelsea. The year before he got there Ranieri took the team to Runners up in the League and semi-finalists in the European Cup. Again he used a FORTUNE to build the Team and got results.
      He moved to Inter Milan where Roberto Mancini had coached the club to 3 Seria League titles in a row. Again with the common denominator MONEY- he succeded. He moved to Real Madrid, the most successful club in the history of futeball and the richest. Spent a fortune and got results. 10 games versus Barca = 2 wins to show for it(not forgetting the greatest hiding Madrid ever got from Barca = 5-0.

      You claim that Pep/Barca has Messi …
      Madrid has Ronaldo.
      Mourinho claim’s that Ronaldo is better than Messi.
      Question Xavi :
      Would Mourinho win the La Liga if he did not have Ronaldo?

      One thing we agree. Mourinho’s antics as you put it.
      He is a good manager.
      About being the the greatest ? Sleep on it !!! or dream while awake !!!
      Good night

  6. Simple..get the job done, the end justifies the means…Jose is a good coach, plain and simple and I don’t think fans of the clubs he has coached would complain having him back..those are the people who should have a say whether he is a good coach or a bad coach not fans of opposing teams.

  7. Joaqim u clearly have a short memory. Porto is a clear example of what Mou achieved without the need off money. A CL win with Porto was a great achievement and why are you talking about the Spanish Football Team? This subject is about Mou not Spain.

    Your argument about Barca and Madrid is confusing to say the least, first it has nothing to do with what were talking about and last I checked Spain still seem to be playing fine last time I checked rather that what you suggest.

    You clearly are deluded, in Madrid he has spent so far €60 on the players he wanted compared to what you think. And your argument about him coaching teams that are already at the top is weak, he still took those teams a extra step to previous managers by winning all the titles.

    Lastly, when did I ever say he was the greatest? Its my opinion and no matter what poor research you throw at me you won’t change my mind. Whereas now you have admited his a good manager, I am content. People like you need to get a life rather than hate so much. I c Guardiola as a Great manager but Mou edges it by the other clubs he has manages. Get a life mate, no need to hate so much on a man who has achieved a lot in the last 10 years of management.

    • Xavi,

      ” no matter what poor research I throw at you I won’t change your mind ” (to quote you).
      I never tried as much…not by a long shot. Clearly we will not agree on most issues. I suppose that is to be expected …the least one can do is keep it respectful.
      Agree to disagree should do…
      As far as my delusion on how much money he has spent in Real Madrid (which you say is €60, look up for yourself (research ?) :

      Real Madrid acquisitions :
      Nuri Sahin = €10 – May 2010
      Jose Callejon = €5,5 – May 2010
      Angel del Maria= €25 + €11 incentives- June 2010
      Raphael Verane = €10 – June 2010
      Pedro Leon Sanchez = €10 – July 2010
      Sami Khedira = €13 – July 2010
      Ricardo Carvalho = €8 – July 2010
      Messut Ozil = €15 – August 2010
      Fabio Coentrao = €30
      ……………TOTAL = €137,5

      Have a nice evening

  8. Oh and agree with Kennzy. And joaqim it’s football not futeball mate.

    And as said before all the fans love him, that’s whats important, not what I assume is a glory hunter with limited knowledge on the subject in question. Also, what blank cheque are you on about with Porto? He won the CL with a small team in comparison to the rest in Europe and your so stubborn to admit what a great achievement that is.

    • Un golazo,
      If that makes your day enjoy it.
      If hiding behind the screen and hurling insults at others makes you a better person read the meaning of idiot and judge for yourself who better fits that descrition…
      If you have a name make it known

  9. To joaquim, lol my bad mate! Clearly I confused myself :-s well done though. U clearly can argue better than me. But on another note u seriously need to get a life. Bottom line Mou is still a great coach and there will always be bitches like you who disagree.

    • xavi.
      It was never about who can argue better.
      I may not agree with you but respect your views. Your persistence is commendable. If every “bitch” (you included) felt the same way there would be only one team worth supporting….boring
      May you enjoy great games of football (got it right this time)
      Who knows we may enjoy a beer someday.
      Thanks for the effort

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